On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Kash Patel is the Founder of the Kash Patel Legal Offense Trust, an organization dedicated to helping individuals who have experienced defamation and silencing from the media and big tech. Mr. Patel is most known for his tenure as the Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense (DOD) under Trump and as the lead investigator for the Russigate investigation where he uncovered illegal attempts to spy on the Trump campaign. Patel also currently serves as a board member on Trump Media and Technology Group.

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Now you’ve all heard the president of Turkey calling us dictator a president is kind of a stretch but the president of Turkey a NATO ally, is calling what Israel is doing to to avenge the deaths of their people to wipe out Hamas his ability to harm them again. What what are the what is calling this response to radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorism? He’s calling it a war crime. 

That’s right. I’m not sure what his take on the 1300 Plus Israelis that were slaughtered when he calls that but he’s calling Israel’s response, a war crime. And by the way, this this came up in several aspects of the Biden regime. Here is a reporter, a foreign reporter, asking the State Department about these comments listen. 

“Anyway, three sides of her asking to expel attack you from NATO. And I see that set of scores. Scott says that Hamas murders innocent babies, etc, etc. Erdogan has again shown that his interests don’t align with those of the US. Okay, he’s talking I got to translate that senators are calling for Turkey to be thrown out of the NATO alliance because they they’re a bunch of Jew haters, at least the government is. So that that’s what these senators I think Lindsey Graham is one of them. Calling Erwan the the squad of NATO, we need to seriously consider the membership in NATO, if it’s willing to side with Iran, back terrorists, your community. So I would say that Turkey Despite our disagreements on this question has been a valuable NATO ally. We look forward to continuing to work with them to strengthen NATO. And that includes securing Sweden’s quick accession to NATO, something that we know is now pending in the Turkish parliament. So they’re obviously this is not the first issue with which we’ve disagreed with the leadership of Turkey, but we still find them to be a productive and helpful NATO ally, and we’ll continue to work with them on the things we agree on the things on which we agree.” 

Hmm, yes, very diplomatic. They hate Jews, but we’re going to work with them. Okay. Here’s John Kirby fielding the same question. 

“Israel recalled its diplomats from Turkey after the Turkish prime minister said that Hamas is a liberation group and called Israel a war criminal. What is the President’s response to that kind of rhetoric from an ally? Well, certainly let President Erdogan speak to his comments. We don’t have to agree with everything he says on every issue, to still maintain the fact that he is an important NATO ally. And, and has had a very positive influence particularly on like the Black Sea green Trying to help get that out there. But we do not associate ourselves with those comments.” 

Oh, we don’t. Okay. Oh fair very fine. Don’t associate ourselves with those comments that Israel is conducting a war crime. Wait a minute. Your party does. John Kirby, your Democrat Socialist Party does here’s permille Ajay appall on NBC News. 

“One we spoke to leaders in Michigan, who said they were concerned that he is losing support among Arab and Palestinian citizens there because of his full throated support and Israel that also came against the backdrop of Congressman Dean Phillips announcing he is running against President Biden. Are you concerned that in a general election both of these things could weaken President Biden’s chances.” 

Okay, so meet meet the press wants to know. Since Joe Biden isn’t seen as being a enough of a Jew hater the way that so many Democrats are. Is there a possibility he could lose the Jew hater vote? 

“Well, let me say, Kristen, that I have been one of President Biden’s biggest supporters. I’ve been proud, but it’s gonna be weakened, because there’s so many workers, will he be weakened? I say this because because what I think is that the President needs to be just as courageous on this issue, so that we keep the unity within our country.” 

Yeah. Oh, no, no, within your caucus. You mean the country doesn’t believe like you permille? Ajay appall, the United States doesn’t believe what you’re about ready to say about the state of Israel? The majority of us don’t You don’t represent the country. You represent the Democrats Coalition, which is made up of a bunch of Jew haters. Not all of the Democrats. But a significant number of your Democrat Party is a bunch of anti Semites and you refuse to call them out, you happen to be one of them. 

“For the support of the incredible things he has done. He is I think, you know, going to be challenged to explain an issue of this moral significance to people. The American people are actually quite far away from where the President and even Congress the majority of Congress has been on Israel and Gaza.” 

They I don’t think that’s true. 

“They support the right for Israel to defend itself to exist, but they do not support a war crime exchange for another war crime.” 

Okay, so there you go, folks, whether it’s the president of Turkey Erwan or whether it’s the Democrat Socialist Party, the extremists left wing headed up by the squad, and people like permille, permille, Ajay appall. They believe the Jews are committing a war crime for wanting to strike back mightily at those who struck at them first. And this leads us to another aspect of the Biden regime. How many individuals is Joe Biden and his communist regime hiring inside the administration paying with our taxpayer dollars, individuals who are sympathetic to our enemies, including Iran, and Hamas, we try to get some answers next on the Salcedo Storm podcast. 

I want to bring in cash Patel cos Patel is the founder of cost Patel legal offense, trust and organization dedicated to helping individuals who have experienced defamation and silencing from big media and big tech. Mr. Patel is most known for his tenure as the Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense under President Trump. And as the lead investigator for the Russia gate investigation where he uncovered illegal attempts to spy on the Trump campaign. Patel also currently serves as a board member on Trump Media and Technology Group. Gosh, welcome to the program. 

Hey, thanks so much for having me. 

I’ve got to let you to weigh in. There’s a lot of internet chatter out there. And I don’t know how valid it is. But but the allegations are that Mark Meadows wore a wire for the FBI to to secretly and clandestinely record, President Trump while Mark Meadows was serving as Chief of Staff. If the reporting is true, if the allegations are true, what does this mean? 

Well, I think that’s the big question. If and if I’m up to date on my stuff, which I think I am, you know, the fake news and Ryan Fournier a actually just published a monster retraction thing that his sources quote, unquote, got it wrong and retracted the entire story. And Mark Meadows never wore a wire. They were literally ginning up another fake news narrative to try to kneecap Donald Trump. As we’ve also seen with the mainstream media, they show that Mark Meadows was quote, unquote, cooperating in that league this week, his attorneys came out swinging this week, it was public statements that said, that is absolutely not true. So you know, those are two pretty powerful statements, one, a fake news story completely reversed by the fake news. And one by his legal team. Now, I don’t have any reason or insight into his defense or what he’s doing. But I can’t imagine your lawyers make a public statement like that if it’s not accurate. 

Sure. And you know, what I we did note earlier in the week, how Catherine herridge of CBS, said she, she was reporting that the lawyers had said, they told ABC News that their reporting on Mark Meadows was completely wrong, but they went with the story. Anyway, so yeah, because if it’s anti Trump, if it’s bad for Trump, they’ll do anything. They’ll print anything out there, regardless of what it means for the reputations. So let’s get on to the reason we brought you on. I wanted to have your reflections on how the Republicans had been conducting themselves from the beginning of the year until the speaker fight, and now the resolution of the speaker fight with arguably a very conservative, very effective, Republican by the name of speaker Mike Johnson. 

Yeah, look, it was always gonna be a battle for us. Because unlike the Democrats, the Republicans have not had the ability to unify even when they have disagreements, and do so publicly for the better of the country. And the only majority we have the only piece of government we controls asked to represent. And I was hoping they would ignite some serious oversight investigations. And a couple of folks have been Jordan comer company, but many haven’t, the Intel Committee is completely absent. And also there’s been zero enforcement of the subpoenas, and more importantly, the contempt of Congress proceedings that should be going on against the likes of Chris rea and Merrick Garland for refusing to hand over congressionally subpoena documents involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the border, the two tier system of justice, the political prosecution, basically, of Donald Trump and affiliates. These are things that the Democrats did with the Gen six committee against us, and they didn’t have a base for us to do so. So we’re, I’m hoping Mike Johnson goes who I know, personally, as a great guy, is that he does some of that and he uses some of Congress’s purse strings and pulls on the budgets of these agencies that are openly defying commit felons. And so hopefully, it’ll be more of a unifying moment, and hopefully, there’ll be no more extended CTRs we can’t have that kind of lighting of taxpayer money on fire anymore. It’s one of the basic tenants of being conservative. 

Right. You know, what, to buttress your point 40 FBI confidential human sources, according to Chuck Grassley, his office, were following around the Biden crime family, and, and these confidential sources were informing the FBI of all of myriad criminal activity from the Biden crime family. And the question remains, and Chuck Grassley wants to know Okay, were any investigations done here? What did the FBI do? Turns out the FBI and the DOJ partment of injustice, buried all of this, plus we’ve got Scott Brady, who’s a former US Attorney testifying on a couple of I thought I thought it was damning, basically saying that during the Hunter Biden investigation that they were that he was stopped from investigating the Burisma employment of Hunter Biden and the David Weiss, the vaunted Special Counsel. He just skipped a meeting about the bribery allegations. 

Yeah, this is a two tier system of justice run amok. It’s what I’ve said publicly and privately to President Trump would hopefully is one of his central tenants of his platform of his presidency, and campaign is to destroy this two tier system of justice is not only in the courts, it’s in the executive branch and the legislative branch in the judicial branches and the administrative state. It’s one of the themes from the quarters of my new book, government gangsters that President Trump launched for me last week, and effectively how to obliterate the deep state. And at the heart of the deep state is this two tier system and just thought of right wing conspiracy, that Christopher rea sent people to houses of worship agents to monitor and surveil conservatives, not a right wing conspiracy. That Christopher rea targets quote unquote, domestic terrorists, aka Maga Trump people is the weaponization of justice and it will be it will have no end unless we end. 

We have to we’re talking to Kosh Patel. By the way talking about burying the lede, I had no idea that you had a new book out so give what is it called gangster government. 

You said government gangsters, government gangsters, you can get it online, go to government game.com. Anywhere books are sold. President Trump launched three weeks ago. It’s a best seller. He wants you to treat socially positive blueprint for 2024. I name every single corrupt government official I ever encountered, how we remove them and how we fix our government agencies and departments and successes of Trump national security mission on the way. 

Talk about setting me up to where I wanted to go because you’ve been doing some excellent excellent reporting on individuals that Beijing Biden’s crew his regime have hired who have ties or sympathies to America’s enemies and I’m gonna go through them one at a time. I’m going to I’m going to name them. You tell me what they’re currently hired to do for Beijing Biden, and that our taxpayers are funding them and their alliances. Okay, back here BatAAr. 

Yeah, so the CCP is number one ally against America is wrong. My avatar is a Palestinian nationalist who served as Adam Schiff bagman during Russia gate, my counterpart, and the guy that wrote the lies in the Schiff memo, history has told us how that fake and now he’s in control of the intelligence programs on the National Security Council. What does that mean? He picks what we prioritize, he picks what our number one safety’s should be and aren’t. And right now, it’s the sitting sun and climate change. But what’s more disturbing is my avatar was caught in front of a photo in Palestinian guard while he was in college, in front of a photo that said, and Israeli Apartheid now, this is the guy who’s in charge of intelligence for Joe Biden. And we wonder why we missed World War Three. 

Goodness. Well, you know, I leave it to the Democrats, if somebody’s out there declaring a genocide of the Jews count on the Democrats to hire them and their administration. Let’s talk about Robert Malley. 

It gets even worse, Robert Malley, the architect of Obama’s nuclear deal, the one that gave them a pathway to a nuclear bomb. That guy was brought back by Biden, as a presidential envoy to Iran was that mean? It’s like being the ambassador to Iran, to make sure we never go to World War to make sure they’re terrorists never attack. That guy. That guy was removed by Chris Rea, FBI, his security clearance was suspended of all things two months ago, and all they told us was quote, unquote, he mishandled classified information. And we’ll get to the third person in a second, but he seated this next person we’re about to talk about, not only in his State Department, but now over at the DOD. And this guy is now I think, the teacher at Princeton. But no more details from Chris, right. We don’t know what happened. 

Well, we will. Okay. So first off, leave it to leave it to so called Higher Education, and we call it higher education books, because you got to be high to send your kids to these places. Robert Malley. Of course, Princeton hires this man, who is who has has had his security clearance revoked. How, how bad do you have to be? How much of a bad guy do you have to be to have Christopher Rea, a man, a man who has been asleep at the switch and facilitating a cover, I believe, facilitating a cover up for some of the most bad actors in our government Democrats? How bad do you have to be to have your security clearance revoked? And what is what do you believe Robert Malley is hiding here. 

Yeah, and this singular issue brings everything we’re talking about together. This is what the House Intelligence Committee should be singularly focused on is why did Chris ray will move his security clearance get the documents for the American people subpoena Chris Ray Merrick Garland, and ask these questions and provide us the documents because we need to know Oh, because this guy Robert O’Malley, and placed Ariana tots obey the other girl you were going to talk about today. She’s the Chief of Staff for the Special Operations Office, the Department of Defense, it is a monster position. And she was caught. She’s an Iranian national who was caught emailing the Iranian foreign ministry and asking if she was permitted to take pro American positions on trips she was about to take while living in the United States of America. 

Well, hahaha. So alright, so Robert, let’s look before we put Robert Malley to bed here, Robert Malley folks. big supporter of America’s enemies. He is so bad. And of course, this is why Democrats hire them because they love America’s enemies. He’s so bad that not even Christopher Ray would allow his security clearance to remain in place. So now let’s get to Ariana and I always miss you know, I’m not dedicating your identity. It’s all Rihanna taba Tabby or however you pronounce your name. Who is this woman? What does she do? 

Yeah, Robert O’Malley hired her into the State Department back in the Obama, Obama administration. And then he later sent her on currently in the Biden administration and DOD to run their Special Operations Office as Assistant Secretary of Defense and special ops big position. I know they see the chief of staff please be on their bosses. And she has the highest security clearance in the country is supposed to be in charge of what our special operator warriors do and don’t do in the policy there. She was caught red handed by semaphore and we had great reporting on it as the revolver as being a part of this Iranian initiatives experts program basically their covert operation to infiltrate American government agencies. And she currently after being reported on the emails catching her contacting the Iranian foreign ministry. They kept her security clearance DoD cleared her of any wrongdoing, and she’s still in that post. And oh, by the way, you know, who cleared over any wrongdoing, a former shift staffer named Brianna Wirkkala, who worked on the Russia gate hoax for Adam Schiff is currently running Legislative Affairs at the Department of Defense. It is not a coincidence that is a major point of government gangsters are no coincidence in government. And these are the three we know about Chris that’s the scary part. Yeah. What about the ones we don’t know about? 

Yeah, you know, I’m going over some, some tweets here with it with the Newsmax crew. That there we allowed some dude in his name is Holocene Amir, Ebola Ebola Hyun, he’s up. He’s, of course, Iran’s foreign minister because he has been talking about Iranian foreign ministry. And he is also a Quds Force Colonel. So naturally, the Biden regime says, Come on into America and then he shows up to the United Nations and trashes the United States. 

Yeah, this guy and remind you the Kurds force and what we did in the Trump administration, we killed Qasem Soleimani, the world’s largest terrorist, the head of the Quds Force, because forcing the Iranian Special Forces who exists to do one thing, kill American soldiers and American allies, and they killed and cause more casualties than anybody else in modern US Military History against our service members. And the Biden administration gives him a welcome card and a red carpet, the United States of America that is a difference folks, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and that is why we are on World War. I said three I was wrong for three, the Ukraine four is here. If you don’t think we’re in a world war, you’re not paying attention. 

Well, you know what, you’re right to point out cost, the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump Donald Trump is pro American America first, as evidenced by his hiring and his policies, Joe Biden and his political party are working to destroy this country. So I’ve got to ask you. What, what possible motivation could Democrats have for hiring known sympathizers? Individuals who are actually foreign nationals? Who are actually asking foreign countries? Can I be pro American or not? I mean, what would possibly be the motivation of Democrats to make these hires? 

It’s simple, it’s a hatred of Donald Trump. It’s whatever good he doing national security, we’re doing the opposite. We secure the border, we’re gonna open it, he crushed the CCP and Chinese Central, we’re gonna let it flow and kill our children. He took on Iran, Russia and China. Were going to basically bend the knee and now we can’t even get our commander in chief to get a phone call with these people and get stood up on the world stage. And the result is cataclysmic the drug trade explodes illegal aliens explode crane explodes our southern border have terrorists coming over it we’re on to more World Wars instead of rewinding out of for like we did under Trump. And all they care about is the media glorifying them and saying, Look, we’re doing the opposite of Trump. We’re good we’re doing and of course the bone has like Jake Selden coming out to the world stage and saying that maybe has never been quieter. And then seven days later World War four great job guys. 

Exactly. Yeah, it’s never been quieter because they’ve been plotting this entire time because you’ve been asleep at the switch or in this case, hiring the enemy inside of our of our of our current regime. Cost Patel everybody the name of the book, gangster government. Number one best seller and end up. Gosh, thank you very much appreciate the time and information. 

Thanks, guys have a great day. 

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