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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Going Lawless, Pulling Out All The Stops To Get Trump

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Lauren Bowman Bis is the Director of Communications for the Public Interest Legal Foundation. Prior to joining PILF, she was a member of President Trump’s White House Communication team and 2020 reelection campaign.

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Law fair being conducted against President Trump, folks, I am very, very worried about what’s what’s going to be happening with all of this and where it all leads not just about President Trump, I worry about if they can do this to Trump, what are they going to do to us? I remember as soon as this judge and Goron ruling came down for those of you who don’t remember, and Goron said, Oh, President Trump for the crime where there was no victim for the crime or everybody made out like, like bandits, the lending institutions, nobody was harmed. There was really no crime here to speak of. Maybe, maybe if you believe judge and Gorons over in our underinflated numbers and valuations for President Trump’s properties. You could say he was skirting the law. But everybody looked at these loans, those who are making the loans made sure they could recover their loans, their costs. 

If President Trump ever defaulted, which he didn’t do, he paid all of his payments on time. Everybody made a whole bunch of money in this whole thing. So there were no victims for that judge and Goron fined President Trump $355 million and then said, Oh, by the way, you can’t do business in New York for three years. It’s like, what are you nuts? What are you crazy? The idea was to ruin Trump, ruin him. So he can’t run for president. And that’s exactly what Kathy Hogle wandered around the state. A saying I’ll tell you more about that here in a minute. But while all this is going on, you’ve got Fanny Willis, who really is corrupt. She’s out there an actual corrupt person in government, a district attorney trying to take down President Trump. And now she finds herself under ethics review. 

And even Ms. NBS is saying, Wait, this is this is too much. Wait a minute. Finally Willis lied to the court. It’s game over for her she will be disqualified. The issue is that her credibility is shot. Just as he was saying if she lied to the court, she submitted something to the court that she knew was false and inaccurate. What else was she lying about? It’s a horrible, horrible look for her. I think this case is dead in the water. Yeah, dead in the water. But Democrats are saying, Oh, we’re so proud of Fani Willis. 

We call her Fanny because that’s an appropriate name for we’re so proud of Fanny Willis because she’s gay. i think Trump’s he’s taking out our political opponents by bastardizing the law, and that that’s why the left wing loves them. And so the left wing says, Hey, as long as this law fair isn’t played against us, which by the way, Republicans never do this. 

So Democrats are going to continue to do this to us so long as they never pay a political price for it. So let’s pivot back from Georgia to New York. And as I mentioned to you, Kathy Hogle, the governor of New York was reassuring businesses, hey, don’t worry, we’re after Trump. We’re not we’re not coming after you. We were after Trump. This is an extraordinary circumstance. She said, here’s the headline Governor Hogan reassures New York businesses after the Trump ruling. Because businesses they were already predisposed to leave a left wing Bastion, like New York because they’re, they’re not friendly to businesses. 

They’re not friendly at all, to those who are entrepreneurs. They were already you know, one foot out the door. And now after this ruling came down after judge and Goron said, for the crime of making money for the crime of being well behaved and adhering to the agreements that you make, where you make money, the the lenders make money, everybody makes money, everything is fine. For that crime of doing business. We’re going to find you $355 million and shut you down in business in New York. And so Kathy hoch was wandering around the state saying, no, no, it’s just Trump. 

We’re just weaponizing government to get Trump absolute craziness. And then NBC MSNBC BS has actually actually says, Hey, wait a minute. President Trump isn’t being treated fairly, you know, I’m looking for a little bit of reporting of the Associated Press Did regarding these sorts of decisions, these sorts of investigations, these trials, I’m not finding it in this pile of papers that I have in front of me. But basically, they said they went back over 70 years and looked at all the cases that have been tried under this this rule 36 or 6312, which is used here, which doesn’t have to show harm done. That’s not the that’s not the burden. 

You don’t have to show that anybody was hurt by your practices. There’s nobody you defrauded specifically. But they went back and they looked at cases over 70 years, I believe was about 150 cases, and found that there was no case where there was a ban on doing business. Yeah, no ban on doing business, no massive $355 million. Fine. So this was unprecedented. Why because well, Democrats need to get rid of President Trump. That’s why we can take a statute. We can totally weaponize it. We can totally apply it to President Trump a completely unfair standard that nobody else would be under, because he’s the main political rival for the Democrat Party right now. 

And unlike other Republicans, he has a backbone. Other Republicans are caving they know what’s good for them. We can have our way we can wipe our floor with Republicans a lot of these Republicans are on the take with us. But Trump not so we got to get rid of him so what you hear what you’re hearing here is Katy Tur of MSN BS actually with an attack of conscience which is insane where there wasn’t harm shown so even though that the the threshold is harm shown in the past, it has only been used to ban someone doing business when it’s been shown that somebody was hurt say you’re selling cosmetics that that that are poisoning you. There’s somebody that was hurt there, the cosmetics company gets banned. 

Is this fair to go after Donald Trump like this in this environment? Is it fair MSN BS host Katie turn nobody else in the damn network was asking this question but Katy Tur is asking the question, Is this really fair? Because I think maybe with the first cogent thought the first cautionary tap on the brakes going wait a minute, if weaponizing government to take out our political opponents now is permissible. If the Republicans ever grow a spine or there’s a new there’s a new a the republican party or a new political party that supplants the Republicans because they’re worthless. If there’s ever something like that, could they weaponize government to come after us? 

And you and say, Look, point that point to this as a precedent? Oh, yeah, you we can apply unfair standards, because you guys did. So the law fair against President Trump hoax as far reaching consequences, not just for him for the entirety of the country. Time was in America, we were treated to equal application of law of fairness under the law, and the Democrat Party has ruined it potentially for everybody. We’re gonna continue this conversation about the law fair that is plaguing this country, courtesy of left wing Democrats on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Perhaps for the first time I think Americans are starting to recognize the scope of the law fair being conducted against President Trump. And let me bring on Lauren Bowman bis the director of communications for the public interest legal foundation. Prior to joining PLF she was a member of President Trump’s White House Communications team and the 2020 reelection campaign. Lauren, welcome. 

Thanks for having me on, Chris, about the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on Colorado. I love Colorado. But sometimes I think some of the decisions coming out of that state, I really do believe the Rocky Mountain High label actually applies. They threw President Trump off the ballot saying no choice, no choice for you. Your organization has gotten involved here. What are you guys doing? And what what are you proposing be done here in response to this case? Right. Chris couldn’t agree with you more about Colorado. 

What we did is we filed a brief before the supreme court defending President Trump’s right to appear on the ballot because you know, voters have a right to elect their candidate of choice course. And radical bureaucrats don’t get to tell voters, Hey, you can’t vote for this person, because we don’t like them. And we have come up with reasons therefore that they can’t be on the ballot. So we’ve made several arguments before the court. 

And we’re confident when they hear this case on Thursday that they’re going to go that President Trump has to appear on the ballot. And it’s not just Colorado, you’ve gotten made. And I’m I’m struck the Democrats claim. The leftists in this country claim they want to save democracy which by the way, we’re not a democracy. We are a constitutional representative Republic. They, they seem ignorant of that fact. But they want to save democracy by denying people the vote. They’re doing it in the Democrat primary. And now they want to tell Republicans Oh, you can’t vote for Trump doesn’t that doesn’t that seem to, to be counter to what Americanism is yet, you know, by removing Trump from the ballot, it’s very destabilizing to the country. 

And it’s contrary to the foundational American values. And it’s lighting up powderkeg. Across the country where people are feeling the election system is rigged because they can’t even vote for the candidate they want to because their state election officials or courts are telling them that they can’t. And this is not something that we should see here in America, you know, it’s something you’d expect to hear about in Russia or Venezuela, where they make their elections a sham by removing the opposition party from the ballot. And that’s why I’m confident the courts not going to uphold this. 

They recognize that this is critical to our foundations of our republic. Now, here in the state of Texas, when Democrats abandoned their posts, and they fled to go Hobnob in Washington DC with Nancy Pelosi, and all these anti American cooks. When they came back when the Democrats came back, because they broke quorum, because they didn’t want voting integrity legislation to pass. They were rewarded by Republicans here a guy by the name of Dade Phelan, he gave them all the committee assignments that they’re not in the majority. 

They’re in the minority in Texas. But when Democrats bail on the state and bail on their jobs, they are rewarded by Democrats. But that’s not happening out in states like Oregon. 

And Oregon, they passed a law that said, if Republicans have a legislator bails on the legislative process, then they are ineligible for the ballot and out in Oregon, their Supreme Court out there said, You know what, we’re going to take 10 Republican senators off the ballot and deny a choice to the people of Oregon. And so 10 senators who are Republicans are no longer up for election out there in Oregon. Is that even constitutional? To pass a law like that, because, you know, laws get passed, like in California, they passed a law about illegal immigration, and it was struck down, should should this law have been struck down already? 

Right? No, I totally agree, Chris. We’re seeing like they, when they do this thing for President Trump. Now we’re seeing this extend to other offices where they want to try to remove people from the ballot and do all of this stuff. And it’s just totally fundamentally destabilizing to the entire country. And furthermore, you know, the Constitution of the United States. That’s, for what you have to have first be a member of Congress to be a member of the Senate to be a president. And the Supreme Court has previously held faith cannot be passing laws, adding additional qualification, and such as term limits and things like that. 

And this, just need by the left and the far left radical bureaucrats to take the choices away from the American people. I think it shows that they don’t trust the American people, but they’re afraid that you know what, they’re gonna vote for President Trump, we just can’t have that. What can we do? And I think that’s kind of telling for the former president and how he’s sitting in some of these states coming into this critical 2024 presidential election, right? Well, they know the Biden regime has screwed up everything. They have no accomplishments that have been good for the American people. I’m going to be very clear, the Biden regime has accomplished a tremendous amount of of good stuff for China and for America’s enemies. 

But for our people, they have nothing to say they’ve done anything good for our people. Lauren Bowman, bis is our guest right now, folks, she is the Director of Communications for the public interest Legal Foundation. And I think we ought to examine back out in Oregon back to this, this initiative instead of saying this law to throw people off the ballot is unconstitutional. Their high court said, Yeah, we agree. 

And they threw those 10 Republicans because that court is stacked with a bunch of leftists they threw 10 Republicans off the ballot. Just let me ask your legal opinion, is that going to stand? You know, different states, obviously, each have their own constitution. And I’m not unfamiliar with what happened in Oregon, but I’m not as familiar with exactly what’s in their constitution, and can they do this? But you know, my my gut is that it can’t because like I said, you know, voters have the right to choose who they want to vote for. 

And I think it mean, keeping people off the ballot like this. I’d be curious to see what the Oregon Republican Party or these specific candidates, if they’re looking at an appeal, go to a higher court, like the Supreme Court going forward? Because I mean, I think it’s literally trying to eradicate a party there. I mean, why else would you pass something like that? See, and I don’t think that that’s the way to go for our republic. It’s a it’s a You’re right. It’s a fundamental American ideal that we get to choose who our leaders are. But, of course, they don’t share that opinion on the left that the left wing believes they should be dictating to everybody like that the same way they do in China the same way they do in Mother Russia the same way they do in Iran, you know, that the totalitarian dictatorial powers. 

That’s what our our political opposition is, is after speaking of our political opposition, I’m sure you’re familiar with a woman by the name of Fanny Willis. Now, she, she has admitted to an extramarital affair that was going on, before she even got her current job, right? With a guy she hired at $650,000 a year to go after President Trump. Now, you know that she is accused of taking that money, and the two of them going off on lavish vacations. $650,000. And this guy wasn’t even qualified for the job that he got and was getting $650,000 from Fannie Willis of taxpayers dollars, by the way, he wasn’t even qualified for that job. 

Now, testimony is expected to be given in this case that her married boyfriend that she shacked up with this married boyfriend at an air b&b, there was a quote unquote safe house on taxpayer dollars. Now, some people say that these massive ethical breaches or alleged ethical breaches are no reason that to taint the case that she has in her boyfriend has her admitted boyfriend has against President Trump. Do you buy that? Do you believe that we can trust unethical people with with cases of such import that like she’s filed against President Trump? No, of course not. And I would love for them to pull and find the 2% of Americans maybe who do think that it didn’t taint it. 

Look, everything that has happened in Georgia, it’s been tainted now by her extramarital affair and her enriching herself using this money to go on these lavish vacations having an affair. The whole investigation is tainted, you know, it was Mike Roman, who was one of the people she also brought charges against with President Trump that found this out that’s released this to the public, otherwise, we wouldn’t even know about it. It’s a sham investigation. It’s corruption at its at its highest. And I think the whole investigation is entirely tainted, and her case is completely destroyed now. And it just goes to show you how unethical some of these people are that are going after the former president how they just have this Trump derangement syndrome. They’ll do whatever they can to go after him and enrich themselves in the process. And it’s just really such a sham. And, you know, it’s ridiculous. 

It is whole investigation tainted going forward, which is good news for the former president. It is and you know, there’s a video out there that didn’t age very well. It’s Fanny Willis saying that she would never she would never tolerate inappropriate relationships in her office. Yeah, that yeah, that just shows me about it, Chris is can you imagine if something came out like this about Donald Trump, what would what would they be doing? They’d be calling trying to impeach him again, even though he’s not. I know, right? I know. This cracks me up, they hold him to this standard where he must be perfect and do everything entirely perfect. 

Meanwhile, they can run around enrich themselves and be corrupt and it’s just crazy. To see it. I’m sick of the double standard. And I’m also sick of certain air quotes. Republicans who vote to uphold this double standard and I’m gonna get to that next. Lauren Bowman vich She’s the director of communications for the public interest legal foundation lady I appreciate the visit. Thank you for having me. And thanks for the great show you guys put on I’m from Dallas so I used to listen to you on web AP all the time. 

All right. All right. Oh, well, you can actually still hear us up in Dallas Fort Worth, you can stream the podcast here whenever you like on demand because I know there’s a shortage of of political conversations happening in DFW right now except for my, my good buddy Mark Davis up there. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of folks filling that void which is, which is tough. But hey, also watch us on Newsmax TV, watch us on Newsmax to the getter and rumble chats. When you’re wanting to tune into the radio program, or you know, like I said, the Salcedo storm podcast at your beck and call on your schedule whenever you want it. That’s going to do it, everybody for this Salcedo storm podcast. Until we visit again remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power was stolen by an out of control government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay vigilant out there my friends 

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