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Dangerous Gov-ed And A&M Breaking Faith With Alumni?

On This Salcedo Storm Podcast: Robert Montoya, investigative reporter for Texas Scorecard.

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On the day that Salcedo storm podcast is being recorded, the United States Capitol is under siege. A bunch of anti Israeli anti Jewish protesters have busted into the Capitol. And they have taken things over. Now. The only reason I don’t call these folks rioters is because as of this broadcast, I cannot confirm for you they busted anything. I do know a whole bunch of them were arrested. So I know they broke the laws. My understanding is there was there was no official disruption of the legislature because well, frankly, because the House of Representatives doesn’t have a speaker, they’re not doing any work anyway. 

And so there’s a lot of things I don’t know as of the the recording of this podcast. But here’s what I do know. Here’s what I do know, I know that a whole bunch of people who are left wingers who are Democrats stormed our capitol, took over broke some laws because they were getting arrested Now, whether or not they’re going to be prosecuted, I don’t know. But when that happens, the official designation for this is a first amendment activity. That’s what the Capitol Hill police called this mob of Jew haters that marched on the Capitol, they call it a First Amendment activity. 

Now, when Trump supporters converge on the Capitol, calling for a slowdown and an examination of the vote, and you know, a few of them, let’s be let’s, let’s be fair, a few of them did break away from the over 100,000 folks who were there did break away and committed some vandalism and did break some laws and they got arrested too. But they call that an insurrection. But when left wing crazy people when Jew haters do it, they call it a First Amendment activity. So the way it’s covered just for law enforcement up there on Capitol Hill, is is kind of disgraceful. 

But the way it was handled in the press, Oh, my Lord, these, these people in the press were like, well, people are very upset, legitimately upset about what’s happening in Israel, bla bla bla bla bla bla, doing the exact same thing that Trump protesters did. But they call that an insurrection. I had Kelly Sadler on the Newsmax show. And I said, What’s your reaction to my reaction? They should all be arrested, all thrown in a dark hole denied their their due process rights the same way the January 6 protesters were treated the same way. Folks who never even entered the Capitol have been treated. treat them that way. 

Oh, but no, no. The double standard of justice as agreed to by our so called representatives and the Republican Party, and the Democrat socialists is clear. Now I’m going to say that if we have an educational system that is functioning, we don’t elect people like that in the Democrat and the Republican Party and our people don’t succumb to that type of, of double standard. Somebody’s been writing about about what What’s going on in gov ed, and the need for parental school choice in education freedom. He writes for The Daily Signal. His name is Jason bendrick. And the name of the piece is school choice is better for democracy than government schooling. I’m going to read a couple of stanzas here. As the state average state embraces policies that empower parents with more options in K through 12. Education, opponents of school choice are claiming that it’s a threat to democracy. 

But if anything, school choice is better for democracy than government run schooling. By the way, folks, choice is bad for democracy. Isn’t that what democracy is choice. In Texas, the legislature is considering an education bill that would make every K through 12 student eligible for an education savings account. With an ESA parents can use the state dollars associated with their child to pay for private school tuition, tutoring textbooks, online courses, homeschool materials, and other educational expenses. More than 60% of Texas voters support school choice. But critics claim the sky is falling. 

Quote, this is an existential threat to public education. bellowed State Representative James Tallarico, a Democrat socialist in October in a webinar about the ESA bill and therefore an existential threat to democracy. And folks, let me tell you something about James Talerico. He’s a left wing extremist. And notice what his first concern is public education, the government, this is a threat to the government has nothing to do with democracy has everything to do with destroying the control the government has over our people and our children. And that’s why leftists like James Tallarico are pooping themselves over what could be reality in Texas. 

As the Texas people struggle to join the civilized states the well 27 to 32 other states that have some form of parental school choice and education freedom, as we try to struggle to get out of a knuckle dragging states and an usher that policy in now we are facing a unified opposition between every Socialist Democrat save one in the Texas State House and an uncomfortable number of Republicans 24 so called Republicans and the Texas State House have vowed to stab their own voters in the back and in so doing stab future generations of Texans in the back by denying parental school choice and education freedom. So the education system how it’s failing Texas, part of our emphasis today in the Salcedo store podcast.

Folks time to welcome back investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard Robert Montoya. Hay man. 

Hey Chris, how you doing? 

Doing great glad glad to hear about your latest investigative He’s actually it’s it’s two investigative series here are the first one is investigating the most vulnerable children in Texas being abused in government schools, and then the infiltration and usurpation of Texas a&m. So let’s start with the kids first. 

Absolutely, Chris. So in our series that launched October 16, abuse of government schools, we examined multiple allegations that indicate that the most vulnerable among us are being abused in our state government schools. And for right now, I just wanted to discuss three schools, we looked at Round Rock ISD, up in Austin, Dallas ISD. And you have Lamar CISD, southwest of Houston. And these cases all span across time. And as you can also tell this is across the state. So this is a problem that’s not localized, it’s statewide. 

Well, let’s, let’s talk about some examples of what you’ve uncovered. Now. Abusive abuse to children can take many forms psychological abuse, could be physical abuse, what did you find at the schools? 

Let’s first start with one most recent This is Round Rock ISD. We report on this last year, but we obtained more documentation since then that we didn’t have Round Rock ISD 2022 we report on video published by a mom Tatyana Alfonso from the school district that showed that her son Clinton was being thrown into a brick wall by the vice principal at the time. And when she watched her own investigation of this, the school district was making seemed like, oh, it’s your son’s fault. Her investigation found, oh, it’s not his fault. And then there was a text education agency investigation. And they said no, this the school districts fault, you’re Appra your fault for this. You didn’t follow the law, and you have to engage in corrective measures? Well, you can take guess what happened. As of September, corps records, we looked at in our conversation with Texas Education Agency, Round Rock ISD did not finish all those corrective measures. And they quarantined a they are still in progress. But also on top of that. The Texas Education Agency said that since that incident, there had been two subsequent complaints against the school district that had been closed out. They will not give us details on that, nor they give us details on more details on that situation that was very sad and shocking. 

Well is he said as the vice principal, right? 

Correct. And he’s no longer at that school district. He has gone on but there is fear, we’ve not been able to yet confirm whether or not he still has his teaching license. But that is also kind of something we also looked into the fact that there seems to be a shuffling around, that happens all too often government education. We spoke with special education advocate Karen Meyer Cunningham. And she tells this she says, you know, in educational, they’re just saying, if you’re a bad teacher, we will make you a principal, if you’re a bad principal will make you Superintendent. This is a systemic problem that needs to be fixed. 

Yeah, it’s the passing the trash type mentality that government agencies typically get into and and yeah, I would really be interested in knowing whether or not this this this man who was found and I’m assuming this was an investigation that found he threw this young man up against a brick wall, that he is no longer teaching anywhere in these United States, certainly not in Texas. What else did you guys find? 

Well, let’s take a look. Now let’s go back in time, a little bit to an incident occurred January 2014. This is Dallas ISD. We read complaints in a lawsuit filed against that school district that told the tragic story of a 14 year old specialty student who was quote, finally raped, unquote, by 20 year old special ed students. Now that’s very tragic. But here’s the kicker in those complaints we read, it was alleged the 14 year old had told school officials look, this 20 year old he is harassing me. He is touching me. He’s tried multiple times taking the classroom bathroom. And what was the school district’s response? According to these complaints we read, they didn’t put them in separate classrooms they kept in the same classroom. All they do is they moved the 20 year old to sit in front of the classroom bathroom that he’d been trying to take her into and when she wanted to go use the restroom in a different bathroom. Before that she was told no you have to you’re required to use this one. One that led up to her being finally raped. Now, that lawsuit was settled. And because of settlement the attorneys represented the families of the victim. This be how Brown and Lori Watson up in Dallas. They couldn’t tell us too much because the settlement group but what how Brown did say was it was shocking how the school district did not take appropriate measures to protect this 14 year old but he wasn’t surprised by it seemed in our in very interview with him. This is a problem thing. counted quite regularly. 

For goodness sake, you know. And that reminds me of that other incident with the bus driver, and I can never remember the ISD, where the bus driver was funneling for months systemic abuse of two little girls. And this was also a recent case that Texas Scorecard covered extensively, and the school district met with the parents trying to get them to shut up and not say anything. Don’t talk to the media. Let us keep this under wraps. It reminds me of Loudoun County in Virginia, where they had a young man who claimed he was pretty that day to get access to his victims, he raped one girl, they moved him to another school district raped another girl. And this again, it’s the past the trash mentality. It seems to be a bit of a theme here. 

It is you also have a problem of when it comes to lobbies. None of these cases we looked at, you have teachers losing their cool. Well, Karen Cunningham I mentioned earlier, she says that we have another problem in our schools that she calls the quote unquote, golden handcuffs. She says she has met multiple teachers who can’t wait to retire, they, they originally wanted to get into education. But now that they’re in it, they discover it’s not for them, but because the way the retirement system is set up, if they were to change careers and leave, they would get penalized. And so what you have are frustrating people who don’t want to teach anymore working a job they don’t want to be at you combine them with specialists, students who maybe have like some emotional dysregulation that’s a powder keg where you’re just asking for problems. 

Right. And by the way that was prosper ISD was the was the the ISD that I was thinking of earlier, Mr. Montoya, that basically didn’t pay attention to what this bus driver was doing took all the cameras down, or they didn’t have cameras in the area where he was nobody was paying attention. And these little girls were systemically abused for four months before they discovered what was going on. Robert Montoya is our guest right now folks, he is with a Texas Scorecard, an investigative reporter. And the first series he is talking to us about is the abuses they’ve they’ve uncovered in gov Ed, against Texas Children. Anything else before we move on to your next series. 

The only thing I would add is something that you mentioned with the Prosper ISD case where they were trying to keep parents in the dark. That is also something that happens quite regularly we interviewed Special Education Advocates, Deborah Leiva, Karen Cunningham, and they both told us and fatica Lee, this happens all the time. And multiple of the cases we looked at, there were allegations that the school district school officials were keeping stuff from parents. And so when examining solutions, this problem one is obviously summarize, the specialists we talked to, we’d have Meltem transparency and aggressive accountability for our government schools. Parents deserve to know what’s happening to their kids, they deserve to have full involvement. And there need to be random checks where dirt that’s kept in government schools is brought out of the open is discussed and corrective measures are taken. Right now. It’s we’ll keep everything hidden as much as possible. 

It is a cancerous situation. When these these agencies exist to perpetuate themselves and they forget the mission they’re supposed to be on. And that’s what happens in mindless, unaccountable government. Mr. Montoya, the next piece that you wanted to to highlight this next series, I should say, the infiltration infiltration and usurpation of Texas a&m. Look, since I got here to Texas, you mean the Aggie code? The if you are a graduate of a&m, it was there was so much cachet that went with that because of the the integrity the honor, that they came from an institution, how they handled themselves and systematically over the years, the left has infiltrated Texas a&m to where now it is a it is a shell of his former self. And now alumnus are openly ridiculing this campus. What was your What was your piece centered on? 

Well, alumnus may have more reasons to be upset, Chris, because we look at bad actors that poured money into Texas a&m. We’re talking about Communist China. Mark Zuckerberg and his organization, not meta but an institution he’s found at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. And also, and this is very key for current events we’re discussing right now in October 2022. Sorry, 23. Qatar. Qatar has also poured money into A&M. That is important because as you and I are talking Israel is in a fight for its survival against Hamas. That is it. brutally attacked citizens. Qatar, it’s been widely reported. Leaders from us live there and Qatar also has ties to terrorism. 

Yeah, as a matter of fact, Qatar is is harboring the leader of Hamas, aren’t they? 

That’s one of the reports I read. I believe I’ve read the same report. So then a&m, which, by the way, is an American defense contractor, records we study from the Department of Education from May 2015, to January 2022, shows that Qatar at 285 million is the largest source of foreign donations to a&m. In fact, I’m not sure if you know this, a&m opened a branch in Qatar, but also here’s something else. There’s allegations that more money has gone to them than what’s being reported Judicial Watch in May 2023. Report that records they have to eat, indicated, they actually received more than $485 million from the Qatar Foundation, which is linked to the Qatar monarchy. 

Good grief. Well, okay. So not only is a&m succumbing to a bunch of left wing extremists in some of their policies, are you telling me that we’ve uncovered ties, international ties that are that are enemies of the United States to to Texas a&m. 

That’s not the only time Chris. There’s also Communist China, Department of Education database, said that they received $10 million from the Qingdao National Laboratory. Now this was for to conduct scientific research. It’s an agreement that was running from July 2018, to July 2023. But there’s something more disturbing here, just as with Judicial Watch their allegations of and not being fully transparent. We found in 2018, the US Department of Education launched a probe into a&m for possibly under reporting foreign gifts. In May 2020, we found a letter or they asked A&M to provide records pertaining to a&m faculty members involved in Chinese Talent Recruitment programs. And from there we found a flurry of communications where the Department of Education was demanding records, and a&m kept fighting them. And it didn’t stop till a&m said, you know, they cited look, this is a national security issue. And the records you’re asking for are subject to act investigations by federal law enforcement or counter intelligence agencies. And then that shut the investigation down. And that this raises questions, though, when we’re talking about two nations that are hostile to America or American allies, Qatar and China, and allegations that records information is being withheld. Texans deserve to know all the money that’s flowing to these institutions from these troublesome areas, and what it’s being done to fund what actions are being done with these. 

Right. I mean, I think it was, I think it was Texas Scorecard that also blew the whistle on these Confucius Institutes that have infected the United States of America as foreign adversaries and enemies work to subvert our culture from within. And the fact that we have so called institutions of higher learning complicit in this is is truly frightening. What are the alumni say of a&m? Once they find out? Because I know you and I know very well, an alumnus from Texas a&m. What are the folks saying when they find out that this their beloved a&m is doing these types of deals? 

Judging from what I’ve been seeing on social media, those who love a&m, they’re not happy. That’s from what I see. But this is also not the only thing because we’re talking about hostile nations. Let’s also talk about your favorite subject, Chris, D. I, E, RC inclusion and equity. The DI program? Yes, correct. Well, there’s one organization called the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative from our favorite social media guy, Mark Zuckerberg. You know, they fund programs research in science, technology, engineering and math, but they don’t just fund anyone. They seek to fund researchers who quote, have a record of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, their scientific fields, unquote. 2019 2022 they awarded two grants worth more than $800,000 to Texas a&m for scientific research. 

Good grief. Well, how much money are we talking about here that is flowing between foreign enemies and just say a&m I was gonna say broadly and to institutions of higher learning, but just a&m, what kind of dollar figures are we looking at? Well, we don’t know exactly. We’re still trying to determine that but based just on the two cases I side with Qatar and China, it’s very possible that there’s far more than it’s currently on the record considering bring these, you know, a&m, literally hiding or even fighting request to show all the cards in their hand. And no offense. But I personally believe that since these are state taxpayer funded institutions, they don’t have the right to hide anything. Amen. And because and because Texas a&m is at a fence contractor, they most assuredly should not be able to hide anything when it comes to doing business with enemies of America or America’s allies. 

Who should Texans be pressuring or contacting? Who should alumnus be pressuring and contacting over at a&m to come clean about what they’ve been up to? 

Well, definitely the Board of Regents. We also should remember that in the Texas Legislature, you have State Representative John Campbell and state senator Brandon crazy. They both chair the committees that oversee higher education in the Texas Legislature. We’ve contacted them about this problem. We’ve not heard back, but since they oversee them, what would assume they probably have a lot of influence and over what happens there as you probably start poking around. Yeah, well, they’ve been quite busy. You know, since Dade Phelan made sure that the last legislative regular session was one of the least productive in Texas history. These guys have had to come back for a special session after special session after special session. So hopefully, let me know if you get in touch with their offices. And we’ll we’ll pay some phone calls over there too, to make sure this is on their radar screen. Robert Montoya everybody, investigative reporter for the Texas scorecard to series of check out how Texas children are being abused and government run schools and the infiltration and usurpation of Texas a&m. Mr. Montoya. Thanks for the visit. 

Chris, thank you very much. 

And that’s going to put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do mean yourself a favor, go to Texas Check out those excellent series. Mr. Montoya does a whole bunch and there’s a lot of special investigative pieces there to keep you abreast of what’s happening here in the great state of Texas and what it means to us and the rest of the country. Also check out Chris You go there when you want to check out me the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas also on the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five, of course, always at home on the Salcedo storm podcast. Until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe out there my friends. 

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