Frank Gaffney is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. The Center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for timely, informed and penetrating analyses of foreign and defense policy matters.

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If you watch Newsmax maybe if you watch Fox if you watch One America news and some of the conservative outlets you may know about this. If you watch MSN BS if you watch CNN or ABC, NBC, CBS, you will likely not know about this story. It’s something you want to know because it’s definitely impacts you. But this is something you likely don’t know if you’re a regular digester of so-called mainstream media. The basket of bias press as I call it. The headline is bots bad. Russia and China sent large naval patrol near Alaska. This happened over this last weekend, the Wall Street Journal doing the reporting a combined Russian and Chinese naval force patrolled, quote, unquote, patrolled near the coast of Alaska earlier this week in what the United States experts said appeared to be the largest such flotilla to approach American shores. Now let me stop there for a second, this unholy alliance that is developing by the Russians, by the Chinese by Iran. 

They are just the tip of the iceberg. The BRICS nations are creating economic cooperatives, while the other countries are creating military cooperatives, to make sure that the United States is no longer the lone superpower in the world. As a matter of fact, the effort is to make sure that yours and my country collapses, so that the world is no longer under the protection of a free people are under a freedom loving people. Rather the world is under the boot of totalitarians of those who believe in elitist rule over the masses. And that’s precisely where we’re headed. 

Now I’m sad to say that there are people who call themselves Americans who are actually jonesing for this who were actually pulling for this type of thing to happen. We call them Democrats and some of them have been bought off. On the other side of the aisle, the Republicans who are enabling those Democrats. Let me go back to the Wall Street Journal, 11 Russian and Chinese ships steamed close to the Aleutian Islands 11. My friends, according to US officials, the ships which never entered US territorial waters have since left they were shadowed by four US destroyers and P 8 Poseidon aircraft. And it’s a historical first said Brent Sadler, a Senior Research Fellow air the head at the Heritage Foundation, and a retired Navy captain. Given the context of the war on Ukraine and tensions around Taiwan. This move is highly provocative. Well, that’s a very poor light way of saying that our enemies are testing us, because they know they can, because they know that Beijing Biden in the Democrat Party will do nothing to defend us that, you know, short of a breach in our territorial waters. 

And folks, I am not convinced that if that flotilla did breach our territorial waters, anything would have been done to stop them. That the order would not have been given by Beijing Biden the order would not have been given by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley that Lloyd Austin, the defense secretary would not have given the order to defend the United States from such powers. I’m not convinced. A spokesman for the US Northern Command confirmed that Russia and China had carried out a combined Naval Patrol near Alaska, but didn’t specify the number of ships are their precise location, air and maritime assets under our commands conducted operations to assure the defense of the United States and Canada. The patrol remained in international waters and was not considered a threat. 

The Command said well, if command doesn’t consider a flotilla of 11 ships made up of Communist China and Russian ships if they don’t consider that a threat, then they are damned fools. By the way, our Navy is now eclipsed by China’s Navy, because a lot of your folks inside of government a lot of them Democrats, some of them Republicans have seen fit to fall asleep at the switch. Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee said the patrol was a reminder the US has entered a new era of authoritarian aggression and applauded the robust US response. Uh huh. If we had a robust US response, might I suggest Senator Sullivan, that Russia and China never would have dared come so close? Might I suggest more on the threat that Communist China and its growing list of allies poses to us coming up next on the Salcedo Storm podcast.

Lots going on around the globe and here at home. And while we want to turn our focus to our enemy, by the way, it’s just been reported that Communist China has hacked through the Microsoft Cloud. You know, their friends over at Microsoft have hacked United States government servers. Just thought you all want to know, we’re a little reminder, Communist China is an enemy to the United States. Let me bring on Frank Gaffney. He’s the founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC. The center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for timely informed and penetrating analyses of foreign and defense policy matters. Mr. Gaffney, welcome to the Salcedo Storm Podcast. 

Privileged to be with you, Chris. Thank you. Well, let’s have a conversation. You’ve asked the question and II want to explore this. Because I think it’s a good one. What’s worse, the World Economic Forum, or the Chinese Communist Party? Now, I would say I have a hard time telling the difference between the two. What say you? 

Well, that’s a good point. Let me come back to it. Let me just say, if it’s head-to-head mass at the moment, I don’t think there’s any question that the Chinese Communist Party is far more dangerous, be they, after all killed, as we talked about, in our new book, The indictment 100 million of their own people. And that doesn’t count the 400 to 500 million babies in the womb that they’ve murdered. So there’s nothing like that, certainly not among the globalist elites of the World Economic Forum. But the thing that’s really worrying to me, which comes to your point, is they are working together in concert, which makes them together and individually for that matter, vastly more dangerous than other than would otherwise be. And the thing about it, if you clicked on it for a minute, is what binds them together, at least for the moment. And by the way, a third group of totalitarians I call them Sharia, supremacist, they all have in common one thing, and that in the medium term, they’re seeking the destruction of the United States of America. It’s a common purpose. They’ll sort out once we’re gone. Who’s going to run things? And my guess is it’ll be the Chinese Communist again. But the problem is, we’re not paying attention as we should, to their near term agenda, let alone the degree to which they are. They share a lot in common, as you say, in terms of their enthusiasm for control. That is terribly, terribly dangerous for freedom loving people like us. 

Well, which is communistic. And you know what that that leads my next question, and it’s gonna get us back to talking about domestic politics and how we’re dealing with the the red menace. 

Do you think you mentioned 500 million slaughters of children, by the Communist Chinese party, you mentioned that their totalitarian views their desire to rule over others. Do you think that’s why Communist China is so popular with the Democrat party here in the United States? Why 65 of their of their ranking, elected officials voted to protect China from a an investigation by the US government into their malign activity against our country. The reason why Joe Biden is thought of the American people poll after poll says that he’s compromised by Communist China. Do you think that’s why the Democrats are so enamored with that country because of their level of control over the masses? 

I think that’s got a lot to do with it. I look, let’s face it. I’m a former Scoop Jackson Democrat. So let me put that on the table here. I take no pleasure in pointing this out. But the reality is that the Democratic Party of today is not that if John Kennedy or Scoop Jackson, the others. It is a Marxist party. And so yes, that’s why they’re enthusiastic about the kind of control that the Chinese Communist Party exercises and is encouraging to be adopted elsewhere around the world, the China model, they call it and you may remember that term from the COVID unpleasantness when everybody said, you know, we got to do what the Chinese are doing, which is lock things down and make everybody wear masks or otherwise, you know, isolate themselves. That model fits perfectly into the Chinese Communist larger agenda. 

Yeah, yeah, Mr. Gaffney, Dr. Fauci and congressional testimony saying he was a big supporter of Communist China trusted their scientist. He said, we got it on tape. He trusted the communists. Look up. I want to take that working with. Well, yeah, he was he was to be trusted. Yeah, it was diverting a lot of our money over there and didn’t want to get caught. And now that’s all that that House of Cards is collapsing before our very eyes. Let me ask you about some recent headlines. And there are several aspects of this, that I think we ought to we ought to address. First off, you’ve got Beijing Biden, he admitted the United States is low on ammunition. And it’s all going to Ukraine. We all know this. Can you address his leak first of classified information and what it means? 

Well, when you have an individual who has the cognitive challenges, which is the fancy way of saying It is no longer in his right mind. And in the case of Joe Biden open question as to when that developed, 30 or 40 years ago. Yeah. But reality is that you cannot be trusted with classified information. And we are in a position where he is, at the moment, I don’t think he’s running much, but he does go out and run his mouth on occasion. It’s hard to control it, but when he does, not infrequently, he is making I think, dangerous matters even more. So. For example, in this case, by not only, I’m sure emboldening the Russian in Ukraine, but involving their senior partners and the No Limits partnership, namely the same people. We’ve been talking about Chinese Communist Party. And by the way, I know you’ve been paying attention to this. I’m sure your listeners, we’re at the cusp of a war, a shooting war with these guys. Yeah, don’t jump ahead, because that’s exactly where I’m going. I don’t know. But but that’s let’s just take this methodically one step at a time. 

By the way, Frank Gaffney is our guest folks. He’s the founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC. So I have a theory about where about where this depletion of America’s munitions or alleged depletion of America’s munitions is leading? What is my theory is that so let me just tell you, let me just bounce it off even see what you think. We all know, the Brits gave away Hong Kong ahead of schedule to placate Communist China and millions of people lost their freedom. My theory is, is that as Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden, and all of these folks on the inside, released this information about how we’re dumping all of this ammunition into Ukraine, and we have none left in our stores, in forward positions, all over the globe, that when China makes its move, and Taiwan, Mitch McConnell, and Joe Biden will lock arms and say, Well, we’re just not strong enough to defend Taiwan. We’re very sad. We condemn this. But we’re not going to do we’re not going to lift a finger to stop it. What do you think of that theory? 

I think it’s absolutely right. Unfortunately, one other Phillips witnesses, I think that the Chinese may already have telegraphed to, oh, I don’t know, Tony Blinken or Janet Yellen, that they’ll sweeten the deal. By committing it, he hasn’t guaranteed that they will let us have access to those advanced chips out of Taiwan, as long as we don’t interfere with their conquest of the place. And I think there’s that circumstance, you’d absolutely see Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell and I don’t know, maybe Kevin McCarthy and others on the Republican side, as well as the Democratic side of the aisle, all saying, you know, too bad, but it’s not when he’s had to go over the side. But there it is. Yeah. You know, which would be sad.  Because, because we will be sad because as you know, communists lie. They always lie. So they would certainly lie about that guarantee. I can tell you that. Absolutely. Absolutely. They will cut those chips off like they’re doing geranium. Well, they’ve already been threatened. Remember, remember during the pandemic, Mr. Gaffney, they threatened to cut off our medications, because they have they have production capability over there. 

So communist lie, you can’t trust a communist. And that is a Salcedo show axiom. That is that is never been disproven never been disproven now. So that the final point where you’re where you’re going, initially, Beijing Biden has approved cluster munitions be deployed because it’s all we’ve got left, allegedly cluster munitions, and a theater. Now, Senator Cassidy has said that the deployment of cluster munitions is a war crime. He said that, of course when Russians were accused of doing it, but now that America is doing it with Joe Biden, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out when a cluster bomb takes out massive numbers of fire by Ukrainian soldier and untrained Ukrainian soldier takes out massive populations, whether it be Russian soldiers or Russian civilians, where that’s going to lead will you tell, perhaps the Democrats in the audience about the dangers of a headline, American cluster bomb kills hundreds 1000s of Russians? Where does that go? 

Well, it could result in the kind of escalation that Vladimir Putin has been threatening for some time. But, you know, interestingly enough, it wasn’t just Senator Cassidy has changed his mind on this. It’s of course the Biden administration as well. They were talking about this is all being a, you know, a war crime when the Russians were doing it. But look, you know, I’m, I’m even more concerned about the damage we’re gonna wind up doing to Ukrainians. With all of this, there will be all kinds of carnage as a result of these guys pursuing it out of desperation, the further depletion of our military capabilities. And further, I believe, incentivizing the Chinese to believe that they can well act with, if not complete impunity, at an acceptable cost to attack not just Taiwan, but us as well. And this is the really frightening thing, they have been at war with us for some time. And this is the real substance of our book, The indictment. We don’t know it, we haven’t recognized it. We haven’t responded properly to it. We recommend ways to do that. But the reality is the true bottom line is, they are now poised. And Zhi Jing ping, the dictator of China is endlessly talking about it to his own troops and to his people, publicly more broadly, to go to war, and the old fashioned kind of wars, what he’s talking about the shooting kind. 

This is a desperate moment where I think further squandering of our limited resources, financial as well as military in Ukraine is not supportable. And we invite the whirlwind if we don’t change course, amen to that. And the only people who support it are Mitch McConnell and 16 other currently serving 15 Other currently serving Republican senators and every democrat and and Joe Biden, and maybe some House Republicans as well. And I think it’s foolhardy the United States Mr. Gaffney, as you know, never went to war, because we were too strong. We’ve always gone to war because our enemies were tempted to believe they could take us and under Beijing, Biden, I think that that’s a very good possibility. 21 conservatives have been holding the line against left wingers reckless, insane and profligate spending. And as you know, the National Defense Authorization Act is up now the NDAA. 

Do you support what these conservatives are doing, limiting the spending and trying to focus spending rather than this just insane amount of money they’re throwing everywhere in this country? Both parties? In principle, yes. I do have a concern for the reasons we’ve just been talking about, that the kinds of investments we must make in our national security have to be an exception to that spending, you know, restraint. Can I stop you there? Can I stop further problems? If we don’t know, I know, I agree. I agree with everything you just said. But see, this is how it. This is the transactional idiocy. That just burns me up because we have to negotiate with Democrats who say, Well, we’re not going to let you defend the country what you’re talking about Mr. Gaffney, we’re not gonna let you do that. Unless you agree to tripling or quadrupling spending on loser social programs on idiotic waste of money elsewhere. We’re not gonna let you Republicans defend the country. And I’m sick and tired of having to make that Faustian bargain, aren’t you? 

I couldn’t agree with you more. Absolutely. Right. And again, I, the thing that I think is the only recourse here is to go to the American people with the truth about the parlous state we find ourselves in. And just to put a fine point on what we’ve been talking about. Chris, the one of my colleagues is a marvelous guy who served for 20 years as an undercover operative of the CIA fella by the name of Sam Faddis. You may have heard him on your show, if you haven’t, I encourage you to do so. Very, very sophisticated fella used to run, go start with recruits and run assets are agents for our country, overseas in a lot of unsavory places. He says in the terms of the trade, the technical way you would characterize Joe Biden is as quote, a controlled asset of the Chinese Communist Party. Unquote. And if that’s so, and I believe it is, we have got to go to the public. And we’re trying to with, again, this book, the indictment, we’ve got to go to them with the truth and point out that we’re talking about not just the future of the country, that the Chinese Communist Party, as we’ve been discussing, throughout this interview, seeks to take down but what it means to each of us, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, by the way. They have it in for all of us, true, we have to pull together to deter them from attacking us, which is, I think otherwise in the offing, and to defeat them decisively if it comes to that. 

Well, we’re near that right now. And that’s and that’s the issue because you have every single time, a Democrat gets in trouble, you have a certain number of Republicans, who, everybody in this country, the vast majority, according to the polls, believe that Joe Biden is compromised by our foreign enemy, China and others. So it that word has already gotten out. But every single time you start talking about accountability for a Democrat, you’ve got Republicans who fall on the sword to save Democrats and to continue their ability to undermine the safety, security and prosperity of this country. And so, I believe going to the American people would be perhaps something we need to do but might be a fruitless effort only because you’re going to have Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, locking arms and protecting Joe Biden and all of his malign activity as a controlled asset of Communist China. I just gotta tell you, Mr. Gaffney, in the state in which I am broadcasting to you in the state of Texas. And this is where I, this is where I draw my cynicism from the Republicans who control the Statehouse the house inside of Texas, they vote they killed a common sense Senate Bill, which would have denied Communist China and Iran, and the number one state sponsor of terrorism, the People’s Republic of Iran, from buying land in the state of Texas. That would, of course, stop them from spying and compromising our food supply, you know, the drill, but it was air quotes, Republicans and the Texas State House who killed that common sense bill in deference to and I believe a traitorous action in deference to our communist enemy. 

So we’re it’s not just we that people fighting the Democrats, we’re fighting a cabal, from both political parties that seem to have this admiration for the Communist Party of China, a genocidal racist, and an oppressive regime. I don’t think I could disagree with a word you just said, I don’t know the situation in the state legislature as well as you do. But everything I’ve heard confirms what you’ve just said. And it’s certainly true, not just in Austin, but in Washington, DC. And really this is the core point of our book is, we have seen the Chinese Communist Party massively successful in the most important element of this unrestricted warfare, and that is what they call elite capture. And it’s on both sides of the aisle. And we start our list of 20 recommended actions as to what we have to do to save our country, from the Chinese Communist Party with the proposition that we must root out from positions of power and influence, whether it’s by you know, forcing resignations or impeachment or prosecution, for that matter, hence, the word, the indictment for the title. We must have those people out of the positions that are causing them as a unit party, if you wish to call it that, or as you know, partners in betrayal. Yes, yes, American people and our vital interests. And you folks, you if you want a visual for that Joe Biden locking arms with Mitch McConnell, both men incredibly committed to the safety, prosperity and security of Communist China at the expense of our own country.

Frank Gaffney, everybody is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC the name of the book is ‘The Indictment’ where can folks pick it up, just about any place books are sold. I’m happy to say Amazon, later the national number one best seller in this national security and international security category. And that’s because I think people find it compelling and need to know about China the rise. Great catching up, Mr. Gaffney, come back soon. Privilege. Thank you. So as I’m fond of reminding everybody, China has friends here in the United States. Buy and large, they are in the Democrat Party. There are some who are Republicans as well. And if they are friends with China, they are not friends of the United States or our people. That’s going to do it for this Salcedo Storm podcast. Two websites. I want you to go to Texas and Chris Those are pretty big websites. First off enterprising journalism, news. You won’t find any place else in Texas and it’s sad because there’s a lot of news going on here that impacts not only us, but other states as well. Also check out Chris While you’re there, you can drop me an email you can drop me a voicemail, find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k the voice of Texas that’s conservative talk radio in the morning, and in the afternoon on Newsmax TV. Four o’clock Eastern until five. So until we visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by the government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me, We the People. Stay safe out there, my friends. 

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