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China Targeting Texas Student, While Pro-Democrat, House GOP "Leadership" Denies Texans Education Freedom

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Robert Montoya is a former filmmaker, University of North Texas graduate, and one-time assistant language teacher. He misses Japan and the 1980s. He is an investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard.”

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This nation is being scammed this nation is being taken advantage of by by leftists by a bunch of communists and I’m not talking about the Democrat Party. Although the Democrat Party does show an allegiance and a celebration of the communists I’m talking about the communists of China. Now this is this country is the biggest threat to you and me. 

These people that run the Communist Party of China are the biggest threat to the existence of our Constitution, the existence of our rights, and they’re buying off our elected leaders. Look at what happened here in in the state of Texas. There’s a woman by the name of Lois Kolkhorst. And she is a well now kind of staunchly conservative Republican but most of her career that I’ve known about, she’s been a a center right Republican, a typical Republican. 

But she’s changed in many ways in seeing the radicalism of the Democrat party, a Democrat Party, for example, that 65 of its members in the House of Representatives on the federal level, voted to shield China from any investigation of the United States on the China virus and their malign activities abroad. 

They steal our intellectual property, they’re thieves because they’re left wingers. Communist China is the ultimate expression of the left. That’s what they want. That’s what they desire to be as long as they’re the ones in control, right. totalitarian dictators, no freedom, no liberty, no prosperity, no higher quality of life, because communism is incapable of delivering that. Now, Communist China has its tentacles and so much of American life, including trying to indoctrinate your children there. 

Have you guys heard of the Confucius Institutes, the Confucius Institutes are China’s money, frankly, American money funneled back from China to us to buy access, and to Gov Ed. And gov Ed is embracing the money and in embracing the teachings of these Confucius Institutes and these Confucius curriculums. Now, Confucius was not a communist. Confucius was a philosopher, a politician. He was a teacher. And he believed in a lot of things that Democrats do not believe in, he believed in knowledge. 

And of course, nothing is more ignorant than communism and left wing extremism. He believes in benevolence. And frankly, nothing is more violent than left wingers who want to assume control over you. He believed in loyalty and virtue, Democrats would sell their own mothers up the river for a chance at power and control. And there’s nothing virtuous about the left wing, nothing virtuous whatsoever. 

Now, as far as the Communist Party of China is concerned, the spectator in the UK was this the UK was this, Australia, it’s Australia. The spectator in Australia wrote about this, about how the Communist Party has turned its back on Confucius. Now remember, the names of these Institute’s are the Confucian Institute’s Confucius curriculum, but they don’t believe in it over in communist China. 

China in late September celebrated the 202,500 and 72nd birthday of Confucius, a mark of pride for the Chinese Communist Party. A week later, it celebrated its 72nd National Day commemorating the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Chinese dictator Ji Jin ping regularly gushes over Confucius and speeches, and even in 2015 book since 2004. The Chinese government has sponsored more than 500 Confucius Institutes, public educational and cultural promotion programs to the price tag of a billion are billions and billions of dollars. But how Confucian is China? And is Confucian statecraft. A good thing that China so conspicuously flaunts, its Confucian creds, including during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, would be quite surprising to earlier generations of Chinese citizens during the rule of Mao Zedong 1949 in 1976, the official line 

According to China’s scholars, Jeffrey N. Wasserman and Mara Elizabeth Cunningham, was that Confucius Confucius it easy for me to say Confucianism did more harm than good. According to the CCP and the 1970s, the Chinese Communist Party launched a mass campaign to rid the country of any lingering Confucius influence, attacking the philosopher as evil, unjust and immoral. And, of course, to communists, he is because he promotes knowledge, benevolence, loyalty, and virtue. And the Communist Party of China wants to know part of that. 

Now that is the Democrat party here in the United States. And that is causing some problems here in the great state of Texas. That’s right. Communist China’s infiltration into the great state of Texas is even worse than we thought. And you’ll be saddened to know that those Republicans who run the Texas House are doing nothing to stop the threat. I’ll be right back on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks want to welcome our guest Robert Montoya. He is a man that it follows a lot of news here breaks a lot of news here in the great state of Texas A former filmmaker, University of North Texas Graduate one time assistant language teacher. He also misses Japan and the 1980s who doesn’t Ronald Reagan yay. He’s an investigative reporter for Texas scorecard. So my man we have a lot to talk about you and I you guys are doing a see it was unveiled late last week this this investigative piece into the influence of Communist China into Texas. What did you guys find out? 

Well, yes, Chris and much thanks to the ACA. My staff Kristin Stan Chu for her work on this. What we found No Doubt is the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of Texas is deeper than previously thought. And we report on this in frustration last year, I decided to follow up on it. And here’s what we learned. common thread that kept coming up in our investigations education. Now one of the ways the CCP has tried to infiltrate our education network or through Confucius Institutes. These are organizations run by the Chinese Ministry of Education, they’re about expanding their soft power. And we found that one Confucius, Confucius classrooms are still active at the Hearst Ulis Bedford School District. 

Wow. Okay. So now, are they prohibited in Texas? Because the reason I ask it like that Mr. Montoya is because as you know, masks for children being forced in schools were prohibited, but schools did it anyway. As you know, critical race theory is prohibited in Texas schools, but they’re teaching it anyway. So are these Confucius Institutes prohibited by law in Texas? 

I’m aware of no law in state of Texas that prohibits independent school districts from having these Confucius classrooms, the Confucius Institutes. We contacted the school board president Matt Romero, asking for comments he didn’t respond. We also contacted the chairs of our state’s education committees and the legislature State Representative Brad Buckley, State Senator Brian Creighton to as of this moment, we have not heard back from them. But it’s very clear we found records they exist at Meridian elementary school training, high school, LD Bell High School, and central junior high school. 

So now, if parents had parental school choice, and they didn’t like Confucius Institutes, basically pushing soft Chinese propaganda communism in our government run schools, they could simply take their children take their money and leave those schools and the schools would have a choice. They can either take their China money or take the American taxpayer money. But we don’t have a choice in this state right now. What has any Republican who is against parental school choice and education freedom commented on Confucius Institutes? 

And Texas, not to my knowledge, but there is activity at the national level. Like for example, in our investigation. Now, this is not this kind of way from school choice. We’re now moving the university level. We found our investigation. That’s Senator Chuck Grassley was irritating the University of Texas Dallas, because he was following up to make sure like, Hey, do you guys still have a Confucius Institute over there? UT Dallas didn’t like being asked that but we have found that a lot of names that were at their former Confucius Institute are at their current Center for Asian Studies. People like Dennis Kratz Sharon Gao, Ming Dong goo. They both are either work at the UT Dallas Confucius Institute or at some other Confucius Institute. And now they’re at the Center for Asian Studies, which we found very curious, and we alerted Senator Grassley his office about and he said, he cautioned everyone saying you gotta be careful, the CSP looks for all kinds of ways to infiltrate the United States, and reaffirmed his commitment to fighting this. 

Robert Montoya from the Texas scorecard investigative reporter on the Salcedo storm podcast with us, folks. So Mr. Montoya, why don’t you it? Well, if you’ve done any deep dive into this, why don’t you reveal what these Confucius Institutes this curricula? What does it teach? 

Well, I’ll just let’s just let the Chinese speak for themselves. As we covered last year, the Chinese Communist Party made it very clear in their own publications what the point of Confucius Institutes are, it is to expand the CCPs influence worldwide. And we only have to look back 2020 to kind of get a picture of what that means. Yeah, Japan and others were pointing fingers at the World Health Organization during the Chinese Coronavirus situation, saying they’re just following lockstep whatever the CCP says and how to respond to a virus that we later found out came from China itself. 

I see now the so they’re the design is to spread the CCP, the Communist Party’s influence around the globe to what end? 

Well to one end that we can see and this is where it kind of gets kind of scary because we also found something called the Chinese students and scholars Association. This was created by the CSP in the 1970s and its purpose is to monitor Chinese students and mobilize them against us that dissent from the CCP stance. We found numerous universities in texts, the Hafeez and University of Texas at Austin Rice University. Texas State University, Texas a&m, UT Dallas and the University of North Texas. And they have a real chilling effect because what we found in our research is when a University has a CSSA one of the things they do is they are to gather information. But also, as you know, there are law students who come study abroad in America. They’re also there to monitor other Chinese and make sure they don’t say anything against the party line. And to keep them loyal to China. We’ve read of one case where a student wants to speak out about how horrible the CCP was during the Tiananmen Square incident. And later, his family essentially threatened when the CSSA found out about this and formed Beijing. So he started to keep his mouth shut instead. 

What’s funny about this is Confucius isn’t wasn’t a communist, his teachings were not communism. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher, a politician and a teacher who pushed knowledge which of course, communism is the ultimate expression of ignorance, benevolence, and communism, of course, is not benevolent whatsoever. Confucius believed in loyalty and virtue, and there is nothing that is loyal or virtuous, about a communistic society that believes in imbuing the people at the top with all the power and making slaves out of the population. So these confused so called Confucius Institutes and Confucius curricula are mis named, they’re mislabeled, because they don’t reflect the man for which they’re named. Correct. 

Correct. And that’s, that’s something our research also found out is they picked the name Confucius very, very carefully because they found in their marketing research, when Americans hear Confucius, they have positive emotional reactions thing of the Chinese philosopher, they don’t think about the threat to China. And while we did find you were talking about Confucius Institutes and Confucius classrooms, China has been in the midst of a rebranding effort of what their infiltration because of states like Florida, which have been responding saying, We don’t want Confucius Institutes here. They are a threat. So we’re trying to find new ways and new brand names to use to infiltrate our schools. 

Right. Wow. So let’s bring things back here to Texas, Robert Montoya, investigative reporter at Texas scorecard. How are parents responding to the revelations that Communist China is paying for and getting their curriculum put into into Texas schools? 

Well, I don’t think enough Texas parents are aware of this threat or even what’s going on. I mean, in 2020, parents were aghast to find all the propaganda occurring in their government schools that they pay for. But right now, I don’t think enough Texas parents are aware of this. I think enough Floridian parents were aware they got so aware enough that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and the Florida Legislature felt like they had to act. But there’s another aspect of this that Texas should be aware of because it’s not just schools, the CCPs arm is reaching a Texas and threatening us in other ways. Our viewers have heard of a man by the name of Bob foo. He’s the founder President of China aid. 

I have not heard I’ve heard of China aid but not that name. 

Well, Mr. Bob Fuu. He is a refugee from China. He fled CCP persecution here with his family in the 1990s. And his ministry focuses on helping the persecuted church in China. Well, he lives in Texas, and even in Texas, the CCP still manages to find ways to threaten him. There wasn’t that long ago where the FBI he told me had to escort him and his family out of his house because Chinese agents were stalking him. And let’s bring it up to here in the 2023 state legislative session. Through and other Chinese assistance, they plan to come to Texas capitol in Austin to testify in favor of legislation to help prevent China other hostile nations from acquiring land in Texas. Well turned out once this got out. The CSP was threatening flew in the text texts, part of the public safety had to get called in to protected and ensure that he could exercise his right to come in and tell senators, look, you have to do this. The CSFI is a threat. You can’t allow them to own land here in Texas. 

Well, that brings me of course to the last legislative session where virtually every Democrat in the Texas House and virtually every Republican in leadership, and maybe in a few that weren’t worked diligently and hard to kill a bill that was introduced by Lois Kolkhorst Lois Kolkhorst said it’s not a good idea to allow it a known enemy to buy land in your country to to jeopardize your food supply to set up surveillance of your military bases and to set up surveillance inside your your country that the House Republicans led by David feeling and And a bunch of these very same people who have been denying parents school choice. These Republicans killed that bill. Has there been any movement on that bill and have any of these Republicans explained why they wanted to deliver for our communist enemies? 

Well, Senator Kolkhorst office, we talked with her and she’s hopeful that Governor Abbott will put this on the call for a special session. I’ve heard from another source that potentially Governor Abbott will put this on a special session call. But as of today, we’re not seeing any movement on it. There even seems to be just looking from the outside in a real lack of concern by the Texas legislature about the threat of the CCP. It kind of mirrors up until recently the lack of concern about the border, it seemed to be as though the state government was like, well, securing the border. That’s a federal issue. And of course, the Feds haven’t done taking care of that issue since the 50s. I’m sensing just me personally, I think I’m sensing kind of like the same attitude towards the CCP. But that is dangerous. Texas can’t just sit around and wait on the feds to take care of this problem.

Right. And it was the same lack of caring that of radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that led to 911 and 3000 dead Americans in the worst terrorist attack on our soil. So have you been able to determine names of any anybody in the Texas House? We can assume I know that there was one gentleman a His name is escapes me, who was a Democrat, who is from Houston, who was just aghast that we would stop our communist enemy from buying land. And he fought very hard as a Democrat to make sure that our communist enemy could buy land in Texas. But who are the Republicans that gave in and caved in to these pro China pro communist Democrats to allow the CCP and Iran and Mother Russia to buy land in Texas? Do we know their names? 

We don’t know their names. But we have to remember something very little gets done in the house unless the Speaker of the House is involved. So I would say there’s probably something we’re practicing need to ask speaker date feeling about this. All I can say for certain is that only two members of the legislature got back to us in time before we published our investigative report that was state senator Kolkhorst. The other was State Senator Paul Betancourt we had contact him because we have found records that multiple school districts and cities across Texas had bought products from a CCP company that Oregon red flagged by the federal government, because these are potentially very dangerous materials that could be used for espionage, apparently, then Court told us, we cannot allow this kind of stuff. We have to stop these kinds of actions. 

Yeah. And that’s going to necessitate actually having individuals in government who are actually supporters of our country, supporters of our state, and it seems to me, Lois Kolkhorst, who was a well has been a rather straight down the middle Republican and in recent years, in the face of left wing Democrat extremism has become more conservative and more strident. This is a common sense bill, of course, you don’t allow in the middle of World War Two, the Nazis to buy to buy land in your country, of course, in the middle of the new Cold War, you don’t allow Communist China to to buy land in your country. But there are certain Republicans inside that Texas house and I think you’re right about speaker date feeling. But he had to have a lot of help. He had to have it wasn’t just him. He had to have we know the totality of the Democrats and a certain number of Republicans to kill the Kolkhorst bill. And I’m wondering, what are the names of these people that many consider to be traitors? 

Wonder feelin as we know, he appoints all the committee chairs as the committees that are here and pass proposed legislation through to be considered to the house. What I can tell you is that we can contact with the chairs of the education committees, and also the committees that oversee local governments because of what we found. And the ones in the house. Mr. Brad Buckley was one of them. They didn’t respond back to us only senators responded. So at least that seems to indicate the Senate’s taking this the very least slightly more seriously, than the house. 

Well, I’d like to hear again, at first blush, this sounds like the activity of a trader. But if there’s another explanation, I’d like to know why. A common sense bill like that should have bypassed partisan support. Universal bipartisan support failed in the in the Texas Legislature courtesy of the Texas House allegedly run by Republicans. Robert Montoya, if folks want to check out this new special, what’s it called? And where do they go? 

This series is called Red threat. Just go to Texas scorecard, click Read and investigations. You will see all four articles. I encourage you to read it because the CSP is a threat to Texas and Texas must act. Robert Montoya. Thanks very much for the visit, man. 

Thank you, Chris. 

That puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor visit the aforementioned Texas Texas scorecard is where you where you’re going to find all manner of enterprising journalism. Tell me folks were in the biased press. Are you finding anybody talking about the threat against Texas because of Communist China? Nobody in the left wing biased press is reporting on the threats of Communist China to our state to our communities to our children. Nobody is only Texas scorecard. Also pay a visit to Chris The newly minted newly revamped Chris You’ll find all of our social media hookups there, and how to track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio for you. And also in the afternoon on Newsmax TV, four o’clock Eastern until five. So until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is retained by you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends. 

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