The City of Dallas is requiring employees to undergo taxpayer-funded transgender reeducation training any time one of their co-workers comes out as “transgender.”

According to internal documents obtained from the City of Dallas by The Dallas Express, “non-transitioning” employees are being forced to undergo reeducation training “to support an inclusive and productive workplace environment for all employees.”

The City of Dallas’ “gender transition toolkit” explains that a transitioning employee should find a “trusted” supervisor or manager as a “first point of contact” to help them through their workplace transition.

The document includes a list of gender terms and definitions. It then moves on to require employees to work with gender-confused co-workers, allowing the “transitioning” employee to use whichever bathroom or locker room at work they feel most comfortable with, ignoring the comfort of other employees.

Just a couple of months ago, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller received backlash for requiring employees to dress according to their biological gender. Employees who refuse to follow Miller’s restrictions face possible termination.

However, the City of Dallas went the exact opposite direction. Once an employee has decided to identify as transgender, they must be allowed to change their name, pronouns, and work attire accordingly.

The city also uses taxpayer dollars to include gender transitional care in their health benefits: “All of the City of Dallas’ active and retiree benefit plans cover transgender-inclusive services.”

If an employee who has identified themself as “transgender” or “gender nonconforming” would like to announce their transition to their co-workers, they will do so at a meeting. If the employee would like, a “handout about transgender issues” can be distributed to their co-workers at this meeting.

If the gender-confused employee deems it necessary, they will decide on a date for the mandatory reeducation training. According to the document, the training will be provided to the employee’s immediate co-workers “before the date of the employee’s workplace transition.”

The transitioning employee is not required to attend the training, but all other employees the gender-confused employee works with are required to attend. It also recommends that gender-confused employees discuss with their supervisor or manager how they want name/pronoun slips (or misuse) to be addressed.

The City of Dallas’ “gender transition toolkit” also includes a list of woke resources for employees to read or watch in order to understand gender ideology the “correct” way.

Claiming this is to prevent harassment and discrimination, the City of Dallas tells employees that “[t]he likelihood of negative reactions can be reduced by upholding the City of Dallas’ core values of empath, ethics, excellence, and equity.”

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.