The gooey, saccharine-sweet niceness demanded of us by politicians isn’t found anywhere in the Bible.

When it came to the ruling elite of the day, those people who profited from self-dealing and cronyism, Jesus was anything but nice. He called them “serpents” and a “brood of vipers.” He described them as “whitewashed tombs” and murderers. These words weren’t directed at the occupying Romans, or the atheists, or adherents to other religions; they were pointed at His fellow Jews.

As Michael Quinn Sullivan explains in this podcast, there was nothing “nice” about those words. But they ware true, honest, and actually a kindness by giving voice to those who were oppressed.


Founding Fathers

Not. A. Democracy.

Monarchy and democracy are two sides of the same coin upon which tyrannies had been built for eons.


Fearing Correctly

As citizens, we have failed to inspire sufficient fear in our elected servants.