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Adam Guillette (Guh-LET) is the president of Accuracy in Media. Founded in 1969, Accuracy in Media uses investigative journalism and cultural activism to hold bad public policy actors accountable.

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Done a podcast in a while about the basket of bias press. I haven’t done I haven’t done much talking about the the betrayal of our people because by the press, because to be quite honest, the press is made up of Democrats, they’re made up of Marxists. They’re made up of socialists. 

So when the Democrats have an agenda to push, you can always rely on the biased press to cover up for the real intentions of that agenda and to run interference for Democrats. Be an example of one of the things I’m talking about. How many of you are suspect of what Dr. Anthony Fauci did during the China virus pandemic? 

Has there been fair reporting by the lion’s share of the biased press? The answer is no. The answer is absolutely not. If there if there was fair reporting and the so called journalist believed, and delivering information that benefitted our people getting to the truth, then you would have seen this coverage I’m about ready to talk about in in mainstream circles, but you didn’t see it on ABC, NBC, CBS, you didn’t hear it from the Democrat Morning News of the Houston comical or the Washington Post or, or the New York Times. Dr. Fauci had an NIH lab that infected bats with Wuhan China virus obtained from a zoo near Camp David, according to a report. This is coming from just the news. 

A 15 minute drive from Camp David presidential retreat. A low rated zoo gave the National Institutes of Health several bats to infect with a Coronavirus from the same Chinese lab that some federal agencies believe is responsible for the China virus outbreak. According to a new investigation and published research. The white coat waste project, which fights taxpayer funding of wasteful government animal experiments said Monday it’s using Freedom of Information Act requests to get more details about the taxpayer funded experiments documented in a 2018 paper in the journal viruses. 

Former NIh director, Dr. Anthony Fauci oversaw the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Rocky Mountain laboratories in Montana, where he did the research with bats from Maryland’s Oh, dear Lord, how do you pronounce this Maryland’s Catoctin Wildlife Preserve? who’s director of animal health Laurie Hahn is a former NIH lead veterinary technician for animal research. 

The virus is paper authored by Montana lab researchers and Wuhan Institute of virology collaborator Ralph Berek of the University of North Carolina determined that the China virus SARS like wi v one Coronavirus, first isolated from Chinese Rufus horseshoe bats could not cause a robust infection in the 12 Egyptian fruit bats from the zoo for were euthanized and tested. The paper does not say which zoo employees signed off on the bats transfer to NIH. 

By WCW suspects Han played an instrumental role, folks it was being done on our soil before it was transferred to Wuhan. Can you believe this? I know did any of your basket of bias press folks detail this? Nope. Here’s another example. How many of you know the name the Koch brothers? Do you know the name of the Koch brothers these these are big Republican traditional Republican establishment Republican fundraisers financiers. And the reason why you know about the Koch brothers is because the basket The bias press has been maligning them for years. 

Now, how many of you have seen ABC NBC, CBS, the Democrat Morning News, the Houston comical scene, the Washington Post New York Times do an expose a on George Soros and left wing finance ears. Oh, you don’t see that done? No, because they don’t want you to know who the left wing sugar daddies are because they want the money and the perks to keep on flowing. 

Elon Musk asked about George Soros and his thoughts, as he weighed in on Twitter. I mean, Soros actually, you know, he is I believe the top contributor to the Democratic Party. The second one was Sam Zachman. So, and Soros I don’t know, I mean, well, hold on Sam bank been freed. Sam bank been freed, of course, as you know, is the guy who built all those people and that cryptocurrency scam. So of course, he is a big Democrat donor. He had a very difficult upbringing. He’s talking about Soros now. And in my opinion, he fundamentally hates humanity. That’s my opinion. 

Really? Yeah. I mean, well, he’s doing things that erode the fabric of civilization, you know, getting TAS elected who refuse to prosecute crime as part of the problem in San Francisco, and LA and a bunch of other cities. So why would you do that? Was it humanity, or is it just the United States as a whole? nother country Sue? thing? 

Yeah. Yeah. Joe Rogan podcast right there folks, sitting down with Elon Musk. So yeah, George Soros, a bad dude. But it takes Joe Rogan and Elon Musk to have a conversation about what he’s up to. Because the basket of bias press won’t do it because they’re not looking out for you. They’re looking out for Democrats. They’re looking out for leftists. They’re looking out for those who push counter American counter Western civilization, policies, ideas, and notions. 

I mean, think about it. George Soros is an admitted Nazi collaborator who says he doesn’t regret doing it. That was in a CBS interview. That was a long time ago today. No, no, no, there’ll be no expos a on the man and a several other people who are wealthy financiers backing the fall of Western civilization just won’t happen. Because as stated, Tobias press isn’t looking out for you remember, Bill O’Reilly used to sign off saying, Hey, we’re looking out for you guess what? The biased press is not. 

The biased press basically hates you despises you despises your freedom. Every bit as much as the Democrats radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. Do they despise you? We continue our evaluation of the press, their lack of performance and their commitment to the American Left wing and making sure those policies continue to harm our people coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

So in all of this rigmarole whether it be the speaker’s race, such as it was, whether it be the fighting going on in Israel, the Democrats Jew hating problem back here at home, how is the press covering things or covering up things, which is typically what they have been up to the press likes to cover or manufacture charges against Republicans and conservatives, actually conservatives, and then cover up Democrat malfeasance by omission normally, or by spin, and other in other arenas. So let’s talk about experts who monitor what’s going on in media in the press. Adam Goulet is the president of accuracy in media founded in 1969, accuracy in media uses investigative journalism and cultural activism to hold bad public policy actors accountable. Adam, welcome to Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you so much for having me. 

So the speaker fight? How have you guys been covering this? From what from which angle and who’s getting it right? And who’s getting it wrong in their coverage? 

You know, it’s a totally tricky thing. Because at the end of the day, what the mainstream media wants to do, what all these outlets want to do is tell their audience what they want to hear. So for the MSNBC, The New York Times, they’re simply gonna say, these crazy radicals can’t choose a normal person as their speaker. And therein lies the problems. For other I want to placate America based, even when they know that what they’re telling that base isn’t true. They simply tell them, well, this person is a rhino, he’s not really a real conservative, even though if you look back at half the records of these people running around claiming to be conservative, they voted for trillions of dollars in spending increases under Trump under George W. Bush, but they only talked a good conservative game when there’s a Democrat in the White House. So it’s really consistent with what we’ve seen for a number of years. Now. There’s a fragmented media landscape, and they just tell their audience what that audience wants to hear. 

Right. And that’s it. See, I came out on Friday and basically said the Republican Party, like the Democrat Party is, they’re in it for themselves. It’s a government of the government, by the government for the government. And that’s what what not, whether it be Fox, whether it be MSN BS, doesn’t matter. They they don’t go down that road. And they don’t, we articulated as conservatives, because as a conservative, I have no party affiliation. So I could take apart the various factions inside the Republican Party, those who are more aligned talking about doing a deal with Democrats. Right, right. To put the Democrats back in charge, we talked about the individuals who want to who want to keep the gravy train going so that they can continue to fleece, the American taxpayers. And that’s in conservative media. I think that we’re probably the closest thing and maybe you disagree, but we’re the closest thing to an equal opportunity offender, because we will call out both of these, the both of these sides. What do you think? 

Well, that’s right, the outlets that are actually ideologically consistent like yours, and call it conservative or conservative when they behave that way. And we’ll call them out when they book Democrat even though there’s an R next to their name. These are few and far between yours is one of the great examples of So, but it’s unfortunately, a really rare thing. And what that means is our side doesn’t exactly understand the flaws occurring within conservatives within liberty. Because many of our outlets just tell us, no, no, they’re on our team. They’re the good guys. And I want to get an interview with them later this week. So they’re doing a fantastic job, even though you know, you and I follow this stuff closely. So many of these people, they as I said, behave only like a conservative when there’s a dem in the White House. 

Right? You know what I gotta say that we have reached out to people who have in the past come on the program and love to talk about conservatism. But they’ve, but because of their votes for speaker, we can’t seem to get them on. And I’m wondering, I’m wondering why that is. Adam Goulet is our guest right now, folks, he’s the president of accuracy in media. Let’s turn our attention to the war. And you Well, one of them, because as as we all know, since Joe Biden took over the Oval Office, the world has descended into chaos, absent American leadership and strength. So you’ve got you’ve got, of course, the war on Ukraine, which I think that the press, by and large, is, is for any amount of money fleecing the American taxpayers to go ahead and and finance the war on Ukraine. Is that pretty much your read? Or are there some journalistic outfits out there that are looking critically at the money that’s being spent and sent? 

You know, it’s a really hard thing to follow in that regard, because everybody’s got their own individual angle. And this is one of the things that crosses party lines. You have to their credit, some Democrats who are consistently anti war, and you have some Republicans who are anti war because they’re sick of the neocon attitude. Others who think no, this is a more cost effective way to weaken our enemies. So it makes it a really tricky thing. where you’ll get news outlets that have contradictory viewpoints, which I almost kind of love seeing, you’ll get outlets like the Wall Street Journal where you hear both viewpoints for and against our involvement in the war. You’ll also get people saying things like, well, Solinsky and these guys are a bunch of Nazis. And it’s Alinsky as a Jew, you know, he might have a corrupt regime, I don’t know. But you know, I deal with the same thing I’m a Jew and left calls me and not be all the time. So when I see news outlets saying Zelinsky is a Nazi, even though he’s a Jew, I’m like, well, he might not be the best. They probably don’t let too many Jews in that club, his country might have a lot of corruption as to a lot of the countries in that part of the world. But to just out now, you know, for for people to say that they’re a bunch of crazy Nazis. It’s like, well, what is your rail angle your because clearly that’s not true. 

And I don’t think that I’m speaking of the other war now a nice transition, by the way, into the the Israeli war against Hamas. I think the American press spent maybe maybe a half day, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, a full day of coverage of the attack on on Israel. And then they pivoted quickly to the poor terrorists, the poor Palestinians, the poor folks of Gaza, and that’s where they’ve been stuck like a broken record about what about Gaza? What about Gaza? What about Gaza? Is that your evaluation? Or am I oversimplifying? 

This one really strikes a chord to me personally, you know, obviously, it’s so ridiculous that we’ve known for decades that these people love to use civilians as human shields, yet nevertheless, the media doesn’t publish stories about the history of this. They’ve been doing this for x long, you know, they hide their weapons in hospitals and schools. Instead, as you said, they just said, Holy cow look at these evil Israeli butchers who happened to kill civilians. Oh, wait, it turns out it wasn’t actually them who sent the bomb the missile at the hospital. And what really personally is driving me nuts at the moment is our organization accuracy immediately, we’ve been calling out radical leftist campus anti Semites, most notably at Berkeley Law. 30 groups signed a proclamation blaming Israel entirely for the terrorism. So we sent them a will billboard to their campus with their names and their pictures. And it had the titles Harvard leading anti Semites. What the media do, you know, the New York Times CNN, MSNBC, they all ran stories, the New York Times it was on the front page, saying that we sent the Daxing truck to their campus. We didn’t Doc’s, anybody, we don’t share phone numbers. We don’t share private addresses. We share names and pictures of the leaders of the student organizations. And the thing is, we got the names and pictures from news stories. Wasn’t Daxing when they published the names and pictures of the student leaders, yet somehow it’s detoxing when we do it. Outrageous. 

Well see and then let’s before I get on to on to the the hospital attack specifically, there is a story out there cos Patel is doing a lot of talking and cost. Patel’s identified three individuals which I got a story on that that we’ve been covering since last Friday. He is saying that the the Biden regime left wingers Of course, if you if you want to find out who is supporting America’s enemies, all you got to do is look and find a Democrat. Joe Biden has hired either pro Hamas or pro Iranian folks. one guy’s name’s Malley, even though he denies any wrongdoing. He’s had his national security clearance revoked because the guy’s a pro Hamas, pro Iranian facilitator, and this guy is now under under investigation over the they won’t tell us why. And he said a security clearance revoked. I think this is what a lot of that the lion’s share of the press is trying to protect here, Adam, is the fact that Democrats like to hire our enemies to empower our enemies to infiltrate and bring down this nation. And they’re and they and the media is mind. They deserve the right to do that without the without the glaring sunlight that the media would shine on this. Is that a fair analysis? 

That’s exactly accurate. And it’s very similar to what we’re seeing at Harvard and all of these campuses, when the students were doing less controversial activism, the media was more than happy to share their name and their titles in these organizations and whatnot. Now that they’ve come down explicitly on the sides of terrorists, they’re circling the wagons and try to protect these campus radicals as much as they can. It’s simply unbelievable. You summed that up so well at the start when you said they gave it about a day before switching sides, and once again, being on the side of the terrorists. There was one day where they were able to run the accurate story of yeah, they flew into an EDM music festival in the desert, killed and raped young girls before parading around their dead bodies and decapitated children. They spent the day saying, Yeah, that’s probably bad before quickly the next day saying, Yeah, but Israel is the worst. They represent Western civilization. Western civilization is terrible. They’re on the side of open liberty and freedom and individualism. Thus, they are the enemy. And it speaks to the fact that intersectionality the tactic they use to get all these broad based movements, that organizations to sign up for things that are oftentimes against their views. Intersectionality is what drives the modern left. It’s how they get, you know, auto workers to team up with environmentalists Want to ban automobiles? It’s how they get people on college campuses to come out in favor of terrorists and get LGBTQ groups to come out in favor of radical Muslim groups that would throw them off of a building. And this intersectionality runs through the media. 

Yeah, you know what, ABC, NBC, CBS, they wouldn’t want to make these radical Jew haters. I wouldn’t want to make them angry. Those are future Democrat voters. after all. Let’s talk about the hospital attack. Because I think that, that I cannot think of any media organization that apologized for their adopting, I can’t even believe I’m gonna say this. They adopted a terrorist organizations talking points, before they waited for things to just pan out and to actually confirm it for themselves, because they so wanted to believe that Jews would attack a Gaza hospital that’s been standing what since the 1800s, when Anglican missionaries built the thing. So yeah, I don’t know of any of the so called press agencies that that have apologized for their coverage for what six to eight hours. 

On real, absolutely unreal, they report anything that fits their worldview, immediately, without even checking back that’s replaced, checking facts. If it meets my worldview, I’m in for it. And of course, if it’s against their worldview, that means not that they’re gonna have to just report that anyway and grin and bear it, but rather, they’ve got to find whatever facts they can to try to undermine the actual narrative of what happened. To see CNN and other outlets dive right into, oh, look what Israel did, and then slowly walk it back quietly with nobody looking pathetic. You know, it’s a great reminder that the more of this left wing media that you watch less informed you really are. 

Well, let’s talk about that. Because as as you know, they called when individuals who didn’t even set foot in the capitol but had their due process rights suspended their freedoms taken away, some of them still in indefinite detention. Others like Brandon Straka had the book thrown at them, even though he was never in the Capitol, that that is appropriate. They call that an insurrection. However, when anti Israeli, anti Jewish folks descend on the Capitol, stop official proceedings of the US Capitol, interrupt them, which is illegal, and then take over the rotunda there take over the steps of the Capitol. Oh, that’s not a Hamas direction. That’s just a what they what do they call it a First Amendment activity? And not only did law enforcement adopt that stupid language, so did the press and your thoughts. 

And my gosh, so consistent with how the modern left views the world, the ends justify the means each and every day? You know, after Riley games, the swimmer was assaulted on San Francisco State campus last fall, after giving a speech, we went to her campus to that campus to interview students. And I literally heard progressive men telling me things like she was asking for it. I’m afraid to describe towards a woman, my gosh, and then other students told me, Well, she came here bringing hate and violence. And I’m like, Well, wasn’t it hate and violence when she got struck in the face? And they said, Well, yeah, but when you’re a marginalized community, and you have no other opportunity, it’s justifiable to use violence. It’s like your oil, Brett Cullen college kid who punched somebody in the face. How are you a marginalized community? They think that Riley games, his words were violence, but we’re in the games getting punched in the face, not violence. That’s how they view the world. 

And of course, it’s a distorted view. And it’s anything that advances socialism, communism, collectivism, and the loss of human rights and liberty. They’re all four and whatever mechanism they can use, they will use it. So Adam, what are the current projects you guys are working on over there at accuracy in media? 

Well, we’ve already exposed dozens of the radical anti Semites on Harvard campus and we’re going to be exposing more we not only send a billboard to their campus with their names and their pictures, but then we buy their domain names. And we work with search engine optimization experts so that if anybody Google’s, then maybe when they go to find a job, we’ll see what these people were up to. So if you go to Amaury butler.com, ama ri.com, ama ri.com, you can see exactly what I’m talking about. We’re going to be expanding that to other campuses this week. In addition, we’ve been releasing our latest round of hidden camera investigative journalism for public schools in Texas. We’re in deep red districts, we find administrators who are lying to parents deceiving parents, ignoring the law in order to push the radical principles associated with critical race theory into every facet of public education. 

Yeah, you know what the Texas scorecard did a lot of great reporting on that as well. About even though it’s outlawed in Texas critical race theory, the teaching of it is outlawed. The Benevolent overseers the so called Republicans in the Texas House watered down the bill to where there was no punishment. If a school district was caught violating the law, there was no punishment, because as you know, left us and those in the Republican Party you support left us. They don’t believe government should ever be punished when it breaks the rules. Adam galet folks, he is the president of accuracy in media. My friend, thank you for the visit. We’ll get you back on soon. 

Thank you so much for having me. 

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