After public pressure from Fort Worth residents, Fort Worth’s Cinemark Rave Ridgmar 13 removed a preview entitled “Celebrate Pride 2023,” which had been playing in theaters with children.

The Noovie preview featured two LGBT men discussing M3gan, the titular character in a horror movie about an artificially intelligent robot.

One of the men, Amir Yassai, began the preview by saying the horror movie antagonist has “become a queer movie icon.” Michael Simeon, the second man featured in the preview, compared the LGBT community to the horror genre.

“We queer audiences have always loved artistic camp, and one of the champion genres out there is horror,” said Simeon. “And horror is meant to be shocking, outrageous fun, and M3gan is all of that.”

Simeon continued, saying the robotic killer is “such a queen” because of her “style and wit.” Yassai then discussed the fictional killer’s “very RuPaul’s drag race … pre-kill dance.”

He said that through the dance, M3gan was “paying homage” to Beyonce’s alter ego, “Sasha Fierce.” Specifically, he claimed the dance is inspired by the queer ballroom scene in Beyonce’s “7/11” music video. According to Yassai, the way M3gan dances through the hallway right before she kills someone has an “unexpected humorous tone.”

Simeon concluded the video by praising the killer: “She is the definition of that saying ‘If looks could kill.’” As he pulled out a “Pride” fan, he added, “Just her whole overall attitude and vibe gives me full diva.”

Both Yassai’s and Simeon’s Instagram profiles were provided for the audience members.

Yassai’s Instagram bio includes his “preferred” pronouns and mentions he is a “QUEER muslim.” Simeon’s bio informs others that he is a “black gay comic geek.”

“My children attended the PG-13 rated ‘Transformers’ movie with my husband, where they were subjected to this propaganda while waiting to watch the movie,” Fort Worth resident Hollie Plemons told Texas Scorecard.

Her husband, LD Plemons, also spoke to Texas Scorecard about the preview.

“I was just looking to have a good experience with my boys for guys’ night out to see ‘Transformers,’” LD said. “I did my research to make sure the movie was appropriate for my kids.”

Once in the theater, it’s announced to get your drinks and snacks ready, because up next is movie previews you don’t want to miss! Then, bam! LGBTQ propaganda in our faces. It happened so fast, I couldn’t even get out of our seats fast enough to get us out of there. I felt tricked. I thought I covered all the bases to protect my children from being exposed to this. I never dreamed they would play a video like that during “Transformers,” which is targeted to kids and families. This was an intentional, planted scheme by the way it was set up announcing movie previews and getting this instead. Theaters are no longer a safe place for children and family entertainment.

Hollie said she also had a friend tell her that she went to see the PG-rated “Little Mermaid” in June, and the pro-LGBT preview was played before that movie as well.

Immediately, Hollie called the theater and requested they pull the preview.

“The only defined difference in the hetro & gay communities is who they have sex with,” she wrote on social media. “Sex is an adult topic that children should not be subjected to especially when trying to enjoy a movie that’s geared towards children & families.”

Hollie says she was contacted by a Noovie representative who claimed to have had no idea the preview was playing. The representative said she would look into it.

The Fort Worth-area mom took to social media to attempt to gather support from the community.

My final plea to parents: you are being manipulated to believe that celebrating Pride month with your kids is teaching them acceptance of others & “love is love.” That’s garbage. It’s an agenda to divide & desensitize our society. I have never subjected my children to anything “pride” related & my children are extremely kind to all human beings regardless of their race, gender, appearance or sexual orientation.

Along with her plea, Hollie included a number others could call to share their concerns with Cinemark. Just days later, the preview was pulled from the theater.

“Protect your children’s innocence at all costs, they are children and deserve to have that innocence while we carry the adult burdens of the world for them,” Hollie concluded.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.