On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Congressman Jake Ellzey, represents the 6th Congressional District in the great state of Texas. Mr. Ellzey is a fighter Pilot, graduate of the US Naval Academy and was deployed nine times to Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Folks, the Democrats socialists are going to save democracy. That’s, that’s why they’re going against conservatives when they’re going against the people who want to make America great. They’re going against us because they want to save democracy. 

And how did Democrats do that? Well, the Socialist Democrats, the first order of business when you’re trying to save a democracy is to take away all debate. They do this in several ways on college campuses, they shout you down if you’re a conservative speaker. They don’t want to debate you because they know they’re right. And they know you’re wrong. And so they’re so secure in their positions that they just refuse to debate. So that’s how they save democracy. No more debate. 

Speaking of debates, there will be no debates on the Democrat side of the aisle. Beijing Biden has what three challengers? A Congressman Robert Kennedy Jr. and some woman I can never remember her name. He’s got challengers. But the DNC says no debates for you. Joe Biden is our guide Beijing Biden is our guy. So that’s another way the Democrat Socialist Party saves democracy by eliminating debate. 

The other thing they do is they deny the vote. Because you know, nothing says we are for democracy than denying vote, there will be no primary vote against Beijing Biden, there’ll be no primary vote for the individual they find take Beijing Biden’s place, whether it be Gavin Newsom, or Michelle Obama, whoever the hell it is, there will be no, there’ll be no debate and there’ll be no vote, they’ll just tell you, the Democrat Party will tell you who you will vote for and you will vote. If you’re a Democrat. 

Republicans have different standards, and we’ll get to that in a minute. But over on MSNBS, yes, Steve Hayes is former Fox, but he’s deranged, never Trumper. So now he’s seen the light. And now he’s going to be a left winger. And he’s over there at NBC and citing their polling after after it was revealed that this aforementioned congressman, is challenging Biden, but he says, You know what, I’m just a younger version of Biden, I believe in everything Biden believes in, but I’m just younger. So vote for me. Listen. 

“See if he’s got a math problem, as Jim points out, and the message challenge, right. I mean, is he running for a younger version of President Biden, could that resonate and chip away at support and agenda? Well, I would say you shouldn’t start your campaign by saying you’re not running against the person. You’re running against the messages. But look, I think the challenge for the Biden is the Biden campaign. He speaks for a lot of Democrats in our own NBC poll last month, six in 10. Democrats said that they wanted a challenger to Joe Biden, 74% of registered voters say that they want Joe Biden to be challenged. They’re not comfortable with him. He’s speaking for some voters and it’s a problem. We’ve got 53 weeks to the election to the general election next year. Joe Biden does make mistakes. You don’t have to be sort of Sean Hannity and create some big conspiracy about Joe Biden’s mental capabilities. It’s a it’s a problem and people are gonna see more of it, not less of it.” 

Okay, well, why take the swipe at Hannity. It’s, it’s, we can all see, would you classify what Joe Biden does as mistakes? Or would you classify what you Biden does is a complete loss of mental acuity, his advanced age, and he’s a few burritos short of a combination plate. Nobody believes he’s running the country. It’s not a conspiracy theory, Steve Hays, the Marxist who run this regime the Obama is are the ones calling the shots. And Joe Biden is being told who to call on in the press. He’s being given a teleprompter that he can’t read. His thoughts are not his own. He and Jill are playing White House. 

And your suggestion that it’s a conspiracy theory, that that Joe Biden has lost more than a few steps as he trips upstairs, that it’s somehow a conspiracy theory for us to say, hey, the man has lost his marbles. And anybody with half a brain cell, which excludes Joe Biden at this point, knows it. And then you suggest that by Sean Hannity or your liberty loving Latino here saying, Hey, we’ve got a problem with a mentally incompetent person running the country, allegedly, that that’s somehow a conspiracy theory. Screw you, Steven Hayes. It’s all I gotta say.

“We’re gonna seize their yachts, their luxury homes and other it’ll be gotten games of Putin’s kleptocracy. Yeah, rock and I think it’s a right for people that bad calf care. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize through an international effort to pressure the way Trump the way China will respond is when we gather the rest of the world that in fact invasion and free and in open trade and making sure that we’re in a position, here’s the lives, it’s just to think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.”

So yes, that’s all a conspiracy theory. Steve Hayes if we all look at and say that Joe Biden isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, that he’s lost a great deal of mental acuity. You know, if it’s not demented, Joe, it’s creepy Joe, and I was reminded, as I was looking for some sound bites to to answer Steve Hays, not not only by the way, he’s right. The Democrats do want a choice, but they’re being denied a choice. But he’s also wrong, that it’s somehow a conspiracy theory for Americans to note that Joe Biden has lost his marbles. 

But he’s also creepy. He’s also creepy Joe Biden, and I was reminded, the Chris Salcedo show did a little parody on the creepiness of Joe Biden because you know, folks if you don’t laugh, you’re gonna you’re gonna cry. I’ve heard people say that I need you. That’s not hyperbole. I need you. Oh my heart things. Big things. Oh my mind my I need you It’s so hot. Oh my that’s not hyperbole. I need you. It’s not a tumor hard things. Oh my mind my big dance because we schmooze we carry on. We go home happy. What do you say? I need you. That’s not hyperbole. I need you. Big things hard. Hyperbole, I need a hug. Right, Barry White. Folks, we got much more to talk about the fight against left wing extremists who are operating in the name of the mentally deranged, Beijing Biden. That all comes your way next on this Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks, welcome in our guest, Congressman Jake LZ. He represents the sixth congressional district in the great state of Texas. Mr. Lz is a fighter pilot graduate of US Naval Academy and was deployed nine times to Afghanistan and Iraq. Congressman, welcome back. 

It’s good to be with you, Chris. It’s been a long time and I’m happy to talk to you today. 

Yes, sir. Right back at you. Let’s let’s talk about some issues. First, before we get into the politics, Joe Biden with more checks, allegedly from foreign foreign countries laundered through his family. This time, the latest one is 40 grand coming through China through his brother, his younger brother. Then of course, we got the $200,000 check that was out there that comer released. Then we got 40 confidential human sources that Chuck Grassley has revealed following around the Biden’s in documenting their alleged illegal activity. Then you got a US attorney Scott Brady, saying the DOJ testifying the DOJ and the FBI are thwarting investigations into the Bidens. Let me ask you, Congressman, doesn’t this stuff have to stop? 

It has to stop. And I’m really glad that Jim Jordan and Jamie comer are dogs on a bone on weaponization judiciary oversight. As the drip drip drip keeps coming. The the media realm doesn’t appear to be interested. And we’re seeing a fatal flaw. I don’t see how the President continues along this path. At some point, even his party will have to say enough is enough and jettison him which I think is why you’re seeing signals from people like Gavin Newsom. And of course, Dean Phillips is already challenging him. So I don’t know what happens going forward. But if none of it’s good, and it’s real, and the sooner that the Biden has realized this, the quicker we can come to a conclusion on it because it’s It’s vast, and it gets deeper and deeper and deeper. And I don’t think Jamie comer, and Jim Jordan can work fast enough with a treasure trove of information that comes out constantly. 

Well, you know, Congressman is as Democrat voters, when they’re when their party, the DNC has said no matter how many challengers Joe Biden gets, there will be no debates, there will be no voting in the primary. That’s how they save democracy. They deny voting and they deny they deny debate. That’s that’s the Democrat way. Look, let’s pivot to speaking of Democrats, your colleagues over there, you’re across the across the Capitol, they’re in the Senate. They don’t want to do separate funding bills for for the the war efforts overseas, Israel, Ukraine, they want to do it all in one big lump blob, which is of course, which has led to this meteoric debt. They’re calling it a mini bus, which is a play on omnibus. And I and I say I don’t know where you say, but I say it’s about time that omnibus spending, which is responsible for heading toward $34 trillion of national debt has got to stop, what do you say? 

Absolutely couldn’t agree with you more. And that’s why regular order is how we’ve decided to go about this. That’s why Mike Johnson came in just in time, and he’s made it very clear that Israel we are going to go ahead and come up with a standalone Israel bill that we will probably pass on to tonight. That is 14.3 billion for Israel. And then there’s been a leak Ukraine spending to border enforcement. So all spending bills for those listening who don’t know all spending bills originate in the House. The Senate has no authority to start with that. And I I know that that as a percentage. There are more people in the house specifically because we have 25 Republicans in the House that are interested in the border with only 100. Senators, you don’t have that widespread interest. So our priority is the border over here. That let’s make that very clear, protecting American citizens on the border, preventing fentanyl deaths preventing human trafficking and preventing terrorists from coming through our borders. That’s our priority. And they’re going to have to understand that and and I don’t think they understand that yet. But Mike Johnson has made a very strong case for it. And we’re or we’re gonna have three voting periods today. We’ll walk off the board at 1:30am tonight. So we lost three weeks. And we’re getting back to well, and we’re gonna take care of business. 

I want to talk about that here in a minute, folks, we’re talking to Jake Lz, a sixth congressional district here in the great state of Texas. He has a congressman and also a fighter pilot. I want to talk about the border really quickly, because you made mention of it a couple of times, you know, a military age man killed 18 People in Maine, you know, military age men stormed a much more secure border in Israel and killed over 1300 Jews, the Biden regime and your Democrat colleagues over there inside the legislature have allowed 8 million illegal alien, mostly military age men into this country. Congressman, there seems to be no, no effort by the Republicans to stop that to date. And also no effort to find out who these people are, and get some sort of accountability. And it keeps me up at night. Knowing what the Democrats potentially have invited into this country, you? 

None of it makes any sense. We’re losing wartime numbers of Americans to fentanyl. We know terrorists are crossing our borders, because that’s we have made it clear that it’s a it’s an open gate to come on in. And they’re not they’re going to be gathering together as we strike back at terrorism in the Middle East. There’s threats of a wider war. They’ve shown who they are, Hamas has shown who they are most extremists have shown who they are. And we know that Hamas supported terrorists have come in through our southern border. So yes, that’s why it’s essential that, that we continue to make sure that we have but you know, in Texas, we have an outstanding fusion center that fuses all information from, from the border patrol, to the Texas DPS to the FBI, to find out where these folks are. And we need to be very vigilant in our own hometowns, because the world is a different place than it was on October 7. And yes, they have come through our borders, and they’re not coming here for a better life. You’re coming here to harm Americans. 

Yeah, we got about 3 million known God aways. We have no idea who they are or what they’re here to do, Congressman, the 12 appropriations bills to pay but back to the budget. They should have been done by June 30th. I would rationalize to you today that Kevin McCarthy would still be the speaker of the of the house, if he had insisted that the House remain in session and do its damn job. I will tell you that if the house comported with the law, and did those 12 appropriation bills and then handed it over to the Senate and said, Go ahead. We know you’re run by Democrats. We know you’re lazy. We know you don’t believe in doing work for a living. Let me ask you, does it the first order of business of the Republican Party need to be ditching the Democrat work ethic and actually get the job done? 

Yes. And that’s one of the things I’m so proud that when Mike Johnson put out his dear colleague letter, even before he got elected, the speaker said, we’re not taking August as a as a district work period next year, we’re staying in town until these appropriations bills are done. And and I’m very proud of that that’s and as an appropriator, I wanted to be here passing those bills to with a small minority, you do run into an issue of both attendance, and passage of bills and vote counts and the whips, better versed on that. And, and I will say to people listening, the appropriations bills, the only agreement were to go back to fiscal year 22 levels, all of them had have adhered to that. And some of them are even going deeper the interior bill, by the way, you’ll be pleased to know cuts, the cuts the EPA by 38%. So we’re doing good work, we didn’t get it done on time. And Mike Johnson has dedicated himself to next year, making sure that’s done on time, because that’s what we’ve promised the people to do. That’s what our job is.

True to true. And I would think the message ought to be universally from every Republican, that we don’t need to be taking more vacations, we don’t need to be taking time off, we should have stayed in Washington to to pick a speaker a lot faster, rather than taking time off, stop adopting the Democrat work ethic, which is to do no work, and then actually do something for the American people. And that leads to my last question, Congressman, I know you got to scoot you got a meeting to get to. And then I’m going to I’m going to put two questions together. Just because I think they all they all paint a similar story of the disunity in the Republican Party. You’ve got this vote yesterday to allow Santos out of the out of the house who has been accused of a crime. Yet the Republicans who were sponsoring that could not be brought to x to to bring up a vote to expel Jamaal Bowman who admitted to a crime. And I think that goes to this whole speaker fight. The votes against Jim Jordan there was a group of 25 Republicans who voted against Jim Jordan. Some some didn’t want the cash to do Rise up because they like this guy bacon from Nebraska. He likes like the pigs at the trough. Let the way the Democrats do feeding off of government larges. Some some said I don’t like Matt gates. So anybody that Matt gates supports I don’t want to vote for that was that was written up, I believe in The Daily Caller. What what group? Were you because you voted against Jim Jordan? Why did you say No? 

That’s that’s a good question. I want to make it clear that number one, I met with him on Monday, the 16th. And I sat down with him, having been in the military and having commanded a team of Squadron, the number one job of the speaker is to take care of the majority. And number two is to broaden the majority so that we can get more conservative bills passed. And in that very nice conversation I had with him, I said, I’m not with him. But initially, it was because he the difference in the Judiciary Chairman doesn’t necessarily make you perfect for the speakership. And I didn’t think he was, he was up to that task based on his past history. I made that decision on my own without consulting with anybody else. And of course, then we end up with Mike Johnson. So I think that, that that we we ended up with the best speaker that we could get, he lowers the room that could lowers the temperature in the room when he comes in. But I didn’t talk to anybody. And I want people to know that before I met with Jim Jordan, I commanded my team to cease all fundraising activities, until he was either the speaker or he was no longer in the race, because I didn’t want to appear to be taking advantage of a difficult situation. And then, and then other things happen down the road. And then he ended up not being the nominee. But I did that on my own. And I knew that it would upset some people. And what I have told people is that pots and 30 is not a qualification, it is a consideration. But I did that on my own. And I also said that I would not engage in a power sharing agreement with any Democrats. So I would not be standing in the way of his speakership, we had a very nice talk, we hadn’t talked much prior to that. But that that is my reasoning. And I can go into much, much more detail. But I have a long history of leadership being led well, and being led poorly, and, and, and in leadership myself, and I didn’t feel like he was prepared to be that the Speaker, I think he’s perfectly suited for judiciary. And I’m glad he’s still there. There was no hard feelings. And like I said, I ceased all media, because I don’t believe in talking about people behind their backs in public, especially when they’re in the arena like he is, and no fundraising during that time, because I saw how some people did that. And I thought that was completely wrong. Now, Congressman, I explained all those to him. 

Yeah, we’re in the midst of a dumpster fire unleashed on this country by by left wing elements in the Democrat Party. Agree and a unified Republican Party. I think that your caucus if you can take this message back, you’ve they’ve got to figure out what they’re for. Because right now, there is not one unifying principle and maybe speaker Johnson is going to going to change this. There’s not one unifying principle that unites every Republican. And that’s, that’s got to change. Jake Lz, representing the sixth congressional district here in the great state of Texas, sir, appreciate the time. 

It’s great talking to you, Chris.  

That there’s going to do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites. Texas scorecard.com keeps you in touch with one of the the greatest political movement states in our union that is the state of Texas and all the issues facing us, folks. I think America’s enemies know that we are the epicenter if we’re going to resist this one world government if we’re going to resist left wing extremism, socialism and communism pushed by the Democratic Party, they know the resistance is going to be born in the state of Texas and that’s why they’re targeting us here. So the fights that we have here in Texas for the rest of you states, it can also be instructive to you and how to fight back by watching the fights that we are having here. Also check out Chris salcedo.com That’s where you find me the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on rumble and get her on Newsmax two in the morning on talk radio. In the afternoon on Newsmax won the quiz Salcedo show from four o’clock Eastern until five Monday through Friday. Until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends. 

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