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S5, Ep. 84: The Climate Cult Isn't Saving The Planet! It's Just The Opposite.

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Tom Harris has 45 years experience as a mechanical engineer/project manager, science and technology communicator and advisor to Canada’s Parliament. He taught, “Climate Change: an Earth Sciences Perspective”, a second year course at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. And for the past 24 years he’s been working with a team of scientists and engineers to promote a sensible approach to climate change and our energy supply.

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I’m old enough now to where I started to see this cycle. My friends of the left-wingers just bringing back stuff hoping the next generation will be stupid enough not to know what has happened in the past, and that our adults were stupid enough to teach them about what happened in the past so that they can just basically impose their left-wing craziness unopposed, as they typically do. 

One of the phenomenon that is that is starting to make its return is this manmade global warming climate change BS. And they’re they’re making a full blown push. It’s basically all hands on deck to implement left wing extremism because I think the left wing knows that in short order, there’s going to be a problem. In short order. People are going to start saying, Well, you did what and you did why and you violated which, which parts of the Constitution to do it. I mean, frankly, folks, Joe Biden was found by a court to have violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. 

You got the governor of New Mexico suspending the Second Amendment just willy-nilly because she thinks she can by declaring an emergency when we get to abandon the Constitution because of an emergency declaration. I don’t think so. So now here comes the manmade global warming stuff again, and data-driven, manmade global warming, skeptics are coming out of the woodwork to dispense some wisdom on this, hoping the next generation will wake up and listen, have a have a listen to this. 

“You’ve all heard the news. Climate change is destroying your future. Carbon dioxide is accumulate in the atmosphere. Global warming is killing the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s more to this story. Over the last decade, total global emissions declined. Deaths from natural disasters have diminished to a few 100 a year in the United States. Even as the global population quadrupled over the last century, they’ve declined internationally by over 90%. The Great Barrier Reef recorded the highest amount of coral in 36 years and maybe longer because that’s the amount of time that we’ve been studying and measuring. How come nobody is saying that.” 

Because it doesn’t work to the benefit politically of the Democrat Socialist Party because they’re trying to use the climate scare. The climate cult is trying to scare the daylights out of you. So you’ll give up your rights voluntarily. And that’s exactly the bottom line of what it’s all about kids. Here’s John Kerry, articulating what basically what I just said that it’s all about eliminating mankind’s ability to stand up against organized all powerful government. Listen. 

“They flatly deny what is happening to our planet. And what we must do to say that they incite a movement against what they falsely labeled climate change, fanaticism, so now, humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.” 

So it’s humans, who are the problem? Yeah, our our existence is the problem and you folks know about the depopulation movement. They say it’s man, that is the cancer of the planet. So man has got to be removed. There’s also a control component that I already made reference to, you know, 9 billion people on the planet kind of hard to control if you’re a, a ruling elitist class like John Kerry. But if there are fewer of us, then and we’re more isolated, it’s, it’s a bit easier to control mass populations. And then how do you do that? Well, you start planting these seeds in our children at very young ages. Here’s the failed borders Czar horizontal Harris. 

“So you look at, for example, young voters. I’ve been traveling the country meeting with our young leaders who have particular talking to me about the climate crisis. They turned me on to a term I had not heard before. I said, Tell me how you all are thinking about the climate crisis. And they shared with me a term climate anxiety. They’re concerned about their future in almost a doomsday fear.”

Yeah, who’s been spreading that doomsday? Fear you leftists? You left-wingers have been cramming our children’s heads full of this anxiety? So they’ll pressure mommy and daddy into doing things that are not in the child’s or Mommy and Daddy’s best interests? The kids come home and say we must give up our freedoms we must give our liberties I’m just sick about under sick about it. I’m just thinking about it Mommy and Daddy’s Okay, little Johnny. Okay, little Susie, we’ll we’ll go ahead and abandon our beliefs and abandon our freedoms and give Kamala Harris and Camilla Harris whatever her pronunciation is, you know, if it’s Stevie Wonder, it’s Camilla Harris. So we know it’s not racist. Anyway, Hey, you gotta give up all of your all of your high-quality living so and get give all your power over to these bureaucrats, these officials elected and unelected so they could rule over your lives and then you’ll save the planet, which is utter BS.

“About what might be within a couple of decades of now. They’re concerned about whether they should have children whether they should own even try to buy a home, because what does the future hold for that prospect?” 

Right? Because you people, you left wingers have contaminated their minds. You’re the ones that are scaring the daylights out of the Camilla Harris, Stevie Wonder pronunciation, you’re the one that’s scaring the daylights out of them. So they, they can’t get a good night’s sleep thinking that the destruction of the planet is right around the corner. Frankly, it is the further we listen to or adopt the policies of the Democrat Socialist Party. There are some people that are rising up folks, even in countries like Australia, which is like us very much under attack. But their conservative underpinnings are helping Australians cut through the crap. 

“So I did as the government is and I looked at the science when it came for climate change. And this is what I found. According to government figures, Australia is producing 499 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. But what I also found is that one mature tree will absorb 48 pounds or 21.77 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. And Australia currently has 24 billion standard-sized trees absorbing 453 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. So I know there’s a lot of numbers there, folks, what you got to know is, the more trees we have, the more co2 they gobble up plants need co2 to survive. There’s no accident, that there is a greening effect in places like China and India where co2 is abundant. Right, there’s a 15% increase in vegetation, which means more vegetation, which means more oxygen that is being liberated into the atmosphere, and more CO2 that is gobbled up by the plants, not to mention bigger crop yields, and, and more people being fed. So that’s what’s actually happening. So the idea that we would starve the planet of CO2, starve our plants of co2, and then thus starve ourselves out of oxygen is the very doomsday scenario, the socialists the Democrats and the Marxists have planned for us.

“That’s just trees doesn’t include any other plant life particularly doesn’t include mangroves and mangroves will absorb 50 times more carbon dioxide per year than a standard sized tree. So why is the government hell-bent on cutting down trees in order to install solar farms when it seems quite obvious from the science that nature has already provided the solution to the problem?” 

Yeah. Why, indeed? And why do we have to ignore the big ball of light in the sky? Why do we have to ignore basic science that we’ve been taught since fifth grade chemistry or by a biochemistry or biology plants eat CO2 and liberate oxygen at folks I’ve known this all my life. And it’s it’s basic science that we’re being told Oh, you have to ignore. Here’s a Dr. Patrick Moore reaffirming the science of CO2. Listen to that. 

“One of my missions is to turn on its head. The idea that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and somehow dangerous, when in fact, it is the most important nutrient for all life on Earth. And without it, this would be a dead planet. So I say not only is carbon dioxide good, it is essential. And it’s a good thing that we’re putting some more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because it was running low before we came along. Oh, we had definitive proof that CO2 was causing serious problems. And we could prove it. Don’t you think they would write that down on a piece of paper somewhere so people could read it?”

Yeah. Don’t you think so? Don’t you think they would? But they don’t do don’t you think that if Communist China and all of their what average of over now one coal fired plant a week was destroying the planet the Democrats will be howling the loudest, we got to go in there and shut down their planet killers. Oh, but they’re not. They’re not not by Forest, new Communist China and India get to belch co2 out of the atmosphere into the atmosphere all they want. It’s American co2, the left wingers are targeting, they don’t have definitive proof period. 

“In science. I’m, I’m a student of the philosophy and history of science. And I know that the scientific method has not been applied in such a way as to prove that carbon dioxide is causing the earth to warm up in a few years. So 50 years from now, people go, that was a really stupid period in history. When we tried to change all our energy policies to cut this gas. I am firmly of the belief that the future will show that this whole hysteria over climate change was a complete fabrication.”

Yeah, and I’m hoping we’re around because the way it’s going folks, none of us are going to be around to realize the mistake because of Democrats because of Marxists because of socialists. Rachel Matthews, a British citizen fancied herself to be one of these left-wing crazy people one of these environmentalist whack jobs as Rush Limbaugh used to call them and then she started looking she’s she did something you got to give her credit folks. Unlike most of your common left-wingers out there who don’t know their rear end from a hole in the ground. She actually started researching going wait a minute, what how are we exactly generating the solar panels? How are we generating these lithium battery packs to power cars? And she started looking into the technology that the Democrats and the leftists and the Marxists want to convert us into and she made some startling discoveries. 

“I’ve been a supporter of green energy and a keen environmentalist since my 20s My office is solar-powered, so I was mortified to discover this a single lithium mine causes millions of tons of waste every year laced with sulfuric acid and radioactive uranium polluting the water supply for 300 years. Not to mention the unacceptable human costs of child labor to mine cobalt. When I researched which solar panel to purchase, I did not for one minute consider it would be made by people trapped in razor wire-enclosed labor camps.”

Yeah. How many of you how many of your left-wing pals say, You know what, it’s a little slavery’s good to make sure I have my solar panels. And did you catch the radioactive waste, folks, that the ratio and we looked into this the ratio is, is for every tonne of rare earth minerals, you’re getting 1000s upon 1000s of tonnes of waste, radioactive some of it radioactive, polluting the water table and making Earth uninhabitable not to mention the fact the Democrats and the leftist and the Marxists are strip mining the earth they’re strip mining the earth to get these rare earth minerals. Yes, and they’re enslaving people to do it all but they’re so kind, Aren’t they? 

“Being exposed to large quantities of quartz dust which causes silicosis? Please note that the ethical consumer organization reports that it is hard to avoid forced labor in the solar panel supply chain. Wind turbines, which lasts about 20 years consume a colossal amount of resources and energy to manufacture and install, not to mention the blight and bird kill. They require diesel engines to start them up and then gallons of oil to lubricate and they can’t readily be recycled. Solar panels are also extremely difficult to recycle costing more than the production of the panel and lithium batteries pose steep challenges too.”

Yeah, By the way, that’s also the same thing for lithium batteries. We did this we did a special on Newsmax called the climate cult and the climate cult exposed, that it’s cheaper to make new batteries than it is to recycle them. So all of those contaminants all of those materials that are bad for the water table bad for the Earth, Mother Nature. They Go back into the water table. And because it’s it’s cost prohibitive to recycle these things. In other words, that technology isn’t there, my friends to make this whole battery-powered electric-powered nonsense come to life. And to be viable, it’s just not there. 

“Add to that human suffering, which we’ve all unwittingly been part of just by owning a laptop, or mobile phone, which is minimal compared to what’s required for an Eevee, or solar farm. These so called green or ethical solutions aren’t solutions at all, just very good marketing from the $1.5 trillion a year climate change industry, that’s $4 billion a day. By the way, none of us can undo what’s already been done. But what we can all do is make sure this doesn’t escalate exponentially, with fleets of unnecessary EVs and acres of solar farms eating up our precious farmland.” 

But that’s where we’re going. That’s where we’re going. Don’t forget more electric appliances, vehicles and such, the easier it is to control a population because all you got to do is just turn off the power. Oh, you didn’t vote the right way. Sorry. You can’t have electricity this month. You don’t think it’ll happen? Folks, I’m seeing things I’m seeing Democrats do things. Today. As we mentioned at the top there, Joe Biden is openly violating the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Luhan Grisham, the New Mexico governor openly defying the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. 

These people don’t care about the rule of law or your rights. We we expanded on this in a preamble you can find it on rumble. It’s called America’s cultural rebellion, America’s cultural rebellion. I encourage you to check it out and share it also share this podcast as well. 

Because this one’s important, folks, this is we cannot allow the Democrat socialists the leftists to destroy this planet. That’s precisely what they’re doing. They’re destroying the planet. They’re destroying human existence on this planet and left unchecked. That’s precisely what they’re going to do. And they can’t be allowed to do it under the guise of man their religion of manmade global warming. We expanded his conversation coming up next on the Salcedo Storm podcast. 

My next guest has not only somebody who’s credible on the weather but also a mind reader. It turns out he’s writing about my first question tangentially here and we’ll talk to him about it. Tom Harris has 45 years of experience as a mechanical engineer, project manager science and technology communicator and adviser to Canada’s parliament. He taught climate change and earth science perspectives. A second-year course at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and for the past 24 years has been working with a team of scientists and engineers to promote a sensible approach to climate change, and our energy supply. Mr. Harris, welcome back. 

Hey, nice to be on, Chris. 

Glad to have you here. So let’s I’m gonna play a soundbite for you, because this is you’re writing about the Republicans on the debate stage, the other night and how they they really are useful idiots when it comes to manmade global warming the hoax. I know that it is. But I want to play for something for you. From somebody who’s not a dupe. This is a conservative senator, his name is Senator Kennedy. And I want you to listen to the whole soundbite because it’s it’s worthwhile, then I have a question for you. Here’s Senator Kennedy, grilling the deputy Energy Secretary of the United States, God help us all listen. 

“If we spend $50 trillion to become carbon neutral in the United States of America by 2050. You’re the Deputy Secretary of Energy, give me your estimate of how much that is going to reduce world temperature. So so first of all, it’s a net cost. It’s what benefits we’re having from getting our act together and reducing all of those climate benefits we’re seeing. Right now, maybe I’m not being clear. If we spent $50 trillion to become carbon neutral by 2050. In the United States of America, how? How much is that going to reduce world temperatures? This is a global problem. So we need to reduce our emissions, and we need to do everything we can much if we do our other artists are going to reduce solar for 13% of global and you don’t know, do you? You don’t know do you can do the math? We need to you don’t know. Do you, Mr. Secretary? So we’re 13%? And you know, why won’t you tell me? If we went to zero? That would be 13%? You don’t know, do you? You just want us to spend $50 trillion dollars, and you don’t have the slightest idea whether it’s going to reduce world temperatures.”

Up, Mr. Harris, why can’t this deputy Energy Secretary such as he is Why can’t he answer Senator Kennedy’s question? Because he probably doesn’t know the answer. And if he does know the answer, he doesn’t want to give it because Gina McCarthy, for example, she gave an answer it was several hundreds of a degree was really tiny, for her plans. And of course, people immediately laughed, you know, laughed, because they said, so we’re paying, you know, a billion dollars for fractions of a degree change. And she said, Oh, yes, but it’s because we are going to set an example we’re going to leave the world. So you know, this is virtue signaling to the rest of the world. It has nothing to do with real climate change. Here in Ottawa, Canada, for example, believe it or not, our city of 1 million people wants to spend $57 billion. And the actual temperature change that would occur if Ottawa ceased to exist is 110 thousandths of a degree by the year 2100. So none of these politicians want to actually save the numbers, they probably don’t know in this case. But if they did, they sure as heck don’t want to say it. Because you know, I did a little bit of arithmetic. And you say, well, let’s see if $57 billion, that’ll reduce temperature by 110 thousandths of a degree. Environmentalists want to reduce temperatures by perhaps three degrees, or at least avoid a three degree rise. What would that cost? Well, it’s in the quadrillions of dollars. I mean, it’s just completely insane. And so consequently, none of them those who actually do know the numbers, none of them want to say it. 

Yeah. And when and of course, with that reduction, in temperatures comes a loss of food production, comes a loss of human life, which at this point is incalculable. And again, we played a soundbite earlier, from John Kerry, who basically said that he believes humanity is the problem saying the quiet part out loud. They want to get rid of human beings off the planet, because you know, 9 billion is really hard to manage by a centralized government. And I think that’s the genesis of all of this. It’s its control. Let me ask you about your article that you have pending. What did what you thought about the so called candidates for president on on stage on the Fox debate? 

Well, the only one who gave sensible answers that were truly conservative and worthy of a Republican president was Vivek Ramesh RAM is Swanee. I guess that’s how you pronounce his name. He gave very, very sensible answers. He said three times. He said, the climate change agenda is a hoax. You know, so I mean, that’s, that’s perfect, because of course it is. It’s I mean, you know, we’re talking about a 1.1 degree Celsius rise since 1880. When, you know, it’s such a small change, that you wouldn’t even notice it in your entire lifetime. And yet there was a 50% rise in carbon dioxide. So obviously, the atmosphere is not very sensitive to carbon dioxide, that’s for sure. So and he went on to talk about the importance of drilling and you know, building nuclear stations really solid energy source So, you know, in my article which will be in America, in a day or two, I gave him an A plus, because he was really quite wonderful. And you know, the thing I was thinking, Chris is, imagine if he were the VP candidate, along with Trump, you’d have both of them saying that, and it would be really quite wonderful.

And has the virtue of actually being factual to folks, we’re having a conversation with Tom Harris, 45 years experience as a mechanical engineer, project manager science and technology communicator and advisor to Canada’s parliament, is man co2 emissions capable of global climate change according to the science? 

Well, it does cause a small amount of change. But you know, it’s very much like painting the, the wall of a barn red, the first coat of paint gives you almost all your color. But later coats don’t don’t really do much, they give you more resilience. You see, William happer, from Princeton University, he has done some really outstanding work. And he shows that we’re very close to the atmosphere being saturated with carbon dioxide, because a greater increase, you know, doubling or even tripling of CO2 from today’s levels, would cause very little temperature change. And the point he makes is that look, when you go from zero to let’s say, 100 parts per million, yeah, you do get a significant climate change. But by the time you get to where we are now, which is 420 parts per million, our barn is already painted red, and we could double CO2, and it would cause in his opinion, and I agree with him, it would cause very, very little change. At very, most, you know, we might see a degree rise. But as you pointed out earlier, you know, warming is a good thing. I mean, across the world, there’s 20 times more people who die from cold weather than from hot weather. And so as a cost. And of course, similarly, our agriculture benefits. You know, it’s funny, I was, as you say, an advisor in the House of Commons in Canada, and they had a representative from the World Bank, who came and showed a map to the MPs in this big presentation of productivity of Canada in the year 2100. If we didn’t stop climate change, and you know, the MPs were all Wow, that looks bad. And I put up my hand and I said, Hey, that looks really great for Canada, because we can farm now right to James Bay, maybe even Hudson’s Bay, and dead silence because you’re not supposed to notice that. Yeah, true. Well see rescue for a country like Canada. 

And that’s, and that’s a benefit to humankind. And that’s, I think that’s the agenda of the worldwide left the Bill Gates of the world. They believe that humankind is the blight on the planet. And if we weren’t here, and or maybe there were less of us, so that so that centralized planners could govern our lives every aspect of our lives, then we would be in harmony with the globe, it’s a bunch of it’s a bunch of sick nonsense, that these people have been taught since that since they’ve been coming out of college. 

Yeah, and you know, it’s funny, if you look at the environmental movement, there are different factions there that are pretty extreme. There’s one group called the Voluntary human extinction movement. And they want this, they literally want to see humans become extinct by not having children. So I mean, it’s funny, when I first heard of the group, I thought, well, that wouldn’t last for long if they all killed themselves, that group would disappear. But what they want to do is have nobody have any children, because they believe that humanity has to go so that nature can return to its natural state. So I always ask these people, well, if humans aren’t natural, like are we supernatural? Do we get it planted here? I know well, not only that, you have an example of their mindset already being implemented. And they did so in communist China with their one child policy. And now they have they are facing their a demographic bomb, which is about ready to go off in the next 10 years. And that’s why they’re so belligerent now, because they’re at the height, they’re at the height of their power. And they’ve got a strike now, because they have diminishing returns because of that they basically killed their own population off with their their war on babies, when, of course, the Democrats want to do the same to us here. Tom Harris, 45 years experience as a mechanical engineer and a project manager science and technology communicator. He’s our guest. So you, in my answer, or your answer to my question about whether or not co2 can run the entire climate of the planet, we have a negligible impact compared to man’s contribution to overall co2 levels. I am fascinated, I am fascinated by the left wing says well, it’s co2 That’s that’s killing the planet. They say. It’s co2 that is driving so called extinction of mankind, which is, which is which is demonstrably not true. But they they They say it’s up to the west to basically get rid of its carbon-based economies, but they say within the same breath, we don’t want China Now or India, the ones who arguably put co2 in the air the most irresponsible with heavy particulate matter and pollution, actual pollution into the air. They don’t want to do a thing about the communists. What’s your scientific read on that? 

Well, you know, it’s interesting, because underlying the Paris Agreement is something called the Framework Convention on Climate Change. And what it does is it gives an out clause to both China and India. It says point blank, that in Article four, actually, it says that the first and overriding priority of developing countries is poverty alleviation and development, which of course, makes sense. So what’s going to happen is come 2030 When China is supposed to cap its emissions, according to the Paris Agreement, they’re gonna say, no, no, no, we don’t have to do that. Because there’s an out clause in the underlying Treaty, which is the basis of all UN climate work. So they’re going to actually now they’re double the United States, they’re going to be triple the United States in emissions. Yep. And of course, carbon dioxide doesn’t care where it comes from. I mean, if it were a problem–

oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is the AOC science. American co2 kills the planet, but Communist China co2 is wonderful for the planet. 

See, that’s the truth. The truth is all co2 is wonderful. I know you know, that science. You’re talking. You’re talking actual science. Mr. Harris. She’s talking political science because she’s, she’s an avowed socialist. She’s an avowed leftist. So that’s my point ask you that question was, it reveals the depravity of the other side? Yeah, yeah. And you know, it’s interesting. Patrick Moore, Doc, Dr. Patrick Moore. He’s an ecologist. He was one of the founders of Greenpeace. Yep. And he changed positions. He’s now on our board, actually. And he says that humanity, humanity save life on earth. Because if you look at the last 50 million years, co2 was dropping to a point where, you know, not too distant in the future, we would see co2 Go to levels 150 parts per million, where life would start to die, right? And so he actually showed he shows this graph, and yeah, so I say he’s a PhD in ecology. And he says, we save life on Earth by being co2. 

We have had a greening of the planet, as co2 levels have risen. And the greening is primarily taking place in places like China, grinning for all of you left wingers out there, grinning is good. You keep on telling us. And yeah, those with a high co2 concentration in their atmosphere are seeing more results. And you lefties want to do the exact opposite. I’m forced to wonder why. Mr. Harris, I’ve got one more question for you. leftists claim that going all electric, all electric is going to save the planet. And they say they that we have to stop using abundant, cheap and clean burning efficient fuels like natural gas? Is that scientifically or politically based? A claim is going all electric going to save the planet? 

No, not at all. Because of course, the electricity has to be generated somehow. And to a large extent, we would still be using coal and natural gas to generate the electricity. You know, it’s funny, the wind turbines they used to make, you know, to make electricity, these come from China, and they’re made with coal. So yeah, you’re not really going to save any co2 Anyways, the other thing, of course, Chris, is that if you’re only using natural gas for backup, when there’s no wind, then it’s very inefficient, the plant has to go up and down and up and down. It’s kind of like driving down the road, going one mile an hour, then 50 miles an hour, then 10 miles an hour, your gas efficiency is terrible. And that, of course, would apply to the backup to wind and solar because they’re not consistent. So no, this is a terrible solution. Electricity systems break down all the time, natural gas systems never break down. So it would also massively reduce our energy security. Yes. And governments can find it a lot easier to switch off your electric power and everything to your house home, it’s a lot harder to shut off gas to your home. It’s it’s much easier for governments to exert control if you’re all electric. And that’s something that freedom lovers ought to consider Tom eras everybody, sir, I appreciate your time. And if folks want to figure out what you’re about and where they can support your work, or find out more of your work, where can they go? Yeah, they can just go to ICSC dash All right, buddy, thank you very much for the visit. Appreciate it. And with that, the Salcedo storm podcast dealing with so-called Climate Change the religion of manmade global warming, it comes to an end, folks do me a favor, pay a visit to a couple of websites, please. First one is Texas scorecard. Texas. That’s where you go for up to the minute coverage of the Paxton impeachment up to the minute coverage of anything that’s happening big in Texas that can also be impacting the rest of the nation. All To check out Chris That’s where you’ll find me the Chris Salcedo shows on que se v the voice of Texas morning talk radio, and also on the Chris Salcedo show in the afternoon on Newsmax TV. Until we visit again, my friends, I want you to remember something. Remember a society’s worth. It is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we are the people. You stay safe out there my friends. 

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