On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Congressman “Buddy” Carter is an experienced businessman, health care professional and faithful public servant. He represents the 1st district in the great state of Georgia.

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I used to be a fan of bipartisanship. I’m not a fan of bipartisanship anymore. The biased press and the left wing in this country conned us into thinking bipartisanship was a great goal. It is not when you don’t have a common set of values that you’re working toward, for example, we could agree on bipartisanship so long as both political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats agreed that they were going to fight to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. 

The Democrat Party has by and large, abandoned that endeavor. So they’re out there actually doing just the opposite. They want to undermine get rid of the Constitution of the United States and its protections for we the people. And now in an in the interest of bipartisanship that Republicans are saying, well, let’s let’s meet them halfway. They want to destroy the country. So let’s meet them halfway. Because bipartisanship is everything. 

So bipartisanship is fine, so long as you have a common set of values that used to be the Constitution, and it’s no longer the case. So bipartisanship is out the window as far as this liberty loving Latino conservative is concerned. And I think every American who values America, every American who values that constitution, should be in line with what I’m what I’m proposing, which is put an end to bipartisanship. 

It is now time to defeat the Democrats. It is now time to defeat the socialists, the Marxists, those who want to destroy this country. So now I have a new metric by which I measure Republicans. The new metric is this, I will judge the the validity, the worthiness of any Republican solely on their ability to protect me and my family and this country, from Democrats. 

That’s how I will judge them. How successful are you in stopping the Democrats? Inflation? How successful are you are stopping the Democrats illegal immigration? How successful are you is stopping the massive Democrat crime through the streets? How successful are you at stopping the Democrats denigration and disintegration of our US military? How successful are you in stopping the Democrats from ating our enemies and destroying our friendships and alliances around the globe? 

That’s how I will measure every single Republican. Let me give an example of what I mean. As you know, parents have been made victims by Gov. Ed. Gov Ed all over this country has decided that it runs the show, not the parents, and all the parents are good for is a never ending piggy bank, which our so called leaders, just tee up, open up our wallets and give our money to these pushers of perversion. And that’s what gov Ed has become. 

And no greater example of this exists then gov Ed’s introduction of sexual perversion and to Gov Ed and calling it art or calling it literature. And now, the school boards who are pushing porn onto our children making sure that access to porn is freely available inside of Gov Ed and taxpayer funded. 

They have been, they’ve come under increased scrutiny, which is only right and proper. But scrutiny is one thing stopping them is another and here’s an Ohio mayor. He’s standing up for his voters against these left wing perverts trying to introduce sexual perversion to our children inside of Gov Ed. And this is this is exactly what I mean, this is how we should measure Republicans now. I want to stress, not sure where this Ohio Mayor got with his threat that you’re about ready to hear him issue. But he made the threat so good, we’re with you now follow through on it. Follow through on it. Listen to this. 

“This is a member of the board. My name is Craig Schubert, from the mayor of this city. It has come to my attention that your educators are distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom? I’ve spoken to a judge this evening. She’s already confirmed that. So I’m gonna give you a simple choice. We don’t you choose to resign from this Board of Education. Or you will be charged. Thank you.” 

Wow, let’s let’s listen to the applause of the people in the audience. Craig Schubert mayor and Ohio mayor. And and the parents were overjoyed. Did you too all you Republicans out there who get up every day thinking of finding the nearest Democrat but cheeck to firmly affixed your lips? Did you hear the applause of the people when you actually work for them instead of the Democrats. 

That’s one approach the direct approach, which is what I prefer. But I also prefer the witty approach. Here’s President Ronald Reagan with a beautiful joke about the superiority of traditional Republicans. Listen. 

“This was a democratic fundraising rally at a hotel. And outside when the most of them were coming out there was a kid there with a bunch of puppies, and he was trying to sell them and he was saying come by a Democrat puppy my a Democrat puppy. Two weeks later, the Republicans held a fundraiser in the same same hall. And there was the same kid with the same puppies when they were coming out. He was saying by a Republican puppy. But one of the press and newspaperman who’d seen him two weeks before said, Hey, kid, wait a minute, two weeks ago, you were trying to sell these puppies. As Democrats. What are you doing, you’re now trying to sell them as Republicans. kid says now they got their eyes open.” 

And that is the moral clarity that conservatives are looking for inside the Republican Party. We no longer wish you to get along with socialists. 

We no longer wish you to meet communists halfway. We want you to be determined as Republicans to defeat Marxism to defeat socialism to defeat left wing extremists, who by the way, are doing all the things I mentioned to our people, and also taking international stances like, you know, Jew hatred of Israel, and the promotion of Hamas, and the promotion of China and the promotion of Mother Russia and the promotion of Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, we would like you to defeat those people, please. And if you’re not up to the task, John Cornyn, then resign if you’re not up to the task Dade Phelan, then resign More to come on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Congressman Buddy Carter. He’s an experienced businessman, health care professional and faithful public servant. He represents the first district in the great state of Georgia and I think his first appearance of the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Well, thank you, Chris. Thank you for that. 

Yes, sir. Well, let’s let’s talk about get down to business as they say, because, you know, the left wing never stops trying to take away our rights, sir. And they use tragedy, most often of their own creation, to do that. So the main shooter, the individual who took 18 lives in Maine, a military age man, who gunned down all of those, all of those people. Turns out the red flags were just abundant. And it was another government failure that allowed this to happen. My Yeah, my my sense of this is, Congressman, that the government fails, it always fails. So the next time it fails, I think we ought to be ready, and we ought to be armed and ready to respond. What do you say? 

Well, I couldn’t agree with you more of the red flags were there, that’s fine. I encourage people all the terms. If you see something, say something, I mean, we, you know, I know everyone wants to mind their own business, everything. But if you see something, say something, and then people see something, and they didn’t say something, but the system failed. And that resulted in this tragic, it happened in May, where we lost 18 lives, people’s lives, and the remaining family members gonna be impacted for the rest of their lives. And this is the type of thing that we we really need to make sure that the structure is there so that it does work. So that when we have someone like in this case, I mean, you were just back a couple of weeks before that, that we have people, co workers calling in and saying, Hey, this guy out. 

I know, I know. But see, Congressman, it wasn’t just the main shooter, the Sutherland springs shooter in Texas, it was the worst mass shooting in Texas history. That too, was a government failure, the Air Force neglected to enforce the rules Dylann Roof, the little white racist who went in and gunned down all those people in a black church. That was an FBI failure. When the government fails, our people are dying. So shouldn’t we be rejecting the Democrats who say, Oh, no more laws, trust government give up your right of self defense. When we do that, our people die. So again, I’m going to ask you isn’t the cautionary tale here. And frankly, one of your colleagues, Scott Desjarlais, said the same thing, saying the cautionary tales over in Israel, they disarmed their people to by and large, and their border was overrun by military aged men, and then the slaughter of 1300 Jews took place isn’t the cautionary tale that Americans out of fight to preserve their right of self defense? 

Absolutely, there’s no question about it. You know, this was one of those aha moments that I had back when I was at the Georgia State Legislature. When I was in Georgia State Legislature, we were making all these laws that, you know, for, for people who break the law and, and in, in, in break gun laws, and I was in oversharing, I just thought to myself, you know, that’s not going to stop this. That’s not going to stop someone from doing the wrong thing. Because how many laws that they already broken? Whenever they do whenever you do have a mass murderer like this, whenever you do have a tragedy like this, and and please understand that, that our thoughts and prayers are with these people in Maine, I can only imagine the pain that they’re feeling right now. And as far as Israel goes, again, the citizens to begin to who are victims here, our thoughts and prayers go with them, whether they’re Palestinian or whether they’re Israeli. But, you know, again, in the case of Israel, we’ve got to make sure that how Hamas eliminated I could not agree more with Netanyahu ceasefire. Are you kidding me? We don’t need a ceasefire, we need to get rid of Hamas. That’s what we need to do. 

Well, I gotta tell you a congressman that the founding fathers of this country never intended to be a police state that that’s the Democrat vision for this country. But the idea that, Oh, yeah, you’re gonna have a policeman on every corner, and every single thing that goes wrong, you’re gonna have somebody in government there to solve all of your problems, that the founding fathers wanted freedom. And then they understood that they couldn’t have a government that encompassing if you’re going to have freedom, so they empower the people to protect themselves. And that’s what the Constitution the Bill of Rights was all about. Let’s pivot to what’s going on up in Congress. And look, I think it was a good move by the new speaker, Mike Johnson, to split Ukraine funding and split Israeli funding and the the Israel funding is is kind of interesting, and I want to focus on that for a minute, because he freed up what was at 14.3 14 Point 6 billion for aid to Israel. But he offset as did the Republican caucus offset that with cuts to IRS, which by the way, IRS deserves to be defunded deserves cuts to its budget. So what do you think about how crucial was it that this this funding package be split up? 

Oh, there’s no question about it. I cannot afford the speaker Johnson that for what he’s done right here. For a number of reasons. First of all, we need to help Israel. Everyone agree. Well, almost everyone in our in concept Democrats, yes, yes. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. But we need to help Israel militarily and financially. There’s no question about that. Secondly, anytime we can define the Miss, Miss name, inflation Reduction Act, I think that’s good. And certainly taken an hour. As you know, I’m the sponsor of the fair tax, which would eliminate the IRS with so obviously, I’m in favor of that, and to separate it, because these are different issues, the President is trying to shut down our throats. massive bill that includes Ukraine, Israel and the Indo Pacific, that’s not going to work, it’s going to have to be separate. So I applaud the speaker for doing that. But most of all, for the speaker for setting the tone, setting the scene, if you will, that we’re gonna pay for this, that we’re not going to just write a blank check here. And we’re going to identify where this money is going to come from. Because right now, the greatest threat to our nation, the greatest threat to our democracy is our debt, and then we don’t recognize that and that’s why I can’t thank the speaker enough for offsetting this. Yeah, we want to help Israel and we need to do it as soon as possible. We need to identify where those funds are going to come from. 

Yeah, well, Congressman, by the way, Congressman Buddy Carter, Georgia’s first congressional district, our guest right now, here on the Chris Salcedo show, Congressman, it is my firm belief that if Kevin McCarthy had made sure that the House of Representatives comported with the law, and made sure those 12 appropriation bills were completed by June 30, when they’re required to by law to be completed, he’d still be speaker today. But sadly, the Republicans so called leadership in the House adopted the Democrat work ethic and so they didn’t do their job. And then they went home. They went on vacation, they went on August recess. And now we’re talking about the possibility of another continuing resolution, which is, you know, is continued, profligate irresponsible and lazy spending and dangerous overspending? Should 12 appropriation bills need to be completed? Is there any excuse in your mind for the Republicans not to stay to keep that house in session until that task is accomplished? No question about it. That’s why I just signed on the legislation that would say that if we don’t have the 12 appropriations bills done, by the end of July, we will stay in session until we get them done. 

You know, we traditionally take off the month of August. And I agree with you, I think, Kevin, I think the downfall of Kevin McCarthy were who are supported and I still think did a great job. But I think his downfall was the fact that we went home during the month of August. That’s why I signed on the legislation that says if we don’t have our 12 appropriations done by the end of July, we stay in session until we get them done. We don’t take any August off. There’s no excuse for that. Now, we’ve already passed five of the appropriations bills. We’re going to vote tonight on the administration. That’ll be the sixth one, we got two more this week. So we potentially could have eight of the 12 done by by Friday night or Saturday morning, if that’s the case, and we got four more to go and insignificant to also know that this represents more than 70% of the discretionary spending that we have control over so that Except, Congressman.

You know, I am one of the guys who says that term mandatory spending is is a made up term for legislators not to address sticky issues, Congress creates spending, they can uncreate it. Congress has jurisdiction over all spending, according that house does, according to the Constitution. And, you know, look, I just I just think that the Republicans, if they want to start differentiating themselves from Democrats, the first thing they got to do is abandon the Democrat work ethic, which is, which is no work ethic at all. You’ve got to get business done, and stop taking vacations when it’s not, when the when the job isn’t done, the American people can’t do that. So Congress ought not be able to do that. I’ve only I’ve got only a little bit of time left with your congressman, I’ve got to get this last question in and I’m gonna have to read it. Because congressman, there’s so much stuff here, that you’re you’re just gonna have to take it all in. And I want to I want to get your, your view from 30,000 feet up. We’ve got now the National Archives dragged kicking and screaming, revealing at 2000 pages of Joe Biden emails that he sent under his fake names under pseudonyms, you couple that with 40 confidential human sources that Chuck Grassley has revealed, we’re following the Biden’s around and keeping track of Biden Inc. and the alleged illegal activity they’ve been up to for years. Then you’ve also got that same Chuck Grassley, along with Scott Brady, former US Attorney, saying that the FBI and the DOJ is not only obstructing investigations, they are actively suppressing and trying to protect the Biden’s from ever having to have accountability from these allegations that seem to be piling up exponentially every single day. This dynamic of the DOJ and the FBI running interference for Democrat, potential illegality can’t go on, can it congressman? 

No, it cannot. That’s why you’ll remember our commitment to America, we said we’re gonna have a nation that’s safe, but they can economy’s strong future based on freedom and a government that’s accountable. And that’s why we committed to doing this type of having our committees that we’re going to look into this and those committees are doing that. Now. I supported Jim Jordan person or speaker and I thought he would have done a great job. And however, I am glad that he’s still on judiciary, because he is a bulldog, as you well know. And that’s why judiciary weighs in me and oversight. Jamie comer. That’s why all three of those committees are looking into this. And we’re not going to just let this last. We have gotten to have a governance accountable. And we all know that the DOJ and then the FBI has been weaponized. They’ve been weaponized against conservatives. 

And that’s got to Congressman Buddy Carter from the great state of Georgia, sir, thank you very much for your time here on The Salcedo store podcast. Thank you, Chris. That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Folks, do me a favor and visit a couple of websites Texas scorecard.com and to Chris salcedo.com. Now when you go to Texas scorecard.com You’re gonna find all the latest news impacting Texas and impacts Texas it’s likely going to impact the entire nation. Over on Chris salcedo.com You’ll find the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV simulcast on getur Rumble, Newsmax two. You’ll also find the GRE Salcedo show on Newsmax one every afternoon, four o’clock until five Eastern till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe out there my friend.

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