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Congressman Matt Rosendale represents the 2nd Congressional district in the great state of Montana. He’s a Freedom Caucus member and sits on the House veteran’s affairs and natural resources committees.

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When you’re a Democrat, you expect certain things from your politicians, right? You expect that when you elect them, they’re going to do what you elected them to do. For example, if you’re a Democrat voter you want totalitarianism, you want complete government control over everything in your life. Because I guess Democrat voters trust government, and they have they have an innate trust in government so much. 

So they want to give it power that it doesn’t have, constitutionally that has no right to have constitutionally, when you’re a Democrat voter, you vote so that your politicians will raise taxes on the promise they’re going to take those taxes and give that money to you eat, whether you earn it or not you. So Democrat expectations of their politicians go just that far, but when when Democrat politicians tell their voters, you’re going to have to do this, like for example, your taxes are going up. They say, okay, whatever you want. 

When Democrat politicians say to their voters, you’re going to have to accept the government education monopoly. Even though 53% in Texas, have Democrats say that they want parental school choice and education freedom. When when the Democrat constituency the majority of the constituency says we want parental school choice and education freedom, their elected officials say no, you can’t have it. And Democrat voters go, okay. Okay, whatever you say, folks, even when Democrats say you don’t get to vote on who you want to be president, Democrat voters say, okay, and when the DNC says to Democrat voters, there will be no debates, there will be no competition of ideas in the Democratic Party. The voters go, okay. 

This is Steve Hayes, and his new home because he’s a never Trumper over on NBC. Listen to him reminding the Democrats over at NBC, that six out of 10, Democrats, voters, they want a choice other than Beijing, Biden, listen to this. 

“See if he’s got a math problem, as Jim points out and message challenge, right. I mean, is he running for a younger version of President Biden, could that resonate and chip away at support and agenda? Well, I would say you shouldn’t start your campaign by saying you’re not running against the person you’re running against. The messages.” 

Folks are talking about this, this Democrat Dean Phillips, Dean Phillips, challenging Beijing Biden to for the Democrat nomination and, and the Democrat Party says yeah, yeah, so what, go ahead and challenge away, you’re not getting debates and you’re, you’re not getting, you’re not getting any place on the ballot. So that’s what they’re talking about this, this Congressman Dean Phillips from, I think, is Minnesota, saying, Yeah, I’m going to run for the Democrat nomination. And the DNC Says Joe Biden’s our guy and we tell our voters, no primary for you know, voting for you and Now voters say, okay. 

“Look, I think the challenge for the Biden is the Biden campaign. He speaks for a lot of Democrats in our own NBC poll last month six in 10. Democrats said that they wanted a challenger to Joe Biden. 74% of registered voters say that they want Joe Biden to be challenged. They’re not comfortable with him. He’s speaking for some voters. And it’s a problem. We’ve got 53 weeks to the election to the general election next year. Joe Biden does make mistakes. You don’t have to be sort of Sean Hannity and create some big conspiracy about Joe Biden’s mental capabilities. It’s a it’s a problem, and people are gonna see more of it, not less of it in the next year.” 

What? Why take this, the shot at Sean Hannity, I don’t get that, you know, anybody can see that the Joe Biden’s mental decline is extensive, and it puts this country at risk. Everybody can see that everybody knows that. But anyway, so there’s, there’s Steve Hayes, reminding the Democrats that hey, all you Democrats are at NBC, you know that the Democrat Party, the voters, they want a choice, but the Democrat Party says you don’t get one and Democrat voters are a ok with it. 

Now, Republican voters, conservative base of the Republican Party, yet not so much, when the base of the Republican Party believes, hey, you shrubs in government work for us. And when you go up there, you’re supposed to do our will not your own? 

Folks, I believe that, that Kevin McCarthy would be Speaker of the House today, if he had just said, Well, this is how we’re different from Democrats, we’re actually going to do work. If Kevin McCarthy had put together 12 appropriation bills and done them on time. They’re supposed to be done by the end of summer. And if they weren’t done, he should have said the house is staying in session until we get these bills done. And kept his his house of representatives there through August, through the August recess, no vacations, you guys didn’t do the job, no vacations, do your damn work. 

And if he’d have taken that stand, he would be Speaker of the House today. I promise you he would be because then he would take those bills. He throw it over to the lazy do nothing Democrat controlled Senate. And they would sit there and meander and do nothing and do nothing and then say, well, there’s an emergency. There’s an emergency. We’ve got to do a continuing resolution. We’ve got to do a an omnibus, and then the house would say no, no, we don’t know we don’t we had 12 spending bills. That that’s our that’s our our bid right there. We’re not going to do just because you guys don’t want to work for a living doesn’t mean you guys want to if you Democrats want to shut the government down, go ahead. We did our work. 

But guess what, Kevin McCarthy didn’t do that. And they wanted to make Republicans and Democrats own this governing by emergency. And so that they would force all their members to vote on otter crap, which is what they’ve done for the last 15 years. Here, take this this boatload of crap and vote on it. Well, don’t I get to read it? Nope. Just vote on it. And that’s why we’re, you know, $34 trillion in debt heading toward $34 trillion in debt and heading toward 41 Within a year if we keep keep up this pace of overspending. So, Republicans, voters don’t like it. 

When, when Republicans don’t deliver, look at what happened in the Texas House, the Texas House, the the reprobates, who were in the Texas House leadership calling themselves Republicans, they, they went out 16 days, didn’t do any work of the 30 Day special session. And then they claimed at the end of the special session, they ran at a time and couldn’t get parental school choice and education freedom done, which is what the majority of Texans, Republicans, Democrats, independents want. They couldn’t get it done. It wasn’t folks. And they claimed we ran out of time we ran out of time. 

No, no, no. They didn’t run out of time. They ran out the clock. And there’s a big, big difference. Folks, we talk about the future of the Republican Party. Is there. Is there a new day in Washington. And when will there be a new day in Texas when we get rid of these pro Democrat Republicans running the Texas House? We talk about the federal stuff first, with a sitting congressman coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Congressman Matt Rosendale. He represents the second congressional district in the great state of Montana. He’s a Freedom Caucus member sits on the house Veterans Affairs and Natural Resources committees. Congressman, welcome back. 

Thank you, Chris, for having me on. 

Sir. You were one of eight who voted to oust Kevin McCarthy, what is what is the mood now in the caucus under arguably a more conservative and effective conservative like speaker Johnson. 

Anyone who watched the Wizard of Oz, and they saw all the guards in the gargoyles who were under the reign and tyranny of the Wicked Witch of the West. And they acted like they were dedicated followers, when they thought Dorothy dumped a bucket of hot water on to the witch and dissolve her got rid of her. And all of a sudden, this weight was lifted off of the followers that they were able to speak freely. And they overjoyed. And they ended with glee because they were going to be able to live in freedom again. That’s what the House of Representatives looks like. 

Okay. Understood. Now, look, I I did say that, that speaker McCarthy had an unenviable job, because and this is what I felt was the fundamental unfairness and what’s going to inform my next question, Congressman, is that conservatives like yourself, and like Matt Gaetz, we all knew who you guys were, we all knew your name. However, the other side of the equation, the so called squishes, the moderates, the Republicans who were threatening to side with Democrats to undermine the Republican Party, though their names to this day, I still don’t know their names. And and I think that’s the other end of the spectrum that there was pulling Mr. McCarthy in several different directions. So by my count, though, as far as results are concerned, the GOP wasn’t able to enact very little to stop the Democrats properly gets spending lawlessness in the streets and at the borders for the first 10 and a half years of 10 years. 10 half months of of the Republicans control of the Congress. Is that fair? 

Yes. And the reason is, Chris, is because we did not use the power of the purse strings that the founders had granted us. Okay, we passed HR one, which was the domestic energy legislation, incredible piece of legislation. We passed HR two, which was the most comprehensive and conservative immigration and border security legislation that I’m told I’ve only been here three less than three years. I’m told it was the most comprehensive and and conservative legislation that had been passed in Washington. And yet, when we got to the big spending measures, that’s when Gavin sold us out whether it was the debt ceiling package that he had more Democrats than Republicans helped him pass that or whether it was the continuing resolution which all present Democrats voted for and and 125 Republicans voted for. I am so tired of listening to the Republicans go across this nation and campaign, basically the same way that I do on limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, and then when we have an opportunity to reduce the spending through developing the appropriation bills as per the Budget Act of 1974 calls for that one of the commentators I just heard the recorded message that yeah, that’s what we should be doing and And when we propose these reductions in spending, and we can only Garner 75 to 125 Republicans to to reduce that spending, it’s an embarrassment. It’s an embarrassment. He said something about the new reality of what we’re working in. Here’s the new reality everybody needs to face face. And that is, we’re dealing with a $33 trillion national debt today. Okay. And based upon the proposed spending, and the proposed revenue, we have $5 trillion, roughly a year coming in. But they are proposing to spend about $7 trillion a year, it’s going to take about $1 trillion a year to service the interest on the loan or that 33 trillion. So that means we have 4 trillion to be able to spend. And that means we have $3 trillion a year, that’s going to be put on top of the national debt every year, for as far as we can see, Chris, in five years, that means we will have a $50 trillion national debt, which will consume 50% of the annual revenue. So if you think we’re having difficult times now trying to reduce spending, I will assure you in five years, when we have to cut 50%. What are people going to do that? I mean, I just watched $1.2 billion dollar, it approved for renewable energy spending that is going to do nothing but line the pockets of corporate interest, not only here, but but in China. And the Republican Party would not remove that from our spending. This is what the problem is. 

Yeah, it’s a huge problem. And again, folks, what we’re talking about is when we reach $50 trillion in debt, the interest payment and including with interest rates going as high up as they have been going, the interest payments alone in the national debt, will eclipse defense spending. And it is is absolutely insane. But we’re barreling toward this end, and nobody seems to be tapping on the brakes. And when I mean, nobody, I mean, nobody, Congressman Matt Rosendale. He represents the second congressional district in the great state of Montana. And, you know, that took me right where I wanted to go about this discussion about appropriations, because the appropriations bills should have been completed by summer. And instead of going on vacation, Congress, that the House of Representatives should have been kept in session to finish those bills and then handed over to the lazy Senate. So they can meander, but Kevin McCarthy chose not to do the work and chose to let let everybody go on August recess. Shouldn’t the Republicans abandoned the Democrats work ethic?

100%, this is this was an engineer crisis, the the Budget Act of 1974 calls for those appropriation bills to be delivered from the house by June 30. They weren’t delivered by June 30. They weren’t delivered by July 30. They weren’t delivered by August 30, after we came back for it. And that’s when several of us got together and said, We demand that these bills be brought to the floor. And we did some maneuvering old the half floor to force those bills that come up. That’s the only reason we were able to bring more of the bills forward in September the way that we did. This all should have been done back in June. Okay. And and, and but it gave Kevin McCarthy the ability to engineer this crisis, so that we were pushed up against the deadline. So that would justify a continuing resolution so that no one has to make any very difficult vote. And so what’s the continuing resolution? It continues the past budget and the past policies. So why in the world would I vote for a continuing resolution that maintain the Nancy Pelosi spending levels and Joe Biden’s policies, I just spent two years voting against that, right. This is what had been engineer. 

The continuing resolution, the omnibus type spending bills, they are fake budgets, they are what’s resulted in the 30 going on now $34 trillion in debt, that we continue to rack up into our great great grandchildren. And of course, those who made those decisions to do that type of budgeting, if you can’t even call it that. There’ll be long dead before our great great grandchildren to pay the piper for what they’re doing today. Let me pivot if we can to funding to our allies over in in Israel to funding for Ukraine. There was a move by the Biden regime to lump all of this into a massive spending bill. And I think there’s a move in the House of Representatives to separate this so they can be two separate votes. Is that going to happen? 

I think get absolutely well, I saw the President I watched this speech two weeks ago as he struggled to get through it and talked about the supplemental bill that he wanted to put forward. And at the end of the of the conversation, they basically said that he wanted to get $60 billion more for Ukraine. The conversation was much more about Ukraine than it was the terrorist and heinous attack on Israel, by Hamas. And and I personally found it just unfortunate to watch again, our President tried to struggle through his speech number one, and number two, justify sending more money to Ukraine. Again, it was six out of the 100 billion he wants to send $60 billion to Ukraine, I think it was $14 billion. He wanted to carve out for Israel, another role. $14 billion for border security for here. But Chris, keep in mind, what they are calling border security is nothing more than building housing and providing financial aid for illegal immigrants that come into our country. And that is not going to help cure the problems. As a matter of fact, it will simply exasperate those problems. We know how to secure our southern borders to complete the ball. And it’s to put some policies back in place that the Trump administration had had. And so anyway, all that being called together. If you recall, back in January, not only did we have the speakers battle, but a very big portion of that was was about restoring regular order to Congress and passing a rule package that included 72 hours to review the text of any bill before we were asked to vote on a single subject legislation. And so if Biden thinks that he’s going to send a bill that includes Ukraine funding, Israel funding, Hawaii, aid funding, Florida aid funding, we’re not going to we’re not going to accept that. 

Well. Look, you’re absolutely right about you took me right where I wanted to go with the Joe Biden’s proposal folks for border spending money as basically he wants to use your tax payer money to facilitate millions more of illegal aliens to come into this country. And that’s what I want to talk with you about congressman, because in the context of we saw what happened when Hamas was able to pull off with military age men that stormed their, their secure border, which arguably way more secure than our southern border is, and unleashed the carnage that happened there, that your political opposition, the Democrat Party, along with the Biden regime have just facilitated 8 million mostly military age illegal alien men into the United States. And we just saw a military age man going on a shooting rampage that killed 22, actually 18 of our fellow citizens in Maine, how concerned are you as a sitting member of Congress, the Democrats have set us up for massive attacks in multiple cities, by 1000s upon 1000s of individuals who have not been vetted who they just let in to the United States. 

Chris, I’ve got grave concerns about this. And I’ve been sounding the alarms for two years. Now. I cannot believe that the American people have not paid more attention to this issue. We know that there’s somewhere between six and 7 million illegal immigrants that have come in during the Biden administration that have had encounters with law enforcement. And they represent, it’s like the UN down there. I’ve traveled to the southern border three times with my good friend and the big representative from Arizona. And he tries to bring as many people down there as possible so that they can see exactly firsthand what is going on. But but that’s the one that don’t concern me as much as the others. So you’ve got what they call the god aways. And they’re somewhere near 1.5 million, actually. 

It’s up to three, it’s up to 3 million known Got aways at this point, Congressman, and we have no idea who they are what they’re here to know. But but you see the film footage of you know, because we’re down there, we’re watching the Joe Biden, the Democrat, come in, come on, come on into the United States approach. And there they aren’t women and children. It’s a whole bunch of military age men. That by the way, back in 2006, I saw a CIA report that detailed how radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists were learning Spanish and look at learning how to blend in with the huge waves of illegal aliens coming into the country. Of course, Democrats don’t care about the harm they’re unleashing on on this country but those who are conservatives do last thing I have for you Congressman kind of off the beaten path but I think it is indicative of our political opponents, the leftists, the Marxist the socialists, and this green New Deal, and you sit on the Resources Committee, so you may have some familiarity with this, we see that the green energy that the left wing wants to impose on this country is incredibly toxic from the battery to the solar panels to the non biodegradable windmill blades, they’re going to cause all manner of toxicity in the soil once all this stuff gets back in to the into the ground, but not to mention the slavery congressman, that goes into this supply chain, whether it be these lithium mines, these dirty cobalt mines, this is part of the Democrats agenda to save the planet. Slavery is their agenda for saving the planet. What are your comments on that Sir. 

You are spot on, it has been proven that 80% of the labor that is is utilized to produce all these solar panels that people are purchasing from China comes from slave labor. And we bring this up time and time and time again, in the Natural Resources Committee, and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge it. It’s like why in the world, are you pushing this this renewable energy scheme and and worse, yet not allowing us to provide those resources right here domestically, they keep us from permitting our minds for critical minerals from being able to produce these these raw products ourselves, by by keeping all of that shut down. They’re forcing it overseas. And we know that China is using slave labor. We know that they don’t have the environmental concerns and and mitigation practices that we do. We say if you truly believe and helping the earth, and the people that live upon it, then you would demand that these things were done here because no one else in the world does it in cleaner, safer, better labor conditions, better environmental standards than what we do here in the United States of America. By forcing it overseas, you’re hurting the environment, and you are literally killing people. 

And what they’re doing on the African continent is is equally deplorable women and children and men forced into into labor to mine the cobalt that AOC wants and the lithium that Joe Biden wants to put into these car batteries, which again, will ultimately end up in our soil and contaminating the water table. That’s the Democrats vision. They have been responsible for slavery in this country, dating back to the Jim Crow South and before and now the Democrats are responsible for exporting slavery all over the globe to fund their green New Deal. Congressman Matt Rosendale second congressional district of the great state of Montana, sir, I appreciate the visit. 

Thank you so much for having me on, Chris. 

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