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Podcast 21, S6: As GOP Finally Picks New Speaker, They Should Find Unifying Principles

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If you’re done with old, biased, untrustworthy, boring “snews”, then check out my pal, Kevin Jackson. He’s a former Fox News Contributor who delivers highly entertaining news commentary and opinions on the Kevin Jackson Network. in a variety of formats.

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Folks want to take it back to last Tuesday. Last Tuesday was when the Republicans were supposed to get back to work. They showed up to the Congress and then they went behind closed doors. We were told they would do that. And then they would hammer out who was going to be the next speaker then they would have the official vote on Wednesday. Well guess what? Didn’t quite go down that way. And so while we’re sitting without a speaker, of course, all hell is breaking loose over in the Middle East as Joe Biden brings war to the Middle East, after President Trump had brought peace through the Abraham Accords, which should have been expanded on. 

So anyway, well, this was all going on in the house. I’m interviewing Senator Ted Cruz, on Newsmax. And I asked him this question about this catastrophic intelligence failure of the Israelis that they couldn’t see this coming, the worst terror attack they’d endured in 50 years. And I asked Senator Cruz the following question. 

“Is it fair to say that America’s so called Leadership shoulders some of the blame for the Israeli attack? I think that’s very fair to say. And in fact, I think that is entirely accurate. What we are facing right now, is the worst attack on Israel in 50 years. And if you want to understand just how disastrous the Biden foreign policy is, we have two simultaneous wars waging we have the biggest war in Europe, since World War Two, and Ukraine, and we have the biggest war in Israel in 50 years. Both of them were caused by the weakness of the Commander in Chief, the weakness of Joe Biden by the appeasement of this President. But Chris is even worse than that. This terror attack from Hamas, which on Saturday, was the worst mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust, more than 900 Israelis have been murdered. 1000s have been wounded, hundreds or more had been taken, kidnapped and taken hostage. And this was funded by the Biden administration since Joe Biden became president. This administration has flooded roughly $50 billion into Iran into the radical theocratic regime of Iran and Hamas works for Iran. This This attack was planned by Iran, it was under the direction of Iran It was funded by Iran. And it was funded using money that Joe Biden allowed to flood into the Ayatollah so that he could wage war on Israel. And so he could wage war on America.”
Yep. And see cruise on that last point to there. There’s a lot of left wing nut jobs in the press who are trying to say, oh, maybe it’s a possibility that this time around didn’t fund it, you know, the worst terrorist attack and half a century in Israel. So of course, the left wing who are big apologists for the inhuman terrorist regime of Iran, who are sympathetic to the the Iranians and their effort to bring down the United States of America with their allies China, in Moldova, Russia. Of course, the left wing is sympathetic to To the Iranians, but and trying to run cover for these individuals over and around, but the idea that they’ve Oh, yeah, they’ve supported Hamas for years. And this time, though, on the most egregious overstep, that maybe Iran wasn’t responsible for any of it. It’s absolutely absurd. 

And to the funding issue, the idea that Joe Biden has been doing everything to relax the sanctions on Iran, flooding around with millions of dollars, whether freeing up their own assets, or allowing them to charge a premium for for oil and gas, to keep their terrorist regime afloat. I’ll tell you what happens, folks. Every single time, Democrats tried to buy the goodwill of the Iranians, the Iranians go out and buy a dagger with that money. And they stab America and our allies in the back. And that’s they do it every single time, but never stops Democrats from trying to buy off our enemies. 

And so too, is it with the Republicans. However, the Republicans tried to buy off Democrats, John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell and those Senate Republicans, they were the ones who voted to fully fund Joe Biden’s regime, Joe Biden’s push for illegal immigration, which is making us all less safe here in America. So look very much on our minds, the battle, the ideological battle inside the Republican Party, so we can have a go when this whole thing was going down with the Republicans ditching their speaker because, you know, there’s no, there’s no ideological commonality, no unifying principle among the Republican Party. 

It set us on a track of ultimate dysfunction and the conversations I was having with fellow conservatives around that time, when the speaker’s thing was all going down. I think they were quite illuminating about where we are conservatives, perhaps getting a divorce from the Republican party that has abandoned conservative principles. We talk about it with Kevin Jackson coming up next to the Salcedo store and podcast. 

You all remember in the speaker fight the Democrats were saying look because the Republicans have proven they can’t govern. That means you all must elect Democrats so we can rule over you. That’s what they were saying. elect Democrats because we should rule over your lives every aspect of your lives. Because Republicans don’t know how to govern. It’s all because the Republican Party doesn’t have any unifying principles. What do I mean when I say no unifying principles? What I mean is something that Republicans say this is what we all will vote on, regardless of what the Democrats say this is what we’re all for. Want to welcome on our guest, folks, this is a good friend of mine. If you’re done with the old, biased untrustworthy, boring snooze out there, check out my pal Kevin Jackson. As a former Fox News contributor delivers highly entertaining news commentary and opinions on the Kevin Jackson network in a variety of formats. And welcome, sir. 

Mr. Salcedo, you’ve got to continue. There’s more to my exploits. And you’ve explained, please continue. Let’s talk more about somebody. 

Let’s talk more about me. Yes, yes, I understand. Right. 

This is so much more to me than you’ve even let me look, we’re having a great time right now. As I said, Before the break when I got called by your producer, you know, the shot that went over the bow of the unit party, is that the Magga Republicans are in control. And I know they don’t want this to be. They would love to believe that the people that that, you know, effectively restructured how politics should really be with Donald Trump, the election of Trump and the establishment of what what they’re calling the Maga Republicans and who they want to demonize, by the way, this is the best thing that’s happened politically since the Tea Party movement. And it’s actually an extension of it. So McCarthy being gone, Mr. Squishy, the guy who, you know, decides, I don’t know, if you saw he was wearing a Ukraine flag, proud to fund the Ukraine while we’ve got veterans committing suicide, people losing their homes, businesses, etc. We got all these false flags around COVID and the vaccines and don’t know who to trust. Can you Does anybody? Do you believe in this nation? That’s thinking about, you know, how things really work? Trust the FBI? Do you trust the media? Do you trust it? The CDC? Do you trust the FDA? The short answer is no. Most of us are skeptical about all of these things that were led by the so called experts that we’ve learned had been bought and paid for. So I’m glad this happened. And there’s so much more than the ripple effect of this that it’s going to make for fun radio over the net for the remainder of the year. 

Sure. And very instructive. And I think one of the one of the destructions of this illusion of a two party system came when we now know that the Republicans are taking away Nancy Pelosi is posh Diggs, Steny Hoyer posh digs, and see to me, but my question is, wait a minute. Since the Republicans took over their number one priorities are making sure that Nancy Pelosi didn’t have to give up her off office space. Steny Hoyer didn’t have to give up his office space. The Republicans were playing nice. But now Now that the Democrats had sided against their speaker again and their speakers leadership after the GOP leadership had done so much to cave into Democrats. The Democrats sided against them. This was so instructive Kevin on so many levels, in particular that the Democrats played a win always and the Republicans play to please Democrats. Am I right? 

I literally just wrote about this thing. McCarthy got his lesson. You want to sleep with a rattlesnake and you wonder why you got bit. You know, it’s insanity. You know, the, the idea that these people are going to fight fair look at Pelosi and ask yourself this question. What is that harlot winch ever compromised on that didn’t involve, you know, military or something like that, which has been compromised when it comes to leftism, unrelenting, LGBTQ nonsense, racist nonsense, you name it, it is all progressed. Under nancy leadership, it is all moved forward, which is the words they like to use. What have we done, we’re the salt of the earth. We want our businesses to run, right? We want government out of our lives. We want to, you know, pay a fair amount of taxes but not be taxed Neo unnecessarily. We want to raise our kids without them getting indoctrinated in schools. We want protected borders the same way you lock your doors at night. Nothing we say doesn’t make sense at the macro at the micro level or the macro level. And yet we have a porous border that is allowing for an invasion. We have Biden inflation that is eating up every dime that you make. It’s increasing homelessness, increasing crime, they want to defund the police. I mean, come on, what more can I tell you about these clowns? And look at the results. It’s not even like you got to you know, you got to dig deep. You can look at the results anywhere in this country DC right now. They tell you don’t go don’t rent a car because it’s probably going to get carjacked. 

Well, yeah. Well, well wait a minute only if you’re a Democrat Congressman Henry Whitehead. Henry Cuellar got carjacked. But you know what? And it bears pointing out that Nancy Pelosi did this with a five vote margin. She did it she did all that all this is the excuse. The Republicans say Well, we’ve only got a five vote margin. And we and we only have 1/3 of one half of Congress. Well, that never seems to hinder the Democrat Party. They seem to know how to wield power. And again, I think we’ve had we’ve had it confirmed. At least one aspect of What the Democrats are saying is true. The Republicans because they have no unifying principles they can’t govern. It doesn’t necessarily mean we need rulers like the Democrats. But it does confirm that the Republicans can’t govern Kevin Jackson. 

We need principle people with conviction. Amen to me. I mean, that’s it in a nutshell, amen. Principle and conviction. And we don’t have that we have nothing but squishy unit party, reach across the aisle try to satisfy the LEP lie, so they can get everything they want. And then when the time comes, they change the rules. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a 60 vote rule, they change it, whether it’s a should we stack the court, whenever they don’t get their way, they’re conniving to get their way no matter what. And we keep putting in the power, people that won’t stick to the principle. And that’s why I read an article from time that wants to make gates out to be a pariah. No, he’s a pariah because he may force McCarthy to live up to the rules that they establish. Look, what would McCarthy have done? Had they not gotten him into the speaker position and said, these are going to be the rules you follow? What would this guy have done unchecked? 

Yeah. It would have been the Democrat agenda from here. Look, Kevin, I’ve got two more questions. I gotta get out to you. And I only got about two and a half minutes here. So McCarthy has was pulled from the left and from the right now we know who the Conservatives are. We know we know their names. But you know what the Republicans are hiding their their left wing pro Democrat Republicans, I have been trying for weeks now to get the Republicans to tell me the names of those who said Come on, just spend with the Democrats want to spend just do what the Democrats want to do. And and and if you don’t, if you give into your conservatives, Kevin McCarthy, we’re gonna sign a discharge petition, and then we’re gonna we’re going to undermine your speakership and turn over control of the House of Representatives back to the Democrats. We don’t know those Republicans names. Why do you think that is Kevin? 

Well, I mean, I, you know, I heard Debbie Lesko from, from my state. She was jumping on Matt gates because of what he did say, and all Matt wants to do is get in front of the camera. Well, what is a representative, he’s representing millions of people. I want him to get in front of the camera, be in front of it all the time. That’s what AOC does, and spouts out her garbage. So, look, Republicans have to get used to how things are going to work. They need to expose the people that are in there. And the reason why they don’t do it is because there’s this blanket of protection of these unit party bandits that are running the country and we got to get rid of them. And this that’s why I say this is such an important first step for gates. Alright, hopefully you’ve got enough for your second question. 

Yes, exactly. We’ve got reparations being floated out there again to divide us we’ve got the DI program diversity inclusion, equity, di, the LG LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism. Now the unions are being thrown under the bus because of the the green Marxist agenda. Every effort by the left is to divide this country and to flush down the toilet. And you are putting on an event that I think stops that that actually dismantles all of that tell the folks. 

It starts tomorrow to see vision is where people can find out about it. And we talk about all these issues woke ism, woke ism and capitalism woke ism in the military woke ism as it pertains to feminism woke ism and racism, legislation, all this nonsense that we don’t need in this country that we spend billions of dollars every year fighting. It’s a multi trillion dollar, you know, per year war over the decades. That is a war we’ve already won. And we’re trying to do everything we can to stop it. So hope people even if you can’t go support it, because you know, lord knows I’m upside down on the thing. But I think it’s important that black conservatives get out the word and show that we’re willing to get in the fight and take bullets for this country. 

That’s right. And you know what I count on support from your liberty loving Latinos and the millions of us that are out there in that effort. Kevin Jackson, where can folks go if they want information on the event and so they can follow you? 

Yeah, the Kevin Jackson network pretty much as everything that we do. So go to there if you want centralized because we’re in the films and a bunch of other stuff, but this event is C SCE vision for people that want to support that particular effort. C is a vision 

The Kevin Jackson Network website is beautiful. You did a great job on that man. So thanks, man. That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit a couple of websites for me, Texas. That’s number one, Texas If you want to bring accountability to those Republicans who have Democrats as their top priority, not you the voter. That’s where you got to keep track of all these primary races, which are going to be huge will decide the direction of Texas for years to come. That’s where you need to go Texas also To check out Chris That’s where you’ll find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas it is simulcast on rumble simulcast on getur simulcast on N two Newsmax two. Also speaking of Newsmax, Newsmax one every afternoon, Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five that’s where you find the Chris Salcedo show the TV version. Till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends. 

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