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On June 10, Arlington Pride is hosting what they claim will be a “family-friendly” pride festival, where performers from the notoriously sexual RuPaul’s Drag Race television series will provide entertainment for children.

Gallivanting around the stage in very little clothing—lingerie and other form-fitting, revealing women’s clothes—will be the cross-dressing performers Angeria Paris VanMichaels, and Symone and Kennedy Davenport.

VanMichaels has several images posted on his social media where he is dressed in body-tight dresses that reveal the cleavage of his fake breasts and his legs all the way up to his hips and even buttocks. He also has several images posted of him in harnesses and BDSM-themed costumes.

Kennedy Davenport tends to lean toward more bodysuits and form-fitting dresses for his costumes. He wears these during highly sexualized dances where he does flips, splits, and kicks, all allowing his groin to be revealed to the crowd.

All three performers will be coming from RuPaul’s Drag Race, a “reality tv” show well known for highly sexualized performances and costumes.

In December 2022, RuPaul hosted “the most sexual and inappropriate ‘family-friendly’ drag show” they called “A Drag Queen Christmas.” This show toured throughout the United States, including several stops in Texas.

With this being the type of “family-friendly” show RuPaul tends to host, the Arlington performances could be just as sexual and explicit as “A Drag Queen Christmas.”

“The drag queen show coming up on June 10 is sponsored by the Arlington CVB [Convention & Visitors Bureau], who represents the city and is their marketing arm,” Gina Woodlee, a grassroots activist in Arlington, told Texas Scorecard.

“When we asked the city manager why the city sponsored this, they said that they weren’t part of the city, even though everything they do ties directly with the city’s image,” Woodlee continued.

The festival, which is free to attend, will also feature music, more entertainment, and “a street fair full of vendors,” Arlington Pride’s website says.

This is not the first “Pride” event with drag shows this month that has taken place in Arlington. Six Flags Arlington hosted two explicit drag shows targeting children earlier this month, and they plan to host more every Friday and Saturday for the entirety of “Pride Month.”

“The reality is that here, in America, our children are being engaged in a war everyday,” Arlington resident Nikki Stroba told Texas Scorecard. “It is a war that forces children to question the very simple concepts that we teach them every day. It is a war that violates the purity and innocence of ‘the least of these’ by furnishing them with the weapons of ‘freedom,’ tolerance,’ and ‘acceptance’ when they are far too young to understand how to appropriately use them.”

“What everyone should be asking is why homosexuals need flags, parades, banners and designated months to celebrate how they have sex,” Jan Brand, board member of Republican Women of Arlington, told Texas Scorecard. “Heterosexuals have no such need.”

We’ve sexualized everything until we have devalued it until it is equivalent to sewage. One cannot be blamed for wanting to be loved. But blatant displays that destroy innocence and criminalize those who disagree with their wanton behavior will destroy a culture, and history supports that truth.

According to Woodlee, Arlington Mayor Jim Ross is responsible for the sexualization of children through the promotion of LGBT ideologies in the city.

Woodlee pointed out that Ross even “attended a gay pride rally recently, screaming at some Christian men there evangelizing to the gay men and yelling in one man’s face that he would have ‘anal sex with his old lady.’”

“His face is blurred out, but he has openly admitted this is him, responding, ‘Well, they knew how I was when they elected me,’” Woodlee said.

Woodlee told Texas Scorecard a friend of hers would be at the event, taking pictures and videoing “so people can see the horrible direction this city is going and hopefully do something about it.” Her friend, along with some others, will also be evangelizing to the event attendees.

Arlington residents will also be staging a peaceful protest during the “pride” festival.

“This isn’t even about a drag show,” said Stroba. “This is about the conscripting of ALL of our children through the commission of public spaces, regardless of our personal beliefs, in the promulgation of a cultural war. A war for our most treasured national resource: the hearts and minds of all children.”

The Texas legislature recently passed Senate Bill 12 to ban the sexualization of children at drag shows. Gov. Greg Abbott has yet to sign the legislation into law, though.

“Hopefully SB 12 will be signed soon by the governor, and at least these perverts cannot perform sexual dances [in front of minors] or they will be fined and jailed,” Woodlee concluded.

However, SB 12 won’t take effect until September 1, 2023. This leaves the entirety of “Pride Month,” as well as the two following months, for children to be sexualized through “Pride” events.

Soli Rice

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