While Gov. Greg Abbott has yet to sign legislation banning drag shows targeting children into law, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has begun its month-long weekend drag show program targeting children.

The highly sexualized drag shows, which Six Flags has labeled as “PG,” are taking place at the Gotham City Stage in the Six Flags Arlington amusement park.

The first weekend of shows featured four cross-dressing men who go by the stage names of Arya Jealous (Are You Jealous), Citronella Mack, Salem Moon, and Noelle Synclair. All four tend to don form-fitting, revealing costumes.

Arya Jealous has posted several clips of his sexual performances and pictures of his costumes on his social media accounts.

In one Instagram video, he sports thong-style underwear, revealing his groin, with a bra covering his fake breasts. In the video, the cross-dressing man parades across the stage, waving his bare buttocks around.

Accompanied with the video of this performance, Arya Jealous posted a comment that says, “Hey mom, I’m a stripper.”

The host of the show, another performer who goes by the stage name Salem Moon, has danced in other highly sexualized performances. In one recording of his shows, he wore in a low-cut bodysuit as he threw out Plan B to audience members.

His costume for the “PG-rated” drag event mimicked nudity, with a form-fitting, nude-colored, full-length bodysuit with white designs highlighting his buttocks and fake breasts.

Carlos Turcios, University of Texas at Arlington’s Turning Point USA chapter president, attended the event to determine if it was 18-plus or not. According to Turcios, there were “many kids between the ages of 1-8 present” during the drag performances.

“What was shown was content that was only meant for adults,” Turcios told Texas Scorecard.

The park plans to host drag events every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of June to celebrate Pride month.

Legislation to end the sexualization of children at explicit drag shows was passed by the Texas legislature this session; however, Gov. Abbott has yet to sign this legislation into law.

Turcios called for Six Flags to be boycotted for “the decision to bring adult drag shows into their park.”

You can put “family-friendly” in front of anything, [but]hat simply doesn’t make it so. Grown men dressing up as women to perform lewd acts is completely inappropriate for children, and Six Flags should remove the event. Theme parks are for families, and this is not family-friendly.

“I urge people to call Six Flags at (817) 640-8900 and complain about this matter,” said Turcios. “Kids should not be shown this adult content.”

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.