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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
A Two-Pronged Against Gov-ed Abuse

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Hava Armstrong is the Executive Director for Texans for Excellence in Education or TEE. It’s an organization that has been set up as an alternative to the left-wing-dominated, Texas Association of School Boards.


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We fix gov-ed we fix future generations. I think you’ve heard me say versions of that statement before. And I think it’s true. I think the reason why we are dealing with what we’re dealing with here in the United States of America with the advance of socialism, with the advance of Americans who actually believe “Hey, it’s cool to censor other people, hey, it’s cool to walk around and not be offended. And I’m gonna use the force of government to make sure that you are shut up so you don’t offend me”.

Folks, the reason why this happens is because we’re raising a generation full of Marxists, because Democrats say Democrats are doing this Democrats inside of Gov Ed are taking our children and instilling these Anti-American Left wing values into them. And that’s why Democrats still get voted for it’s because there’s a significant number of these people that have come up who have been indoctrinated into thinking, yeah, socialism is cool, communism is cool, totalitarian government is cool. What could go wrong? Well, lots can go wrong. There are people that believed in pushing back on, on this government-centered everything, which is where the left wing is in this country.

And one of those individuals in history which our kids don’t learn about anymore. One of those historical figures is the great Margaret Thatcher. Here’s how Margaret Thatcher so elegantly pushed back on the left-wing messaging that is now dominant inside of government schools inside of the United States. Listen to Thatcher:

You want to keep more of the money you earn? I’m afraid that’s very selfish. We should want to tax that away. You want to earn shares in your firm, we can’t have that the state has to earn your firm. You want to choose where to send your children to school? That’s very divisive. You’ll send your child where we tell you, the present trouble with labor, isn’t there just not at home with freedom? Socialists don’t like ordinary people choosing or they might not choose socialism,

Their labor party over there. Same thing as our Democrat socialists over here. And the Labour Party isn’t at home with freedom. The Democrats are not at home with freedom. And guess what, folks? Democrats dominate Gov Ed. Let me give an example. From the Texas scorecard. McKinney ISD settles lawsuit with district dad banned from kids campuses. Now what did that dad do? Did he come onto the campus shooting up the joint you know with it with a firearm? No. Did he come on to campus and start showing kids porn, like gender queer and all this kind of stuff that the schools are doing? No. What did this father do? That was so terrible. A McKinney dad has settled a federal lawsuit he filed against a local school district and their officials after they banned him forever from the school property over public comments he made during the school board Meeting.

Well, what was he commenting on it was he extolling the virtues of Nazi Germany, even though that is protected speech everywhere in America, that is protected speech. In any government institution, you can say that you have a bunch of people who will disagree with you and shout back down at you, but you have the right to say it, technically in America. Samuel Hall sued McKinney Independent School District in June, accusing officials of violating his constitutionally protected right to free speech. He claimed he was issued a criminal trespass citation in retaliation for criticizing the school board’s Failure to remove sexually explicit books from students libraries. The citation barred him from all McKinney, ISD property. So this gov ed system wanted to continue to put porn in front of children’s faces and not be opposed. They wanted to continue to say, Oh, we want to continue to put these books that normalize sexual relationships between adults and children, and to school libraries and call it art.

We want to continue to have gender queer and all these other just it’s absolute porn, these graphic porn novels, accessible to children. And this father said, That’s not your job. That’s not what you’re supposed to be doing. Back to the Texas scorecard article, withheld from longtime education advocate Deborah Leiva. Hall spent months trying to challenge the trespass citation via the district grievances process. Eventually, they appealed to the Texas Education Agency, which ruled the citation was invalid. By that time, the district officials had kept Hall away from his children’s on campus activities for an entire year. He’ll never get that hear back, thanks to the totalitarian idiots inside of Gov. Ed. Five months after filing his lawsuit, Hall resolved his claims against the district through a settlement. And the case was dismissed on December 1, Hall told Texas scorecard he and his family are thankful to finally put this whole issue to rest, quote, “My prayer is that this case can be an example and encouragement to parents that they do not have to sacrifice their constitutional rights when school boards overstep their authority and illegally trespass parents for expressing views that don’t align with their own.” Hall said, and he’s absolutely right.

Now, I think we ought to be asking as a society, who the hell hired a school board employee, any one of the school board members, any one of these ISD people who hired somebody who said, you know, what’s a great idea, if a parent objects to what we’re putting in front of his kids, or in kids in general, we’re just going to use the heavy hand of government and bar him from the school, who the hell thinks like that? Leftists do and that’s the lion’s share of hiring and cite of these government education, indoctrination centers, ISDS. And that’s got to stop. You know how that stops, folks, school choice, education freedom. Now. That’s what I believe, as somebody who’s trying to work to basically reform or get rid of and install a new system that works for parents and kids to educate children.

Now there are those who believe in working within this failed system and returning it back to where it was back when Gov Ed was actually public education. And we’ll talk to one of those individuals coming up next, right here on the Salcedo storm podcast.

Folks, time to welcome on our guest Hava Armstrong is coming back to our program here, Executive Director for Texans for excellence in education or the TEE. It’s an organization that’s been set up as an alternative to the left wing dominated Texas Association of School Boards, which is incredibly controversial by the day. Hava Merry Christmas. Welcome back.

Merry Christmas. Thank you for having me.

Okay, so you guys have some good news. It seems the TEE is making some inroads with some of these independent school districts who are tired of the left wing indoctrination set up that they have been instructed to, to accept by the Texas Association of School Boards. And so you guys are bringing some school districts in the fold. Which ones are coming on board?

Our first two districts to officially sign with TEE are Carroll-Southlake, and Princeton ISD.

No, Carroll-Southlake makes a pretty interesting study. Because they just went through those, those school board elections that wiped out all of their woke, B.S. promoting individuals who were on their school boards. And they flipped that school board to conspire to conservatism and making the school about what it’s supposed to be about, which is learning. And so do you think that’s why that school board was seeking an alternative to the controversial Texas Association of School Boards?

Yes, I think they were definitely looking for an alternative that better aligned with their goals of putting the focus back on education and not distracting our children with all of these other things. And so we were definitely aligned. It’s been a great partnership thus far. And we have the same goal in mind, and we’re going to work together to achieve that.

What are some of the changes? I know what, what the new school board they’re ushered in? They ushered out a lot of the the left-wing indoctrination stuff, but what is the difference that you are bringing to Carrollton as as opposed to what the Texas Association of School Boards, TASB, is bringing what is TEE bring instead?

I think it’s twofold. I think there’s the policy side of it, and the financial, financial side of it. So with the policies, TASB has had a history of conveniently leaving out certain laws that have been passed, for whatever reason. But the most notable one would be HB 3979, which was signed into law over two years ago, that requires all schools to teach the entirety of the Constitution, all our founding documents, Lincoln Douglas, the base and such, but yet TASB, left that out of their policy updates. So most school districts in Texas are out of compliance with state law, not because they’re they they’re trying to be they don’t probably even know that they are. And so it’s just bringing awareness of these are the laws that have been passed, these are the laws that you need to follow, and keeping them aware of it, and then letting them decide how to implement those properly in their schools. The other side of it is the financial issues. TASB has done a great job of locking up the market in a lot of the products that the school districts use. So they’re not able to utilize the free market and the competitiveness that that brings. And so they’re getting subpar products at very inflated prices. And so we’re able to give them better products at more reasonable prices. So they’re getting better service and saving money at the same time.

And you know, the compliance thing. It’s, it’s tough. It’s it unless you have somebody because you’re that you’re there to keep the kids safe, teach the kids reading, writing arithmetic in the sciences and compliance with with the bureaucracy. You need a good partner and TASB Of course, as everybody knows, stinks as a partner in that regard. Not to mention that the financial considerations TASB has also sold out to these moneyed interests in the government education lobby. So it is it is a twofold advantage as you point out going with the Texas Texans for excellence in education. So one more thing that you mentioned about about Carrollton And about this compliance issue, because I know that certain school districts are not complying with the CRT ban, because the critical race theory ban didn’t have any teeth because the Texas Legislature is run by by individuals who say that Republicans, but they’re actually Democrats. So they put no teeth in that prohibition. And we know that there are there are school districts teaching critical race theory, even though it’s against the law. Is that part of your bailiwick trying to remind these school districts, hey it is not legal for you to be teaching critical race theory this this racist, hate whitey program?

Yes, our policies literally copied and pasted wording from that law into the operating policies for school districts saying that you cannot teach any child that they are inferior or superior because of their race. And it goes on from there. But yes, absolutely. That was one of the focuses for us that was part of HB 3979, as well. And again, like you said, there there is no penalty, unfortunately for not following that. But that’s part of the the issue too, is that a lot of that bill was stuck into legal policy and not operating policy. So as long as it stays in that legal policy, there’s really no one is held accountable for not following it. I want school districts or school boards adopt that into their operating policy, they can hold their administrations and their teachers accountable for whether they’re following that or not.

Folks, we’re having a conversation with Hava Armstrong, She’s the Executive Director for Texans for excellence in education and alternative to TASB, the Texas Association of School Boards. Now, you mentioned Princeton is also partnering with you, I don’t know a lot about the Princeton ISD did they have unique challenges that you guys were able to help them address?

They had also expressed a desire to leave TASB, and so we were fortunate enough to connect with them. Again, they had the same concerns that that Carroll did that many school districts across the state having with whether TASB has their best interests in mind and is really doing them the correct service. And so we were working with them on the same issues, those policy issues, and also those financial issues to try to, you know, be financial stewards of the taxpayer money and being responsible for that and trying to stretch that dollar as far as it can go.

Okay, and now so what how do you guys remain viable financially to be able to provide these services? Do you, is it private donation? Are you able to partake in the same how shall we say system that allows TASB? To to get to garner all of their domination of the of the sphere? How are you guys able to rise up and provide a competition to TASB?

Yes, for now, it is through private donation. And we’re very fortunate to have that, as we grow and continue to add on school districts. The goal is eventually to be self sustaining.

Understood, understood. And do you have any? Well, this is probably putting cart before the horse. So don’t tell me the name of the school districts. But do you have other school districts that are interested?

Oh, yes, yes, we get contacted. There’s, there’s new districts every week that are contacting us and still still hearing about us for the first time, the word is still getting out there. And we just had our first regional Summit, where trustees all over North Texas came and we were able to give them the information that thus far they have not been able to receive. And so we’ll continue to provide that education and connect with those different school board members who are looking for alternative solutions.

Well, you might be able to use this podcast as something that’s informational. Once it once it posts to the Texas scorecard, you will be able to maybe send this out saying hey, you want to know who we are. We’ve been featured a couple of times on the Salcedo storm podcast and people can people who make decisions inside of these ISD’s can just put the podcast on and listen to us on their way home from work or something and get to know you a little bit better Hava Armstrong is our guest, Executive Director for Texans for excellence in education. I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about your your impression of the fourth special session because the Texas House has to be told again and again and again while they’re there, why they’re there to do the will of the people of Texas they don’t seem to get it even after four special sessions and they neglected once again to to give the people of Texas what they’ve been clamoring for, which is and this is across the board Republicans, Democrats, and Independents overwhelmingly want parental school choice and education freedom. What are your thoughts on all that?

Well, TASB has definitely made their opinion very clear, they have been working very hard against that issue. As far as TEE we will always support parental rights, we always support the option to choose what a parent feels is right for their child, whether that be the public school, the charter school, homeschool, private school, there are so many options for parents, and it’s really up to them, what is best for their child, and we will always back them on that.

Right and about the school choice issue itself, having the dollars follow the child that’s supposed to be where the money was allocated, that we were told that government education was supposed to be for the education of the child, yet the same people who claim that say that, but only the government institution is entitled to the money. Wait a minute, I thought it was for the child. And these people will also tell you in the same breath, Hava that they are devoted, they love gov Ed, they love government education. And lost in the conversation, of course, is the children. Don’t you think that that type of conversation you have with these people is revealing? And don’t we need to get out of this government first mindset and put our people first?

Yes we always need to put the citizens first, especially our children, especially those impressionable children who need every opportunity they can get to have the best chance of success in life moving forward. So always always the children first.

Right, and so giving these parents the ability to if a school district is underperforming, and perhaps they are devoted to TASB, and they’re not devoted to TEE, and parents are don’t want to sacrifice their children’s education and future just to preserve a failed institution of Gov. Ed. That should be something afforded to parents in free states. Yes?

They parents, parents always have the right to do that. Funding is is of course, a complicated issue. This is a topic that we’ve been discussing for years, right, in in our in our circles, and you would think that a solution would would happen would have happened a long time ago, it seems like we can never get there. We at TEE have made a commitment not to do any taxpayer funded lobbying. And we are leaving that up to the school board members themselves to advocate for what they want. But but like I said, the choice on where to where and how to educate your child should always be left with a parents.

You mentioned you mentioned this provision that requires in the in the law of Texas, that requires our children to be learning about the Constitution, aside from a woeful ignorance of our rights, our liberties, the way our government is supposed to work in the Constitution. What is one of the biggest concerns you have that Texas gov Ed is falling down on that they’re not teaching our children that TASB has fallen down on and making sure our children learn.

I think that just the the history in general of where how we got to the place that we’re at, and why our freedoms are so important, and why we’re holding on to them as strongly as we are. Because they were so hard to get. I don’t think this next generation coming up is getting that full scope of the sacrifice that was made, to have the freedoms that we enjoy today that that many feel are being taken away from us on a on a daily basis. They’re being just chipped away. And I that appreciation of the men and women who came before us is really the foundation for our patriotism and for our love of country and love of our fellow Americans and becoming, you know, a united group rather than factions of different groups. And so I think there’s just been a without that common ground and common appreciation. It’s easier to divide us.

You know, I I have been incredibly concerned about it depends on which survey you read, but they all agree on one thing, an overwhelming number of Texas students are not able to write to grade level are not able to do math at grade level are not able to read at grade level. How many of the parents that TEE talks to are concerned about our kids not not getting the basics, courtesy of the GOV ed system courtesy of TASB?

Nearly every parent I talked to has concerns about that. Their their main concern is that all of these other things are distracting from the actual education. What type of foundational education is their child actually receiving when X amount of hours a day are being spent on political issues or social issues, or whatever it may be. We recently had a summit where we had information on the STAAR test and how to actually have have school board members interpret that properly and ask their administrations the right questions, to actually get a action plan, and what are the next steps so that we can get our children to at least meeting expectations for their grade. And these are, these are things that school board members have never been taught before. So it goes back to that, just educating them and empowering them in the elected role, that they have to be able to do that job and be held accountable by the voters. So that we can get those educational markers up and and be where we should have been the whole time

And folks, part of the equation is having the proper support system for whatever government education system or private school system is out there. And that was going to be my last question. Does TEE also help charter schools help private schools? Are you guys only exclusively for gov ed

That’s a great question. We are open to helping all public schools so that so in Texas, a public school would be also including charters. So yes, we do. We are talking to charter schools as well, we started out with our main focus being the ISDS. But charters need that that same support as well. And so we were we are open to both.

Well, folks, if you are, there’s two groups of people I’ve always noted, there are those like me, who believe that this system that we are in is a failed system and is failing our children. That makes it too expensive, literally and figuratively. And so the system needs to change. And there are others who are trying to work within the current system and change it to get it back to fulfilling its promise, which it hasn’t been doing for a good many generations now. And Hava Armstrong is one of those individuals, Executive Director for Texans for excellence in education or TEE. So call up your school district, if you’re still wedded to the government education system, call them up, say look, you need to get away from TASB and go with TEE. That’s Texas for excellence in education. And if they need to figure out what you’re about, Hava, what’s the what’s the website, the folks can go to? Or they can email us at

Always appreciate the visit.

Thank you so much.

That there’s a wrap folks on this Salcedo storm podcast look, whichever direction you take whether you want to work within the current gov ed system, or you want to change the gov ed system. Remember, it’s not about the system. It’s not about the structures. It’s all about whether or not your children are learning. It’s about the kids, not about adult jobs. It’s not about football. It’s about our children being educated to compete, and an ever increasingly competitive world. And they’ll be keeping an eye on it over there at the Texas scorecard. So head there, They’ll be watching what’s happening with efforts to either reform change, or completely bypass gov ed. So you go there, That’s Also check out, Chris Salcedo that’s where you find me conservative talk radio, the Chris Salcedo show on KSEV simulcast on getter, Rumble and Newsmax2 also find this on Newsmax1 on television, Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five till we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People. Stay safe out there, my friends.

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