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S5, Ep. 86: Conservative Debate the Choice We Have In The Primary

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Steve Deace is the host a two-hour show for The Blaze each weekday. He is also the author of 11 books, including two best-sellers, and is the executive producer of the movie, Nefarious, available in streaming and on DVD now.

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All the lefties online are ignoring a few things. When they say that oh, President Trump is going to get defeated. First off, they’re already conceding that President Trump will win the Republican primary and that the jury’s still out on even though he’s way, way statistically historically ahead. 

We don’t like to put cart before the horse here on the Salcedo storm podcast. But I will concede that it is looking very likely that the Republican nominee will be President Trump. But the left wingers are saying he’s going to be defeated again, because everybody hates Trump. Now they’re missing some things when they say everybody hates Trump. 

We’ve had four years of Trump and four years by the time the election rolls around of Beijing Biden. And if the elections are fair and free, we should be able to render a judgment on those first terms between President Trump and Beijing Biden. And I think when you do a compare and contrast, you’re going to note that our lives were far better off under President Trump and under Beijing Biden. 

Case in point before I left, it was confirmed that terrorists, individuals with links to terrorists were ushering in people across the southern border. Do we know who these people are? Do we know who they are? Of course we don’t. Because Beijing Biden has let them in and they’ve run away from law enforcement because of their open border among 7 million illegal aliens 2 million known God aways over now 2 million known Got aways. 

So here’s the White House being confronted by terrorists assisting any illegal immigration, because you know, terrorists always have the best interest of the American people at heart. Thank you. Great. 

“How’s it possible that ISIS sympathizer is sneaking people into this country? So just so that, folks, I’m assuming you’re speaking to the CNN story, right?” 

Yeah, right. That was a CNN story. They actually broke, folks. Nobody more surprised about it than me. Peter Doocy of Fox News, saying Yeah, about that story. And I’m assuming you’re talking about the CNN story. Yeah, the one and only sadly, not even Fox News, breaking the story of radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, as we just marked the 911 anniversary. Yeah, 911 anniversary where Joe Biden didn’t even commemorate the losses we suffered on that historic day. Anyway, yeah. So radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, ushering in illegal aliens. I mean, what could be the problem? Okay. 

“So just want to make sure that folks who are watching understand the question, so I just want to be really clear here. So the intelligence alerted us to a human smuggling network. We moved fast and and successfully to, to successfully to disrupt it. So just want to be very clear that and we are being disrupted. Are you saying that, you know, where all of the people this ISIS sympathizers snuck into the country are? If I can answer the question, I’m sure I’ll touch on every everything that you want to ask me.”

Yeah, just disrupting. Yeah, we disrupted what does that mean? Does that mean you stopped all the illegal aliens that were shown the way by this radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and how many people had he ushered in before he was quote, unquote, intercepted? 

“So again, intelligence alerted us of this human human smuggling network, we believe and we move fastly and we successfully disrupted it. So Let’s be very clear about that. And we are grateful. We were very grateful to the law enforcement for their quick work. And their vigilance on this.” 

Yeah. What is again, still not answering the question, what is disrupting mean? Did you mean you stopped them? They were at a full sprint. And you You made them walk into our country, these these people being helped by a known radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorist. 

“Now to your other part of the question smugglers have been detained overseas, including one link to the Foreign Terrorist Organization. Yeah, I don’t give a damn about the terrorists while I do. But it’s nice to know that they were able to be apprehended great overseas. What about the people they let in? 

“No sign? There is no sign that any Anyone moved by the smuggling network has terrorism connection? So want to be clear there as well?” 

How the hell do you know? How, how the hell do you know? And because we know that the record keeping in these countries is piss poor. We know that. So I want to be crystal clear about that. Nobody the radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorist sympathizer lead in has any association with radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. How do we know? And let me ask all of you folks, do you trust the Biden regime to know? 

“And what we were able to do as precaution? People brought here by smuggling network are being subjected to extra vetting, and are all in removal proceedings? And in addition to that, in addition to that”

Removal proceedings, what does that mean? Folks? There are individuals who are quote, unquote, the judges bang, the gavel, you should be removed. And the Democrats are running interference all over this country to make sure they’re not removed. We’re talking about cutthroats criminals. This case terrorists, so removal proceedings tells me nothing. What can you confirm to me they’ve been removed? Oh, no. Can’t do that. 

“Anyone coming across the border outside of the network? Who matches the profile of those in the smuggling network is subjected to extra vetting, detained and put in expedited removal proceedings as well.” 

Okay, extra vetting. So we’re we don’t want to disrupt our massive illegal immigration campaign if, if we can credibly say these people aren’t terrorists, we’re gonna let them in. Even though they were assisted by a radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, you know, folks didn’t didn’t have this kind of dynamic. Did we with President Trump in office? No, that’s that’s uh, you can expect whenever a Democrat is at the helm, one of my fellow talk show hosts joins me to dissect issues like this. And of course, a look at the GOP primary coming up on the Salcedo store podcast. 

Folks I want to bring on a guest a fellow talk show host Steve DESE is the host of a two hour show on the blaze where the Saucedo show was born on that very network. He’s also the author of 11 books, including two best sellers and as the executive producer of the movie NIF Various available and streaming. And now on DVD. Hey man, welcome. 

Hey, Chris. Good morning. Thank you for having me.

Great to have you as well. Look, I got to talk about a lot of stuff here with you. Not in not in, not least of which would be the Republican primary. But here’s Newt Gingrich. And he is he is saying first off that that President Trump is part of a movement, he thinks he thinks it’s wrong, that people are considering taking him off the ballot. But then he is also talking about this. This is Speaker Gingrich. I think he was on one American news or something like that. He was talking with one of the hosts and some insight or knowledge that he garnered Listen. 

“that I am told, this is hearsay. But I am told by a reliable source. That Friday evening, somebody from Washington, called the district attorney in Atlanta and said, You have to indict on Monday. We have to cover up all of the mistakes we just made with Weiss. And she said apparently, my jurors aren’t coming back till Tuesday, and they said you didn’t hear me. You have to indict on Monday.” 

Okay, so that’s a level of collusion being accused between the Feds and Georgia which of course would delegitimize the entire the entire effort down that way. Plus, in our learning that Weiss colluded with the DOJ, we’re learning about these ties these these collusion efforts to take one candidate out of the picture. What are your thoughts? 

Wouldn’t surprise me at all. If you look at the original trial schedule, Chris, that they were discussing a couple of weeks ago, originally, they wanted the January 6, event to occur in March. And, or in January, I’m sorry, and Fulton County was discussing going in March, right after literally like the day after we were going to start the trial on January 6 January 15. And go in March, and then start Fulton County the day after, right before Super Tuesday. And then Brian 10th came in and said, You’re not going to do that. The governor of Georgia, we’re not going to have this trial until after the election, at least the Trump portion there, the CO conspirators will go on trial in October. And that’s and that’s our traditional Rico case works if you were actually dealing with mobsters and you know, not a political campaign, as you put the letters on trial first with the goal of trying to get them to flip. Yeah, as you make your way up the food chain. And so that’s what they’ll probably try to do in Fulton County. And then instead so when Ken came in and said you’re not going to have a trial now of Trump before the election, then you saw the January 6 trial, go into that into that exact stock slot yesterday. They announced yesterday that Trump will go on trial the day before Super Tuesday. So of course, this is coordinated. Of course, this is a this is an assassination. We don’t do Dealey Plaza anymore. We have social media, we have lawfare. You know, this is this will be a more distinguished assassination, going to turkey shoot about three hours north of you. That’s what’s going to happen here. And that’s that’s what’s going on. Well, that’s one of the factors of why I’m supporting DeSantis in the race. I have gotten paid. He’s had a great record as governor. Chris, I don’t believe Donald Trump will be permitted to be on a ballot for 234 days from today. I just don’t and I want to. 

I want to expand on I want to expand on that when we when we get to that portion. But I think I want to buttress what you’re saying, because it is now being revealed that shoot con wood Who is this this compromised left wing judge is putting is putting a timetable that is unprecedented, to put it right before. I mean, he she can’t cite one case of this magnitude that has been turned around in such a short period of time. She can’t cite one. 

But oh, in fact, is someone who has covered the January 6 story. Not as much as my friend Julie Kelly has, she has done more work on that than than any media figure in America. But as someone who’s covered that story very closely, I had one of the January Sixers, in fact on my show live from a federal penitentiary earlier this winter. I can just tell you that. Two things. Number one, this judge has presided over several January stick cases. And in numerous of them she has actually and she has actually given worse and harsher sentencing than Merrick Garland DOJ asked for number two, there are still January six years in prison that are detained right now. awaiting a trial day. All right. And so the the idea that there are people who have still not yet received a trial day from that exact same district, and yet they’re able to do this on such a truncated schedule with the former president. Again, this goes back to what I said before you are watching and assassination take clips. That’s what that is what is happening here.

How to your friend Julie Kelly. She was put on on X last night. I have a transcript from today’s hearing from Judge Shoot con. And it’s worse than reported shoot con marveled at Inquisitor Jack Smith’s rapid discovery production, while downplaying the fact that DOJ could not name a single case and DC district that went from indictments to trial in five months. She can’t name one. But see the law is immaterial when you’re trying to pull it, as you say, politically assassinate a candidate. 

Yes, don’t you? This is the thing we have to understand. And I would urge you know, if I could do a shameless plug gave me several nice clicks coming in. And I appreciate it. If I can give a shameless plug. I did. I was the guest this past week on Glenn Beck podcast, does that each week more of a long form conversation. And one of the things I pointed out to him is that the social compact in America is broken. What does that mean? The constitution is not the social compact. The constitution is an itemization of now how we will govern ours, how we will self govern one another and ourselves. In light of the social compact, it quantified. The social compact is stated in the first sentence, we the people in order to form a more perfect union, meaning that here here because we have formed this union, we have created a social compact, right under e pluribus unum, that rights come from God, not government, that all men are created equal, etc. In light of these creed that we just defined in the in the declaration, and one on the battlefield. Now that we will form a union, this is our social compact, this is now how we will govern, they feel like the bylaws of the United States. Okay. What’s happened here is that it’s not just that we’ve gone past destroying the Constitution, it’s a dead letter and much of America now, we have destroyed the social compact. And what that means is new is the rules of engagement. Previously, things you would not do to one another, politically, socially, economically, canceled culture, what we’re talking about here were Trump things you would not do previously, because you would not wish to disrupt the civil order the social order, that is fairly even though there will be Scottish disagreement. It is fairly profitable and peaceable for most people who choose to live under them is out the window now. Yeah. So there’s there’s only there’s only two paths here. And one is that we predict that we that we produce politicians who ruthlessly pursue our policies, and use the power we give them to punish our enemy, like what the governor of Florida has done. Or you’re talking about. Another ANC them. I mean, there’s no other way out of this. Unfortunately, it’s sad, but it’s either we I think on the right, we act as if there is a killer meme that goes viral. That will make Randi Weingarten get up this morning and say, you know, I was gonna communist another generation of kids but then I, I really saw this Ricki pond meme, and I’ve just completely changed my that’s not how life works. 

No, no, no.

Power must be exercised and if either exercise via Randy on the battlefield. 

Randi Weingarten needs to be defeated, she can’t be convinced she can’t, she can’t quit. She needs to be and basically what you’re what you’re stating, Mr. Days is something that I’ve observed with the Democrat socialists, the Marxists in that party, they no longer wish to be Americans. They don’t want to they don’t want to live under the Constitution, or that social compact you referenced. 

That is an example. Because Because of that, yeah, the only deterrent, that’s the only deterrent between where we are now and Antietam and, you know, I was on Newt Gingrich is 2012 2012 presidential campaign used to know the former Speaker Well, I remember he wants him and I, we once had a long conversation where he told me this in 2011, that this is the most divided the country has been since 1856. Well, things haven’t gotten better in the last two. So the only thing that between us and Antietam were more Americans died in any symbol other than when you go to a Planned Parenthood than any singular day in American history. The only thing that will stop it is we have to take a page out of the Reagan playbook with the in the 80s with the Soviet Union, where there were crazies who really thought you could win a nuclear war. And he had to create a deterrence, mutual assured destruction. If you do this to us, we will do this to you. And so here’s what needs to happen when instead of impeaching Biden, which I’m all for on the principle, but that won’t stop this. What needs to happen is there must be a government shutdown to defund a complete defund of DOJ. And you take your case to the American people and say, Is this what you want your Department of Justice to do? Or to actually go after known wolves to shoot up nightclubs in schools that they suddenly lose track of what your job is when

You’re speaking my language? They it’s a Salcedo show axiom. They can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money. 

That’s true. Yeah. Every Red State da I’m sorry, every Red City District Attorney, every red state attorney general, if Hunter Biden stopped in your state or city to take a week one alright, open law fair on the bike niche that’s your check and balance. Yeah, no Mutual Assured Destruction, anything short of that, you know, we’re still tough. We got Republicans, by and large talking the same talking points from 1999 and 2009. waste, fraud and abuse. Meanwhile, we got the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks both out there and Red Square openly in color revolutions. Anything short of that. I know that this thing is toast, Chris, I know I’m here I do. I just married a daughter. I’ve got another one on moving into our first apartment this weekend. I just bought my son his new car. All I’m thinking about is the future. I’m not saying this flippantly or for click. This is history repeating. I know exactly how to stop this. Yeah, this is how it will end. 

I’m right there with you do Steve DESE is our guest right, folks. He’s got a two hour show on the blaze. He’s an author of 11 books and nefarious, he’s the producer of nefarious, it’s streaming and on DVD right now. Look, everything but it’s like it’s we’re seeing things exactly as they are. And you know, I marveled that I said this on the Newsmax show the other day, that the Democrats, the first thing they do when they get into the office, is they start lying to the American people to basically justify everything they’re doing Obama did it. Biden has people doing it for him. Let me let me just get you to focus on what some people would call tangential. But I think it’s all part of the mosaic, your air conditioning units, your stoves, your gas burning stoves, your gas burning water heaters, your light bulbs, now, they’re going after your ceiling fans for crying out loud. This is all conditioning to get you to say, well, the government says I must. So I must to get you Accept to accept something that Americans have never been able to accept before, which is totalitarian, centralized government rule? Yes. 

Correct. It’s what what happened is China cracked the code. China figured out post Tiananmen Square, that the way to avoid more Tiananmen squares is that, you know, humans really are the sheep that the Bible calls them. If you give them a pasture, and in a modern world, that is accoutrements access to technology, some creature comforts, things of that nature. If you give them some form of creature comfort, as opposed to the, the granular level of dogma, that the that post Lenin, the Soviet Union tried to impose on people were eventually when you go on a second generation of that, and people own and have literally nothing, you put them in a position where they have no alternative now but to push back against you, because we’re not risking anything, they have nothing to lose with the Chinese figured out was give people some skin in the game, give them something, give them a cell, phone them a big screen TV, give them give them give them access to the larger world, which of course we then they can watch the sporting events and the Marvel movies. And then we’ll control the access, they get to the stuff that would actually challenge our hegemony. They figured out human beings are pretty simple creatures that Loki was right. We were made to be ruled. That’s really what we want to hear that up. And so because of that they needed a sustainable command economy economic model for the next generation, and the rest of and Western elite leftist. I mean, goodness sakes, just two years ago, Warren Buffett’s top financial adviser openly said, I’d love to have a system like China, Western elites looked at what China installed. And they said, You know what? We could do the same thing here. Yeah, you have a car, but It’s electric. And we control how far you can drive it. And whether you can drive it or not. Yeah, you got to Facebook and Twitter accountants will tell you what we think is and you can share your pictures and stuff with your loved ones. And then we’ll tell you whether we think your opinions are good or not. Just give them enough enough that they’ll say for this is a status fight. It’s like the it’s just like in the Bible man. When Moses goes to free the Israelites, and they’re like, Well, you know, we’re out here in this desert, at least under Pharaoh we had need to eat and water to drink. That is the human condition East of Eden. I want to be a ward of the state I want to be there’s a reason why this country short of its Jordan 50th birthday is the shortest is the longest experiment in human freedom in 7000 years of recorded human history, because East of Eden, we want to be ruled. We want to comply. We want to do it. 

Yeah. And how many of how many of you Democrats out there listening to me and Steve days, when the government says not only should you take your booster but also limit your beer consumption to two beers per week and you’ll go okay, whatever you thought, Okay. Whatever you say, look, lastly, former representative Harold Ford on Fox News last night. 

No, that’s why I don’t watch Fox News. I don’t watch I don’t watch Fox News anymore. 

But go ahead. I don’t either, man. I just saw this clip. And I’m like, what, this is the dumbest time ever to be alive. We’ve never had more information ever and been dumber than we are right now. He said out loud. I’m on my seventh booster. And I’ve had COVID Three times. You can’t fix that level of Well, that’s idolatry is the old stained glass window word is gone. It’s gone ahead. It’s gov ed. Have it and they have created now two generations and they want to go for a third of of sheep, as you describe the now let’s you and I talk about the primary look, I have not taken a position on the primary, I’m not endorsing. Here’s, here’s my only standard. I will not take away accomplishments from from any conservative slash Republican that they’ve earned. I want whether it’s Governor DeSantis, whether it’s President Trump, and anybody else on that, in this debate in this conversation, because I recognize my true enemy is the Democrat Socialist Party, they are the enemy, not their words, not my words, their words, Joe Biden declared me his enemy in a speech, and I’m taking him seriously. So as far as the primary is concerned, I’m saying let’s the first person who puts We the People First, which by the way, that first damn debate, and I would have liked to have seen it more in the Tucker discussion. The the plight of our people at the hands of these Marxists was lost. And that’s it, and it lost me and I’m afraid that’s where we’re going this inside. Baseball palace intrigue BS no longer appeals to me. What about you? 

I’m with you, I don’t care about that. Here’s all I care about is what’s best for the future for my kids and grandkids. Amen. That’s all I care about. The reality is we’re only having this primary. Because there were two Trump presidencies, Chris there was a presidency until March 16 2020, which was very successful. We had our largest median family income growth in this country since Boom, we have Israel and Saudi Arabia of all things, breaking bread. I mean, by and large, this was a very successful presidency. And then COVID arrives March 16 2020. And the reality is, Trump made virtually every mistake you could have possibly made during that fight that during those last eight months, so here’s the thing, I’m not even that upset about the mistakes that he made, because you’re gonna make mistakes when you get ambush. DeSantis even made some of the same mistake, the differences. One guy when he when he looked at data and saw that doesn’t work, stop doing it. reverse course. The other guy said why can’t fire Fauci is politically, I can’t do it. lock downs were great. And I saved a bunch of lives. He still wants to own this stuff. And if we’re being if we’re if we were having a traditional primary, without all the law fear that unfortunately, we have to talk about right now, if we were having a traditional primary, that would be the only thing that we will be discussing, is we would be discussing, why doesn’t trump have any self awareness about the mistakes that were made? In 2020, where COVID is concerned, the terrorist act was a generationally damaging piece of legislation, you got a $1,200 stimulus check, in exchange for $6,000 more debt and inflation tacked on to every individual. That’s not a good trade. That’s a Bobby Binya trade, okay. And we shut down 10,000 small businesses, they were permanently erased. While we had a massive wealth transfer to corporate America. These are the kinds of things we’d be talking about right now more if it weren’t for the law fair. And that’s the only reason that there’s a dissent. The only reason there’s a rationale for that for DeSantis running in 2024 is the areas where Trump puckered are the areas where he was he was stronger. Take that away. Trump is actually president today. And we’re having a different primary, we’re DeSantis is The overwhelming favorite, because it’s very clear at that point, He is the heir to that legacy. We’re only having this contested, divisive primary today, because of the mistakes Trump made that he won’t admit. And some of us are willing to say, hey, we’ve got a primary process. And I’m willing to hold him accountable to that, to see if he’ll make those mistakes again, and other people are not and want to act as if those mistakes weren’t made. And that’s why it’s got that’s why we’re not having an honest hearing on the issues. That’s why this thing has gotten divisive. If we were, it would be a little bit more principled than it is at the moment. 

Now I’ve only got 30 seconds left. But I want to pivot back. First off the baseball references, the Avengers references not lost on me. Okay, that’s number one. Number two, number two, you mentioned that, that we have to look at the Marxists and the socialists who now run the Democrat Party and Frank frankly, have infiltrated areas in which they’ve never been welcomed before in our intelligence agencies, in our in our law enforcement agencies. Do you believe because your prescription I think is correct to avoid to avoid Americans shooting at one another, that there has to be somebody taking a stand? Does the current Republican Party led by the likes of John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney and others in the house does the Republican Party as it’s currently arrayed have a prayer in hell as standing against these Marxist and socialists? 

No, not only that doesn’t want to. So we have, we have one we have two guys running in my view. They’re the only two words voting for Donald Trump destroyed the media industrial complex destroyed in it If that’s what’s necessary, you don’t get to have somebody do the things on policy that DeSantis has done without destroying the larger media industrial complex that defended that stopped our people from doing the things on policy that DeSantis is now doing. But we have to move to the next phase of the operation now. We have to win on policy. DeSantis is fired over and gotten we don’t want to go ahead and steal the election in Florida, Chris, because he fired the Broward County political Election Commissioner because she was a crook. That’s why fire. Alright, over 20 people have been fired, arrested, suspended, kicked out of Florida government. And that’s how we went from the state that gave us hanging chads to a state whose election was done by 1030 Eastern time when everybody else was still dropping off ballots at 3am We need more of that it is now time to govern Okay, we have to govern now, with the govern righteously and aggressively and if we don’t, we are heading 20 and TM and Chris it won’t be you and I out there to having that fight. It’ll be our children and grandchildren. They deserve better than that. We have a window right now. We have to actually do more than sell merch. We have to acquire power and not just can’t drain swamps. Do it. Not just chant lock her up. Do it. We have to do this stuff. It’s time to do the Maga Chris, not just marketing. Do the Mokka.

A time of choosing if as it were Steve DS everybody. He hosts a two hour show on the blaze radio network where the Saucedo show got its start, tell our friends over the blaze we said howdy and I appreciate the visit, man. 

You bet. Thank you, Chris. Take care. 

That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Visit a couple of websites for me, won’t you, Texas the latest on the Paxton impeachment. Make sure you check out the documentary called The Texas heist it’s an eye opener. And also go to Texas to find all the latest news impacting Texas and beyond Texas. Also check out Chris You can find our social media hookups there and also track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock in the afternoon until five till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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