Chris and Sean talk about the impact of weather, gas prices and Christian teachers posting their attendance at a drag show!

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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For me, you can act like a man might even go so far as to hey, it’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he had guts he still struggles for podcasts. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON getting shredded after a tweet she made. Did you guys hear about this? Because it’s hot in summer. This is of course, news to our Democrat socialist friends who never stop trying to find any mechanism they can to impose left wing extremism on this country. I’m reading from the Fox News account Hillary Clinton’s widely derided remarks blaming Republicans for the heatwave, gripping the United States were indicative of a broken politician and a sore loser. According to outnumbered panelists this last Tuesday, Clinton went viral after blaming record temperatures in the United States on Republicans tweeting hot enough for you think a mega Republican or better yet vote them out of office. Clinton’s social media posts came in response to a tweet from left wing Think Tank center for progress, which stated mega Republicans are pouring fuel on the climate crisis fire out number guest Lee Zeldin, the Republican who narrowly lost last year’s New York gubernatorial race said Clinton was seeking to further divide with the incendiary remark. Boy, the the the descriptive language here the analogous language, incendiary and hot and whatever. Hillary Clinton is an idiot, every day of the week and twice on Sunday. She is an idiot and a moron. She has no idea of the physics involved. She has no idea of all she’ll fall back on is Well, climate scientists say. Uh huh. Climate scientists say well, when have been climate scientists been saying that. Climate scientists have been saying several things over the years back in 1978, in search of remember that program. Leonard Nimoy was the host yes, that Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek, he played and defined the role of Spock in the original series and in the subsequent movies. And here is what Leonard Nimoy was telling the audience back in 1978. What were climate scientists saying back then, I think we have to think about moving someplace South move where the brutal buffalo winter might become common all over the United States. climate experts believe the next Ice Age is on its way. climate experts. You heard Leonard Nimoy climate experts back then, and Ice Age is coming and what was causing it. Man driving around in automobiles, what was causing it, power plants. And they were the particulate matter was blocking out the sun. And we were ushering in a new ice age and you wouldn’t be able to escape it. And they were telling us when the ice age came in, it would cause problems you wouldn’t be able to produce enough food people would starve. Brutal buffalo winter, as record winter temperatures, just like we’re getting record summer temperatures now. The left back then was saying yeah, it’s all man’s fault. Blame a Republican, blame individuals who don’t want to turn over our lives. Over to big gun meant. According to recent evidence, it could come sooner than anyone had expected. And weather stations in the barn door, temperatures have been dropping for 30 years. Sea coast long three of summer ice are now blocked year round. According to some climatologists, within a lifetime, we might be living in the next Ice Age. Climatologists the next Ice Age and you guys noticed that waterways that during the summer would would be free of ice. They were populated with ice around now when summer rolls around and the ice melts. Now they’re saying it’s global warming. Kids, this is just one of the many pieces of idiocy that the left wing has been shoveling our way, not just in the last decade, not in the last two decades, but for nearly half century using weather using climate using anything they can. And folks what you got to know and understand everything the left champions, just think of any one of their issues. I don’t care whether it’s climate, I don’t care whether it’s LGBTQ be LGBTQ ABCD EFG Cultural Marxism, whether it’s critical race theory, every solution that the Democrats come up with, is government centered, where you have to give up your constitutional rights, and they get more power through big and obtrusive government. Now, gee, one might start to make the the connective tissue here start connecting the dots, that maybe it’s not your best interests, but the interest of their acquisition and keeping of power is at the center of all of this. 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And we’ve seen records fall record cold record heat ever since I’ve been alive. But now since you know, just walking down the street and chewing gum is politicized to you got people out there saying oh, is it hot enough for you blame a Republican that Hillary Clinton said that? What’s your take on the heat? It’s hot. It’s Texas summer. Yeah. I was not in Texas in 1980. But that’s kind of the benchmark for everybody that I know. was apparently terrible was hotter than what we’ve had earlier than what we had So the thing that just sucks about it, I mean, it’s Texas in the summer, so there’s not much you can do about it right? It’s always hot. But the the depressing thing is like when you look on the weather app on your iPhone, and it gives you the 10 day forecast. And there’s just no relief. Yeah, I know, I know, you know, it’s just always 104 degrees, you know, I called up and days, I call up a mutual pal of ours, who now resides in the Sunshine State of Florida, on a beach, and he informed me that it didn’t get out, didn’t get out of the 90s at all. White Sands and great beaches. And it’s like, you know, the first most conservative state get looks more and more appealing every single day when you hear stories like that, right? Yeah. But then you got no CMOS, and you got stuff living in the swamps, you know, come into your house and eat just, exactly, there’s, there’s always something and you know, what, that the idea that, that, that it gets hot in summer, is now a mystery to some people on this planet, for politics. And that’s, that’s always what makes me giggle is it’s just, it’s just terrible. Well, and then, you know, these these tree huggers for the longest time said, Well, you know, because what we always say the same thing when it’s Uber cold, you know, we just say, hey, what about this global warming stuff? And they’ll always throw back? Well, the temperature doesn’t have anything to do with the what is the atmosphere or whatever they’re concerned about? I don’t know. Yeah. I you know, when it’s hot, then they say, oh, yeah, see global warming. And I just gives me tired, headless for those morons? Because, one, there’s absolutely no, nothing that we can do as man to change the weather. And then the climate, you know, or the climate. Yeah. And, and to think that man has even caused it to begin with is ridiculous. I mean, one belt of a volcano equals the whole industrial revolution. I know. I know. And so it’s just, it’s just silliness. And it just gives me tired head thinking about it. A tired head listen to those morons. And did you ever watch? It’s hot? Do you remember that series back in the 1970s 1978 Leonard Nimoy was the host in search of remember that? Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Well, if there was, there’s an episode that’s making the rounds around social media. It is the predictions in 1978 that Earth was headed for the next Ice Age. Oh, I remember. I remember all that. So it’s like they think we have some sort of holy amnesia that we don’t remember that they’ve been trying to cram down whether Oh, it’s all man’s fault. And the solution is to give government more power to give up your rights and then everything will be fine. And they think that we don’t have tape videotape or memories you know, it’s it’s I guess they’re just hoping that the government screws up kids minds to such a degree to whether it be able to convince enough people to forget about the past very much in our future very much in our present that Do you remember the record breaking gas temperatures last year? I remember what the dollar figure was gas prices for me. Yeah, gas prices. Nationally, here in Texas, and here in Texas, I don’t remember. If it hit five bucks is pretty close. I think that was the national average. That was the national average. $5 a gallon was the most it had ever been in our history. So now here we are. We’re looking at three look last week. 376 on Friday, $3.76 a gallon. I paid. I filled up yesterday at 349. And that’s it’s killing me man. It really is. I drive a lot. I drive 62 miles each way every day. Mainly six days a week, usually six days a week. Well, what what at what point do you say? Well, I’m just going to sweat it out on the on the motorcycle because of the price. I know it’s just dude, it’s too dangerous to drive the hours that I drive right in the middle of rush hour. Yeah, I just I just don’t feel confident enough with my skills to do that. And it’s it’s so much stop and go and it’s just it’s just no fucking Alright, I guess you’ve ever done it. It’s just no fun. But no, I guess it’s one of those things, it’s just like, you just got to do it or you got to do something else, you know, find some something closer to home or, but that’s uprooting a whole life. You know, you know, what pisses me off about this whole discussion, because the person is really off is that we’ve got oil and natural gas oozing out of every pore in Texas, and we’re not using it. I know, I know that that. And that actually dovetails and what really pisses me off, because you and I are acquainted with. And this has been an affliction, of, of music radio for a long time. And I did this when I first got to Texas, I was in quote unquote, news. And we were focused on finding the cheapest gas. That’s what the stories were about finding the cheapest gas, too, as if this was some sort of plague born on the wind, like, oh, my gosh, it’s just this is gas prices are terrible, and it just happens. And there’s no way in hell, we could actually drill down no pun intended into the root causes of this, because that might get political, or that might hold somebody speak to the frickin fire. But the problem is, and this is the problem I have with stupid radio. And it’s not just, it’s not just those inside of music radio anymore. It’s seeping into what you and I would call talk radio, where, oh, let’s talk about the high gas prices. But we can’t talk about the the policies that are driving it. And we can’t hold people accountable who are doing this to us. And that’s why I call it stupid radio. Yeah, it is. Yeah, that’s exactly right. And it’s frustrating. It is it is and the idea that our that our fellow citizens, they don’t want to hear it all just Just tell me where I can save two or three cents off of my $3.76 national average. And I’m going to be happy in I don’t know that’s true. When people are having like yourself, trouble making ends meet at the at the end of every paycheck, because fuel is eating a greater percentage of everything you want to do, whether it be cooling your house, whether it be traveling to work, whether it be traveling, you know, for recreation, it’s it’s a problem. And I just can’t stand the mindset. Well, well, people don’t want to hear why they just want to hear how to how to weather. You know how to get by? Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you about that friend. Well, program director so well, well, well, I know I get that. But again, where are you like when you when you’re paying this, this these gas prices that are quote unquote, their killer? Don’t you want to know why? It’s a fair question. Because I know why. I mean, I guess Yeah. And simply because of the job that I do. And because I read the news, like a mental patient, I know exactly why. Well, let’s tell, let’s tell that the folks, it’s because you’ve got people overseas, and these OPEC nations, they’re cutting back production, and you’ve gotten an administration in this country that is conducting a war on American energy, as Shawn was alluding to. So there you go, you restrict supply, you’re gonna get an end, you don’t do anything about decreasing demand, you’re gonna get higher prices. And that’s just the way of the world and because of the high heat of refineries have had to slow production. I don’t know why, but they claim that they have and, you know, the lack of new refineries is really a problem. So I think RFK is the only one talking about that. No, I know. And you’re he’s getting your views. And he’s absolutely right on it that, you know, he said in his administration, he would make it a priority to start developing new refineries here in America, which we desperately need. Sure. And heap and by the way, those are getting censored on YouTube, which I’m seriously there. His his interviews are being taken down off of YouTube. And I’m asking myself, why does a pro communist company Google get get to do election interference? And why are they still protected by section 230? If they’re going to be making these types of editorial decisions? Where are my paygrade? Buddy? I think it’s everybody should be. Well, I mean, everybody is I think, but, you know, we still got we’re still voting the morons that we vote in on to speaking of the heat. And speaking of, of gas and transportation. Have you seen and I think you and I touched base on this. In one show behind the show podcast before there was a couple of articles that came out of New York. Were these e bikes were big, you know any bike has one of these lithium batteries on them, right? Well, they’re starting to catch on fire explode, and it’s killed 13 People in in New York already because these fires these fires Aren’t you just can’t go up to a with a garden hose and douse them. You have to use chemical foam to starve out the oxygen for these battery fires. Have you seen one of these battery operated cars go up in flames? Have you seen video of that? No, I haven’t yet but I mean, I’m sure it happens pretty regularly and yeah, far Hartman’s have had to, to adjust what they carry because of the Evie revolution. Well, not only that, they say if you don’t get out of that car, within the first 30 seconds of the fire, you’re dead. Yeah, you’re dead because not not because of the flames, not because of the heat, because of the toxic plume that you’d be inhaling from, from that from that battery. And so and what firefighters reported originally is they would, they would douse the flames with water with a high pressure firehose. They loaded up on a truck, they take this, this dead battery operated vehicle to a junkyard and the damn chemicals would reignite. So they gotta they gotta leave it submerged in this special container with all of this foam, and that costs a pretty penny and guess who’s picking up that tab? Yep. But the but this is what we’re doing right now. This is what we’re supposed to be driving around in. And the toxins from from a car fire the the increased cost? Oh no, this is saving the planet. And that’s what’s bankrupting everybody. Well, I think the Evie revolution might be dying down a little bit. I don’t know if you saw what Ford did this week. I did. They have they are losing 35 wasn’t $35,000 A car something like that? 35 I forget the exact number I’ve done it’s probably way overinflated. But anyway, they’re losing billions. Overall on making EVs and you know, Ford was one that said we are doing away with the combustion engine. Yeah. How’s that working out? Yeah, they’ve kind of changed their mind on that. So we’re not the only one. GM is also thinking, thinking about this. And that they they were actually I think they still canceled the charger and the what’s the other one called? I just lost it to challenge the charger and the challenger. They called off those those gastrin vehicles. Even though they were selling like hotcakes, they couldn’t keep them on the lot. And so I think maybe they might be rethinking that to hope so. I’m a big fan of the pony cars. So yeah, me too. Me too. But you know, my day watching racing this morning, I’m a huge fan of f1. Formula One racing. Yeah. Why is that? I was thinking, huh? Why? Why? Why are you such a big fan of that particular? Oh, well, I mean, I’ve always been a fan of racing, open wheel racing is very exciting, because you hit the drivers have to be so precise, any kind of open wheel racing, the drivers have to be precise, because if they mess up even a little in those tires touch, it’s a bad day for everybody in a really dramatic crashes occur. So it’s pretty exciting to watch. But what really got me into the f1 stuff was that Netflix series f1 drive to survive, which I highly encourage everybody to watch, even if you’re not into racing, because it’s all the behind the scenes stuff, the drama, how the drivers get switched and moved and taken care of and not taken care of. And it’s really fascinating. Anyway, I really enjoyed that. And, and that got me into watching more and more f1. But the reason I bring that up is because we I found myself doing this today as a sports fan. And sometimes we hate the winners, you know, like everybody hates Brady, because he’s the best ever. Well, I don’t but unless you’re Brady, you know, I mean, unless you’re a Brady fan unless your Wheatland fan or Jordan out. There was Tampa Bay, you know, but unless you’re a fan of his you hate him because he’s a winner. But me okay, that’s what’s happening in f1. The races are kind of boring because it’s it’s to see who comes in second behind max for stopping. Who’s won 12 Straight races. You The row and it’s just in by such a wide margin that there’s not it’s not even close. And so I found myself doing that today and I hate that because you know, I should be you should be happy to see a dynasty you should be happy to see people who have got stuff figured out and are are winning, you know, but it’s just, I don’t know, it’s just kind of frustrating that that he’s not my guy per se and like she’s somebody else gonna want somebody else to we’ll see it’s kind of like picking it your presence ahead of time. You know, you’re it’s a letdown because you’re here. He’s so dang good. He’s going to win every time. So it takes the the suspense out of it. And, you know, I think that you don’t just automatically start hating on those folks. By the way, I’m surprised there’s a Friday Night Lights version. For those of you don’t know, Friday Night Lights is foot college football or high school since high school, high school football in Texas. And now they’ve got one of these series now that highlights the racing it was it’s more of a documentary because it’s actually real stuff. It’s actually real dudes. Right? So it’s more documentary based, not not story based. Right? What’s the f1 drive for survive? Yeah, drive to survive. Yeah, real real. It’s all reality and they go through? Well, it’s on season five, I believe. Okay, but, but yeah, they go through and you really start to understand these these guys and where they came from, and the just, you know, how they got to where they were, and how good they are, and how the teams will just drop them at the because they, they’re just not performing well enough. And it may not even be their fault. You know, and the personalities that are involved the money that’s involved. It’s incredible. So it’s just really fascinating. The series was so successful that f1 is carried every week now and on ESPN. And the ratings for it are pretty darn good. Pretty good. Well, I mean, yeah, for people who never even thought of watching them before so But going back to the whole legacy winning winning aspect. There’s a ride that goes with it. I remember this the San Francisco 40 Niners back in the 80s Remember when they just couldn’t lose Joe Montana and and that dynasty they built their you start out marveling at the level of excellence, right? You’re just like, Wow, and so so as they start winning and winning, winning, and it’s like oh, great. So then you follow that and then even for the second season, even for the in parallel, this may be the the fourth or fifth race by this guy. It’s like yeah, man, this guy is so good. He’s just tearing it up, then then there’s I’m not sure when that hump is you get over that hump and you start going okay, this is getting to be where it’s a fait accompli it’s like why even play the game? If you know they’re gonna they’re gonna just dominate everything. So just sad though that we just can’t cheer for the guy who’s who’s got it figured out you know what I think it just human nature man I just a guy I know. And it just it’s just I don’t know, I found myself doing that. Like Geez another step and when but to go I don’t know. It’s kind of funny that I got up and change my oil. Oh, yeah. Crazy. It was. I got up this morning to go to church. And it was already at seven degrees at just after the sun came up. Last thing I wanted to get to you is this is you love these kinds of stories because and I do tude frankly because you can see it both sides. This is coming courtesy of the Texas scorecard. Baytown is the dateline to Texas private school teachers these private school not gov Ed private school, Christie Maris and her unnamed co worker they attended a drag show at hamburger Mary’s a self described open air grill and bar for quote open minded people that host strike shows as part of their flamboyant dining experience. So upon learning that these Christian teachers attended you know, pervert central the the school said Okay, bye. You gotta go. So I guess let me just see where you go first because I because there are two sides of this as I see it, maybe you’re gonna find a third but how do you see it? Well, I know the story. So I know that they signed contracts, specifically saying you’ll it’s very vague language, but you’re you’ll uphold moral value moral and Christian values on faith. Facebook, they, I guess they’re not hip enough to know that there are a million social media things, but they specifically said on Facebook. And these women posted the fact that they were at this drag show. Now, I don’t think it was, I think it was a, you know, adults only drag shows. So there’s no issue with that. And drag shows there’s not nudity or anything. It’s just, you know, guys just like women, and it’s I, I’ve never been to one, but I’ve seen stuff. And it’s like, well, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like burlesque I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a burlesque show. I can’t say that I have where it’s its body. And it’s funny. And you know, there’s, there’s jokes. And, you know, so who cares? I could not care less that there are great shows. I don’t want them in elementary school. Right. And I don’t think that they’re for children, because it should be adult humor. And I’m there with you. You know, I mean, 15 years ago, every Midwestern was Midwestern, or was going to Vegas, see, drag shows and Cirque du Soleil were like Walt said, everything is gay, French, and on fire. You got these hardcore Christian, conservative Republicans from Iowa, headed to Vegas to see all that. And so I don’t care about the brag shows, but they signed the contract, right, and they violated the contract. And even though the language is vague, and they could probably fight that if they wanted to. Yes, you don’t have to sign the contract. You don’t have to work there. If you want to go to rec shows, put it over Facebook, don’t work there don’t because that’s their rule. And I don’t have a problem with an employer saying, this is our rule like it or not right? For me, I think you and I are pretty much seeing this, both sides of this coin the same way. For me, it’s even more basic than the content of the contract. Here you have what adults do on their own time. I couldn’t care less, you know, as you said, Leave the kids out of it, don’t care what adults do. Just go just go do your thing. I don’t want to run your life, whatever. However, if you’re an employer, you also have a right to say if you’re going to work for me, there’s going to be a certain set of standards. If i i work at Newsmax, right, I can’t go out there. And what if I started, you know, just doing left wing crazy BS, you know, and but you know, what if all of a sudden I started backing up targets, gender, gender absurd clothing line, and started praising Dillon Mulvaney that would reflect negatively on my employer, and it would reflect negatively on the reason why what I was hired to do. So whereas I understand that adults should be able to do what they should be able to do. As long as it’s legal, and doesn’t involve kids. I’m great with that. At the same time, you have the right as an employer to set a standard for your employees. And if they don’t reflect your the values of your company, they don’t have a right to work there. Well, and I think the the main thing with that is communication. Yeah, have a really good employee handbook. And that everybody is Christian, you know, signed off on reading. Yeah, I know, I know, Christian School. So there’s a pretty good even so I mean, it’s called the Bible. Well, but But Christians can like funny stuff. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the Christian thing has nothing to do with the drag show, as far as I’m concerned. Well, it has everything to do with drones. Yeah, people were throwing up. And as this came up on the talk shows that Well, the Bible says that we shouldn’t dress like the opposite sex. And which is kind of funny, because when that was written, it was 2000 years ago, where everybody was wearing the same robe. So who’s to say that we’re dressing like, the opposite sex? Yeah, you know, but then I always throw up well, the Bible also tells us that men should be bearded and we shouldn’t drink milk with beef. We shouldn’t eat shellfish. So you know, the people who pick and choose those kinds of verses to throw things in the face of people like these women. It just drives me insane because I thought the New Testament was supposed to Trump all of that and you know what, I never even went there as far as look, whatever, whatever you do, and this again, this is this is a Christian school. So you you kind of knew what your code of conduct had to be when you are a representative of a Christian school and going to a drag show, isn’t it? Plain and simple, pure and simple. Now if you want to go work at a schlocky somewhere you want to go work at Home Depot, and you want to wear, you know, that’s not going to be a conflict. I mean, seriously, it’s like, hey, yeah, I work for a Catholic church. But I also do, you know, I moonlight at Planned Parenthood, or I attend to Planned Parenthood rally, you know, they just don’t go together. So, and you have every right to your expression, but your employer has every right to guard they’re sure they’re there. That’s why I say make sure there’s some excellent communication. And you can either work there or you don’t have to Oh, yeah, I met for Well, I don’t want to pay for a change but I think this one you and I saw pretty much pretty much the same way. All right, man. Hey, you stay cool out there. And I will be hoping, hoping and praying that we find some more energy coming into to drop or or people stopped driving. So you actually Forgeard your gas? Yeah. All right. All right, man. Peace out Girl Scout. Good week ahead, brother. Talk to you next week, please. That puts a wrap on this show behind the show on the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor kids if you will visit a couple of websites, Texas and Chris When you go to Texas You’ll find great enterprising journalism. When you go to Chris you’ll find me and ways to catch the Chris Saucedo shows on ks evey talk radio, and on Newsmax TV. Until we visit again my friends remember society’s worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government it is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. That’s right, I just disabled your skip button. And for the next 30 seconds you’re in my AUDIO penitentiary. So sit still is I tell you about Super 73 The original electric motorbike Super 70 threes lineup of high performance electric bikes offers an experience unlike any other with a sleek modular design and industry leading technology you’re sure to enjoy every mile visit Super 70 To get started. Okay love you bye. That’s right. I just disabled you’re skipping and for the next 30 seconds you’re in my AUDIO penitentiary. So sit still is I tell you about Super 73 The original electric motorbike Super 70 threes lineup of high performance electric bikes offers an experience unlike any other with a sleek modular design and industry leading technology you’re sure to enjoy every mile visit Super 70 To get started. Okay, love you. Bye

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