The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Can A New Republican Party Rise In Time To Stop The Extremist Uniparty?

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Brandon Burden is a pastor and conservative activist leading a grassroots movement in Texas for political and spiritual reformation. His recent book Daniel Nation: When Christians Take a Stand in Civil Government, tells the powerful story of how Christians gathered at the Texas State Capitol for the 2023 legislative session to overturn evil agendas…and won!

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Fair warning, this is going to be a jam packed podcast. We got a lot of information, not one, not two, but three interviews on this podcast. So just hang it up. Let me start with the current state of affairs with the dominant political ideology that is ruling over us right now. And that would be the Democrats that would be the left wing extremists, socialist, communist Marxist, whatever you want to call them. That’s what we are burdened with in this country. Let me go to NBC polling, revealing that President Trump is now leading over the over the leader of the Democrats socialists who are imposing this cancerous agenda on America. Listen. 

“Tonight, a new gauge of the fight ahead for President Biden’s reelection Republican front runner and former President Donald Trump increasing his lead in a new national NBC News poll. Now up five points in a hypothetical general election matchup, Biden also trailing by double digits on the top issues for voters. Despite a growing economy Trump is ahead by more than 20 points on that issue.”

53 or 55? To 33. Yeah, despite a growing economy. Yeah, really? Is it growing? And isn’t the job creation courtesy of all of those folks who were thrown out of work during the China virus pandemic? The praise God once in 100 years pandemic? Yes, but they don’t they don’t give you that context here at NBC. They just oh, it’s growing economy. But you people are too stupid to know it’s growing? No. The reason why you don’t realize it is because you’re not a beneficiary of this growing economy. Because your wages are stagnant and they’re not keeping up with inflation. Government caused inflation.

“The same goes for crime and violence. The president on the campaign trail celebrating a win in South Carolina’s Democratic primary.” 

Yeah, so what? In a in a primary, where they’re not letting Democrats choose. It’s easy to win when you’re not going to even do a primary when you’re not going to debate your opponents when you don’t even concede you’re being challenged when when whole Democrat parties are saying Yep, no primary here. We’re just going to deem it all Biden’s. That’s great. So there’s one aspect of what Beijing Biden is facing. Here’s another one Charlamagne tha God sitting down with ABC here last week? Listen. 

“I mean, Biden does make that an issue over and over again. I mean, he constantly talks about that. Why is it not resonant? Well, he’s just an uninspiring candidate. Like, you know, there’s nothing about no Joe Biden that makes you want to listen to him. That’s why he should be leaning on. You know, his vice president Kamala Harris was way more charismatic than sorry, wait a minute what you want.” 

You want Joe Biden to put to put Kamala Harris Matt word salad out there, make her the face of the regime and and Joe Biden just kind of hang tough. Let’s, let’s see who Charlamagne tha God wants to put out there to be the face of the regime. Listen. 

“So I think it’s very important, as you have heard from so many incredible leaders for us at every moment in time, and certainly this one, to see the moment in time in which we exist and are present. And to be able to contextualize it, to understand where we exist, right in the history. And in the moment as it relates not only to the past, but the future.” 

What Charlamagne tha God says that’s good stuff. You know what, that’s, that’s so much bullshit. And you know what Democrat voters are all into bullshit. So you just get somebody out there that can spew bullshitting, they’ll go, yay, Harris, but Joe Biden just inspires nobody. And you should be leaning on, you know, other surrogates like, you know, Gavin Newsom, or, you know, Shapiro and Pennsylvania, like he should be leaning on people who have are more inspiring than him who are more charismatic than him. And he should just be, I guess, if you want to call it the brains of Operation behind the scenes, like that sounds crazy, that we’re saying that about a President of the United States of America.”

But he you know, it sounds crazy, that you’re saying Charlemagne, the god, that Joe Biden ought to be the brains behind any operation. It’s this is a man who, even when he had all of his mental faculties was dumber than a sack of rocks, who was a known plagiarist. 

Now, now, you’re saying, oh, yeah, now that he’s lost a few steps. So he needs to be the brains behind the operation. He has no main character energy at all. And what is that? Is that age? Is it the way he is? I mean, why why do you what’s the problem? I don’t think it has anything to do with age. You know, I think it has just everything to do with with him like Donald Trump is, what four years, three years younger than President Biden. But he just comes off a lot more youthful. He comes off, you know, like, he has a lot more energy. And I always say this about them. Donald Trump seems more sincere about his lies than Joe Biden does about his truth. Okay, whatever. Whatever. 

Yeah, so here’s Charlamagne tha God recommending the Democrats put a better BS artist out there. Okay, good on you, man. Good on you. Thanks. Thanks for that. Now, speaking of BS, Rashida MF to leave you guys know her. She’s one of the squad members. One of the big Jew haters up there in the Democrat Party. And here is Rashida MF to leave she is at a polling place, and wait till you hear what Rashida is recommending that people do. All right, listen to this thing called life killed. And I want you to think of Shama what you think of Rima What do you think of said that I want you to think of all of the amazing young children and the people again, lives were lost. 

And this is the way you can raise our voices don’t make us even more invisible. Right now we feel completely neglected, neglected and just unseen by our government. If you want us to be louder than come here and vote uncommitted. Don’t support Joe Biden vote uncommitted. Because he doesn’t hate Jews enough, says Rashida MF to leave last thing, activists up in Chicago who are black, who have been traditional Democrats. They are coming out of the woodwork because courtesy of Joe Biden’s massive illegal immigration campaign, the Democrat party’s illegal immigration campaign and Democrats on the local level saying, Hey, you’re just got to pony up all you folks in the black community, you’re going to lose your community centers, you’re going to have to pay up to house illegal aliens. 

And you’re going to have to make sure that the illegal aliens get $9,000 a month. Folks in the black community are going What the hell is this? And and they are turning on Democrats. 

“These are our children, they will not be targeted while you take them make a better life for who just won’t? Yes, these aren’t 9000 hours a month for these people. 1000 to $1,500 for every child, every illegal immigrant child that goes into public Chicago Public Schools, you give them money for uniforms and computers and all these things. We not going to stand down and we ask that the Republican party come and sit down and have a meeting with us. Or be with us. We all just fast immigration. That’s how the Republican Party if Trump want to come to town Trump 2024.”

Black activists in Chicago now look to you black activists don’t go to the Republican Party. Spoiler alert. There’s a significant chunk of the Republican Party that is colluding with Democrats to import all these illegal aliens into the United States and to exploit you and to harm you and to harm the United States. Now, Trump, on the other hand, he’s not in the he’s not in the business of negotiating when it comes to codifying illegal immigration Republicans are, but Trump is not, folks. So where am I going with all this? 

You all know that Democrats suck. And boy, because of Democrats, our lives are suckier. Because of this. There is an effort out there by several folks not only to push back on Democrats, but also to push back on the aforementioned Republicans. And when it came to those Democrats, you’re gonna hear three interviews from people that were doing that business coming up on the Salcedo store and podcast. 

This is the problem for conservatives in this election cycle. The conservative out there has to fight not only the leftist not only Democrats and all the socialists and the Marxists. But we’ve got to fight the Republican Party as well. The Republican Party represented by Mitch McConnell John Cornyn, that Republican Party, Dade Phelan says we don’t want conservatives getting in the way of us delivering for Democrats stop getting in our way. Our job is to deliver for Democrats what they want, we give them and they make sure they never come after us. The way they went after Trump. All you conservative troublemakers, when you’re going to get it through your head that just surrender. 

Do what the Republican Party under Mitch McConnell’s leadership and Paul Ryan’s leadership is doing surrender, say, Yeah, let’s just just do it the socialists way. Do what the Republicans are doing in the in the House of Representatives right now on the federal level, Republicans defeating their own to whittle down the majority, basically getting ready to hand over the house to the Democrats in preparation for potential new Trump administration. That’s what the Republican Party stands for today, letting it doing it the Democrats way, and conservatives go really, really, not all of us are on board with this agenda. guy by the name of Brandon burden is a pastor and a conservative activist. Leading a grassroots movement in Texas for political and spiritual reformation is recent book Daniel nation when Christians take a stand and civil government tells the powerful story about Christians gathered at the Texas State Capitol for the 2023 lead. sled obsession to overturn a rather evil agenda and in some measure one, Brandon, welcome to the Salcedo show. 

Chris. Thank you, sir. 

Tell the folks about what you did. 

Yeah, I mean, basically, we rally the grassroots movement of Texas last year and organize them and it methodical way to go down to the Texas State Capitol during the ADEA session, to champion conservative legislation, and to get involved with the RPT agenda that was passed the state convention and the 10 priorities that they wanted to ask. And what we saw is that we go to convention every other year, and we passed the straight agenda, but then none of the Republican lawmakers who campaign that they’re going to, you know, support our planks and platform. They don’t ever pass it into legislation that they say they’re going to pass. And so we basically said, Hey, guys, look, you know, the grassroots lobbyists, we’re the largest lobby in Texas, we’re just not paid for we have to pay our own way. If we don’t go down there every week and let them know that we’re watching their votes and making our voices heard. 

We’re not going to get any of our RPT priority fast. And so that’s what we did. We decided we committed that we’re gonna go down every single week. We charter buses, we got people on the buses. We were faithful to go every Tuesday sometimes on Thursday. And we were in their face every single week making our voices heard. And that’s when we got 17 conservative bills passed. 

Well, look, the reason they don’t like us on the Republican side, the Dade Phelans of the world that Charlie gerunds of the world, the Joe Strauss’s of the world, is that we do show up, and we highlight how these people are giving away our rights, our liberties, our prosperity to Democrats, and in an effort to placate Democrats now you, you say you got 17 bills, and I want to go through these. And they’re probably classes of bills, if we can just narrow it down. I don’t want to go through all 17. But let give me an example of some of the some of the victories you are able to achieve. 

Well, I think the most important of the 17 were the seven bills for protecting Texas kids from sexualization. I mean, one was SB 14 That child gender mod bill by Dr. Tom Alverson. That bill was our biggest bill that we fought for during the session that was the one where the transaction is shut the Capitol down on May the second we had to we were there that day, we had to evacuate the Capitol by BPS because they decided to stage a riot a pre planned riot. 

That’s okay. That’s okay. Because you know, left wingers can do an insurrection. And they call it a protest. Right. And they can beat people up and they call it a protest. They can set things on fire. And they call it a mostly peaceful demonstration. 

But well, it wasn’t peaceful as we walked through two lines of protesters outside the gallery door saying you hate me you hate me, and screaming and shouting in our faces and shutting the whole Capitol down. I don’t really call that peaceful. 

Well, and you guys did make some some headway. As you rightly pointed out, let me just ask you about your fear. Because, you know, a lot of people on the Republican side do this. They write into bills, something called a poison pill that they know will not survive judicial muster. They they put it in there to say, hey, look, we passed it. And then a court comes along and says, Wait a minute, you can’t do that. That’s unconstitutional. And they stuck it in there just to wipe out the entire bill. How concerned are you that some air quotes Republicans did that to some of these, some of these bills? 

Well, I think they tried to do it with SB 14. I mean, they tried to amend the bill 19 times from the House floor, they tried to point of order it to desk sending it back to committee, they were not going to let that bill pass intact. The other one was HB 900, the redirect taken the dirty books out of Texas public schools and all 254 of our counties. They tried to water that one down as well. But the reason why they were not able to do that was because this time the grassroots were there in force in a concentrated mass and we were paying attention and making all of their votes public to the voters back in their district. And one thing we’ve learned about politicians is that they want to get reelected. See the problem has been we have not been going down in mass as the grassroots to hold them accountable. We go down one time we glad and we say glad you got elected we never go back. This is the first time in Texas Legislature history is in my involvement, that we have gone down in a concentrated way that has held their feet to the fire everyday in the session. 

Brandon burden is our guest right now, folks, he’s a pastor and a conservative activist leading the grassroots movement in Texas for political and spiritual reformation. And, you know, I think of John Cornyn John Cornyn just pulled an all nighter with his fellow Democrats and his fellow Republicans to impose a $95 billion expenditure on our great grandchildren to send those billions of dollars overseas to foreign wars, while our border remains why Open. And he didn’t. He didn’t care so much about that because he pulled an all nighter on a weekend. He was hoping it would go by unnoticed. But when what you really got his Ira up is when the Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted on his massive Twitter account, what the Senator had done to us. And then that’s when the senator showed some fire and, and lashed out at Ken Paxton. They really don’t like us no, knowing what they’re up to do. 

No they don’t want us down there. Let me tell you something. I was more appalled by what I encountered with Republican lawmakers, then Democrat lawmakers, and then we had Democrat lawmakers who like Sean theory in Houston, who switched over from the aisle and voted in favor of SB 14 drawing the ire of her own party. We have Republicans down there who we think are part of our party doing the right thing and they’re upset that the Republican grassroots or they’re checking up on their work. Now, there’s a problem with that, Chris? 

No, they hate us that, you know what Matt Rinaldi has come on the the conservative Republican chairman of the party of Texas, he he comes on off and and says, you know, these people who are in the leadership of the Texas State House, they literally hate their voter base, which is why they had undertaken this this gang of 11 coup so many years ago, to allow the Democrats to choose the Texas speaker, even though the Republicans have the majority. So let me ask you speaking of a speaker, what do you think of Dade Phelan and what efforts are you undertaking to make sure he doesn’t return as speaker? 

Well, when we were in the legislature last year, we saw that day feeling is the number one coin essential problem in the Texas Legislature. That’s the guy that’s killing the bills. That’s the guy that’s leading the coup against the Republican platform. And you know, I hate to use the word the head of the snake, but he’s the head of the snake. And so we went down to actually Port Arthur Beaumont, Jefferson County this weekend on Friday and Saturday, and we took a busload down there and we block walk in district 21, basically for a man by the name of David Covey, who is the front runner in that race to oppose Dave Thielen. And let me tell you what the voters are saying down in Jefferson County, which is Dave’s backyard. They’re not voting for Dave. They have no confidence in Dave. They’re worried about the open border situation Dave feeling did nothing to secure the border. There’s that border invasion that people are concerned about. He did nothing to protect that school choice he killed that people want school choice down in district 21. 

He did nothing. He fought school choice tooth and nail against Governor Abbott. So his his constituents that have voted for him the last two cycles, they’re telling us down there, we’re not voting for date this time. Yeah, Dade Phelan also fought to make sure that Communist China could continue to buy land in Texas that the People’s Republic of Iran could continue to buy land in Texas, that Mother Russia could continue to buy land in the state of Texas. He fought very hard for America’s enemies, as did the Democrat party. 

You know, I’m interested to see what Democrats think of Dade feeling in his district. I bet you he’s widely supported by the Democrats there in that district. Well, you know, you would think that but Chris, Democrats are also concerned about inflation and rising property taxes, which are huge in Texas. And we talked to some Democrats down in district 21 that are also not supporting Dade Phelan’s and supported they fill in in the last race. They’re not going to vote for him this time. Wow. When when when you’re a debt when you’re a pro Democrat, Republican, and you can’t even bring Democrats along. You must really be screwing the pooch, Brandon, if folks want to help you achieve your mission to hold their feet to the fire which I think is an admirable mission. What can they do? Where can they go? Yeah, I mean, right now just get up to my social media handles which is Daniel nation PVC, which stands for public benefit Corp PVC. Follow me on social media. Also just go buy my book on It really shows you how we got grassroots involved in the conflict. 

We need grassroots on the front line. You know, right now the best thing that grassroots can do is to support the opponents to the rhino and comments. And here’s the great thing about what happened in the legislature, all the rhinos, Drupa. Two challengers, they all have great opponents in the state of Texas running against them. Go to the polls this week and poll great for those opponents in the race. Let’s get these rhinos out of the house and get a new speaker. Well, the polling indicates that a lot of these as you would say rhinos, I call them pro Democrat Republicans, phonies, fakes, non-conservatives, whatever you want to call them, that the polls show that the people have awakened to their inaction and their focus on delivering for Democrats and betrayal of their own voters. So it we may have a chance to transform Texas back to where it’s supposed to be. Brandon Burton, thank you very much appreciate the visit. 

Thank you, Chris. 

After what is considered the most left wing legislative session that we have endured In the modern era, there are a lot of folks crying for change after the impeachment of Ken Paxton, a lot of people are crying for change, as we are sick and tired of Republicans, people who call themselves Republicans putting as their number one agenda item 14 conservatives and delivering for Democrats. To that end, we have a lot of primaries going on where your votes gonna matter. Early voting is already underway. And let me bring in one of the candidates, Matt Morgan, he’s running to replace a current serving Republican in the Texas State House and district 26. He’s a native Texan and an award winning small business owner, Mr. Morgan, welcome. 

Hey, thanks for having me on your show, sir. pleasures all mine. So the two biggest issues facing Texas and your view are what? 

The border we have to secure the border, we spend billions of dollars every year 7 billion, educating illegal immigrants, we spend over 2 billion prosecuting them for crimes, let alone the hospital bills that you know you and I pay in higher insurance rates because of that. So the border is number one, I have a plan to actually build the entire border wall and not just, you know, add another 20 miles, which is what they did this last legislative session. Most Texans don’t know we only have 150 miles of barrier between US and Mexico out of the 1200 miles that we have between US and Mexico. 

What’s number two? 

Number two is, you know, we need more property tax reform. And we need to you know, reduce government government is way too big. We have too many agencies that have proprietary software and everything else. And they don’t talk to each other communicate. And, you know, so we need to reduce government waste, abuse and spending. There were some issues that came up in the last legislative session that the pro Democrat Republicans worked to defeat. One of the big ones for me, was allowing foreign nations foreign enemy nations to buy land in the state of Texas. Where do you stand on the lowest Kolkhorst bill, which was common sense, but was defeated by pro Democrat Republicans in the House? 

Yeah, so I don’t think we should allow any foreign government entity that, you know, either Texas or the US has, you know, ranked as terrorists against us or, you know, hostile towards us to buy property in the state of Texas period in the report. We need to get done what Arkansas got it done? 

All right. And so by the way, folks, we’re talking to Matt Morgan, he’s running in House District 26 here in the great state of Texas, to replace a currently serving Republican. Your I’m going to get to the Republican your air quotes Republican you’re trying to replace, but this is where you and he may and I want to stress may be aligned. Parental school choice and education freedom, where are you on it? 

Well, you know, of course, we need that. I mean, look around, our society has lost its morals. If we allow children to go to, you know, moral based schools, you know, I think we will help encourage them to, you know, increase those morals. So I think it’s a win win across the board. And there’s reasons it didn’t pass the rhinos we’ve talked about and you know, others but, you know, the bills weren’t written and structured in such a way that would allow some of those others that was hard to swallow for them to get to get it done. But look, all education in Texas needs to be improved. I come from a long line educators, my great grandparents, were educators here in Fort Bend County. My mom’s retired school teacher from out here in Fort Bend County and my sister is a current school teacher. So all of education needs help and we need to fix it but yes, I am for you. Making sure that we have the ability to have faith based education. 

Right? If the government is going to confiscate our money to quote unquote, educate our children, what sense does it make to, for her to have our money follow a failed gov ad system? Why not have it follow the child? And of course, anybody who knows anything knows the parents are the most trusted individuals to be able to determine where that child is best educated, correct? 

Absolutely. And what most people don’t even realize is, if I live in one school district, and I do an out of district transfer to another school district, the money already follows the child. Okay. So all we’re doing is taking it from these public education entities and allowing it to follow the child to another agent, right. I wish it I wish it was still public. It’s it’s government. It’s government run education now, but used to be public when it was founded. Folks, we’re having a conversation with Matt Morgan, he is running in House District 26 to be the next representative from that area. Dade Phelan and the Democrats choosing the Speaker of the House, where are you on Democrats having a vote and being the deciding factor in who the Republican Speaker is? So one, I will I will not vote for the you know, anyone that the Democrats want to put up the speaker, whoever promises the most of them to get the most votes. I I am principled and can not do that. The Democrats here the county judge out here in Fort Bend County made a statement A while back, and he said, You know, when they did redistricting, and really messed up stuff out here for Republicans. He said when you have the power you have to use. And so that’s their mentality. And we have not been doing that we’ve been cowering down to the Democrats. It’s true. It’s true. 

And while we’re on that topic, as you know, your opponent supports having Democrat chairs appointed by the so called Republican Speaker with the expressed intent of killing conservative legislation that comes before their committees. So where are you on? The Republicans choosing Democrat shares to run key committees that would never do it won’t vote for anyone that supports that period in the report? Okay. Understood. Now, you have been attacked by your opponent as being a a liberal as being a pro Robert Francis beta or work type Republican. Because the accusation on the ads that are running are that you are that you are taking the organizational makeup of your campaign from the Robert Francis, beta O’Rourke sourcing? Do you want to respond to any of those attacks? 

Yes, so one, they are completely false. There’s no tie between me and Beto O’Rourke, I have worked against him every time he is run at a state level or higher, where I could affect both. So I will do anything to stand against that man, I don’t ever want him to hold office in the state of Texas period in the report. And so that’s just complete and utter fabrication by my opponent displaying mud to see what sticks. And you know, he’s he’s done a good job of slinging a lot of mud and telling a lot of lies. And unfortunately, in politics, he can tell lies, and that’s what he’s doing. We always source any information that we use and do. And, you know, he’s mad at me for, you know, calling out his liberal voting record and that he’s actually listed as a liberal. But, look, folks, Congressman Troy now used to be Sheriff out here in Fort Bend County, would not have endorsed me in this race. If I was some sort of beta supporter, or funded by beta or anything like that. That’s just complete fabrication. 

JC Jutton, who you are, who you’re opposing, and as you rightly point out, he fully supports Democrat chairs, he fully supports the Democrats choosing the Republican Speaker of the of the house. So what is your message to him as he tries to accuse you of being a liberal in this race? 

Well, it’s funny and I actually have private messages from other people where he’s asking Democrats to come vote in our primary and vote for him telling the Democrats that I’m too far right. So But he goes on TV and radio to stay on too far left, he really can’t make up his mind who I am or what I am just whoever he’s in front of, let me tell this lie to get him to come vote for me and push me into that space. But has you know my message for him? 

Yeah. Has he agreed has he agreed to debate you at all? No, I we’ve had three forms set up by independent entities. And he chose to not show up for any of those after RSVPing for one of them. I have a publicly gone out and requested us to debate after all three had passed, and he did not show up to any of them. And he has failed to respond to me in email. I think he took to Twitter yesterday to say, I’m not going to debate you, Matt. Well, he doesn’t want to face the music. He doesn’t want to face the voters and he doesn’t want to answer for his liberal voting record. 

Well, Matt Morgan, standing invite if, if you can convince JC Jutton to come on to the program. And we’ll we’ll turn over an hour of the show to a debate to you guys here on the in the seven o’clock hour if you guys want to do that. And you can get him to come on and defend what he’s done to Texas. We’ll be more than happy to host the both of you, Matt Morgan running to replace a Republican in the Texas State House District 26. He’s a native Texan and award winning business owner and Mr. Morgan and folks want to help you out as early voting has started. Where can they go? Yeah, go to Morgan. Mr. Jutton for for Texas. E x Morgan for Thanks for the visit, man. Appreciate it. Thank you, sir. Have a good day. 

I can I can’t imagine how distressed many of you are i? Hell I’m distressed over over what I’m seeing an America where the left wing is able to bastardize the rule of law in an effort to to shut up any dissent. It reminds me of a of a Third World. Banana Republic reminds me of what the Soviet Union must have been like what Communist China is like today. It just scares the hell out of everybody of what’s going on with Trump. What happened with Stein what’s going on with all this? lawfare. So let me bring on our guest, John Devine. He’s an associate justice on the Texas Supreme Court. Before that. He was he served as a judge for nearly 28 years in Texas, where he fought and won, to have the 10 commandments present in the courtroom. Mr. Devine, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Good morning, Chris. Thank you. 

It’s good to have you here, sir. So let me just let me just go down some of the high profile cases, which has me a lot of folks really disturbed about what the left is doing to weaponize what you and I would call lawfare. What a lot of people are calling lawfare to weaponize the law against their political opponents and doing so successfully. President Trump was awarded by a corrupt judge or was penalized, I should say, by a corrupt Judge $355 million, and he can’t do business in New York for three years. Citing a statute where there was no victim there was no crime. Really? What is your take on on this judgment? 

Well, it’s tyranny. It is outside the rule of law. You know, America’s legal system was always the centerpiece of world justice. I mean, people always imagined that anywhere in the world, you would go the United States would be the place to get justice. These communities, whether it’s New York or Georgia, have disgraced our legal system. Those cases you’re talking about aren’t over yet. Those are all subject to appeal, where I think saner minds will prevail when it reaches the appellate courts. But it is an embarrassment, whether you’re talking about Fannie Willis or, or the business cases in New York, you know. 

Let me shut up about that because President Trump has the resources, President Trump has the resources to appeal and appeal and and pay mountains of lawyers. If these leftists target the rest of us, you know it for opposing them. A lot of people don’t have the wherewithal or the financial resources to even make it to an appeal. So this is what we mean by lawfare. It should scare the daylights out of people. And I know there are a lot of people yelling at the radio yelling at the TV right now saying, what’s our recourse? What do we do? 

Well, the people elect these people. Okay, so judges, at least in Texas, are elected for definite terms. New York, they have a different system. Those judges are elected/appointed. There’s a you know, retained. Different states have different configurations. But the bottom line is you have to fight. You have to be prepared to fight. Recently, I’ve had bad experience happened to me where I’ve had to fight an outrageous lawsuit, try and remove me here in Texas from the ballot after I’ve served for many, many, many years on the court and ultimately got justice. Unfortunately, it was at great expense. I was fortunate enough to be able to handle it. But I understand, look at the January 6 folks that are being hounded by the FBI and prosecuted in what appears many measure to be bias courts in DC. It is a tragedy. And I there is a sense of hopelessness around this country, that our great justice system is no more. Yeah. And that’s always the fear in our type of government. 

Well, let’s let’s break down that the Trump case because you’ve got even Katy Tur over at MSN BS. She saying, Well, wait a minute, never has this statute and the 70 years and the 150 cases where this statute has been implemented, where you don’t necessarily have to prove there’s a victim. But the only time you would level punishment if there was a victim, like she used a example of, say, You’re a cosmetics company, and your cosmetics causes a skin damage to your people, that your customers. So then there’s, that’s, that’s a victim, that’s a victim of your crime. You didn’t dot the i’s and cross the T’s, but never before has has a sentence come down $355 million in a prohibition on doing business in New York for three years that effectively puts Trump out of business in New York. And she observed if she asked the question, Is this fair? And is it? 

Of course it’s not. And there are a higher courts that that can correct that. And that I believe will correct that. injustice. But this is just pure politics, it’s warfare. I’ve heard it also termed gangster law. And, and you know, that’s occurring here in America, we’ve got to deal with it. The court the High Court has to speak out about this. We can’t, you know, this is a former president of the United States. He’s accused, in some in many of these cases of exactly what the people charging him have done themselves in their local community, whether it’s election fraud. I mean, we know that we we have hard evidence for listeners who haven’t seen 2000 murals. Now that’s election fraud. They should look at that documentary. They’ve accused Trump of these kinds of things. It’s silly on its face, it’s a clown show yet and I believe the courts in the end will bring justice to it. Well, we’re, we’re gonna go for the ride right now. 

Yeah. And that’s what I’m I would like to avoid, I think we should avoid the ride. John Devine is our guest right now folks associate justice on the Texas Supreme Court before that he served as a judge for nearly 28 years, more famous for trying to preserve and did preserve the 10 commandments inside of his courtroom. Let’s talk about Fannie Willis, who doesn’t seem to have those kinds of ethics that would preserve the 10 commandments. Here’s a woman who hired her boyfriend at $650,000 a year to prosecute to go after Trump. And they took the proceeds of that hiring. And they proceeded to go on lavish vacations together. And the timing of all of this is calling into question. And it’s also calling into question, the legitimacy of, of the case that she has brought against President Trump. What is your view from 5000 feet up on this? 

Well, this is a district attorney who ran her election. On getting Trump Yep. Before there was even a case filed before we ever heard of any of this true. And so what she did is he went out recognizing her mistake. She hires a special prosecutor or a special prosecutor, who they wanted to imply would be independent of Fannie mills that he would do a just investigation and impartial investigation and go to where the facts lead him. Well, of course, the Trump Organization got wind of this they filed a motion to recuse or disqualify. And of course, now we’re digging into a real rat’s nest of all sorts of corruption and exchange of money. Money and trips and gifts and morality. And the courts, you know, what happened to this mirage of justice, right of independence that this fellow was supposed to provide for the people are going to the courts have to be the guardians of justice, and they have to see that justice is done. Well, what about the Democrat mindset, miss? Mr. Justice, we Justice divine we, we are being told by Democrats, hey, we don’t have to be ethical. 

We don’t have to be moral people to pass judgment on on Republicans? What about that argument that a lot of them are making? Well, it’s unfounded, it’s, that strays away from the original intent of our founders, you know, gets into all sorts of deeper questions, what, you know, we’ve lost track of our, our past, and the principles that brought us this far in this country. And, and, of course, you know, the old saying, was, the America is great, because America is good. When America, America ceases to be good. Miracle will no longer be great for unfortunately, living in those days. 

Well, let me ask you to evaluate what’s going on to poor Mark Stein, Mark Stein is a conservative talk show host. Now, I’ll just give you the particulars is written down by lifesite News. And I’m going to ask for your evaluation. There was a dust up with this guy, the guy by the name of Michael Mann, who works at Penn State, he’s the the architect of the the infamous hockey stick model of climate change. And of course, it’s been controversial since he introduced it and of course, it’s cost P people all over the globe, billions billing trillions of dollars. So let’s, let’s talk about this particular case, because I’m interested about the legal precedent it sets. So you’ve got this, this guy by the name of Rand sin Berg, who said this statement about Michael Mann, MIT, quote, man could be said to be the Jerry Sandusky of climate science except for instead of molesting children, he has molested and torture data and quote now for that Mr. Sandberg was found liable for $1 and then punitive damages of $1,000. Okay, which some people would say, Okay, it’s and Mr. Mann has said far worse about other people and has gotten off scot free. But again, some people would say, okay, that’s not that’s not a really excessive fine. For this exchange. However, when it came to mark Stein, here’s what Mark Stein said he quoted sim Berg, and then he added this commentary on the end quote, not sure I’d have extended that metaphor all the way into the locker room showers with quite the zeal Mr. Sandberg does, but he has a point end quote, and for only partially agreeing with Mr. Sim Berg’s statement. Mark Stein was penalized? Yes, the $1 for for one side of damages, but then a million dollars for punitive damages. Justice Devine when you hear that, that isn’t, isn’t that emblematic of a weaponized legal system? 

Well, of course it is. And it’s the destruction of free speech. And, and without free speech, a nation like ours won’t survive law. And the courts, again, are the guardians of these virtues and these principles. I’m not sure who levied that penalty was at some sort of trial court. But there are well it was a DC it was a DC jury. And so yes, basically, what this means is, these left wingers are going to find sympathetic jury pools, which will hand down out rageous because they hate conservatives. They don’t like being opposed hand down these outrageous arguments are the judgments I should say, based on no arguments, and, and that the message is clear. don’t oppose us. And that’s why it’s so dangerous, correct? Correct. And the courts and the system has been weaponized. It’s across the country, particularly it seems to be in Democrat strongholds where they control the agenda. 

Well, the last question I have for you, Justice Devine is what do we do? How do we fight back? The Republican Party is basically useless. They’re they’re rolling over, you know, with the John Cornyn mentality, the Mitch McConnell mentality they’re rolling over so what can we that people do to defend ourselves? Well, Get involved. Number one, you know, when I go around the state of Texas and I can only speak in the context of Texas, because each state carries and does its own thing in terms of electing judges, those that rule over us. But in Texas, as I go out by speak to groups, I ask I mean, how many here can name two or three Supreme Court justices on the Texas Supreme Court, and I get a deer in the head look like from folks. 

And they have no clue. They don’t understand the judicial system. They don’t understand how it’s broken down. In Texas we have a bifurcated system where one Supreme Court handles criminal cases another the civil cases, they don’t understand the appellate process and how that works. Of course, you can get runaway drunk or some city, Democrat controlled city who has been elected, simply because they’re a Democrat, or simply elected because of their race, and, and get all sorts of absurd results. I mean, the question about Fannie Willis if, if you listen to her testify is whether or not she’s even qualified to be a lawyer. I know like whoa, net, but a DA, let alone someone who is prosecuting the press of the United States. I’ve seen middle schoolers without with a more precise and articulate vocabulary than Fanny Willis. I mean, it is it is, it is insane to think that this woman actually has been given the power to hold people’s lives in her hands. It is, it is a travesty. Look, I want to say thank you to Justice John Devine, Associate Justice on the Texas Supreme Court for the visit, sir, I appreciate your time. And we’ll talk again soon. Great. Thank you, Chris. And that there’s going to do it for a very extensive Salcedo store and podcast. Do me a favor, kids visit a couple of websites, Texas and Chris It’s all there. Whether you want to keep track of what’s going on in Texas, in politics and in government, and in, in news, general news. Go to Texas scorecard. And if you want to keep up with me, Chris Salcedo show and the Salcedo storm podcast. Go to Chris Till we visit again my friends, make sure to remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay vigilant out there my friends 

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