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S5, Ep 91: Jonathan Stickland Outlines Efforts To Rid Texas Of Pro-Democrat Republicans

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Jonathan Stickland was a representative in the Texas House of Representatives. He is now one of the driving forces behind the grassroots, trying to bring accountability to Austin and restore our government to one that honors, not hates our people.

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After the Texas Senate was treated to a whole bunch of so called whistleblowers who were actually co conspirators changing their stories once they went under oath. The Senate did the right thing. As many of you know, Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of the great state of Texas, was acquitted on all charges. And a full audit has been ordered by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, as to how we got here. As to how the Texas House of Representatives was able to put together an impeachment with nobody under oath with no facts. 

They launched the impeachment then they tried to find facts to support the impeachment. It was completely bass ackwards. It was a complete waste of money a complete waste of time. And because they have no place to go speaker David feelin has come out and said he is going to declare war on conservatives in in Texas. And I say, Great, let’s go. Let’s good look at his look at his statement. On Twitter. What I have not chosen to call him drunk Dade. But many people are calling him drunk Dade because of his conduct, what he did what he was caught on tape doing in front of it for everybody to see here in the great state of Texas. 

And now he’s doubling down because he has no other place to go because he’s a pro socialist, pro Marxist, so-called Republican and now he’s declaring war on all of you, the Conservatives of the great state of Texas and it’s great to see where you stand speaker feeling you and your cabal of leftist the Texas scorecard calls them the Dirty Dozen I have identified 24 individuals who voted against parental school choice and education freedom. 

And I would encourage all of you to check out where your elected official was on the passionate impeachment where they were on parental school choice, and then make your decision. If you believe in placating leftists and Marxists. If you believe in allowing America’s enemies like Communist China more than Russia, and the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran to buy land in Texas to spy on our people to compromise our food supply the sure vote for date feeling and his cabal of so called leaders in the Republican Party. 

If you do not believe in supporting America’s enemies, then here is what you do you support the challengers to all of these leftists who are trying to take out conservatives who believe in standing up against Democrats. 

Speaking of Democrats, Royce West, got up up after the acquittal, Royce West save we’ve lowered the bar. We’ve lowered the bar for what is acceptable conduct in the state of Texas. And yes, you have your Democrat socialist Mr. Royce West. Yes, yes, you have. Because you Democrats, socialists, 61 of you in the house, joined by Marxist 60 Marxists and the Republican side of the house. Yeah, you lowered the bar. You said, Hey, it’s okay to file Articles of Impeachment based on no evidence of a crime, because we just don’t like the guy because he stands up too often to Democrats. 

Yeah, you really have lowered the bar. Jonathan Stickland, who is a gentleman in the trenches hold wanting to make plenty of accountability for those who call themselves Republicans but vote Marxist. Here’s what he said. 

Winning speaker at date feeling And you and your band of rhinos are now on notice you will be held accountable for this entire sham hashtag Paxton trial. 

Damned right you will be. You want to go to war date feeling with the Conservatives of Texas. Let’s go. Let’s go because I think I think those who are Republican voters who have been foolish enough to vote for individuals that you back, I’m sorry, anybody who’s supported by date feel and now wears a scarlet letter and those who backed the impeachment. Now were a scarlet letter. Those who want to defeat school choice, parental school choice, education freedom, they now have a scarlet letter, those who have been identified as the Dirty Dozen by the Texas heist, that great documentary on the Texas scorecard. You now have a scarlet letter. 

You have committed the sin of siding with socialists and you can never be forgiven. In this liberty loving Latinos opinion. You can never be forgiven. There was a picture that was put up by a guy by the name of Ryan Chandler. It’s one lone leftists leftist, a guy standing in the gallery when the acquittal was passed by the Senate. 

It says Dan Patrick has bought what Oh, the irony, folks. Oh, the irony, a likely paid lone protester claiming that the lieutenant governor is bought and I want you all to know folks that this loan, so called protester standing there with his little placard in his pink little hat is the direct proportion of leftists in Texas to patriotic Texans, the direct proportion, Dade Phalen, Charlie Garin and these other leftists have chosen to side with the tyrannical minority here in Texas, against We the People. 

It is high time we conservatives in Texas decided to rise. I don’t know about you kids. But I am sick and tired of so-called Republicans who deliver us into the hands of Marxists to the point to where they would protect America’s enemies by defeating common sense legislation to protect those who are seeking to do harm to our children. 

I am done. The gloves are now off. David feeling you want to go to war? Let’s do it. Pal. The aforementioned Jonathan Stickland joins us next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. 

Alright folks, let’s get to our guest Jonathan Stickland. He was a representative of the Texas House of Representatives now. He is one of the driving forces behind the grassroots effort trying to bring accountability back to Austin and restore our government to one that honors, not hates our people. Jonathan, welcome back. 

Hey, Chris, good to be with you. 

Great to have you, man. Look at first off, I guess there are a lot of a lot of takeaways from the impeachment of Ken Paxton the attempted impeachment and conviction of Ken Paxton. What are the big ones for you? 

Oh, man. I think that the establishment down in Austin has really showed a tiny on this one, Chris, you know, they’ve been talking about this feels, the way that it came up the process at the end of session, after frankly, they had, you know, not really come through with real property tax reform, we get this bait and switch situation where they’re like, Oh, we can tax this horrible guy, we got to impeach him. And with the help of every single Democrat down there, you know, they get the votes to do so. And the entire time we get this message that, oh, well, you just gotta wait and see the evidence, you’re not going to believe what we hope we’ve got on Ken Paxton. Well, now the trial started, we’ve cross examined the witnesses. And I gotta tell you, Chris, this is the most pathetic case against a man that I’ve ever seen. And I think the establishment thought that with the help of traditional media and their establishment forces, that they were going to be able to railroad this thing through. And I think people are the people that are watching this are going, this isn’t anything like you guys said it was. So it’s been quite revealing. Chris? 

I think so too. I think that there was some criticism of the Senate not stopping this in its tracks. Yeah, but I think I’m starting to see the wisdom. Because I think some senators figured out, there’s nothing here. It’s another burger. So I mean, just as this is all playing out, and if this continues, that the people of Texas will go, oh, my gosh, you actually impeached, a man on criminality, you had no evidence of a crime. And you so what was going on here, you basically just put the state of Texas through an impeachment, legitimate political impeachment, that had no basis in any criminal activity, because you didn’t like the guy at the end of the architects of all of this, if it’s played, right. And that’s what I want to talk to you about if it’s played, right. The architects of this from Karl Rove to, to the bushes, to everybody, to all the people they influence inside of that Texas house, they should pay a steep price, should they not? 

I think they should, Chris. And you know, the sad part is I agree with you. At first, I wanted them to go all the way in and just dismiss this thing they want. I still think that was probably the right way to go. It has been fun watching some of the establishment Rhino folks fall flat on their face, and eat their own words. The problem is, is that taxpayers are literally funding this entire thing. We’re talking about 10s of millions of dollars that have been wasted, not on educating our kids or building roads or providing a good legal justice system. It’s going towards this. That’s what ticks me off on a regular basis. But now that it looks like Ken Paxton is probably unless the senators just completely ignore the actual entire trial and take out a vendetta against him. Now that it looks pretty good for Ken Paxton, what I’m telling people is exactly what you just said, We’ve got to run through the tape. Every single one of these rhinos in the Texas House that partnered with the Democrats to make this happen. The Bush forces the globalists who hate real grassroots conservatives, we have got to take them out, Chris, we’ve got to take them out. There has to be a political price to pay for these kinds of politics. They’re trying to do the same thing to Trump at the federal level. And if they are successful, and if they do not pay a price, then they’re going to keep trying this, Chris. And they will try and undo the elections. When we go out there and say, Hey, for over 4 million people said, Ken Paxton is my guy. Handful of elected officials said no, you didn’t really know what you wanted. So they’re trying to undo what we said we want. And we have to, we have to make this hurt. There has to be a price to pay. It will be in the next election because that’s what every single one of these guys care about, is going back down there. And they’re prestigious little desks at the Texas Capitol. And some of them some of them cannot be allowed to return. Especially the ones that were leaving the sweatshop. 

Agreed. I want to talk to you about which one which ones we should focus on Jonathan Stickland. Everybody, former representative and the Texas State House and now he is one of the leading forces in the conservative grassroots movement to return control of Texas back to we the people because I think, and Jonathan I think in private conversations between you and me and others that that think and know what we know. The the leadership and I don’t think I’m talking about a turn because Matt Rinaldi has said it right here on this program that the Texas leadership in the GOP leadership hates their own voters and and I don’t think that I don’t think they’re is any other way to look at this. So there are schools of thought out there that say that the Texas scorecard through their brilliant documentary called The Texas heist narrowed down 12, the Dirty Dozen what they call 12. So called Republicans who seek to find the nearest Democrat, buttcheeck to firmly plant their lips. Then Then I have identified 24 of these so called republicans who voted against parental school choice, and actually joined socialists and Marxists, to stab every parent and child in the back in Texas. And then you’ve got the guidepost of all 60 Republicans who voted for this sham impeachment, this political witch hunt impeachment. So realistically, what would which which number would do the most damage? And would we have a prayer of ridding ourselves of these Democrat enabling Republicans? 

I think we do have a chance, what people need to realize is in the Texas House, there’s 150, Texas House members. So your magic number on anything is 76. You need 76 people to change the rules, you need 76 people to pass an amendment, you need 76 people to pass a new law. 76 is your magic number. Okay? Now, the good news is, is that most of these people down in Austin, have no principle at all. And when I say that’s good news, what I mean is, they will put their finger up in the wind, and they are going to try and figure out a way to survive for their own self interest. Very few of them actually believe anything based on principle, very few of them actually have a legislative agenda, they want to go down there and be a part of the good old boys club. It’s very fun and rewarding. And whatever your vices, the 16,000, registered lobbyists down in Austin, are going to find out what that is, and press those buttons, whatever they want. It’s a decent life, as long as you don’t have principle. So the good news is for us is we don’t have to have 76 principle people, we need a handful of patriots and leaders who are going to stand up and actually fight for conservative values. Because what those politicians do know is that the people of Texas, are Christian conservatives. That’s what they want. They want to get back to the Constitution, they want to get back to limited government, and they don’t want to take votes that go against that. So as long as we have a handful of champions that are down there pushing these issues, a lot of them are going to get into line. So what we have to focus in on is making these people pay if they went against school choice, or went for the sham impeachment, or voted for David’s leadership team that is enabled the Democrats, all of those things we need to make them pay for. But we need to focus in as the grassroots on winnable races where we can get skins on the wall. If we take out even a dozen or two dozen of these people out of 150 it is going to be like a bomb going off politically in Austin, because everyone is going to be scrambling to save themselves and make sure that they’re not the next guy. 

Just like Sid Miller says a rhino hunt. And I think that’s, that’s apropos for one of the the failures. And you see it’s calling it a failure as charitable because they did this intentionally. Dade Phelan. Todd Hunter and Dustin burrows colluded to defeat in my mind one of the most crucial bills aside from parental school choice, which was the prohibition of America’s enemies from buying land in Texas that would compromise our food supply and lead to spying on our people. And because Jean Wu, a leftist representative in Houston, decided to get his hackles up and whined and complained that his his beloved China would be somehow impacted negatively. Then then Dade Phelan, Dustin burrows, and Todd Hunter leaped to his defense and killed Lois Kolkhorst bill that would have prevented our enemies from buying land in Texas. Right? Those people who would knowingly put our people at risk do need to go away. And I don’t care if they have an RD in front of their name, correct?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, people need to understand this. This representative Jean Wu that you mentioned, this guy has literally been asked from the microphone on the Texas House floor on video numerous times to denounce communism, he refuses to do so. I mean, this guy has been working hand in hand with the Chinese government on numerous different things and this is just one of his efforts to do so how this guy is elected. That’s a mystery to me. But number two, how we can’t with full circle quote unquote Republican control of the Texas legislature in every statewide elected office, not prevent Chinese interests coming in and purchasing land in Texas, next to military bases is the most concerning part. Chris, how that isn’t just a easing, everybody’s for it. You know, we love our own country is beyond me. But it happened. And it happens because we’ve got a Texas House of Representatives, who was literally controlled by the Democrats, even though they’re in the minority, right, even though the Texans go to the ballot box and say, We want conservative Republicans in control, those people who they have elected the rhinos, and then turned around and sold it over to the Democrats. And so this is what we get. And guys like me, and you are left going, how did this happen? I mean, this is just a very, very basic stuff that we can’t even get right. It Well, it’s sad.

And that leads to another issue. And I’m going someplace with all of this. And that’s, you’ve got the Biden regime that appears, I mean, it’s almost like it was planned that almost a coordinated effort, Dade feeling in his so-called lack of leadership team defeats a Texas border patrol initiative. I think it was SB 20. Might have been Senate Bill 28. hB 20, HB 20, HB 20. I met Yeah, so they defeat that and then Beijing Biden in his regime announce that they are rejecting remain in Mexico, but they want to have a remain in Texas initiative to where illegal aliens will be kept in Texas, so that these so called sanctuary cities and Sanctuary states won’t have to deal with the with the burdens. So it looks like Dade Phelan conspired with Beijing Biden, to heap even more pain onto the people of Texas again, because I believe the Republicans and leadership in the House hate their own voters as much as Joe Biden does. 

Yeah, it is absolutely insane. And I’m gonna get a little bit crazy here, because I actually don’t think it is, is there is a contingency of the old Bush regime who are true globalist, and we use that word. And maybe it gets watered down because it gets used on a lot of different people. But you have to understand, they have been pushing for open borders policy, for a number of different reasons for a very long time. We’re talking about the old Bush regime here in Texas, just 20 years ago, was handing out in State College tuition to illegals, and allowing them to come into our county hospitals and overwhelm our system with free healthcare. They have protected, protected this, the kids being able to go to public schools for free and not asking any questions. We keep handing out all this free stuff to folks who aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, and creating a lot of different problems who should not be here, okay. But they want them here. These are the same people that are going after Ken Paxton right now, because he has been tough on illegal immigration. And he has defied the Biden administration, a number of different things with lawsuits and things of that nature. It’s all the same people. They do not believe in us actually having a country. They want a global country. They don’t want borders. They want a full blown socialist, communist country where the government takes care of us. That’s what they’re pushing for. And that’s why they killed House Bill 20. That would have given us a chance to actually secure our border. Because they don’t want a border. Chris, right? They don’t want a border. 

Yeah. And they say they want to take care of us. They want to take care of us or right. They want to rule us and they want to take away our our self determination, folks. We’re talking to Jonathan Stickland, a former representative in the Texas State House, who is now leading a grassroots effort to return control of the legislature back to the people. And that leads me to special session that what do you want to see coming out of this special session? And do you think that those selfish, self interested, lack of moral so-called Republican morality, I should say Republicans will, will shift and actually deliver what they should in an effort to save their own skins in a special session? 

So what do I want to see as the first question, and what I’d like to see is is the Republican Party platform actually enacted? They, they gave out the grassroots got together and said, Here’s what we want done. A lot of it they did not get done. But the two main ones that I think are the most crucial right now at this time, is we have to change the way public school system is working. We have to get school choice for everyone and bring in some competition and change The way the current public schools are working. So school choice is my number one issue. My number two issue right now is the border. When when I see these, you know, New York mayor’s and stuff, literally getting on video and complaining about 500 people being brought to their city, Chris, all of us here in Texas know that we’re dealing with 1000s at day. Okay. And I guess they’re just starting to get a little bit of a taste of it, and how it can disrupt an entire community and entire local economy. And in the effect that illegal immigration has on so many different areas of our daily lives, we have got to do something about the border. So I’m focused on the special session on school choice and border stuff that is it. Now, how do we actually get that done, they’re not going to do anything they don’t think they have to do. That’s the calculation, those politicians are going to sit there and put their thumb, their finger back up in the air, figure out how strong the wind is blowing, and then get themselves to a safe place, the safest place for them, they think is to do nothing, and hope that the issue goes away. So the only way that we get any of this stuff done on school choice or border, or any of the issues that we care about is that we have to show them that we are watching, we have to be educated and we have to apply pressure. We have to light up their phones, we have to light up their emails, we have to start blowing through that when they stick their finger up in the wind to try and figure out what do I have to do to stay a representative and stay in office? The answer is pass conservative legislation. The only people that are going to make that happen are the grassroots of Texas, we’re not going to get help from the traditional fake news media. We’re not gonna get help from the special interest in the lobbyists. They’re all against this, the only thing we can do is apply direct pressure to these politicians and make them calculate that the only way that you’re going to stay in office is to do what we tell you to do. 

Jonathan Stickland, everybody he is a was a representative of the Texas State House. And now he’s leading the grassroots to bring accountability back to that state house. If folks want to contribute to your efforts, where can they go? We are leading the charge at defend Texas And we’re not going to apologize. We’re going after the rhinos. And we are going to defend the couple of champions we have down there from the establishment attack and make these guys pay. So if you’re ready for action, and not a bunch of political posturing, we’re the guys that are firing those bullets. 

Defend Texas Jonathan Stickland always great to catch up. 

Thanks, Chris. You’re the best. 

And that puts a wrap on this Saucedo storm podcast, visit Texas Folks, the war against conservatives launched by Dade Phelan and his pro Democrat Republicans. It will be covered fairly there will also follow it on the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio and on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock in the afternoon Eastern until five do we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power stolen by an out of control government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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