Lyndsay Keith is the Host of TBN’s nightly world news program, CenterPoint. She brings her diverse background in politics, media, strategic communications and broadcasting to help viewers navigate the current media and political climate.

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I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he got this no single score podcast. My friends, as you know the majority of the press made up of left wing extremists. They are dedicated Democrats they are not dedicated journalists. And they will go to bat they will do anything they can to advance Democrats power in this country the power over you because they believe when the new order comes into being that they’re going to be part of the ruling elites part of the upper echelon. A recent story published by the Houston comical illustrates this exclusive Texas troopers told to push children into Rio Grande and all I could get was the headline. I had to read other sources to check out what the Houston Chronicle reported because it’s behind a paywall, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to pay for this kind of garbage. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to fork over my hard earned money to an outfit like the Houston comica, which is that is patently unfair, that is dedicated to the Democrat Party and dedicated to defeating the Republican Party. In short, the Houston comical is a fake news operation that is dedicated to unfairness and I won’t support it. So the it all it’s all said right there in the title anyway, folks, they are accusing Governor Greg Abbott, of instructing DPS to to push children into the river to beat them back from their illegal immigration push. That’s what they said. Now, the governor’s office has come out with a press release on this. The Office of the Governor today issued a joint statement from Texas borders or Mike banks, Texas Department of Public Safety DPS Director Steve McCraw and Texas adjunct General Major General Thomas swells her following reporting on directives given under Operation Lone Star, no orders or directions have been given under Operation Lone Star that would compromise the lives of those attempting to cross the border illegally. The Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas military department continue taking steps to monitor migrants in distress provide appropriate medical attention when needed and encourage them to use one of the 29 International bridges along the Texas Mexico border where they can safely and legally cross with migrants their words not mine with migrants from over 150 countries encouraged by open border policies to risk their lives and make this dangerous trek to enter our country illegally. Texas is deploying every tool and strategy to deter and repel illegal crossings between ports of entry. The absence of these tools and strategies including Constantino wire that snags clothing encourages migrants their words not mine to make potentially life threatening and illegal crossings through Operation Lonestar. Texas continues stepping up to respond to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis at our southern border and the statement goes on. You know what’s really behind the smokes. The buoys, Texas deployed floating buoys that are proving to be very, very difficult to get around by illegal alien drug smugglers and human smugglers. So the left wingers in the state of Texas at the Houston Chronicle, and the Texas Tribune, and others are like, oh my goodness, this might actually stand a chance of getting in the way of Beijing Biden’s 6.5 million illegal aliens. He’s ushered in So far, and the 6.5 million illegal aliens he wants to bring in on top of that bringing in 15 million illegal aliens into the United States and his four year occupation of the Oval Office. And many Democrats in the press are worried that Texas might put a crimp in that and the deployment of these buoys along the Rio Grande. Hell, it even got jolly Oh Mako involved. The I Am folks I am certain of this, that the socialist inside the Beijing Biden regime reached out to Mexico and says, hey, you need to complain about this. And Mexico said, Hey, we’re socialists help socialists out so we’ll, we’ll help you out and will complain to give perhaps the imprimatur and the ability for the federal government to come in and take out those buoys which are proving to be effective at stopping illegal aliens from crossing. Now the left wingers are out there saying, well, it’s Greg Abbott’s fault. These illegal aliens are getting tangled up and in this barbed wire, it’s Greg Abbott’s fault that they’re trying to breach our country and trying to swim it to these buoys and they can’t get over them. And some of them are paying with their lives. They’re saying it’s Greg Abbott’s fault for stopping illegal aliens from coming into Texas illegally. The fact of the matter is the illegal aliens and the narco terrorists and the human traffickers. They know these deterrence are being put in place. And the fact that individuals want to break into the United States thumbed their nose at our laws, and that these Narco terrorists, and these human smugglers want to make money over all else they are to blame. If the warning signs are up, don’t come into America illegally. If you know there are deterrence to stop you from entering our country illegally and you choose to do it anyway. That’s on you not on those who enforce and obey the law. The Houston Chronicle wrote their piece based on one state trooper and alleged whistleblower one out of all the state troopers that are down there doing work with Operation Lonestar. They wrote this article based on one one account and I think that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Pro illegal immigration agenda of the Houston comical other left wingers in the press and in the Democrat Socialist Party. It’s hard to find good journalists these days. But we’re going to introduce you to one a former colleague of mine over at Newsmax comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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She is the host of TBN nightly world news program Centerpointe. She brings her diverse background in politics, media, strategic communications and broadcasting to help viewers navigate the current media and political climate. Lindsay welcome for the first time to the Salcedo strong podcast. Hey, Chris. It’s great to be with you. Thanks for having me on this morning. Pleasure is all my look. There’s so many things I wanted to talk with you about. Because we got a lot going on. But the topic that has been on everybody’s minds is the border. Of course it’s Joe Biden’s oldest set of Christ. sees and the issues that are arising from that are issues like would have been detailed in the movie sound of freedom. And, and I’ve been discussing this on and off about how the media has handled the coverage of this film, you know, labeling it Q Anon, before people even see it before they’ve even seen it. And let me just ask you, because I’ve brought up this several times to my audience, Amy Rohrbach we all remember her. And she was caught on that hot mic, admitting that she had the Epstein story three years before it before it came out. And she could have had an exclusive but she was stopped because of the political ramifications of a Democrat donor doing what he was doing. What are your thoughts, journalistically on, on those in the in the so called press running interference for child predators? You know, it is an interesting point, because human trafficking, child trafficking should not be a political issue, right, Chris? I mean, this should be basic human rights, that we care for people who have been, you know, are being taken advantage, whose lives have been sold. And, you know, we talked about we talked about slavery a little all the time, Obama even called this the modern slavery, and it is, and we should, as a society, be championing this together. It shouldn’t be one side over the next. And that’s what you’re seeing here. And this movie is bringing that out, which is absolutely insane to me, that this isn’t an issue. And, you know, when you think that as well, you talked about the border, why isn’t President Biden talking about that more, you know, if you really care about humanity, which they say that they do, you know, they care about these people’s lives, then you would want that to end and you would want to be doing everything in your power, not to be exacerbating the problem of human trafficking, which an open border creates, and only amplifies and allows these cartels to run rampant. So, you know, luckily, you have this movie, which a lot of people are watching and as you know, has, you know, had record numbers in the box office, I think it’s drawing the attention, no matter the even the negative attention to drawing attention to it. And people are realizing, wow, I need to get involved in this because some people think, wow, human trafficking is something that happens in other places in the world, you know, in Indonesia, but America’s actually in the top 10, which is so sad. And it got even worse during COVID. And now, you know, we see what happens with the border. Even worse with the angel studios to putting this out there. And, you know, my prayer as a journalist is that this is continues to be a beacon of information to people who aren’t aware that this is an issue that’s going on. Yeah, as to Joe Biden not acknowledging it. Look this, here’s a guy who won’t even acknowledge his own flesh and blood, his own grandchild. So I don’t have high hopes for Joe Biden growing a conscience and actually, and actually taking heart and being committed to stopping child sex predation into the United States. But as for the rest of the Democrats who claim to be you know, pro, whatever, you know, pro humanity. I mean, come on, seriously, can you can you at least Can you at least drudge up enough compassion to say, you know, we’re not willing to sacrifice children and their innocence for our Democrat agenda. Can we at least agree on that? But no, my one of my staff members over at Newsmax Lindsey, she, she’s a yoga instructor she gave her class you know, Hey, guys, gotta gotta go. Gotta have a weekend. She was asked, Hey, what’s what are you gonna do for the weekend? She goes, I gotta go see sound of freedom. And one of them said, I didn’t know you’re a Republican, as if, as if as if it’s a Republican issue, the only Republicans or conservatives care about the sexual exploitation of children. Yeah, and that’s the problem. Right. But this should not be an issue that only Republicans care about, you know, I think back to the Trump administration, and it’s something that Ivanka actually helped champion, that there will be stricter rules around, you know, human trafficking. And but that shouldn’t be something that it should have been passed on to the next administration. And have we heard anything about it? No, no, we’ve heard nothing about this. And, you know, like I said, this is an issue that a lot of people don’t know the problem in the US, but it is, and I served on a leadership board when I was in New York, have a agency that helps foreign nationalists who become traffic, and it is just the stories are horrific of what happens. I think, to your point about Harvey Weinstein, you think about a lot of these donors, you know, why is there why do we have a problem with human trafficking? Let’s go back to the root because there’s, there’s a demand, where’s that demand coming from a lot of different places. And when you have the No, this is obviously, you know, from a Christian standpoint, from my standpoint is a heart issue. But at the end of the day, that shouldn’t mean that it’s a political issue, it should mean is the issue where we are protecting the children of our country. And you know, it’s not even children as women, as well. Yes. So you should have women rising up is that just to stop it? That’s another great point. donors. That’s that’s another great point, Lindsey that Harvey Weinstein was exploiting women, right? Harvey Weinstein was exploiting women. And then because he was a Democrat donor, Oh, he got away with it for decades. Then you got Epstein, who was exploiting children. And then they didn’t want to cover that because he too, was a Democrat donor. And so that it’s so this, the history is replete of these Democrats, these people who are left leaning, covering for the depressed that some of the most depraved things in our society, and an effort to protect the Democrat party, and you see evidence of that at CNN and MSNBC. And I’m, I’m quite confident that TBN has a different standard than that, don’t they? Very different than that at CBS. Yeah, you know, we actually covered this story last week and how it’s getting, you know, negative press just because of that, and how absurd this is, it seems so basic. And I think that’s the sad part, you know, at its core, when you look at it, that you have humans, who are being sold into slavery, for sex, for work, is so wicked, it seems so archaic, but it’s real. And the fact that, that you have a political party wanting to turn their AI away from it, because of money. I mean, that is at the that’s not the root of evil. It is. It needs to be exposed more. And, you know, you and I both have seen the political world and money talks. And that’s what we’re dealing with here is, I would say rich donors, who are funding this to some degree and they don’t want, they don’t want their representatives be talking about it, or to do anything about it, because they’re a part of the problem. You know, and I’m not saying that these politicians are the problem, or maybe they are, but they are donors. But that is that weak leadership, weakness all around. And you know, it’s not just the Democrat weakness of the Republicans allow this to get to fester. So yeah, it is we are suffering from a lack of, of moral leadership in this country. Lindsey, Keith is our guest folks. She’s the host of TV NS nightly, world news programs center point. And we’ll see what are some of the big stories you guys have been following here that are of note? Yeah. You know, we’ve been following this human trafficking story, which I think is really interesting. And then, you know, we’ve also been following what’s happening. Like I said, we’ve heard world news, what happened with NATO last week? And this controversy around? Should the US continue to fund Ukraine, like we are, and obviously, you hear from very far right, conservatives who think, you know, we saw the National Defense Authorization Act pass on Friday in the house. But one of the things that wasn’t in there was the stole funding from Ukraine. But that’s something we know that Freedom Caucus definitely wants, Will that continue to be an issue? And I think, you know, a lot of thing we try to do on Centerpointe is try to, like I said, assimilate the news. Why does this matter? And also, from, you know, we try to say not from a Republican standpoint, not from a democratic standpoint, but from a sinner standpoint, from a biblical standpoint. You know, how would God talk about this? Obviously, he cares about people and people who are in a war torn country, but also think he cares about responsibility, and as the US being responsible to the taxpayer money? And can you strike? Can you hit both? And so those are some of the conversations that we’ve been having about where should the line be? And should we just have a blank check? or should there be some checks and balances? And are we doing a good job of that? And, you know, I don’t think that anyone has the exact right answer. Yeah, on that, Chris. And that’s a little bit scary that we should, you know, we probably shouldn’t have a blank check to anybody that isn’t responsible. So how do we rein that in, but also take care of people that we know, are important? And so those are some of the conversations we’ve been having a really focusing on, especially as we see the NATO alliance grow stronger, which is great. As we see Russia, you know, attack countries they shouldn’t be. And we see this alliance growing between Russia and China, which I think is a big point that will be talked about more and more as that strengthens in 2024. So that’s some of the big stories we’ve been focusing on. Obviously, as well as 2024 Is that continues to heat up and what that’s going to look like I’ve had members have come Congress reached out to me saying that who were initial supporters, full throated supporters of the, of what the US role in Ukraine defending Ukraine would be. And they are now turning on this. And I think you’re gonna, because because there’s no accountability, the money’s just flying out the door. And there’s no accountability, because, you know, Democrats are running everything. So they’re turning on this, but I think that they’re hearing from their constituents. As we get closer and closer and closer to election day, you’re going to see more and more Republicans the same way the Democrats did. The Democrats supported the war in Iraq. And as soon as they got close to election day, you saw the Democrats pivot, oh, no, we’re against the war in Iraq, even those who voted for it. And then we’re running for president. So I think you’re gonna see a lot of Republicans who are on on the side of, you know, full throated support for Ukraine, no matter what, you’re gonna see those peeling away as we get closer and closer to election day. That’s just my sense. Yeah. What about what about cocaine and marijuana? confirmed at how do you guys a TBN and a, with a, with a factual approach and a God centered approach, confront the the reality that cocaine and marijuana have been confirmed to be trapped traffic through the Beijing Biden White House? You know, I laugh because it’s so ridiculous, Chris, at the end of the day, you know, you see, you know, let’s just have some basic comparisons here. I mean, this is basic journalism. And today, you have an investigation into Hunter Biden, that takes over four years, takes forever. And, you know, there’s so much more that was left out, yet the Secret Service in a couple of days, says they can’t find anything. I’m sorry, keep searching, if you have nothing to see come to include conclusive. You know, I have heard so many actually, Democrats, and I will say good for them. Who had said this is actually this, this is unacceptable. And it is unacceptable? Because here’s the question, if this wasn’t cocaine, if this was a bomb, if this was anthrax, if this was something else, that was a real threat to the right, we would have an answer, Chris. Yes. And that’s just that is reality. Because there are this is one of the most secure buildings in our entire country. So the fact that they’re saying it’s inconclusive, when there were fingerprint, keep searching. Exactly. Well, well, we couldn’t find any fingerprints and the the videos inconclusive, says you, many of us believe that, that nobody can be this incompetent unless you’re the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, who had an even smaller universe of people to determine who leaked the Dobbs case. And he said, I swear I can’t. I can’t find anybody. The effort to protect Democrats and their illegality from Republicans is what’s the most infuriating for me? It’s because we have gotten a window now, I think Lindsey into this into this unit party mindset, this club that they’re in up there, and the fact that the Democrats have gone so full tilt, lawless, lawless, and the Republican Party has gone so full tilt, covering for them is just disgusting, and only a few boll weevil conservatives can we rely upon to get out the true information about the depravity of the Democrats and it’s, and it’s sick and sad. I’ll just leave it at that sick and said, Lindsay. Keith is our guest right now, folks Centerpoint on TBN. It’s a nightly newscast. So she hosts His Eminence Dr. Fauci at that they’re really cranking up the heat on this guy, a series of emails now confirming that Dr. Fauci lied under oath when he said, I have no idea about gait of folks you’d research over at the Wuhan lab? Well, it turns out, he was articulating through emails that he knew it was going on. What is your take on this story? You know, this has been a really sad story to watch. Obviously, you and I have covered this, both from the very beginning. You know, my show where Sean Spicer on Newsmax we, you know, COVID was just ramping up. And as I remember, in the beginning, Dr. Fauci was like the Savior, people, like these bakeries are making like cookies, and he was this great guy. And now this information is coming up, but you really look into it, Chris. I mean, he has comment from a paper that he wrote, I believe back in 2013, where he says, you know, a reporter was asking him about, you know, gain of function research is very controversial. Because if something ever went wrong, it could cause a pandemic and kill, you know, unprecedented amount of people. And he said it would be worth it. He said the ramifications would be worth it for the research that we would gain. Oh, boy. And so I think that helps you understand why he wanted to protect this so much. And then actually, you know, under Obama, gain of function research was done I put a cap on it. But Dr. Fauci was allowed to give World Health Alliance equal World Health Alliance, which is Peter dash AK. He was allowed to give him taxpayer funded money, which then you look at Eco Health Health Alliance, they gave money to this famous woman, that woman, that lady, yeah, but that lady who was were at Wuhan. And so it’s, you know, it makes too much sense for him to be all of a sudden things this never happened in a lab, but you can understand why you’d want to protect the fact that it came from a lab because this was almost his life’s work. This was something he thought was so important that he is himself admitted that the ramifications of what could happen will be worth the risk of doing gain of function. And so I think that tells us everything we need to know. And it makes sense that he would want to cover all this up, because he thought it was worth it. And he didn’t think that human lives mattered. He thought that game function mattered more than human lives. True. That is why he had this huge cover up. So it’s insane to me, that anybody you know, I think most people who are conservative always thought, you know, after seeing some of this guy’s not being honest. But no one else thought he was honest. He just, you know, the research proved itself the history you draw the line to this guy. I think it’s just sad that you have somebody who has those staunchly said to Congress under oath. No, I never covered this up. This is true. And now the evidence is coming up. Which to me, Chris, really just, it makes the American people not be able to trust people who are in leadership roles, which is unfortunate, right? Because that’s not how we should build a trust these people who are have massive responsibility to protect our health in this country. I know Rand Paul shows up on my show and says he won’t get away with it. Rand Paul is committed with one, the one guy in Congress who’s committed to making sure that his Eminence Dr. Fauci pays a price. And Lindsey, let me just play the soundbite. This is this is the contradictory testimony. He is being questioned by Senator Kennedy, who we we all love. I mean, who doesn’t love Senator Kennedy, even Democrats love Senator Kennedy. So here’s Senator Kennedy, getting this guy to perjure himself not knowing at the time, I would imagine, but getting Fauci to perjure himself, listen to this. How do you know they didn’t lie to you, and use the money for gain of function research anyway? Well, we’ve seen the results of the experiments that were done and that were published, and that the viruses that they studied are on public databases now. So none of that was gain of function. So how do you know they didn’t do the research and not put it on their website? There’s no way of guaranteeing that. But in our experience with grantees, including Chinese grantees, which we’ve had interactions with for a very long period of time, they’re very competent, trustworthy scientists. I’m not talking about anything else in China, I’m talking about the scientists. Yeah. And then this email comes out that shows in February of 2020, he articulated that he knew that these trustworthy scientists were conducting gain of function research, he knew it. And that’s the smoking gun, he lied under oath. Now whether or not nothing’s going to be done about it, Lindsey, isn’t that the isn’t that the key question? That is the key question. And I think to what what can be done, Chris, because, you know, you look at it, we’re, what, three years out now, any evidence that China has, which one, they didn’t even work with a World Health Alliance, and who they are in bed with practically they didn’t even give them any information. Right. So China’s never going to work with us on this at all. And obviously, we know that relationship is fractured right now. But at the end of the day, you know, I think the question is, how should Dr. Fauci be held accountable for this? You know, we know that actually more money has been given to that organization. I mentioned. You know, Peter dash x group, so Eagle Health Alliance absent Yeah, Why thank you. Why is that being allowed to happen? Why is taxpayer payer funded money still allowed to go to that group? That should never be happening? Right. And the other issue is, you know, the fact that he’s saying he knew all this. He seen all the research. Well, one, they took that down. When COVID happened, JT, to Yeah, we know that the State Department and I believe is 2018 or 19. So before COVID is in 2018, they had sent cables saying we’re concerned that this you know, high end biology research center is not following protocol. Because communists cut corners. That’s it. That’s what commies do. They Take the money, and they give it to their their weapons programs and they cut corners on safety. And, and you know what I think? I think the most logical explanation is the Communists took Dr. Fauci money. They he taught them how to do this dangerous gain of function research, because Obama put the kibosh on it and as you said, Fauci believes this is by legacy, and I believe it’s so important. So he goes overseas to commies saying, we can trust them and knowing that we can’t, and dedicates our money to this. The only problem is, while the several problems, the health, the liberties, the freedoms that that the left used to take away from us using this, this virus is really what got me Hey, Lindsay, we’re almost out of time. And I wanted to get you to tell the folks where they can find Centerpoint and TBN where they can find you these days. Yes. So we are on any, you can find us on XFINITY On we’re on all DirecTV, dish, everything and then you can go to And you can find us on streaming as well. So for free on streaming, and then it’s on every cable provider as well. So we’re at 7:30pm Eastern, and we’re at 630 Central, we’d love for you every night Monday through Friday. We’d love for you to tune in right on right on oh one of the one of the great ladies of the business folks and when she was over at Newsmax we the first time I met her I knew I liked her in bed, by the way, what you hear on in an interview or what you see on airs, what you pretty much get in person is somebody who has a lot of integrity and somebody’s committed to giving you folks the straight story. Lindsey Keith, appreciate the time. Salcedo Great to be with you. Thanks for having me on. And that puts a wrap on this Saucedo store podcast. Do me a favor, my friends, pay a visit a couple of websites for me, Texas, Texas Big news in Texas. It’s going to be reported on there, you’ll be in the know. And of course, if it impacts Texas is going to impact the other states in these ones United States. Also pay a visit to Chris That’s where you can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on que se v and Newsmax and also all of our social media hookups are there until we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends

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