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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Gov-ed, Undermining Parents and Propriety

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Mallory Rechtenbach serves as legal counsel on the Parental Rights team at Alliance Defending Freedom. Rechtenbach earned her degree, with the highest distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law.

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I know you’re all probably disturbed by the cultural rot that I’ve been seeing in the country. And we’ve all been seeing in the country courtesy of this out of control. Left lurch this this country has been taking. But you know, I think this could also serve to inspire us to do the right thing. I know it can seem overwhelming help. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by what I’m seeing out there. But I I don’t know. I seem to be inspired by St. Michael the archangel. For those of you don’t know, St. Michael the archangel is the one that’s depicted with the sword all the time. And sometimes I sometimes I think that the the angels need a sword too. And that could be us. And when we see this attack either on the culture on our children, I think we have to take the the mindset of st. Michael and try to find evil where it exists and stop it.

Let me go through some of the stories that have been concerning me as of late. As you know, the left wing is violence. The left wing is hatred. And an Antifa biochemist has pleaded guilty to firebombing a clinic. Oh, not an abortion clinic folks. Oh no. He firebombed a pro life group. Think about that. You’re a pro life group. You believe in the sanctity of life. And and an Antifa crazy person decides you need to be fire bombed and die. That’s the American left. The radical leftist biochemist suspected of firebombing the Madison office of a pro life group called Wisconsin family action has pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to cause damage by means of fire or an explosive. Folks, I don’t know how to pronounce this guy’s name. Hit drin do Sancar Roy Choudhury age 29 now faces a mandatory minimum of five years in jail with a maximum penalty of 20 years behind bars. He is said to be sentenced by a district judge on February 14 of next year.

And a press release dated December 1, the Department of injustice announced that Roychowdhury had admitted to carrying out the attack in the early morning hours of May 8 2022. Two other suspects were with him that day and they remain at large. What kind of hatred do you have to have in your heart to say, Oh, those people want to save babies lives. Let me go blow them up. Yeah, a terrorist. I’ve said quite frequently left wingers have a lot in common with radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, their hatred of the West, their love of violence, their intolerance of others, and this is demonstrated now, it is the tolerance of some claiming to be Christians, that that allows this bastardization of the rule of law in my opinion, and Iowa lawmaker has demanded the Governor Kim Reynolds remove the satanic display from the Iowa Capitol building. Brad Sherman doesn’t just want to remove the satanic mirrored caped statue of Baphomet complete with a black and red holiday wreath with a pentagram in the center, but wants to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, the display was placed by the Iowa chapter of the Satanic Temple.

Sherman called this the display disgusting now, even a even a so called Christian pastor is saying that these people who are putting up this satanic altar and disgusting display in Iowa’s capitol building during Christmas time, he says, Well, I’d much rather have a blasphemous display than the government deciding what is appropriate. Now look, to me, that’s a cop out. The the definition of what Satan represents is against legitimate religion. Legitimate religion, preaches acceptance, tolerance, the belief in an almighty God and salvation. Satan is the exact opposite of that there is there is no legitimate definition that says, Oh yeah, the worship of, of Satan is a religion. It can’t be classified as a religion. It’s not. It’s a cult. And there’s a difference. So these good people doing nothing up in Iowa really had ought to have a an examination of conscience. Speaking of which, not to cast aspersions only on, you know, Christians, non denominational Christians.

Look, I’m a practicing Catholic. And I have a lot of aspersions to cast at the sitting Pope, who has done his level best to undermine the sanctity of Scripture that has been tradition over the last 2000 years. So much so that our friends are the Babylon Bee. The Babylon Bee has set up a headline that reads as follows. Pope Francis excommunicates the Apostle Paul over outdated views on women and marriage. Folks, we laugh now, but I don’t know the way this pope is going. It may be the case in the near future. This examination of left wing idiocy and how it’s harming the society is not done. We got more coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast.

Folks, you’ve been seeing all these anti semitic demonstrations on these campuses, these so called institutions of higher learning, but I want to turn our attention away from so called Higher Education which I think it’s debatable at this point as to whether it is or not, and then back down to the K through 12 levels and as you as you know, the Salcedo show has been fighting tooth and nail to bring accountability back to Gov Ed, to allow parents something we call education, freedom and school choice, because the way gov Ed has been conducting itself has been irresponsible and counter to how most parents want to bring up their children.

And the story I’m about ready to convey to you with with the help of an attorney is going to be one that’s going to make your blood boil, and it should, and those politicians and in Texas, it’s 21 of them, who are Republicans and every Socialist Democrat, those politicians who stand in the way of accountability and the power of parents to not only have a reckoning, but also to have the chart their child’s course, through education. Those who deny that ability are a part of the problem. And this story is going to accentuate that. Let me bring on Mallory rettenbach serves as legal counsel on the parental rights team at the Alliance Defending Freedom rettenbach earned her degree with Highest Distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law. Mallory, welcome.

Thank you so much for having me on. Chris.

It is great having you here. So rather than have me describe what happened to Joe and Serena, Wales, I’m going to let you lay out their case. I will set it up this way. It is a gov Ed School Trip sponsored by Gov. Ed, the parents placed their daughter their 11 year old daughter in the in the custody to protect that 11 year old and pick it up from there.

Absolutely. Well, this all went down last summer summer to 2023. And Joe and Serena whales sent their 11 year old daughter on a school sponsored trip to Washington, DC and Philadelphia. The problem is what they didn’t know was that Jefferson County Public Schools placed their daughter in the same room and the same bed with a boy who identified as a girl. This was only accidentally discovered by their 11 year old daughter on the first night of the trip when she was placed in an incredibly uncomfortable position, particularly given her young age.

Yeah, you know, folks, what you have to understand is that the this by the way, the it’s a Colorado School District, right? What does it What was the name of the school

district schools which is just kind of outside Denver, okay,

Jefferson County, government run schools sends this 11 year old on a on a trip with with some other kids. And the little girls turning in for the night, the 11 year old little girl and she finds out her bunkmate sharing her bed is actually a boy pretending to be a girl. So what happened next once once she found out that who she was paired with by this government run education system? What does she do next?

Well, she snuck away to the bathroom and in tears called her dad, Joe, who was back in Denver. And Joe, as you can imagine, was immediately frustrated and upset that he was dealing with this from 2000 miles away. Thankfully, his wife Serena was on the trip. She wasn’t a chaperone or anything. But she felt her daughter was a little too young to go by herself. So she had just gone to accompany her, but was staying with another mom and another room. So their daughter then called her mom, and they met and then went to the school and said, Look, she’s not comfortable in this situation. And the school initially said, Well, why don’t we try to move you to the other bed? But then that didn’t work out. And eventually they just said, No, we really need to be in a different room. And finally, this tool did move her to a different room. The problem is, the schools should have dealt with this all prior to the trip. The school’s actual written policy says that they room students based on gender identity rather than sex. But the families the parents don’t know about this policy, and they don’t know that it’s an option, an option for their child to be roomed with a child of the opposite sex. who identifies as transgender.

You know, there’s two things first off, I know that the male of the species is constantly denigrated by the American left but I would like to ask all of you fathers out there to put yourself in Joe whales position. Your little girl is in tears calling you cowering in a bathroom, because God had decided to pair his little girl with a biological male pretending to be a female. And can you just put yourself in that father’s position and how you would feel number one, number two, counselor. I believe that the school district says that the parents of non trans kids have no right to know what’s going Not, but the trans kids parents, they have every right to know what’s going on. Isn’t that isn’t that kind of a double standard?

Absolutely. And our position is that we think every child should have respect and privacy. But that respect and privacy has to extend equally to all children. And the whale’s his daughter, her she was not respected and she her privacy was not was not respected. And so we’re asking for an opt out situation where Jefferson County any trip that they have prior to the trip, they asked parents, are you okay with your child being roomed with a child of the opposite sex who identifies as transgender, and then the parents can make that decision for their child. The school can’t just allow this to happen without informing parents ahead of time. Mallory Rechtenbach is our guest right now she was with the Alliance Defending Freedom. And she’s she and her organization dealing with this case out of Colorado, just outside of Denver in a government run school district. But it’s not the only place around the country. This is happening. Parents are being victimized by these these gov ed school policies all over the country. Isn’t that right, Mallory?

Absolutely. Right. We have cases around the country. And we’ll be filing a lot more cases dealing with similar issues. Unfortunately,

it is. And you know, this is a political show. And I I have to state the reality that that a lot of these school districts are dominated by Democrats by leftists, who will say yes, it’s all about the trans kids and, and to heck with the parents and the children, who are anybody else. But this, it’s a it’s another way to divide us, it’s another way to cause a lot of heartburn. So you’re asking for a policy that is transparent. What other ways is the Alliance Defending Freedom helping parents fight back multiple ways,

we have a lot of resources on our website where parents can can go and they can find out what information they need to know and what information they need to be asking school. We also have parents reaching out to us every day with situations where their children have been socially transitioned at school without their knowledge, where schools are, across the board doing things that are not transparent, that are not open with parents, and are not allowing parents to be the one to making the decisions for their children. The parents should be the ones in control of their child’s education. The Supreme Court has said that that’s a constitutional right for parents to direct the upbringing of their children. And the schools cannot get in the way of that.

Right. And I want to let the folks know, in case you’re wondering, what is socially transitioning children without the parents knowledge look like? Well, this has happened to a couple of individuals across the country where the school has said, Well, little Johnny wants to be little Susie and Little Susie wants to be a little Johnny. And they want to change their pronouns. And they want to change their name. And we as the government institution are going to allow that and we’re going to go the extra step to keep the parents in the dark about what little Johnny now little Susie or little Susie now little Johnny is trying to do. And and we’re going to protect, and we’re going to we’re going to be the new mommy and daddy for these kids. That’s why what government is doing due to our children. And the what I view as a direct attack on the nuclear family is so dangerous, isn’t that right, Counselor. What’s

really dangerous is when you don’t allow parents to be involved, the parents must be involved. And they have every right to be involved. And they have every constitutional right to be involved to protect their parental rights, and then to protect the privacy of the children as well.

And they’re doing this and this is where this is the main crux of always my argument. They’re doing all of this abuse this, this, this wedge they’re trying to put between parents and their children, the attack on the nuclear family, they’re doing it with our money. Gov Ed, confiscates our money. And then and then undertakes policies such as this. Now it is my considered opinion. And if you don’t want to take an opinion on this counselor, please feel free not to, but it’s my considered opinion that once parents have the power of the purse, and the school districts have a choice between these deviant policies they’re passing and and parents taking their money in their child and going elsewhere, that that might change the school district’s calculation a little bit. Is that fair to say?

I think that is definitely a fair opinion. All right. Mallory Rechtenbach. She serves as a legal counsel on the parental rights team at Alliance Defending Freedom doing God’s work in my opinion, if folks want to support you, the Alliance Defending Freedom, what you guys do, and and other parents out there who are being victimized by Gov Ed, what can they do?

You can go to our website ADF legal, we are really grateful that we are able to represent All of our clients for free, and we do so because we have really generous ministry clients and who donate money to us. And we really appreciate everyone’s support.

You know, I gotta say Mallory, that is what you just said, because a lot of parents could say, Man, I’m going up against the government. I’m going up against this government Ed’s system, which is billions and billions and billions of our confiscated tax money. And they can feel by themselves and the fact that the Alliance Defending Freedom is out there. And helping these parents is a great comfort to me, and I know a lot of folks, as well, thank you very much for the visit and a Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas to you, too, Chris.

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