An “all-ages” drag show featured countless scenes with male performers simulating sex, often while wearing what can only be described as anatomically correct—if comically proportioned—outfits.

Marketed as “family friendly” and open to all ages, “A Drag Queen Christmas” tour stopped at ACL Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, last week.

In attendance was undercover reporter Tayler Hansen, who was there on behalf of Texas Family Project. He recorded large portions of the show, which he described as “blatantly sexualized… [and] meant to groom children.”

Editor’s Note: Throughout this article, Texas Scorecard will not embed Mr. Hansen’s videos or social media posts due to the necessarily graphic nature. However, due to the nature of this story, this article will contain language and descriptions that many might find offensive or disturbing.

In one of the performances, drag queen Jimbo the Drag Clown dances to a song called “Tits in a Box,” as he strips off his concealing cloak to reveal his bright red lingerie and a box attached to his chest. He viciously “cuts” open the box to display fully nude faux breasts.

He continually shakes his rear in front of the crowd and receives money from audience members, even asking an audience member to stick the money in his thong, and multiple audience members slap his rear. He also explains to the crowd that he has been working his butt off, announcing that he “actually worked [his] butthole right off,” as he removes his thong, to which the crowd cheers.

At the end of the performance, Jimbo the Drag Clown approaches one child in the audience, saying, “Hello, you’re reaching for my titties. Are you hungry?” He then looks at the crowd and says that the little child is saying, “Mommy, mommy.” This is followed with laughter from the crowd.

Another performance was titled “Screwdolph the Red-nippled Reindeer.” In this performance, the main drag queen wears fur glued to his body suit and two red lights attached to where his nipples would be. On a few occasions, he is handed money.

Meanwhile, the two side characters of the show were clad in BDSM harnesses and fur. They simulate sex multiple times, grinding against each other and shoving their faces in the main drag queen’s fake, fur-covered breasts while the other humped the man’s rear.

After the performance, one of the drag queens questions a little boy in the audience. He asks the little boy what his favorite part of the show was, and, without hesitation, the little boy shakes his head and says, “Nothing.” This answer is met with laughter from the audience and the drag queen himself.

Drag queen Jasmine Kennedie then performs his act, in which he wears a tiny green dress and the two other performers wear BDSM chest harnesses and underwear. Once again, the side performers simulate grinding and humping while touching themselves inappropriately. Meanwhile, Kennedie dances provocatively in front of them.

At the end of Kennedie’s performance, he collects money from a 9-year-old boy, then proceeds to thank the boy’s mom for bringing out her young child. Kennedie then says that “this is what we need … parents like this.” He adds, “You are such an awesome mom for bringing your kid out to a family-friendly drag show.”

Two performances were made by drag queen Crystal Methyd. In one of his performances, he dons a peppermint-themed costume, with red mesh stripes spiraling around his body and two massive peppermint candies for breasts. At one point, Crystal Methyd licks his peppermint breasts, and another drag queen, Nina West, says, “Mmm, minty fresh.”

In his other performance, he “makes Jacob Marley a whore.” He begins the act dressed in a black coat and pants, then quickly strips down to bright green lingerie and proceeds to hump and grind on a chain costume prop.

At the end of his performances, an audience member runs up to Methyd and hands him $10, to which the lingerie-clad man responds, “Oh my gosh, $10 already? I think I have a fan. Obsessed much? It’s a child,” he then laughs.

Another drag queen spoke to two young children in the audience at the end of his performance, telling them not to run away and to come back to him. “Are you having fun?” he questions. “Are you enjoying it? Are you confused yet?”

At one point in the show, host drag queen Nina West, who is affiliated with Disney+ and Nickelodeon, plays a game called “Naughty or Naughty” with the crowd, during which sexual encounters are described in detail. Nina himself tells his own story of having sex with his father’s boss in his father’s office. He then asks other audience members to share their own stories of sexual encounters.

There was also a tip jar displayed, with a label that read “Put the tip in … see how it feels.”

Hansen posted an image of Jimbo the Drag Clown’s performance on Instagram, and it was removed shortly after for “violating nudity guidelines.”

“Apparently my documentation of an Austin ‘all ages’ drag show was too inappropriate for Instagram, but perfectly appropriate for children to attend!” Hansen said as he posted the image of the removed post to Instagram.

Hansen said at least 20 children were present at this show. “These are the kinds of shows being marketed as ‘all-ages’ and ‘family-friendly.’”

“That was the most sexual and inappropriate ‘family friendly’ drag show I have ever attended,” Hansen tweeted. “From simulating sex, talking dirty to the crowd, sexualizing children’s stories, and much more.”

The same tour received backlash through a four-hour protest during the entirety of their show in San Antonio on December 13.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” is still marketed as “all-ages welcome.” The group removed their reminder that the show is part of the “Naughty Tour,” but made mention that it contains “adult content.”

Soli Rice

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