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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Is the GOP Waving The White Flag In The Face Of Inferior Democrats?

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Quisha King is a fighter for faith, culture, and politics for the next generation. One of her missions is to expand school choice and encourage parents to trigger a mass exodus out of gov-ed. She’s the host of the Quisha King Show.

Carl DeMaio is the host of The California Report on AM 600 KOGO, in San Diego. He’s a former city councilman and the chairman of Reform California.

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Last week, the Republicans voted to make their unofficial impeachment inquiry, and official impeachment inquiry, raising a lot of questions. Wait a minute. So you’ve been doing it unofficially this entire time? Now you’re going to vote to do it officially? And how much more time because you’ve already wasted an entire year because of this unofficial inquiry, and now you’re going to launch the official inquiry. So wait a minute, are you going to march us right up to the election, then we’re going to hear from Republicans? Oh, you know what? We’re so close to the election.

Now, we don’t want to impeach Joe Biden, we’ll let the we’ll let the voters decide. Folks, I can almost write the script. It just seems like the Republican Party is dragging their feet and, frankly, trying to run out the clock. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this tactic. And I I just can’t shake the feeling. That’s what’s going on here right now. Now, why would I say something like that? Let me let me give an example. The first half of this year this by actually most of the year, the House Republicans on Capitol Hill run by a guy by the name of Kevin McCarthy, who by the way, is not even going to finish out his term. He’s going to retire at the end of the year. Here is Kevin McCarthy endorsing President Trump and says, you know, I’ll even serve on his cabinet if he gets reelected. So listen to this. Will Donald Trump be the nominee? Yes.

And the Republican Party? Yes. And if Biden stays as the nominee for the Democrats, I believe Donald Trump will win. I believe the Republicans will gain more seats in the House and the Republicans will win the Senate.

Can you count on your support? Yes. That’s an endorsement.

I will support the president I will support President Trump. Would you be willing to serve in a Trump cabinet? In the right position? Look, if if I’m the best person for the job? Yes. I worked with President Trump on a lot of policies I we work together to win the majority. But we also have a relationship where we’re very honest with one another.

Okay, so I wonder if this from Speaker Kevin former speaker, Kevin McCarthy came up as he was being honest with President Trump have a listen and look at the Democrats.

They actually look like America. When I look at my party, we look like the most restrictive Country Club in America.

Okay, so let let that sink in for a minute. The former Speaker of the Republican Party says his own party looks like a restrictive Country Club. And the Democrats look like America really look like America. I’m sorry. The Republican Party, Demographically speaking, is rather diverse. A lot of women, a lot of whites, men of color, women of color. So I don’t know if he was just referring to the House of Representatives and the Senate. Or if he was talking about the party writ large all over the country. I don’t think it’s a very fair analysis on his part, and I think it comes from a a prejudice against his own party, the conservative base of his own party. I just my opinion. I don’t think Kevin McCarthy has been keeping The Republican Party slash Republican voters interests at heart as he has been basically rubber stamping everything the the Democrats have been doing all 2023. And I wish I could say that speaker Mike Johnson was doing something to reverse that as of yet. Every must pass bill that has gone through has been nothing but Democrat priorities. Not one Republican agenda item has been implemented in these in these bus pass bills. It’s just the way it is. And it reminds me a lot of what’s happening here in Texas. As you all know, there was a recent vote about introducing universal school choice and education freedom into the state of Texas.

And it was defeated, because 21 so called Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with socialists against the will of their own voters. Because the majority of Texans, the majority of Republican voters, as well, the majority of Democrat voters as well. The majority of independents want parental school choice and education freedom. So, no matter who you claim to be voting for when you vote against education, freedom, you are you are voting against the majority, no matter which demographic you’re looking at, unless it’s, you know, just a gov Ed administrators. But the names of these Republicans, Steve Allison, Ernest bales, Keith Bell, Dwayne burns, Travis Clardy, J. Dean, Drew Darby Charlie Garin, Justin Holland, Ken King, John Campbell, Stan Lambert, Glen Rogers hue shine, Reggie Smith, Gary van Deaver, those were the 21 betrayers of Texas parents of Texas Children, even of Texas Teachers, because they chose to side with socialists over the majority of their own voters, and the majority of the voters of Texas. It’s sick, and it’s disgusting, and they should pay a huge price. Now. I’m gonna go through those names again, but I’m going to give you their challengers. Because I think even if you’re listening to this podcast out of state, and you want to give a pro Democrat Republican their comeuppance and you got some spare money to throw around, you might want to choose some of these races.

Steve Allison is being challenged by Mark LaHood and Michael champion. Earnest bail is being challenged by Janice Holt and Stephen Missick. Keith Bell is being challenged by Joshua Ferran Stein, or Feuerstein, Dwayne burns being challenged by Helen Kerwin or Linden Laird, Travis Clardy, who, you know that borrow a phrase from Trump as a real beauty. Travis Clardy, being challenged by Joan Shoffner drew Darby being challenged by stormy Bradley J. Dean being challenged by Bonnie Walters. Joe McDaniel, Charlie Garin is being challenged by a goblin of Jack Reynolds, and Boyd is Charlie Garin for everything. Every injury he’s inflicted onto the state deserves that challenge. Justin Holland being challenged by Dennis London, and Katrina Pierson. I actually reached out to Katrina Pierson about this and we’re going to be getting her on soon. Praise God. Can King is being charged a challenge I should say by Karen post. John Campbell has a lot of challenges. Greg Schweitzer David framework, Allen Schoolcraft Stan Lambert being challenged by Charles Barron and Liz case, Glen Rogers being challenged by Mike Olocot Hugh shine, has earned opposition from Hilary Hicklin, who we ever interviewed and David Ford, Reggie Smith, is being challenged by Shelley Luther herself. That’s right, from the pandemic days. And she’s got a lot of popular support. And Gary van dever Dale holes and Chris Spencer, challenging Gary van Deaver, who again is Trump would say one of these beauties. One of these beauties out there.

Every one of these individuals who call themselves Republicans who sided with socialists over their voters deserve to be defeated. And in those cases where there are multiple challengers I’m not I’m not choosing anybody. I’m just saying that as a general rule, if you’re a politician who legislate against the will of your people, you do not deserve to be in political office Period. End of sentence we discuss The Republican Party writ large, and how it seems to be shrinking. Under this large lurch left the massive socialist push by the Democrats coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast.

I had a panel scheduled this morning to talk about some of the issues of the day, including with the Republican Party and as soon as we can get everybody in here. We’ll try I love we’ll just continue on with a segment because I think it’s still going to be a great discussion with a longtime friend of mine. Called a mile. He’s the host of the California report on AM 600 kogo in San Diego. He’s a former city councilman and chairman of Reformed California. Carl, glad you made it here to the Salcedo storm podcast first time Yes,

Yes, it is. And as a radio guy myself, I I understand how difficult it is to juggle guests and schedules. So happy to be your guest today.

All right. Yes, sir. So let’s see you and I talk because we got this conversation started on Newsmax yesterday. And I want to I thought it was so good. Because this is what’s happening. I believe in the national level. What’s happening to a smaller degree in Texas, happened in California a long time ago, where the Republican Party just disintegrated just just fell apart and stopped standing for anything. So let’s let’s start here. After the Republican Party moves heaven and earth to expel George Santos, they give the admitted Democrat criminal Jamaal Bowman a meaningless censure, just like they did California Democrat Adam Schiff. This is this is the the Republicans saying yes, we now agree that Democrats need to be treated special, and Republicans need to have the book thrown at them. How else can you read this? Well,

So when I was on your Newsmax show, I disagree. And let me explain why. I believe that Santos should have been expelled? Absolutely. Because the case against him was so overwhelming. And it shows a pattern of outright dishonesty of violating campaign finance laws that are felonies, stealing money, wire fraud impersonation, the guy is mentally ill, I’ve met him. And he’s always been a kook. And I don’t think that he is fit to serve

And he’s is that a good guy? Let’s just go ahead and say He’s accused of some pretty shady stuff. We can all agree with that. Okay.

So you can say that someone is accused and I know that everyone gets their day in court as it relates to them in their personal capacity and whether they will go serve jail time for what they’ve done. But some point evidence is so overwhelming, as to indicate it as to show that someone is unethical and unfit for office and so expelling someone from the legislature is absolutely due process. And absolutely appropriate because we hold our politicians to a higher standard. Oh, great. Yes, he still he still gets his day in court. Chris absolutely deserves his day in court, or he goes to jail, and I believe he will be serving time in jail I met. This is an open and shut case on so many fronts. But I’m so sick and tired of politicians continuing to serve in office, getting their pensions, getting their salaries, getting their staff being treated like they’re somehow above all of us when they’re absolute street criminals. What Mr. Santos was,

let’s let’s pivot to shift then. So here’s Schiff, who, who misrepresented in the middle of an official congressional proceeding. Even though we have the transcripts in front of us, he out and out lied, weaponized intelligence against our people and against the opposing party. Now, I think that’s, that’s even more disgraceful and disgusting if you would take the nation’s intelligence and weaponize it against your fellow Americans. I think that’s even more egregious of what what George Santos is accused of. But the Republicans said no, no, no, we don’t want to give him any penalties. Adam Schiff, we’re just going to censure him a meaningless censure, but no financial penalties. And then you’re absolutely right. And then and then Jamaal Bowman, pulling down the fire alarm disrupting an official proceeding of Congress, and he’s convicted, he is a criminal and the Republicans give him a century or two, I think we should address the fact that Republicans are so willing to attack their own and hold standards for their own, but they’re not willing to hold the Democrats to the same standard.

Absolutely. You’re absolutely right about that. You okay, so, as much as I agree that we should get rid of Santos. I also agree that Schiff and Bowman should also have been expelled. Now here’s the thing, people will say, well, it doesn’t just create bad precedent. No, what it does is it holds these these politicians accountable, to clean up their corrupt practices to stop the weaponization of the intel community to stop lying to stop, the behavior has to be called out now, as soon as you do with a few of them. They will clean up their act. Now. If the voters decide they want to send Adam Schiff back or Bowman back or god forbid, Santos back, then the voters have an opportunity to do that. And then obviously, the members of Congress will be rebuked in their expulsion. But there needs to be a higher standard. And I think that we have loud bad behavior for too long on both sides of the aisle because I when it comes to ethics, there should be no democrat or republican label. I was one of the first as you know, to call for the resignation or removal of Duncan Hunter several years ago when he I remember stole camp stole campaign funds. And I took a lot of heat from Republicans at the time. And I said, look, the guy has clearly broken the law. This is an egregious violation of professional standards and conduct and ethics. And if you can’t clean up your own mess and within your own party, then you have no credibility criticizing the other side. And so, you know, as much as I appreciate the fact that the Republicans did take the right action with Santos, as you pointed out, they have a they have an inconsistent standard. They’re not holding the Democrats accountable. And remember, Christian, you’ve talked about this a lot. The January 6 protesters and there’s no excuse for them, disrupting proceedings, no excuse for them walking into that building without authorization. But there’s serving sentences of up to 10 years, 12 years, and Jamaal Bowman basically does the same thing. He disrupts an official proceeding, and he’s allowed to serve in Congress. Now. Now he should be expelled. And you do that one or two times and the behavioral imprint? Well, look

Man, I gotta tell you, and also there was that there was that invasion of the capitol where a bunch of left wingers shut it down. And they got off with no charges. They’re not in solitary confinement. They’re not having their due process rights taken away. And again, this is this is the problem. The Republican Party has accepted the the double standard of justice, the two tiered system of justice, Democrats can do whatever the hell they want. But if Republicans do the same thing, oh, we’re gonna throw the book at them. And I do I believe in the equal application of standards, and it’s sad. The Republican Party doesn’t let me play for you. The National Defense Authorization Act is is being I would say it’s being debated but it’s not. It’s not. It’s being cooked up behind closed doors by Mike Johnson, by Chuck by Chuck Schumer and some other random folks out there. And everybody else is being shut out of the process. And Marjorie Taylor Greene letting us know what’s in this NDA. And you may not be shocked to know Carl, that it has zero conservative zero Republican win And the Democrats get everything they want listen to this. Well,

let me tell you what the final product is and the deal that was made. So they’re the policy is in place, that funding is there for abortion travel, the policy is still in place for trans in the military and everything that goes with it Democrat trans policy Democrat abortion policy. 300 million for Ukraine is back in the NDAA. Even though I had worked hard to take it out, it’s back in. And furthermore, here’s the worst news. It gets a clean FISA extension through April.

Okay. And you know about the FISA abuses of crossfire hurricane. So here’s my question. I and let me set it up this way. I don’t believe the Republicans should get everything they want and divided government, I believe there should be a compromise. But now we’ve come to find out the the Republicans idea of compromises Democrats get everything they want. And Republicans get nothing. And this is another must pass bill, the Republicans have surrendered on No, no,

I totally agree. The Republicans control the majority, which means they get to decide what bills go to the House floor. The Democrats don’t get to do that. The NDAA is going to pass because Republicans are going to let the bill go to the floor. We’ll probably have about 50 to 70. Republicans stand on principle and vote no, but probably 200 or 180. Democrats will vote yes. And a bad bill will pass. Well, then why do we have the majority if we’re so willing to put a bad bill on the floor. And so what’s in this bill, it includes funding for for not only abortion, but it includes funding for transgender sex reassignment surgeries, which can cost up to $500,000 for servicemembers I don’t know about you. And again, I’m a live and let live guy, you know, do what you want to do in your private life, go find yourself and be happy. But when you are joining the military, you are joining not to get a taxpayer funded sex change operation you’re joining to defend the homeland, you don’t want joining to dues to the mission. And the idea that we’re diverting funds from defense preparedness and readiness to give sex change operations to a bunch of Yahoo’s that is absolutely unacceptable in terms of where we are with the threats to this country, the limited resources, we have the idea that Republicans would sit there and say, Sure, we’re okay with the the bill going to the floor. Well, then, you know what, I want names. I want a list of Republicans who are okay with that provision. And what they’ll say is, well, I don’t like that provision. But I like some of these other things in the bill. No, no, no, no, no, no, you allowed a bill that has that in it. You could have removed that and told the Senate. Look, this is all we’re willing to do. We’re willing to do this, but we’re not willing to do that. Yep, you can join us in compromise. And we can, you know, maybe fight over the other stuff. But this hostage taking and the window dressing needs to be called out the Republicans own that provision now because they let the bill go on the floor. And that is the I have are now 40 Is you control the bills that go to the floor. Yeah,

well, exactly. You know what, let’s let’s bring in somebody as part of this conversation, a Keisha King. She’s a fighter for faith, culture and politics. For the next generation. One of her missions is to expand school choice and encourage parents to trigger a mass exodus out of Gov Ed, we share that in common she and I, She’s the host of the Keisha King Show Keisha, glad you made it. Welcome to the Salcedo show.

Thanks for having me, Chris.

So let me tee something up for you. Kevin McCarthy is now leaving the Congress. He’s not he’s not fulfilling his obligation to the voters he’s leaving at the at the end of this year, and not finishing out his term. And this is leading many people to speculate that the Republican leadership, the Democrats have been saying Republicans are incapable of governing. And it seems that they’re right. They are absolutely incapable of governing. And it seems the Republicans are jonesing to give control back of the house representatives back to the Democrats without ever holding an election. What do you think about that?

I think it’s embarrassing. What we’ve been seeing the Republicans do, considering that they’re the Democrats ideas are so terrible. We criticize them all the time, and now we have some power, and we can’t exercise it. It just looks like we really don’t know what we’re doing. And it’s shocking because we’ve been saying all this time. Democrats don’t know what they’re doing. They are you know, they’re crazy to hear, you know, for lack of a better word. They aren’t very smart. Their ideas are bad. But here we are. We have control. We don’t know how was to exercise that control that benefit our side and benefit the country and the next generation because let’s be honest, every time we don’t get something right, it’s really affecting the next generation. Yeah, we have a lot of time to mess up. It is

and you know what? I’m going to bring Carl and unit to to address this because, look, I had Senator Tuberville on my program when he dropped his, his hold on all of these woke promotions to push this woke agenda in the United States military. And also he was standing up to stop taxpayer money from funding abortions, which is a violation of the Hyde Amendment. But our but our government is going to be breaking the law, because Republicans have signed on to it. And something didn’t smell right. So I started doing some digging. And Carl, what I found out is at Tommy Tuberville was being threatened by nine other Republicans that they were going to side with Democrats to undermine his hold, and it would set such a bad precedent. So tuber Bill had a choice set a really bad precedent going forward, or just surrender on this one, because the Republicans stabbed him nine Republicans, and I’m trying to find out all their names before I release all of their names stabbed the senator in the back. And to me, Carl, this means the two party system is dead if it was ever real, to begin with. And and the idea that Republicans their own worst enemy, are Republicans. I think I think this lends credence to to this notion that Democrats have been out there saying the entire time Republicans are incapable of governing what say you?

Well, it’s par for the course. I’m not surprised in the least this has happened time and time again. And you know, you never see Democrats do this, by the way, Democrats never knife their own. They don’t say, oh, you know, we’re gonna go along with the Republicans and we’re going to force your hand. No, it always is a one way street. And so, you know, this is why the Republican base, the conservative voters out there are so angry and have lost confidence with the Republican Party nationally, is that we have these turncoats and it is a big problem in the party. We need to have a reckoning, we need to make this an issue in primaries. And if these Republicans can’t fight for principled positions and stay together, then they don’t deserve to be in office. And if that means we lose the majority for a cycle fine, because really, we don’t have a majority that reflects the voters intent. We have people who run on these issues, lie to voters go to Washington and then do exactly the opposite. And they do it with a smile. They think we’re stupid. We see the results. Right? Yeah, they are. They’re training.

And Keisha right now, Democrat priorities are being done in the name of republicanism. And that’s why I’ve said pro Democrat, Republicans are probably the greatest threat to this country, aside from the Democrat policies themselves. And Carl hit on it. There are no unifying principles in the Republican Party. When I say Democrat, you know exactly what those people are all about. When I say Republican. Well, let’s see what kind of Republican he talking about you talking about Ted Cruz, who was actually a real conservative, we’re talking about Mitt Romney, who is more of a Democrat. So doesn’t doesn’t the Republican Party needed to find an identity and what they really stand for? First and foremost?

Absolutely. And Carl is so right, you know, and one of the other things that’s scary about this, too, is that it’s happening, even in local elections, it’s happening in local parties as well. I am seeing this in city in the city Republic, city, Republicans, state Republicans, and nationally. And so you know, if we don’t get this, if we start to turn this around, I totally agree. You have to primary these people. You have to get them out of office. And we have to say, well, we’re not going to vote for you, unless and until you do what we’re sending you in office to do. You have to put our foot down and make sure that we know what’s going on, because we like to we know sort of historically what Republicans have been about as Republicans, but we don’t know a lot of times what’s going on right now the good old days. So because of that lack of education. You know, we have people that will just oh, they see the art and they just vote

Yeah, that’s that’s got to stop. And you know, the good old days when Republican the word Republican actually meant something. Keisha King Carl de mio guys, Merry Christmas to the both of you. Thanks for being here. Thank you Merry Christmas, and ask him to put a wrap on the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor kids visit Texas That’s the first website, Texas We’ll keep track of all of the challenges There’s two individuals who call themselves Republicans but whose side was socialist Democrats against their voters. And there are 21 individuals who sided against we the people on parental school choice and education freedom and each one of them has a challenger. So make sure you stick with Texas scorecard they’ll keep you up to speed on what’s happening in those races. Also pay a visit to That’s where you find me the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio simulcast on rumble on getting on Newsmax two. And you will also find the Chris Salcedo show in the afternoon on television on Newsmax across the country. Four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends.

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