After posting a video of herself to social media, a high school teacher in Frisco is under fire for allegedly crossing an inappropriate line with students. The teacher, Megan England, told her Instagram followers she promises to keep students’ sexuality a secret from their parents.

A teacher at Independence High School in the Frisco Independent School District, England, described herself as open to LGBTQ+ students.

The video was uncovered by Sara Gonzales, who hosts The News and Why it Matters on TheBlaze and serves as executive director of Defend Our Kids Texas.

That caught the attention of State Rep. Jared Patterson (R–Frisco), who described England’s video as “wildly inappropriate.” The lawmaker went on to say:

No adult should keep sensitive health info from the parents of a child. Yesterday, my office requested draft legislation to require school counselors to notify parents within 24 hours of becoming aware of child wanting to transition. Many school employees, particularly in the suburbs, are overstepping their obligation to the community they serve. We must address this legislatively this session. Let’s be very clear: No one has the right to keep any information about a student from his or her parent. Period.

Texas Scorecard attempted to contact England and Frisco ISD, but we did not receive a comment.

This is not the first time England has openly sought to “embrace diversity” and LGBTQ+ acceptance. In 2017, during Frisco ISD’s search for a new superintendent, England made it clear that she wanted the next superintendent to “portray leadership and be fully involved with students who represent Frisco’s growing diversity.”

“We are a district that is wide serving and welcoming and inclusive to all different styles of kids,” said England at the time.

Her most recent comments also drew condemnation from the Texas Family Project.

“Say it with me: ‘reading, writing, arithmetic,’” said Chris Hopper, president of TFP. “Our teachers need to teach basics and never delve into the depths and depravity by discussing and steering students down conversational alleys of sexuality.”

Hopper described it as “disgusting and unacceptable” that a teacher would hide information from parents.

“Parents should be the only ones who discuss sexual identity with their kids,” said Hopper. “Meanwhile, our education system is attempting to do so all the while failing just to cover the basics. In large, our educational system is failing our students, and, as a country, we don’t even rank in the top 10 concerning, but not limited to, reading, math, and science.”

Hopper and Gonzales both urge parents and concerned citizens to look more carefully into their local schools to ensure the focus is on education rather than indoctrination.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.