As children continue to be sexualized and exposed to explicit adult content, Dallas Pride hosted a Pride festival, where they force-fed sexual imagery and innuendos to children.

The event took place at Fair Park in Dallas on June 3 and was sponsored by several large brands, including the currently boycotted Target.

Sara Gonzales, the executive director of Defend Our Kids Texas, and Alex Stein of BlazeTV posted videos of the event on their social media.

Editor’s Note: Throughout this article, Texas Scorecard will not embed images, videos, or social media posts due to the necessarily graphic nature. However, due to the nature of this story, this article will contain language and descriptions that many might find offensive or disturbing.

Both videos reveal several children at the festival asking questions at booths and being handed pride flags, sexual pins to wear, and genital-shaped candy and food.

One of the booths at the festival was run by a company called Frolic Exotic Waffles. Frolic’s logo is an image of a female’s genitals, and they were serving waffles shaped like both male (called the “Dynamic Danny”) and female genitals (called the “Fantastic Fanny”).

The DFW Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, run by cross-dressing men, also had a booth where children looked at their sexually explicit pins. The pins had several sexual terms or innuendos on them, including “Daddy’s boy,” “Send nudes,” “Vers,” “Top,” “Bottom,” “Nasty Woman,” “Daddy,” “Whore,” “Kinky,” “Dom,” and “Sub.”

One booth, designed specifically to draw children’s attention, featured kinky, BDSM artwork of popular male Disney characters.

One image was of Tarzan outstretched, dressed in bondage gear. The fictional character was portrayed as wearing nothing but a thong to cover his groin’s bulge.

Another image was of Aladdin playing with King Triton’s nipple. Yet another image portrayed three separate Disney princes completely naked.

There were several booths with clothing and accessories featuring highly sexual innuendos or phrases.

One booth had a shirt on display for children to see, which read “C** and take it,” with an image of a male’s genitals in the middle of a rainbow-colored climax replacing the cannon in the popular Texas slogan.

A separate booth had similarly explicit shirts on display with phrases such as “Big d*** energy” and “Orgasm donor.”

There were also booths with fans featuring even more sexual innuendos, including “C***,” “P**** power,” and “Make me c** again.”

There were also booths offering free HIV testing and free monkeypox vaccines, which is notoriously transmitted through homosexual sex.

Event attendees were dressed in BDSM-style outfits, themed to bondage, lingerie, pet-play, and harnessing.

During the festival, the City of Dallas replaced all American flags at Fair Park on city property with LGBTQ+ flags.

The event also featured several drag performances, where cross-dressers—who have been identified as pole dancers, satanists, and sexually explicit performers—were allowed to take the stage and perform in front of children while wearing sexually arousing and BDSM-themed costumes. One clip shows a child handing a cash tip to a performer, strip-club style.

Kelly Neidert, executive director of Protect Texas Kids, peacefully protested the event.

As Neidert protested, she was threatened by counter-protestors who told her, “Somebody is going to shoot you in the head.” Meanwhile, men wearing harnesses and pet-play masks flipped Neidert off and screamed profanities at her.

Eventually, Neidert was escorted out of the park by Dallas police.

“As expected, this event was far from family-friendly,” said Austin Griesinger, policy director for Texas Family Project. “Shame on the City of Dallas for enabling groomers and advertising this horrific event to children. It’s disgusting and needs to come to an end.”

The Texas Legislature has passed a measure to ban drag shows and performances targeting and sexualizing children, which is now awaiting Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature to make it a law.

Soli Rice

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