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S5, Ep 89: The Show Behind The Show, Paxton Impeachment Hoax Edition

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:

Chris and Sean talk about political hypocrisy and the Paxton impeachment hoax.

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I was having a conversation with a trusted friend. And this this friend said to me, You know what, Chris? One of the things I’ve learned in observing the past and impeachment is if these people in power set their sights on you, and they want to destroy you, unless you have money or means you’re you’re gonna be destroyed. 

They can they can take you out whether they have the truth on their side are not facts on their side or not. evidenced by Ken Paxton, having a team, a team of 15 attorneys that were able to sift through the well the pile of crap that was gifted to the state of Texas by Dade Phelan and buy 60 Republicans that joined 61 socialist Marxists. And trying to impeach Ken Paxton, it was it was just an avalanche of crap, and it needed to all be sorted through. 

And then that’s how these attorneys were able to successfully reveal to all of Texas, that this was a sham that these people that gave testimony to the house, they lied. Why? Because they weren’t under oath and Dade Phelan and his crew made sure representative Murr and Dade Phelan and all the rest of the made sure that none of these witnesses were under oath. 

So they can lie their asses off just to push through the impeachment, and then Date field and told all of his Republicans all you better vote for it, you better vote for it because the proofs coming, the proofs coming. And it never came. As matter of fact, the only thing we got proof of is that these co conspirators, they all lied, they lied their asses off. 

And if I sound a little salty about this, folks, it’s because I am. And every one of you should be livid at what they tried to do. And thank goodness, there were some competent lawyers who picked through everything and said, Oh my gosh, this is all a house of cards. This is all based on lies. Folks, this is making its way around the internet. The closing arguments of Busby one of the one of the attorneys for Ken Paxton. And it basically details what I believe is in store for Texas, a renaissance where we rid ourselves of the surrender caucus, we rid ourselves of the pro Democrat, pro leftist pro socialist, Bush Party Republicans listen. 

“They figured out real quickly once they talk to Maxwell, but you know what, we don’t have anything. We need to beef this up. We don’t have anything. And even though it’s been three years, they still don’t have anything. And 17 lawyers over there working since May $500 an hour for each of them. Hundreds of 1000s of dollars wasted taxpayer money wasted and they still don’t have anything. How did this happen? Well, they made some assumptions. And then they figured out they had no evidence and it was too late to turn back. Recall that one of the witnesses said, well, once we went to the FBI, we were signing our death warrant. Rightly so. You go to the authorities with no evidence and accuse your boss of a crime, and there has been no crime, and there’s been no evidence of any crime. And it’s all a bunch of supposition and guesswork, rightly so. And so they they took a long walk on a short pier. The house managers did the same. The house managers did the same. They, in a four hour hearing decided to impeach the Attorney General of the State of Texas. And then they spent months and months trying to collect evidence to support it, and they did not. They failed. And then the lobbyists got involved. The text of support TLR Yeah, we were against Ken. But we spent $6 million against Ken Paxton. We couldn’t beat him at the ballot box. Maybe we can beat him. Maybe we can beat him in an impeachment trial. George P. Bush decided, let me re-up my law license because maybe I can be the attorney general. Now I couldn’t beat him in a in a in a fair fight. Maybe I can beat him here. And every one of these so called whistleblowers, which are nothing but disgruntled ex staffers. They all hired the same lawyer who just happens to be an Ashcroft law firm who just happens to be a protege of the Bush regime. The Bush era ends today in the state of Texas. I’m asking you to agree with the 4.2 million Texans who put this man in office as attorney general to put this man back to work. And vote not guilty.”

And they did. And can I get an Amen? My friends, the Bush era, the Bush, Karl Rove era and the state of Texas has come to an end and it’s about damn time. It’s about time the Republican Party stop being defined by how it can cave into every Marxist socialist pro China, Democrat that’s out there. 

It’s about time the Republican Party meant something again, and getting rid of the bushes. Well, that’s step number one. The show behind the show comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Time for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chastain standing by Hello my man. 

What a G nice to hear from you. 

We got cooler weather finally here in Texas. Hit some street fairs this weekend went up to great fest your ever been? 

I’m not a wine drinker and not a crowd seeker. So I have been but one time and that was enough for me. 

But it’s a good day. It’s a good time the street vendors, the good eats I had a chicken Euro sandwich that was just to die for. I mean, it was just great. And then of course, I am a wine drinker. So yeah, it was good. We had a good time. And here’s some other street fairs in our neighborhood too. 

I appreciate the food truck operators but man you can spend some money on those things and oftentimes portion size not that great. And yeah, so I’m not I’m not a huge fan. Some of them are pretty unique and you can get some pretty good stuff but yeah, I think I’d rather just sit and eat in a restaurant. 

We hit a ton of money hit a farmers market too it was it was a small one but man great produce a better than anything you’re getting in the in the supermarket’s today. Got some tomatoes and some strawberries that were actually pretty pretty good size. So I know the sun is cooperating in the weather, you can actually walk outside without being you know, smacked upside the head. It’s nice. 

It’s not just torture anymore. Yeah. Because it’s it’s ridiculous. The heat to summer was just silly. 

It was a it was a record, that’s for sure. Okay, man. So we’ve got a lot going on. Over the weekend. I want you to go first this week as to what caught your eye and then I’ll get into the hot and heavy stuff. It has to be political this week because of what happened in Texas, but go ahead. 

Well, you know, my disdain for hypocrite Yes. Drives me crazy. And don’t care if you’re an activist. You know, whatever, if you got a cause good for you. But don’t be a hypocrite about it. This week’s candidate for hypocrite of the week is one Lauren beaupre. 

Oh, yes. She’s been getting a lot of attention. Well, the way she was dressed, holy cow. She couldn’t help but get attention. 

That that bug is what how she was dressed. Yeah. 

Oh, no, I quite enjoyed it. Yes, it’s sort of chicken. She can fill out a party. 

Well, I mean, I’m of a mind you know, if you’ve got it. I mean, why not flaunt it. I got no problem with that. And the hypocrisy I’m talking about. Oh, what’s that? A? Yes. She was at a play was it? 

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. 

Yes, yes, it was like a musical vehicle to.

Lori Lightfoot, Lori Lightfoot, Lori Lightfoot. 

And she got a little handsy with her date. And she got a little loud and was vaping and got kicked out. But come to find out that her gate, which got no problem with her dating don’t care, right. Her date owns a bar in Aspen. He’s a big time Democrat. And at that bar, he hosts burlesque and drag shows. Oh, does she’s been here. And he’s been there. She’s been, you know, one of these who have been decrying that kind of behavior and family yada yada. And then she goes and acts like that and is dating some dude that.

Well, wait a minute. 

What’s hosting those events? And the events are at a bar they’re not for kids. I’m not equating those that are I got no problem with the drag shows up the bar the burlesque whatever, that’s fine. 

Well, wait a minute, Lauren, Lauren Bovard has said, Hey, take your kids to church, not to, not to a drag show. Yeah. So I’m waiting for the hypocrisy because as you rightly point out, it’s an adult, it’s an adult thing. And the guy she’s dating isn’t marketing to kids. So I’m trying to find the hypocrisy here. 

Well, I think it was just her coming on so strong about drag shows in general, I don’t know that she necessarily meant adult only drag shows. I think she was decrying all of them. 

No, I think the tweet that was going around all across social media was take your kids to church, not to a drag show, which, okay, that’s what maybe I’m maybe I’m falsely accusing you of being a hypocrite of the week, but it’s just I don’t know, it just struck me as a tad hypocritical, maybe. 

Well, you know, I know that there’s there. Each party is caricatures word by the other and I think I don’t want to say unnecessarily quote unquote guilty of caricaturing the other side. I always, whenever I assign something to somebody, I always cite proof that that has led me to that and their lack of condemnation of the thing I’m accusing them of. You know, it is, it is I usually substantiate what I say. But I have been just marveling how the left has wanted to make everything about Lauren Bovard. She was vaping. And yeah, maybe being a little loud and obnoxious in public. I think that I mean, I think that’s the biggest point of hypocrisy. She’s apologized for that. I think if you’re gonna nail it for hypocrisy, it’s like, she’s talking about acting proper and right in public. And then she gets wild, little wild and crazy. Yeah, yeah. But as far as the you know, you and I have both been pretty much the same position she has, which is keep the kids out of it. You know, what, what adults do? Adults do? Fine. You know what, I really don’t care, but you don’t need to subject kids to that stuff. No. Did you see that? 

Okay, so falsely accuse her of being a hypocrite. Okay, well, it’s, it’s cool. It’s gave me an opportunity to talk about this thing, because it’s definitely out there among the leftist on social media. Did you see Do you know who Ollie London is, by the way? 


Ollie London is, is a gay man. He comes on the show all the time on the Newsmax show. And he is just blasting away at this trans movement. He just it the hypocrisy of the trans movement. Right? And he, he tweets out, hold on. I’m desperately trying to find it right now. on X. I keep on saying what if you don’t tweet anymore? You know, what do you do? Do you acts I don’t even know what you call it. But he does this month. 

I’m gonna call I probably should have named it screw. Because I’m a 12 year old boy basically, you know, it would be instead of tweeting you screw you’re screwing. Yeah, yeah. Hey, man. What do you what are you screwing my mother for? Not screwing at my mother. You know, instead of tweeting at my mother? Yeah, yeah. 

Hey, I’ll screw you later. 

Yeah. Well, I’ll leave London puts up this, this video of this angry mom, she’s up. She’s She’s a black woman, she storms into this history class. And this, of course, his history teacher has up an LGBTQ flag over the over the map of the United States. And this mom rips it down. It says, I’m a taxpayer here. I didn’t I’m not paying you to teach sex. And of any kind sexuality of any kind. In gov Ed, I’m paying you to teach history. And this mom went kind of nuts and bolts she’s it’s kind of gone viral out there. So what this to me is the hypocrisy of the trans movement that has infiltrated government and other places. It’s leave the kids out of it, man. It’s just that’s exactly what there is no place for sexuality inside of me at taxpayer expense. Is that does that make sense? 

Right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Back when I was in school, I could not have told you the sexual orientation of my teachers. Unless I, maybe every once in a while some at the grocery store something with a spouse? 

Who cares? 

Yeah, exactly. But I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, it shouldn’t be in the classroom. And if you’re going to be showing vacation pictures of you and your husband to the kids. Well, if it’s a wife and wife showing vacation, pictures of their kids, I guess you better not have a problem with it. But I just think any of that stuff should be kept out of schools. It just doesn’t matter to teaching. 

It doesn’t. And again, the reason why it’s in there is because it’s an agenda of the left. That’s the reason why it’s in there because the left says Oh, you must do this. It is it is their attack on all fronts of the culture. You see it being adopted by by woke corporations by sports franchises. And it’s like, that’s fine. It whatever the people want to do their private money is fine. But when it’s government money when it’s taxpayer money to just do your flippin job. You’re not in there to be it. You’re not there to be a shill for one political party. Not with my money or not. Does that make sense? Yeah. Oh, yeah. So anyway, and that leads us directly to what happened over the weekend. I thought it was brilliant to have the delay. Liberation’s and the votes on a Saturday, which is what the Texas Senate did on the on the ken Paxton impeachment. How closely Did you follow this? 

Fairly closely, we did carry the closing arguments wall to wall. So I got to hear all of that. The only question I have, and this is where I have a problem with what they did, how they did it. And I’m glad it came out the way for Ken Paxton, because I like him. And I think he’s done a great job for Texas. And this just struck me as petty for calling Dade Phelan drunk. And that’s what started the ball rolling. And we’ve talked about it before that the the voters do pretty much all this stuff for the last 15 years, you know, but it’s been going on and still voted him in whelmingly. So I’m glad it worked out for kin facts. But the problem I had with the with the way it went down, though, is each congressman is his own vote, or each senator is his own vote, right. So they didn’t have to deliberate at all, they should have just voted. After closing arguments, I mean, take a 15 minute break to go pee and then vote. Because the only thing that’s going to happen, because it doesn’t have to be unanimous. Like it like a regular jury, you know, if you’re convicting a guy for murder, well, then yeah, you want it unanimous and you want to talk down? They needed 21. 

But I needed 21 votes. 

Right. But the only thing that’s gonna go on in deliberations is trade and votes is a vote to convict and all give you this for your for your little district, you know, and that’s just nonsense. And so they didn’t have to deliberate at all. Since it’s not unanimous. Each senator has his own vote. 

Right. And I will look i i think they should have my my point of view is I think they should have discussed it. I think that because they these people are senators. They had to know what the political ramifications were for about what they were about ready to do. Now. 

Okay. But but all the Democrats voted to convict. And I don’t know, I think to what two Republican senators voted to convict on certain counts, yes. Anyway, so I don’t know. It just it just, I just wondered why they needed deliberations because it just seems like that’s ground that’s a ground to do shady stuff. back rooms where nobody’s would nobody’s watching? Well, technically, it’s just a if they don’t have the if they don’t have the chance to go over if they got to stand up there and vote immediately. Then their people know what’s going on there. Their constituents. 

Technically, it’s supposed to be a trial. So I I didn’t begrudge them that and you know, what, what struck me was coming into this, there are a lot of people on our side, my side, the conservative side of the ledger, that said, This is absurd, that the House, the House of Representative representatives in the Texas State House, they, they they presented this, like, Oh, hey, by the way, pass the mustard. And by the way, we’re impeaching Ken Paxton, with 24 hours, 48 hours to the end of the of the legislative session. They did everything in secret. And now we know why. All of the people who provide a testimony what I call the Co-conspirators and this came out during the trial. They to sell this impeachment, they lied, they all lied, to sell this impeachment. And then they they allowed these agenda driven folks inside of the Texas House who were trying to deliver for Democrats because the leadership gets its power from Democrats by giving the middle finger to conservatives. 

So they lied to get the impeachment and pushed it through. And there there are a significant number of members of the House who I am told, are livid because they were assured Oh, no, no, there’s, there’s there’s tons of proof. There’s tons of proof. They put the guys on the stand and they all changed their stories once they were under oath. Why? Because when you’re under oath, and you lie, you open yourself up to perjury, and none of them were willing to perjure themselves. 

They were willing to lie to push the impeachment through when they weren’t under oath, but they weren’t willing to lie in the trial under oath. And, to me, I think this is I’m not sure if this was the Lieutenant Governor as motivation or not, but to me that was brilliant because people are my cyber saying they should just dismiss this. You know, it’s it’s bubkis We all know it’s bubkis don’t even take it up, say it’s improper was illegal and throw it back to the house. 

They saw when they didn’t do that, and they held the trial. We were treated to just how much BS this was. And every one of those Republicans who signed on to this nonsense, they ought to have a scarlet letter branded read on their asses, because that’s the way that’s the way I see it. 

I hope so. I hope so, too. Because this was a travesty. Man. It should never have shouldn’t have never been allowed to happen. Speaking of that nonsense, exactly. Speaking of impeachment, the impeachment inquiry that has been passed or instituted, I should say, by Kevin McCarthy on the federal level. And there’s a reason why I say the impeachment inquiry. It’s because you just get the sense the Republican leadership and in the House of Representatives on the federal level, they just want to play cake guys like me to pretend Oh, no, we’re doing something. No, no, we’re really doing something to hold Democrats accountable. So let’s, let’s have an inquiry over whether or not we’re going to impeach Of course, President Trump was impeached twice. The Democrats didn’t have to inquire about anything, nor that it need to gather evidence of any wrongdoing. They just did it. What’s your take? 

I hate the fact that impeachment, which is a real serious thing has been weaponized, like it has been weaponized by the Democrats. I just guessed that now. Every president that is elected will be impeached. I guess that’s just the way it’s gonna go. And I kind of hate that. But it is what it is. Now. In our case, I think it’s a legitimate deal, that he needs to be impeached and removed and probably jailed. I know that won’t ever happen. But that seems to me that that’s that’s what should happen, because this guy is corrupt. But since the Republicans are doing it, how about we do it right? And take the time to prove the case. And so I don’t necessarily have a problem with what they’re doing. You know, I hate to say just come to vote and end up with nothing. Yeah. Because the the evidence is, it’s not great. And- 

Well, you know, it doesn’t it doesn’t matter that the Democrat I know, it doesn’t I know, it doesn’t matter that he’s not nothing’s going to happen to him. Right. Yeah. The Democrats will see all the other I mean, they could have video of Joe Biden actually taking the money, and Democrats would vote to acquit. 

But if we can have, you know, some really good evidence come out, and, and just shame him. If so, poll numbers are so far down that he just might have to resign. 

Yeah. Or he just might have take a couple of Democrats with him who would vote to protect him. 

Right. And, or if not resigned, at least pull himself off the ballot. You know, do you you know, I hear that Gavin Newsom. I hear Gavin Newsom is is running a shadow presidential campaign that Joe Biden is so feeble. And so we can so dementia written that he’s not going to make it to 2024. What do you think about that? 

Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that a lot. I’ve also heard Michelle Obama being thrown around.

And that’s not easy to do. 

The other political news that I thought was a little shocking and the timing seems very odd. Yes. Hope it’s not true. Is Christine known. 

Indeed. Because look, we well, you got to tell the folks, Kristi Noem has a special place in your heart. 

Well, I just think she’s so adorable. That’s all I mean. 

it’s damn cute. 

She is really cute. And she’s very conservative. And so far everything she’s done is right in line with my with my thoughts. 

Yes, she is. She is a staunch conservative and she’s smart, successful and she’s let’s just be honest, she’s very easy on the eyes. Let’s just call it she. 

But now the Daily Mail reports. Yes, she’s having an affair. So years long affair with our Eli indict. 

See, I heard Corey Lewandowski Pfizer. Good. 

Was it? 

Yeah, I heard Corey Lewandowski 

Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s uh, you might be Yeah, no, no, you’re right. You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. Sorry. I have no idea. I have no idea what the hell. Okay. Well, you may have heard another rumor here, you know? 

Yeah, really? Yeah. What an idiot. No. Yeah. Corey Lewandowski. Geez, she’s just stop talking. 

Well, again, that’s all it is, is a rumor. And you know what, what I find fascinating is that all just as soon as Republican start, you know, putting up a couple of wins, right. And they, as you rightly point out, somebody who has been bandied about maybe as a vice presidential candidate, somebody who has had tremendous success doesn’t count out a leftist all of a sudden we start hearing about these quote unquote rumors of an affair. And to me, show me something that’s that’s even resembling proof and I’ll consider it but right now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just that it’s just it’s just a rumor launched by leftists. And as if as if any one of these left wingers gave a damn about anybody cheating on their spouse, these are the people. This is the party of Clinton. Right? Right. Come on. Come on. 

I mean, she’s from South Dakota. South Dakota is not easy to get to. Well, Natalie, that’s not like, it’s not like you’re gonna pop in. I think Lewandowski is soon all the time. 

And I Lewandowski lives in Massachusetts, I think are one of the East Coast cities. I Yeah, he doesn’t even live anywhere near there. 

So it’s like, when when you’re a governor, I would assume that it’s very busy. I know they they travel a lot and do all kinds of political stuff. I’m not saying there’s not opportunity, but it just seems kind of odd timing when She rises to the top of the vice president. Buzz you know, that all of a sudden coming out with rumors for having an affair. 

Just it doesn’t it doesn’t ring true man because I just been around this horn one too many times. You know, and then the and it’s designed to do exactly you know, what it did to you and make it originally when we heard it, we’re like, oh, really it’s like wait a minute, where’s this coming from? You know, every single and and do we ever hear about, you know, John Cornyn ever having an affair? Oh, hell no, because he does. Exactly. He does exactly what it leftist in socialist and Marxist one we ever I mean, Dade Phelan allegedly got up and Newbury ated and conducted state business while he was allegedly inebriated. Although I don’t know what under what he was suffering. He was suffering under something. I don’t know if his alcohol and illicit drug I have no idea. I have no idea what it was. But he was suffering under something that do we have? They did that and none of the biased press covered that. That didn’t become a story. Oh, but a rumor of Christina and possibly having an extramarital affair. It’s just like, Give me a break. They never go after the Republicans who are who are surrender caucus, they always go after Republicans who are effective. And that’s seems to me to be the pattern. All right, buddy. Well, hey, we got up, thankfully, a cooler week ahead. And we will visit with you next weekend. 

All right. Bye. Love you. 

So yeah, that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast folks all the latest the fallout and it’s going to be significant. The political fallout for the Dirty Dozen, the Texas scorecard Dirty Dozen that was featured in the documentary The Texas heist, the Chris Salcedo shows zeroing in on 24 so called republicans who voted against every parent and every child in the state of Texas by trying to deny us education, freedom and parental school choice. And of course, if you want to use a different voting guide, any Republican who voted for this sham impeachment in the Texas House is fair game. You want to see what the latest with all of those so called air quotes, Republicans, just go to Texas And they will have the latest and the greatest for you. Also check out Chris That’s where you’ll find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s conservative talk radio every morning Monday through Friday. Also check us out on television, the Chris Saucedo show on Newsmax. That happens four o’clock in the afternoon to five Eastern Monday through Friday. Till we visit again my friends room Remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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