Carlos Turcios is a Tarrant County Republican Precinct Chair. He’s the Co-Founder of The Republic Observer.

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Last week, we put a focus on what was happening in Harris County/Houston. I think we need to pay attention to what’s going on in what some would consider traditional conservative fashions here in the state of Texas that are turning out not to be so conservative these days. I’m of course speaking of one of the most infamous which is Fort Worth, Texas. That is Tarrant County primarily. And there are stories that are coming out of this geographic area inside of the great state of Texas that should be concerning to a lot of folks out there who want to have refuge from these blueberries in the tomato soup that is Texas. The blueberries I’m referring to are these left wing major cities like Houston like Dallas, like Austin, and Travis County and Dallas County and Harris County. 

The first headline comes out of Texas scorecard, Fort Worth school district reportedly scrambles to remove explicit books from libraries. What, wait a minute, this has been an issue for going on two and a half, three years now. And now they’re scrambling? What were they waiting for? This strikes me now folks I have I have intimate knowledge and experience with Fort Worth Independent School District. It was Fort Worth Independent School District that invited on left wing nut jobs and Democrats to speak to students in mandatory assemblies. When I produced the email when I was doing talk radio in North Texas, when I produced the email to the Fort Worth Independent School District saying your people made this assembly mandatory and you didn’t invite Republicans or conservatives on to balance out your program. They said oh no, it wasn’t mandatory. No, wait a minute. I have the email from inside your own school system. Here it is. And I sent it to them. And all communication stopped. Kent Scribner who was running Fort Worth Independent School District at that time. He would never give interviews he would never answer for what he was doing to the conservative movement because he didn’t have to. He was the one trying to force young girls to shower with biological males. This deviant degenerate. 

By the way, I’ve got to say, test scores inside of Fort Worth ISD Fell Precipitously. And back to this story. This is something that parents have been on about for years now saying they don’t want smut peddled as art inside of inside of schools. Pornography has no place inside of government-run schools. At least this taxpayer says so and a lot others do too. 

So to this story, following backlash, several Fort Worth Independent School District libraries are removing pornographic materials from their shelves and marking them as checked out. Again, folks, we’ve known that pornography is unacceptable in gov-ed parents have been raising a ruckus about this, but I think some of the schools in Fort Worth ISD because left wingers run it because there’s no leadership and Fort Worth ISD said yeah, maybe if we just wait it out? Maybe they won’t notice us. Maybe they won’t. Maybe we’ll be able to keep the porn in for kids. It’s that folks, that’s the only way I can read this. 

Earlier this week libs of Tiktok called out Fort Worth ISD middle school for allowing children to check out the book Gender Queer. According to a social media post by libs of tiktok this book discusses chest binders, masturbation, sex toys, gay sex, and BJs. Then it was revealed that several schools in the district including three elementary schools, and a middle school have been allowing children to check out a book titled “Wait, What? A Comic Book Guide to Relationships, Bodies and growing up.” This book uses graphic depictions of genitalia to teach children about bodies, sexual and gender identity, masturbation and sex. Because, you know, Democrats believe that it’s never too young to teach children about sex. This book uses completely completely inappropriate material. Wait, What is written by sex educators Isabella Rotman, and Heather Karina, and is encouraged for children ages nine through 14, or grades four through eight to read. 

It’s written from the perspective of five children one of whom is written using they/them pronouns. Another main character was written to be transgender male to female student sections of the book use cartoon pictures to depict several different male and female genitalia and various states of arousal. Wow, that’s, that’s education, according to those in gov ed. So you’ve got a problem in Fort Worth Independent School District. You parents have a problem. It’s too bad so many Republicans like Charlie Gherin are forcing your kids to stay in these degenerate s holes. That is Fort Worth Independent School District schools and being subjected to pornography. I guess Charlie Gherin is into that kind of thing. Also Fort Worth ISD parents upset over woke Girls Inc. School Program. According to local activist the program may cost taxpayers 1000s of dollars to indoctrinate children. With leftist teachings Fort Worth parents plan to protest a proposal to spend 1000s of taxpayer dollars on a left wing after school program called Girls Inc. 

Last year, parents spoke out against Fort Worth ISD Equity and Excellence department which plans to host the program, citing its radical teachings. And at the department’s cost frequently resulting in suppose had cancellation of the department. Fort Worth ISD Board Secretary CJ Evans announced the elimination of the ENE department, but others like trustee Michael Ryan, were more inclined to believe rumors that superintendent and Angelica Ramsey would only cancel the Racial Equity Committee a segment of the end department. This year school budget proposal continued to reference the end department leaving parents confused. Board Meeting Agenda Item in entitled approved contract with a Tarrant County program for the development of girls for the 2023-2024 school year was presented this month and listed as under the contract with the equity and excellence department. A department that is not supposed to even exist anymore, folks. There is something that stinky inside of Tarrant County, and you folks out to know about it. That thing that stinks is left wing extremism. We talk about more of this coming up on the Salcedo Storm Podcast. 

Folks, I want to bring on our guest Carlos Tercios Tarrant County Republican precinct chair he is the co founder of The Republic Observer. Carlos Welcome to Saucedo storm podcast. 

Thank you, Chris, for hosting. 

Well, you know, first off, let me ask you, This is the first I have heard about the Republic observer. What do you guys do there? 

So the Republic Observer was created, you know, four weeks ago. And the reason why, you know, me and two other friends of mine decided to create a conservative media company based in Fort Worth is because for a long time, you know, the city of Fort Worth, has that start Telegram for weekly, you know, the fourth report, and they’ve all been left leaning, they’ve all slandered and attacked conservative groups, churches. And we realized that if we were going to win the culture war, we have to actually create culture, and what better way to create culture and to have, you know, a conservative media site that actually defends you know, fort worth conservatives, and actually promoted voices of conservatives, because the local media outlets are very left wing, and they don’t represent us, they don’t represent the true conservative values of the city of Fort Worth, or the state of Texas. So we started four weeks ago. And we have a team of most of them are my friends they’re from, they used to be part of Turning Point USA, that decided to start writing for this company. And we’ve covered you know, stories such as the roots market protests, that happened a couple of weeks ago here in Magnolia where, you know, the rainbow mob decided to, you know, harass and, you know, protest the Christian market, because, you know, they had the audacity to practice business, you know, practices, which is, you know, if they don’t want to do business with a vendor that does not align with them biblically, then they’re not forced to. 

Yeah, I want to get into that. I want to give that more before we leave the Republic observer. Now, I’ve got to tell the folks out there because in the past, even I, as your liberty loving Latino have been published in the Texas Star Telegram in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, I should say, but the editorial slant in the Star Telegram, as you rightly point out, has gone decidedly left wing and unfair toward conservatives and toward Republicans. So let me ask you, are you getting a lot of support financial and otherwise, for your new for your new endeavor that the Republic Observer?

Right now, we’re using our own financial means to fund the project, although we are meeting with people, such as state representatives, and of course, local business people that are interested in helping us out, we did create a donation link and we are planning to ultimately have a subscription model for the site. So we do have that in the works right now as we speak. And there are a lot of people that are very eager to help. We’ve been passing our business cards, and I am planning to actually do a presentation this August at the Project Fort Worth meeting to talk more about, you know, the Republic Observer and how you know, people can actually help such as donating or subscribing things like that. So that’s already in the works. And we’re having several meetings with people that are interested in actually helping out. 

Well, I’m going to ask you for the name of the website again at the end of the podcast, but tell me the website address now. So folks can go there while you and I are talking. And they can check it out. And hopefully you have a donate button on there so folks can help. Keep you keep you going. What’s the address? 

Yes, it is the, Yes, sir. 

Okay, very good. All right. Well, let’s get to that. That story because it was your story was picked up by the Texas scorecard. The Dateline is Fort Worth due to the removal of an LGBT, LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist vendor Yeah, the Christian owned Roots market on Magnolia was the target of both a protest and a counter protest during their market last weekend. Now I gotta be fair, because I don’t know whether or not these these folks in the LGBTQ vendor are of the cultural Marxist. I mean, some folks out there in the LGBTQ community are not cultural Marxist, they just want to make a buck like everybody else, and they’re not into this, oh, we must destroy everybody else, to create a space for ourselves. So it was probably unfair of me to label them with the cultural Marxist label until I know what they’re about. So why don’t you tell me what this vendor is about, and why this Christian owned roots market got got hit upside the head by protests and counter protests? 

Well, we were there on Saturday. And of course, you know, we took video and we actually took pictures of what was happening, the protesters and counter protesters. And what Roots did this past May, which, you know, got reporting from the report and start telegram is that they, you know, actually booted out one of the vendors that actually signed up to be a part of the market. And the reason they decided to reject one of the vendors, because if you go to the website of this vendor, and I have to find the name, but the vendor had, you know, ‘Queer Latina’, and it had, you know, LGBTQ acronyms, things like that. And so the market, you know, being a Christian market, and one that follows biblical values, you know, decided, you know, to respectfully not be associated with that vendor. And so as a result of that, you know, business practice that most businesses do in America, and it’s very common, the LGBTQ community for several weeks, actually, they’ve been calling to, you know, the Magnolia spot where they would set up the market. And that would be protesting and saying, you know, that they’re bigots, and that, you know, we need to boycott them, even at times where, you know, the market wasn’t even there. And they still rally up where they will be? 

Well, to me, I gotta say, Carlos, to me, that’s like saying to Planned Parenthood, that they must take a pro-life vendor under their roof, who is counseling individuals not to get abortions, but they must be forced to hire that individual and associate with that individual. That is, that is tantamount to what’s going on here, this idea of forced Association. And by the way, that there was no discrimination going on here. There’s just a set of standards. If you’re known as a Christian market, you can’t be seen as hosting somebody that goes against your Christian faith. And that used to be okay. Why do you think it’s not okay, now in the in the city of Fort Worth? 

To have Christian values for the market? Yeah. Mo, why is that all of a sudden, something you got to protest? Well, the reason they’re protesting is because a, like you stated, you know, before, you know, it is a cultural Marxist group. And unfortunately, the vast majority of the of the rainbow mob basically supports Cultural Marxism and basically supports you know, destroying traditional values, because they see that as a threat, they see it as a threat to their way of life. And, of course, they’re gonna go protest, and you’re going to be criticizing, you know, Christians that are just doing day to day activities. They’re just doing normal things that they’ve been doing for centuries. And so the radical left has weaponized the LGBTQ community to try and dismantle the church, is trying to dismantle the family, to try and destroy American traditional values. And if they destroy this values, and if they attack what built this country, then they can easily manipulate the future population for next coming generations. And you’ll see protests everywhere, even in simple things such as the market where they sell, you know, basic, you know, household commodities, you know, whether it be food, candles, lamps, things like that, that we protesting even the simple things, because for them, this is a religion for them. They have to be out there, and dismantle and destroy the very thing that built this country because they want to replace Christianity with their own religion. And that’s their endgame. 

Well, Carlos Tercios is our guest right now, folks, Tarrant County Republican precinct chair and he’s also the co founder of The Republic Observer. And there was another story like this recently in the news, and I know that Texas scorecard covered it as well, with a couple of teachers who worked at a private Christian school just like this is a private market, we’re talking about an in Fort Worth. And those teachers went to a drag show and they posted on social media, which by the way, they signed a contract saying they would not do those kinds of things posting on social media. That wasn’t consistent with the values of their employer. And they signed a contract to that effect. And that there seems to be a lot of parallels between those, those two stories. Do you see that? 

Well, I mean, that Christian, you know, private school, they are a private school. And you know, and at the end of the day, they have the right to decide what rules or regulations are going to be applied for teachers. And, you know, I expect Christian private schools to, you know, uphold those rules, and especially making sure that the teachers actually follow this rules and are actually, you know, biblically in line with what they actually believe in and going to a drag show and posting that, and just doing that, knowing very well that it is actually violation of your employer’s rules, is is a very, is a very ludicrous move for any team to do. And, of course, the teacher decided to go out in public and say that I was attacked, and marginalized because, you know, bigotry, but, you know, it is a Christian school, and going to a drag show going to shows and events like that. And you know, that’s not really something that Christians would really be doing. 

Well, it’s true, and not to mention it violated the contract that teacher signed, you have said you wouldn’t do these things specifically, which was kind of weird. My understanding is, is that it was it specified in the contract, it said Facebook, and that’s exactly where she decided to post those pictures, almost in defiance of the contract she signed. So well, Carlos, I’m glad to have you on because the last week, in the last week’s podcasts we we explored what was going on in the city of, of Houston. And I’d like to explore what’s going on in the city of Fort Worth, because I think, from those even the word casual observers, that that Fort Worth is no longer the conservative Bastion that it once was. Tell me politically from the mayor’s office from general politics. Where is Tarrant County/Fort Worth? Where is it going politically? 

Well, right now, you know, the city council is majority Democrat, and if left Democrat back in 2021, or when the last city council member actually my councilmember Jungus, Jordan, who unfortunately was defeated by a radical progressive socialists named Jared Williams, and the council is majority Democrat. Unfortunately, the five Republicans served 11 council members that we have only one or two really do some work. Everyone else, it just goes along with the flow, they support racial equity to support gender fluidity. Let’s just say there’s not much of a backbone and strong backbone in the city, unfortunately. Other than supporting law enforcement, which is very important, it’s something that we all should be supporting. When it comes to issues such as racial equity, and, you know, removing all the woke Marxist ideology that is infiltrating the city, they fail miserably. The school board is worse, you know, Fort Worth has five Republicans and city council, we only have two in school board out of nine, out of the nine school board members that we have only two of them are Republican, and everyone else side or a Democrat or a full blown progressive socialist. And so the city of Fort Worth right now is at a crossroads, in my opinion, still is able to be saved. If we have the grassroots mobilization of getting people out to vote in getting conservatives to actually get involved in local politics, because we do have the votes and we do have the numbers do that. It’s just going to take a lot of work. And it’s going to take, you know, a lot of work from the Republican Party from the county, you know, to actually make that impact in the city of Fort Worth. 

Yeah, I think that your read is correct. The city of Fort Worth is also having a significant impact on Tarrant County, which I have a lot of a lot of concerns about electorally speaking about what type of leaders we’re sending to Washington what types of leaders we’re sending to to Austin in particular, a man by the name of Charlie Garen. Charlie Garen is an individual has been on my radar screen as one of the one of those who has earned a primary challenger because Charlie Garen he may be a Republican, but he’s no conservative, that’s for sure. In particular, when he decided to vote, to stab every parent, every child, every teacher in the back by a prohibition of school choice, which by the way is school choice and education freedom is supported by the vast majority of Texans, Republicans, Democrats, independents, but he thinks he knows better than the majority of our people. How is how is Charlie Garen regarded in Tarrant County these days? 

Well, no, one knows who Mr.Garen is maybe if you go to 20 of his local constituents and you ask him, you know, who is your state rep, they will not know who he is. And he keeps getting reelected, unfortunately, because he’s able to raise a lot of money. And he’s able to squash and the opposite and hopefully, the next challenge or stay with to actually defeat him because he needs to go just like Greg Goldman cake rankers another person that also needs to go. And these weak Republicans, you know, they may be in the Republican Party, but unfortunately, they’re not fighting to actually be warriors because the left and Democrat Party, what do they do? They go out there and they’ll gladly call you racist. They go out to you know, gladly push what they actually believe in. But unfortunately, we have Republicans that are so are so locked in and loaded with the Democrat party that they don’t want to, they don’t want to offend them. They don’t want to do anything that might be contrary to them because they want to be friends with them they want to get by. 

I you know, I’ve I’ve observed that too, that it seems that Charlie Garen and the John Cornyn ‘s and the K Grangers of the world, they wake up every day trying to figure out how they can fix their lips onto the butt cheek of the nearest Democrat they can find and there is a stunning lack of values of core values there. That’s on display. Being a Republican is meaningless if you have somebody who is as stalwart and principled as Ted Cruz, and somebody who is lacking such values, like John Cornyn as part of the same party, what does being a Republican mean? And Carlos, one of the examples I see on this is on illegal immigration. The Republicans, like John Cornyn are good at giving lip service saying this is terrible, while they fully fund as John Cornyn did voted to fully fund illegal immigration. And what I’m noticing in the Latino community, having been decimated by these policies, floated and pushed by Democrats, but fully funded by Republicans, that there seems to be a great awakening, much like is happening in the black community among Latinos. But it isn’t just to say, oh, no, we know that the Democrats are all bad. They’re also starting to become more discerning in the Latino community about finding those Republicans who are turncoats as well, are you seeing the same thing? 

I am seeing the same thing, I helped get, you know, several people to run for office. And I’ve met so many Republican Latino activists, and they know that not every single Republican, you know, is actually a good Republican. You know, they understand that there are those Republicans that, you know, say the Republicans say they have conservative values, but in reality they don’t. And they are critical of people within the party, because we have to be critical people in the party. And unfortunately, you have those elected officials that, you know, continue to backstab us. And they continue to allow the radical left to just infiltrate and to flood the state of Texas and Tarrant County, with illegal aliens, with their corrupt dark money, and most importantly, with their politics and influence. And we need to make sure that we have strong conservatives elected to office and a lot of Latinos that I’ve met are very critical of many Republicans. And I see that as a greater, you know, awakening, like you’ve said, and it’s something that is very positive, in my opinion, because it’s actually going to force a lot of people that want to run in the future or Olympic, they’re running for reelection. It’s going to force them to realize that if they don’t have a backbone, they will not last that long. 

Yeah. Well, you know what, as I said, you’re seeing in the black community after they have started to wake up there are friends in the black community, and recognize that after 70 plus years of undying unquestioned devotion to the Democrat Socialist Party, that their lives are far worse off, their communities are in shambles, and crime ridden, and they just keep on voting for the same people doing these things to them. And that’s, they’re finally awakening there. So Carlos Tercios. Do me a favor. Give that website one more time. To the Republic observer, the Republican observer, folks, you can help the foundation of a brand new conservative publication, challenging the big boys and in Fort Worth and in Tarrant County, where can they go? 

It is the And we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

All right, man. Hey, congratulations on the launch. Let me know we can do to support your efforts over there. And thanks for being here on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you, Chris. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this. I’ll say the storm podcast do me a favor friends visit a couple of websites. First one is Texas. The second one is Chris Now at Texas You’re gonna get all the news that’s fit to print in Texas at Chris You’re gonna get me all of our Social media hookups and where to find the Chris Salcedo shows on KSEV TV and on Newsmax TV. So until we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends. 

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