Luke Macias is a Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most conservative public servants across the state. He’s worked from the local level to statewide campaigns. He’s a full spectrum conservative who only works alongside public officials who will walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

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trying to grab all the groceries in one trip. Not how you would have done that. You know sometimes less is more like when you drive less than save with the USAA annual mileage discount USAA quote today what could be more perfect than the perfect ratio of sizzling sausage to freshly cracked egg to melty cheese sandwich together in a perfectly toasted McDonald’s much mother if we added jalapeno to spice things up, introducing the new cheesy jalapeno sausage McMuffin with egg Perrier study with a refreshing medium iced coffee now even bolder at participating McDonald’s compared to prior iced coffee you know the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him. I have a question. Be respectful of me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he had more podcasts. Gonna be very honest with you here. And maybe this is something that you’re experiencing as well. I am struggling as a practicing Christian as a practicing Catholic, with with exactly how I’m supposed to relate to individuals who are trying to steal my rights, steal my liberties, destroy my country, turn us into some sort of totalitarian government centered society. Because my faith teaches we’re supposed to love everybody, you’re supposed to also defend the faith, though you’re supposed to defend God, you’re supposed to oppose evil, wherever you find it. So, you know, and sometimes I’m gonna be honest, and you guys have heard my, my rhetoric, my feelings about those who would deny freedom to others? I don’t have a very high opinion of them. I don’t think that you should have a high opinion of them either. Because they’re dangerous people. It’s like, well, Hitler did all of his things. And well, we’re supposed to love the sinner, but not the sin. And it’s with somebody with the atrocities of Hitler, or Marx, or Stalin, or Mao, ze Tang or G Jinping. People, Castro in Cuba, people with that mindset, monsters, they’re monsters. So it’s, it’s hard to muster that Christian love. And I think that the, the other side, that the folks who are truly evil, they, they rely on us and that struggle in us. So there is every instinct in me not to not to cave, to those individuals, while still trying to keep one toe in the Christian pond and not have and not have hatred, be my motivation, but have a desire to defeat evil being my motivation. My patron saint, for those of you who are Catholics, my patron saint is St. Michael, the archangel. And I, as I’ve grown up, and I didn’t really appreciate it when I was young, it’s something I’ve grown into. As as I’ve been more reflective in my older age, I suppose that I think that we are all supposed to be the Archangels. Whereas ever, ever present ever mindful of God’s presence, in our in our hearts and in our in our lives, but also being committed to wield the sword, to defend God to defend his values. So it’s why I, again, I don’t pretend to have all the answers on this, it just something that I struggle with, I go back and forth on and when it comes to the our relationship with government, or those we elect to represent us in government, when when I elect these individuals, I send them up there to be extensions of me, we are supposed to be extensions of God, I believe, and in a in a representative Republic, and with democratic values of small d democratic values. We send people up to up to Capitol Hill or to the state legislatures to represent our views. That’s what a representative Republic is all about. So that’s when I get so ticked off. When I saw 20 Republicans who voted to excuse Adam Schiff. When, as you all know, he weaponized the Intel Committee against Americans and 20 Republicans That’s really all they needed, sided with him not to punish him for it. That’s why I had such a dim view of those 18 Senate Republicans who portrayed us all with that $1.8 trillion omnibus monstrosity they crammed down our throats. I, that we sent them up there to defend us and they surrendered us, in my opinion, to kiss the rear ends of Marxists and socialists who are doing their best to harm us. So that’s why i That’s why I don’t have a higher regard for that style of Republican. And I think what they all should, what they all should take note of is a story coming out of Idaho, ironically enough, appropriately enough out of a town called Moscow, Idaho. This is a story from Fox. A liberal college town in Idaho is paying $300,000 to three Christian churchgoers, who sued the city after being arrested for not wearing mask masks at an outside service during the height of the China virus pandemic. Now, those of you who are acquainted with the Constitution, which apparently the shrubs who run Moscow, Idaho, aren’t there, there is no caveat to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution that says you have the right to practice your religion freely except a pandemic. No, that doesn’t exist. The city of Moscow announced this week that it would settle with Gabrielle wrench, as well as Sean and Rachel Bonet. Bo h n e t boat yeah Bonet I believe, who brought a case against city leaders in March of 2021 that alleged their rights under the First and Fourth Amendments were violated when they were arrested and an outdoor some sing, conducted by leaders of their church in September of 2020. Moscow home of the University of Idaho, of course, it’s a college town and left wing extremism and anti constitutional folks. That’s where they seem to reside these days are at university. Home to the University of Idaho is a town of approximately 25,000 people about 80 miles south of Spokane, Washington. Christ’s Church is a local congregation of approximately 1000 People belonging to the communion of Reformed evangelical churches, footage of the arrest which went viral and were condemned on Twitter the time by then President Trump showed officers taking wrenches hymnbook before leading him away in handcuffs to the county jail where he and others were detained for several hours. These people knew their rights. They didn’t want to surrender them. And they sued and they went after these people these tyrants. So whereas you see 20 Republicans in the House, surrendering to a totalitarian by the name of Adam Schiff, where you see 18 Senate Republicans surrendering to Beijing Biden’s anti American spending priorities, and these left wing spending priorities which soak the taxpayer, to give government everything that it wants and desires much to our detriment, as you see Republicans surrendering. Also see your fellow citizens taking a stand. And I think when given given the choice between the two, I think I choose to stand. What about you coming up next, a guy who’s also taking a stand against these left wing people who call themselves Republicans and the state of Texas in particular, the so called Texas House leadership that’s coming your way on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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We have infiltrators. We have those who have who have gotten into leadership in our state who are not committed to conservative principles that the principles articulated that the majority of Texans voted for. And not only not only that, even on unifying principles like school choice, Democrats, Republicans, independents, universally mature the vast majority of Texans support it. And the state legislature one little itty bitty cabal in the Texas House, the leadership stymies at all destroys it all. It’s everybody, the majority of Texas against these teeny weeny little itty bitty people small in, in mindset and in worldview and in numbers. But it’s enough to deny huge swaths of freedom and liberty to our people. And I’m sick of it. I’m not the only one. I’ll be talking about a couple of people who were sick of it. I’m going to talk to one right now. Luke Macias. He’s a Texas based political consultant who’s helped elect the most conservative public servants across this state. He’s worked on the local level, the statewide campaigns, full spectrum conservative he is he only works with people who walk the walk and talk the talk, which which excludes guys, like John Cornyn. Mr. Macias, welcome to the Chris Salcedo show. Hey, thanks for having me on this morning, Chris. pleasure is all mine. Let’s start. Let’s not let’s let’s make the case. Let’s start with the last legislative session. Give me your view 30,000 feet up, what happened? What didn’t happen? And what was your evaluation of the conduct of the House leadership. So ultimately, you had a situation where the Texas Senate came and they were pretty serious about delivering conservative with I think that’s, that’s worth recognizing if you know, your state senator or somebody meets their state senator, recognize that as a whole, that chamber came in pretty ready and focused on delivering as many conservative policies as possible. Ultimately, what that did was set up a situation where we were able to get some wins out of the session, banning gender modification, stopping the sexual performances, and these drag shows in front of kids, the women’s sports ban, a number of these different issues that we’re able to get addressed. Those are great things. Those are things we want to have happen. Some charter school reform that teacher unions didn’t want to see. Ultimately, though, the Texas House still sat on over 50 bills that are really conservative policies. And these are in every single arena, they sat on cultural and LGBT issues, ones that were going to protect D transitioners. They sat on a ton of election integrity bills, killing nearly a dozen public and higher ed reform, the critical race theory ban that the Senate passed in schools was killed in the Texas House. So there’s very basic things that you would look at and go, Hey, shall we get critical race theory out of our universities? Yes. Well, not according to the Texas House. And these are the type of deals that leadership cuts with Democrats, they give them just enough wind to keep them happy. And then the Democrats in turn, basically guarantee the speaker their votes, which then means that the speaker only needs a couple dozen Republicans to keep them power. So as long as he keeps the deals cut with the Democrats, it seems impossible to remove him from the position Yeah, you know what, it’s also likely that on some of the quote unquote wins, we got Democrats actually supported the policies, but they couldn’t come out and say it because they’d get they earned the ire of their their Kook left wing fringe base. So they they said, Oh, it passed. Thank goodness, we will let you pass that one speaker feeling but and then they get to go to their constituents and say all those terrible Republicans even though they supported it behind closed doors. So that’s, that’s kind of the gate folks. I wanted to give you the idea of the CD game that’s played behind the scenes, when people are honest, like this Georgia representative like this one representative from Houston, who said, you know, she just couldn’t get behind. Exploiting children in gender modification. She got roasted roasted by the Democrat Socialist Party. Who are all about victimizing children? So let me ask you, Mr. Macias because you have been interviewed by several people. A journalist up in North Texas, you’re making waves as a as another liberty loving Latino in our state, I’m proud to be associated with, you’re making waves about what you plan to do in the primary season. Tell the folks. So it’s not just me, but I am the director that depends on whether you packed on. Declan is the president and, and has started that group. This is a political action committee that’s really committed to actually making sure that there’s a counterbalance to the Austin swamp and all the money that the lobbyists and all of their PACs will throw in to keep the existing status quo in power. And so defend Texas liberty, is actually going in to some of these districts. And the reason we’re getting attention right now is because we’re actually going into some of these districts and buying billboards, sending mails, shooting out text messages, talking about the fact that your state representative insert name of liberal sell out, cut a deal with 61 Democrats to impeach our Attorney General Ken Paxton. And you know, what we found is that if a Republican is even aware that the attorney general has been impeached, with which the vast majority of Republican voters are aware, they’re very upset about the process. They’re very upset about the fact that this win was handed to Democrats in the last week of the session, Ken Paxton just announced that he raised more money in the 10 day period following the session than he’s ever raised after a session, and his entire time as Attorney General $1.7 million from nearly 2000, Texas voters, right? And then you go, hey, well, I mean, these are normal people that are just stepping up saying, put my name on your report, I want to be seen, I want to be heard, I want to be known. And so defend Texas liberty is going in to each and every one of these districts and communicating that to voters were outspent every single time we go in if you know, for every $50,000 we spend talking to voters $500,000 is spent by a bunch of lobbyists in Austin and the speaker’s henchmen that kind of pour money into their efforts. But what we find is that it’s always a little cheaper to tell the truth. And so we want to come in and talk to voters and challenge some of these really bad incumbents. Ultimately, the way the Texas House works is that they’re 20 to 30 Republicans in the caucus, that will cut a lot of deals with Democrats. And the more that we can reduce that number, then the easier it is to get some of the other people in line, a lot of your other politicians aren’t that principled. And so once they see the deal has been cut, once they see the votes are in, they don’t want to be on the losing side. So many of them go over anyways, even if they do you know around a beer with you and me say that that was a bad deal. And that shouldn’t have happened, or the one of these bills that were killed, should have passed. So we’ve got to go after the worst people cutting the deals with Democrats. And that’s what we’re focused on. So they’re not what I’m hearing from you is they’re not leaders. They’re actually sheep. But they’re they’re making tremendous choices on our behalf and decisions on our behalf against our will most of the time. Luke Macias is our guest right now, folks, he has a podcast. He’s a political consultant. And he and I worked together over the Texas scorecard and give the name of the organization that you and Jonathan Stickland are part of again, I just don’t want to I want to make sure folks know where to find you. Yep, it’s defend Texas Liberty pack and we’re on Twitter, we’re at school. Okay, we’re on on Texas Defend Texas Now, as to the criteria you’re using now, I, I have put out there that I believe the 24 air quotes, Republicans who stabbed every child, parent and teacher in the back by trying to keep Texas among the knuckle dragging states and preventing us from joining the majority enlightened states with parental school choice. That list of Texas House Republicans is a list of people who should never be returned to Austin, who should be defeated. Now others will say any Republican who voted for the impeachment of Ken Paxton, that that list should be the one that you use to target individuals to say you don’t belong in government, you’re actually a socialist, you’re actually a Marxist in a Democrat. You don’t belong to return back as a Republican. Which list do you think is more accurate to to get to those who are stabbing us literally and figuratively in the back? Well, so you know, the worst get, the list gets worse, the more votes you throw it, right? And what I mean by that is, you know, you throw I could give you as 50 votes, if they did this, if they did this if they supported Democrat Chairman leadership in the Texas House, right? If they voted for David feeling, and so you start looking at this and the worst of the worst, are people who did all right. Who said, Hey, I voted for David feeling. I’m against school choice. I impeach the attorney general. So that’s your worst of the worst. And then you basically They have other people who go, Well, maybe, maybe this guy’s for school choice. But he also supports, you know, the Democrat deal cutting and the impeachment of one of the most conservative attorney generals in the nation. And so I do think that all of these people should be held accountable. I’m encouraged by the fact I think there are more Republicans looking at running and challenging some of these longtime Republican incumbents, which is a very good and healthy process to go through. So I do think quite a few people will be challenged. And what usually happens is that both you, you see the field develop, and then you start to focus in on the most important races across Texas. But I will just say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised some members, some candidates who have decided to run and have started to go into these different districts and talk to voters, how many of them are upset with the current status, a mandate feeling himself has two opponents, his own Republican Party, the largest voting County in his district, Republican Party voted to censure him over two thirds of the Republican leaders elected in his community have said, No, we actually oppose our our own state representative. Right. So I do think that there’s some good hope that we’ll need to continue to be engaged in when you’ve got the Tarrant County Republican Party actually voting to condemn the impeachment of Ken Paxton, along with other arguably more conservative Republican parties, you know, that they really stepped in it. Sid Miller a name I know, you know, very well. He’s been on the show. And he is he is out there. He’s unabashedly saying, Hey, join me on my Rhino hunt in the primaries. He’s got he and he’s out there in their face, saying, and I’m hearing behind the scenes that people are approaching Sid Miller, these these weak need Democrats who call themselves Republicans are saying please sit don’t come to my district please. Like the little like little whiskies that they are, that they’re okay stabbing the people of Texas in the back from the shadows, but the minute the light is shined on them, the whole please, please don’t primary, please don’t take my power away. And so Sid Miller has said, I got a million Facebook followers, I got more votes statewide. Then the governor, the lieutenant governor, and Ken Paxton, I got I’m coming to your district. If you’re one of these individuals, who basically have betrayed the Republican Party planks of the party of Texas, what do you think of Sid Miller’s efforts? I’m really grateful. We need leadership from our statewide elected Republicans. And there’s only a handful of them that are consistently conservative, and in the fight, and willing to stand out. And so I’m really grateful that Sid Miller is one of those that we can count on to consistently shows up and look. The Democrats are a problem in Texas. And every two years, we can make sure that we beat them in the general. And you know what, we’ve all worked together to make sure that Texas has gotten more red over the last couple of election cycles. And I’m very grateful for that. So I understand the reality that Democrats should be kept at bay. But what Syd Miller and I both agree on is the fact that when we have the power, we have to do something with it. And you know, what, the only reason we can’t do something with it, if there are enough liberal Rhino Republicans to cut enough deals with Democrats to kill this legislation, right? We don’t need a single democrat vote. Unless we want to rewrite the Constitution. The only thing we need Democrats to vote for is to rewrite the Constitution. And so as long as we’re not doing that, if we’re just passing laws, we don’t need them. And so the Republicans are the ones that are holding this up and said, Get that is engaging. I’m encouraged. I’m looking forward to being out on the trail listed. Over the next six months, Matt Rinaldi came on this program and basically said, Look, if if you look at it, it’s and he zeroed in, I think on the 24, the infamous 24, who tried to deny parental school choice, stabbing parents and children and frankly, teachers in the back and doing so he said that it is that cabal against the entirety of the of the Republican controlled Senate, the entire the governor’s office, lieutenant governor’s office, the vast majority of of Texans of all political parties. It’s that little cabal against all they have the power to throw a monkey wrench into all of the good reforms that must must occur in the state of Texas, if were to defend the Texas miracle. And I think he’s onto something by basically narrowing it down to those 24. What do you think it is very helpful, it is very helpful to just say, hey, the worst of the worst, are the ones that are cutting the deal. And then what happens is the rest of everybody, like I said, just jumps on board. Milton Friedman said, you have to create a political environment where the wrong people want to do the right thing. You can’t elect a majority of great people. And so you have to create an environment and the question is what has changed those that 24 has to be reduced that has to go in next time. Should and b 15, and B 12. And B, 10. And B, whatever the number is, it has to be less it has to be, it has to be narrowed down enough, where Democrats have a harder time finding enough Republicans that are readily willing to cut that deal and David feel in himself. Ultimately, he’ll refill the ranks, if you need to. Yes. So the reason they feel as a target is because if we beat a couple of his lieutenants, then he’s gonna go to some other people who aren’t currently sold out totally, and say, hey, I’ll give you more power if you’ll sell out and refill the ranks of the 24. So date, I think there’s a reason that he’s also at the very top of the target. Yeah, folks, and I want you to think about this too. It’s not just cutting deals with Democrats. If the if the policy is right, then cutting a deal with a Democrat is fine. It’s the fact that these Republicans betray their voters. They betray the Republican Party planks which are conservatives and they betray we the people in order to do so because that’s that’s the the MO of your standard everyday Democrat with a few exceptions, depending on what the policy is. So Luke, Luke, Macias if folks want to join you and your crusade to basically target the worst of the worst, and defang them so that good conservative policies can happen here in Texas, where can folks go? So they can they can follow us on Twitter defend Texas liberty, it’s actually at defend TX liberty, you can go to defend Texas and engage with us there, reach out to us, contact us. We are at our our websites in the middle of a redesign. So it’s a very simple website right now, but we’re redoing it there. Follow us on social media. I do the Luke Misia show Chris, which you have come on before and we’ll have to have you on again before the end of the year. But we do a weekly show on Texas news and politics are really focused on inside behind the curtain what’s happening to what the politicians are saying what that means the different players and so that’s something else that people can follow along with on a weekly basis. The loot Misia show on anywhere that they get podcasts or on YouTube, my friends, if you’ve ever sent me an email saying Chris, I don’t know what to do, where do I go? This is this is what you do. This is where you go. This is how you defend yourself, your family, your values, by taking up those who oppose your family, yourself and your values. Luke Macias appreciate your efforts. Thank you, Chris. Bless you, that’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites website number one Texas, Texas You want to keep up with what’s going on in the Texas legislature. And well the great activities of the conservative Senate and the not so great activities of the House leadership. Well then go to Texas Also check out Chris That’s where you can find me. All of our radio shows and television shows the crystal Saito show on Radio and TV and our social media hookups. They’re all listed there, including the brand spanking new Hangouts the Saucedo storm, locals, hang out, Joey visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government, but as measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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