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S5, Ep 88: How Much Damage Have Democrats Done To The U.S. Military?

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Retired, Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer is a Newsmax Contributor. And he’s the President of Project Sentinel.
Retired Colonel John Mills is the former Director of Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs at the Department of Defense. He’s the author of, The Nation Will Follow, first hand experiences fighting the Deep state.
Brigadier General Blaine Holt is a Newsmax contributor, Air Force veteran, C-17 commander, tech entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Restore Liberty.

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Folks, I’m on record saying that I believe Democrats no longer wish to be Americans. And they keep on doing stuff that that reaffirms my evaluation of them. Let me give an example. I have been on the Democrats because I will never forgive them. For this 65 of them. A huge chunk of the Democrats socialists in the Congress voted to protect Communist China from being investigated for their malign activity, their anti American activity that was harming the United States of America. 

So that that happened, then Beijing Biden has spent the majority of his time inside of the Oval Office, passing initiatives and saying things that are of benefit to China and a detriment to the United States, economically, militarily and otherwise. The Washington Examiner talks about the latest. Beijing Biden was overseas and wanted to assure his pals in communist China that he didn’t want to contain them. I’ll read you the headline, then I will give you the statement. 

Beijing Biden doesn’t want to contain China. we’re all better off if China does well says Beijing Biden, of course that illustrates to me that Joe Biden is committed to the complete success of Communist China not so much the United States but the complete success of Communist China. From the article. Beijing Biden maintains that he wants to see strong, a strong China and is not trying to contain its growth. 

Speaking at a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, Beijing, Biden was asked about accusations from Communist Chinese dictators, Asian ping, saying that he meaning Biden wants to contain China, as Biden builds allies in the region. Biden said that is not the case, quote, what this trip was about? It was less about containing China, I don’t want to contain China. He said, I just want to make sure we have a relationship with China. That is on the up and up and squared away. Uh huh. 

And then of course, Joe Biden ends with the fiction, you know, where we’re all better off if China does well, which is an out and out lie when China does well. That means the United States is under threat when Communist China is able to to use our money to build up their military to build bullets and bombs to kill us. We are not better off as Joe Biden claims. Speaking of that summit in Vietnam, here’s how Beijing Biden was wrapping up his comments about this summit that he had Listen:

“nobody likes having celebrated International meetings if you don’t know what you want if you don’t have a game plan may have a game plan. He just hasn’t shared it with me. But I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go to bed Yeah, he does sound very tired. Yeah, we talked. We talked about we talked about at the conference overall, we talked about stability. We talked about making sure that the third world the seeming Third World, the the the southern hemisphere had access to change it had access wasn’t confrontational at all. You cannot do anything. Thank you, everybody, this man’s account press conference.”

Thanks, everyone interrupting him right there. This is the press conference. The man, the old man is rambling and embarrassing the United States. So let’s just cut this off, folks. By the way, that’s not normal. I think we covered that in a podcast earlier this week. That’s not normal. What you just heard, but the biased press and left wingers say it’s perfectly fine for his staff to be running his life and running us perfectly normal. Beijing Biden leading off his comments about September the 11th. Listen to this: 

“over John Levy. It’s good to see you. Governor, I have something in common, both from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I wish I had him playing in my high school ballclub when I was playing, but I would have could have been an All American Have you from?”

Yeah, 911 comments up for those of you who are Democrats a 911 was an attack on our country by radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists the worst terrorist attack on our soil in American history. Over 3000 Americans paid with their lives. And Beijing Biden was not in Shanksville, Pennsylvania was not in New York. He was not at the Pentagon. 

No Beijing Biden was in Alaska, making those comments. He also made some other comments while he was in Alaska, commemorating the September the 11th attacks. And somebody immortalize those comments on YouTube. Listen:

“Ground Zero New York. I remember standing there the next day. And looking at the building, I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looks so devastating. Because the way you could see where you from where you could stand.” 

Lie and Joe Biden not at Ground Zero and 912. 

“Senator from Delaware, the manager of the resolution. Some have said yesterday and the day that all was changed.”

You know, who was a ground zero. 

“Now, just a few moments ago, Donald Trump passed through here so we had a minute to talk with him. Let’s roll that tape. You can see what he had to say. Well, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve seen two huge 110 storey buildings that are reduced to rubble. 1000s and 1000s of lives. I just got to see something that I’ve never seen before. I have hundreds of men inside working right now. And we’re bringing down another 125 A little while and they’ve never done work like this before. And they’re hard working people but they’ve never seen anything like it. And they’ve never, they’ve never done work like this before. It’s terrible. I remember standing there the next day.”

Yeah, not so much. Beijing Biden is a liar. And sadly, he’s the Commander in Chief of our armed forces. And the man that Democrats have foisted upon this country and entrusted our safety and security. A man who I believe is compromised by Communist China, a political party that is compromised by Communist China. Some of the greatest threats to this country today are from within this country. I firmly believe it. We call them socialists we call them Marxists. But their political party in the United States is the Democrat party. 

We will not ignore our national security. We dive deep coming up next to the Salcedo store and podcast. 

Folks, I want to have a conversation with some of my favorite guys on the planet distinguished fellows, who have put on the uniform of this country and actually defended this country. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer Newsmax contributor and he’s president of the project Sentinel, retired Colonel John Mills, former director of cybersecurity policy strategy and International Affairs at the Department of Defense. He’s the author of the nation will follow firsthand experiences fighting the deep state, and Brigadier General Blaine Holt is a Newsmax contributor, Air Force veteran C 17, Commander, tech entrepreneur and co founder of restore liberty. Hey, guys, welcome to all three of you. And one of us giving me feedbacks on your phone line. So just want to let you know about that. But welcome to all three of you. 

Great to be here. Okay. Great. Thank you, Chris. 

All right, gentlemen. So let’s, let’s start here, each one of you has been dropping me information. And some of you guys are also writers, you’re you’re putting out content. So and each one of you probably has, or maybe the same, it doesn’t matter really matter if it’s the same concern. But I want you to give me, Colonel che for you. First, I want you to give me the number one concern that you have for the status of our military forces that nobody is talking about? 

Well, that’s the one thing that nobody is talking about, Chris, is the fact that the military is not going to be able to overcome the damage being done to the economy. I mean, one of the things that Trump administration didn’t did very well, is linked the health of our economy, our commerce, our trade, to the military. And the two together, working in unison, was one of the things that was helping make the country great, that is to say our military interests were tied to our commercial and economic interests. And by doing that, Trump was able to shape the military around real things not global warning, warming. Remember Chris and right now we’re supposed to be all worried that co2 which is plant food is somehow hobbling the planet it’s not. So the fact that we have invested so much in green energy by the military thinking somehow we’re going to have big old you know, tanks run by double A batteries someday. hobbling the battery hobbling the military in ways we don’t fully understand. So that’s the biggest thing that’s not being talked about, as far as I’m concerned. 

Colonel Mills, the biggest thing not being talked about in your in your view as it pertains to military, the military, the US military and their in their mission. 

And Chris, good morning. It has to be readiness. The number one job of the Chairman Mark Milley and the Secretary defense Lloyd Austin is readiness, not ideological, lecturing its readiness. And our military is not ready where we’re falling far short of recruiting and retention standards. It’s US law the Navy and I’m joined qualified I’m joined qualified beyond war called I can speak other service languages the Navy is under legal mandate to grow. Instead they are shrinking. This doesn’t make any sense. So it is a total failure and they’re waking up to China. They’re angry overvolt typhoon spy balloon now that DEP SEC def comes up Deputy Secretary defense comes up with replicator a, you know a program to create mass autonomous vehicles. Great idea. I’ll believe it when I see it. They’ve been total failures on everything so far. And Mark Milley best army uniform ever. Everything else has been a disaster. 

Yeah, nothing underneath that uniform. General. What is your what is your take the biggest threat or the biggest concern you have as it pertains to the military and that nobody’s talking about? 

Good morning. It’s good to be with everybody. I believe that it’s the warfighting SOC and the rock that exists in our military right now. By heading down this Marxist path with diversity, equity and inclusion and supplanting and getting rid of the meritocracy. What happens, Chris is you demoralize the entire force, the people who came in with a warrior’s focus in Essos to fight and win America’s wars, which to be honest, is the only reason to have a military that has gone away and what we’ve gone into is the This, this cultural problem, which gets us away from mission focus. So you’re distracted from what you’re supposed to be doing. You go into a flying squadron in my case, or you know, it could be any service. And you seek to be your best if you remember the Army’s old, jingle be all that you can be, well, that’s exactly who we are. But when you demoralize the force, then being the best that you can be won’t lead to anything, but maybe being the greatest LGBT Q plus warrior who’s tripled Bakst and succumbs to all of this green toxicology garbage that Tony was talking about. That will make you rise through the ranks and and I’m sorry, that’s not where the next von Clausewitz is going to come from. Meanwhile, our adversaries, they do have a mission focus, they want to be all that they can be. And they’re very, very clear about their purposes. So that’s, that’s where that’s where I think we better spend a lot of time in understanding why we have a military and what we expect that military to do. 

You gentlemen are focused on what I would classify as the right stuff. As you all three aptly pointed out, because of politics, left wing politics has infected like a like a cancer, every segment of our government, including our military. I want you all I’m going to play partial, a partial soundbite here. I played it all for the audience. earlier. It’s a two minute 23 second sound by this is a Goldstar dad who was invited to speak he unloads on Beijing Biden, though I don’t believe that Beijing Biden is is the person who deserves the lion’s share of blame because we all three of us know that Mr. Biden is diminished as a Gold Star mom put it, he’s a dementia ridden piece of crap. And somebody else is pulling the strings general white rage, Milly Lloyd Austin, other apparatchiks, Soviet style apparatchiks in our government. And here’s what this Goldstar dad had to say, Listen: 

“Not a single person has been held accountable. our so called leader can’t seem to even utter their names in public Not even once. Mr. Biden has run his entire political campaign for 50 years as the family man. Well, I’ve got news for you, sir. The curtain has been lifting. And that campaign slogan will never work again. We have seen what’s going on in your family. And even worse, we’ve seen how you’ve been treating us as Gold Star families, and there couldn’t be anything more disgusting and cowardly than the way you have treated us. You are a disgrace to this nation. You have no business having ultimate command over our military. And I regret not saying that to your face. When I had the opportunity in Dover. I felt it more like more important to bite my tongue. But I also had more important things on my mind at that time, like receiving my son’s lifeless body stateside, while I stood there on the tarmac. Watching you check your watch, over and over again. All I wanted to do was shout out. It’s 230. Paul.”

He of course lost his son in the desert, the worst foreign policy disaster for the United States in the modern era. Colonel Schaefer, you you could feel the anger and the sense of abandonment what I think all Americans feel that their government has abandoned us. 

It is correct. That’s true. Look, it’s a Biden two years, almost to the day. 26th of August was the anniversary of the abbey gate bombing. You didn’t acknowledge it until two years. There were no public statements of honor to those who who died but 13. And beyond that. Look, I hold. Clearly Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin responsible because they did not stand up in protest. When Biden decided to do what he was going to do. Trust me, Chris, the job of an officer is to be loyal to their oath of office. That would mean standing up in front of a politician and saying, Mr. President, if you’re going to do this, I cannot serve you. I have I will resign. And I know a certain journalists who have actually done that and been effective, but clearly, I believe Austin is terribly deficient in his responsibilities. I work for him as a brigadier general he’s walked the terrain literally Chris, he’s been there at abrogate I know that for a fact. And yet a man who served in combat, who knows the conditions and does nothing to defend those serving under him and then does not stand up the politicians does not deserve to be in high office and Lloyd Austin should have resigned over this. 

Colonel Mills your reaction? 

No, I agree with Tony. Totally, you know, Millie and like to talk big along with all the other deep Staters when he was under Trump wanted to undermine him. But you know, he’s there’s been comments like he didn’t think it was appropriate to resign under Biden. Well, okay, so it’s okay to you undermine Trump, but he’s gonna sit there and do nothing about Biden. Now we have CQ Brown, potentially coming in to take over. He’s no, he is no Colin Powell. And Colin Powell would not put up with any of this and the 90 key stood up to Clinton said we will not use the military as a social experiment and back down the Clintons on that topic. Millie is no, no, Colin Powell and a total failure. It is an oath we take to the Constitution not to a regime not to a person. And Mark Milley talks out of both sides of his mouth on this topic. And but he’s he’s clearly become a captive of the, of the regime. 

Yep, he’s too busy focusing on understanding his white rage, rather than protecting the lives of the men and women who serve under him. General. This goal, you can hear the pain and this Goldstar father’s voice, and the fact that the that we have a guy at the top, who was really a degenerate, and everybody knows and understands he’s a degenerate, and you can hear the regret that he he feels this guilt as a father that he didn’t that he himself didn’t, didn’t show the wherewithal that many of you were saying that Lloyd Austin should be showing that general white rage Millis should be showing he’s he’s beating himself up general, over not standing up when he had the opportunity to tell Joe Biden what he thought of him to his face. Well, how does that get a beautiful job? 

He did a beautiful job. He was remarkably poised for a man who’s lost his son. And it’s only just been two years and I thought you can feel his anger. It’s palpable. You can you can feel his loss. But at the same time, he gave his reasons for why he didn’t do that. Now, this this accountability dearth. And Chris, you and I met two years ago on this occasion, for the first time, this dearth of accountability, what hasn’t gotten us and this is what my latest op ed that I wrote this week is about by not holding any of the national security team accountable for what happened back then. We now get what we get, which is an under a completely determinable war in Ukraine that’s going to nowhere that weakening us and it’s got no strategy behind it. You’ve got calamity and terror and wars and potential wars blossoming in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, everywhere you’ve got our adversaries, galvanizing the world and creating new alliances like the BRICS plus where they intend to go after the western economies because of their own resentment. That’s what all this got to us. Why? Because no one ever held these folks to account and they were allowed to just continue going on what they do if you if something goes poorly, keep betting on it, and then you’ll have a real crisis on your hands. And that’s what’s happened here. 

Yeah, it seems there’s only accountability if if General white rage Milley stepped out and said, Well, I think we ought to focus on being more lethal rather than making sure that cross dressers. transvestites can can be well represented the military, it then he would receive disciplinary action but not having an effective fighting force, leading to the slaughter of our own service members. Oh, no. That seems to be applauded, and actually celebrated inside the halls of this Democrat controlled regime. Folks, we’re talking to Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer, Colonel John mills and Brigadier General Blaine Holt men I trust to have the best interest of this country at heart who have served this country in uniform. Gentlemen, our defense technology advantage overcome and as China. Best guess, I know that you guys talk to individuals that we’re still in. We used to have a 20 year advantage technologically speaking over Communist China. Where are we now? Colonel Schaefer? 

Well, one alibi, I want to make sure the correct record for my colleagues and we did have one person held accountable. Regarding the Afghanistan thing it was do shoulder to shoulder Lieutenant Colonel Schiller was court martialed for standing up and doing the right thing I testify to this test is just trial by the right. Yes, the only person who was held accountable with a guy trying to do the right thing anyway, back to technology. The technology issue press is something that’s been going the opposite direction since the Clinton administration, Bill Gertz wrote a great book. That trail talks about how the Clinton ministration gave all sorts of information to them. That allowed the Chinese to create their own nerves and multiple entry reentry naked or vehicles. And it’s gone downhill from there. So we have seen a complete lack of resolve or interest in stopping the technology transfer from the United States to China, which then empowers them and allows them to create a defense industry that will challenge us. Back in the Cold War days. Army had something called operational security OpSec. We have programs that will examine In our commercial, production based and try to protect those secrets, we have no such thing now going on to protect our information. 

Colonel Mills, how far have we lost our technological superiority? Militarily speaking? Where are we again, I said we had 20 year advantage, just a few short decades ago, where are we now? What is our advantage if we even have one anymore over Communist China? 

Well, it is, we used to have the best research and development environment in the world, and especially for national security. It has just become politicized. And our our r&d Spend has gone way down. 15 years ago, when we’re trying to stop Chinese intellectual property theft, I said several times in high level meeting, when the Chinese stopped trying to rip off from us. That’s the point of concern. They’re still ripping off from us. But we have hit that tipping point. And it’s extremely concerning in so many areas. And we just seem incapable of doing advanced r&d and then getting it into the field. It just it di it’s CRT ideology, we just seem absolutely stuck in a morass, and incapable of doing true. All levels of all levels of research and development and then delivering to the field. So I’d say advantage China.

I believe, I believe it’s intentional because I don’t think I think it’d be a complete moron to prioritize the LGBTQ ABCD EFG Cultural Marxism the critical race theory, hate YT critical race theory divisive pneus into the military, and then ignore lethality and preparedness and readiness. I think I think this is done intentionally to keep faith with who the Biden regime really truly prizes, which is Communist China. So general, we have, we had a technological advantage, but I remember sitting there, and China ruling out their stealth fighter. This was a few years ago, they rolled out their first gen stealth fighter, and I’m thinking, man, that looks a hell of a lot like cars, how? It’s almost like the Xerox copy that we know that we know they stole it because communists are thieves. Left wingers are thieves. What do you what do you think about this, and I watched battery technology walk right out the door, the biggest advancement in battery technology, probably in the last 100 years, Barack Hussein Obama allowed it to walk right out the door. Do you think the Democrats in this country are assisting Communist China, and they’re in ripping us off? 

They have to have for a long time. The one that bothered me the most was kind of started this whole thing in 1992, when the Clinton administration basically brought morale Corp over there. And we all kidded ourselves that we were going to help China with peaceful development of its space program. And we weren’t, we were helping them with targeting nuclear missiles. That is their nuclear program to this day at us. And so it got us and it’s completely it’s look, it’s the corruption of defense, Chris. And when we talk about our advantages starting to wane. I think, before we look at China, and China’s does steal stuff, but the good news is there’s reasonable facsimiles of a stealth jet, or they’re still not there yet, which is great, because we have the potential to outpace them. But we only have potential because of the corruption. You know, we don’t have 51 defense prime contractors anymore, we have six, and some university players below him. And there’s so much mountains of money that moves through this. But but we don’t buy stuff efficiently. So if my missile cost me $10 million in years costs $400,000, I can tell you, who’s gonna win the war, it doesn’t matter how bad your stuff is, you can even build a lot of them. The thing that we have in our government right now is, when you build a big project, like let’s say a stealth bomber, there’s, there’s this thing where the company will selflessly take it out of hide for the r&d, and they’ll lose money on that program. So they can, because what they really want to get to is to get to the program of record, and then they have a monopoly on the spare parts forever, which means they can live on the supply chains for that weapon system. So now you ask yourself, How do I get a B 52. That’s on track to be 100 years old and still on our inventory? I think about that. That would mean in 2009, we would have retired the Wright Flyer. It’s how we buy stuff, and the corruption behind it. That is weakening our advantage. The nice part is the good part is we’re still the most innovative country on the planet. Could we write this ship? Absolutely we can. But we’ve got to get very serious about changing our procurement systems to the advantage of America and we’ve got to get rid of these rice bowls and The corruption in DC that profit from this just this terrible mess that surrounds defense though. 

And that would take leadership and we don’t have that currently and I’m saying that of both political parties, we can turn this ship around. I think that’s a great way to end the interview guys on an air on a note of optimism. We can turn it around if we actually get somebody who’s pro American, dominating the Congress and dominating the White House. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer, retired Colonel John mills and retired brigadier general Blaine Holt. Gentlemen, thank you for you’re wearing the nation’s uniform defending us. And as always, your expertise. Thanks for thank you so much and great to be with you all. That’s gonna do it for the Salcedo storm podcast visit to websites Texas That’s Texas, the home for the Salcedo storm podcast and also home to big news in Texas, including the Texas heist, which is a documentary you must see. And also the latest on the ken Paxton impeachment trial and the ramifications of said also visit Chris That’s where you’ll find me. And the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas that’s am talk radio and the Newsmax show as well, four o’clock in the afternoon to five Eastern Monday through Friday. So until we visit again, my friends remember this, a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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