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The American people are getting harmed by policies being pushed by socialists by Marxist by pro China, Democrats and we rely on Republicans to defend us from those harmful policies. But they’re not doing that is a matter of fact, Wherever you look, whether it be in the Texas House or whether it be in the legislature, on the federal level, you all you see are Republicans caving, giving in to the very policies that are harming the United States of America. 

Folks, there was a great graphic, it was created from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And basically, what it showed was a comparison between the inferior Beijing Biden and the superior Trump economy. And you look at the consumer price index for the first 30 months of each man’s presidency slash occupation of the Oval Office. 

And President Trump’s presidency plus 6%. That’s the consumer price index was up 6% And Beijing Biden’s occupation of the Oval Office up 17% nearly triple. Again, Consumer Price Index, that’s how much you’re paying for things. The average growth during the presidency of the CPI for President Trump the entire presidency 1.9% for Beijing, Biden 7.4% Again, first 30 months, groceries, this is this, this impacts everybody. Depending on your income level, you can weather it better than some, but the folks who typically vote Democrat, the poor, they’re the ones harmed the most under President Trump grocery bills were only up 2% In the first 30 months and the occupation of the Oval Office of Beijing Biden up 20%. 

What about gasoline? As you know, energy prices impacts every sector because you know, products gotta get gotta get to market, right? Everything’s got to get to market. We got to get to work. Our products got to get to market gasoline when President Trump left office now versus January 2021 When President Trump left office $2.39 A gallon across the country. Now the average $3.87 across the country under Beijing Biden, don’t forget this cat set a record this cat set a record for gas prices in the United States. $5 a gallon on average never been that high. 

Not even not even under George W. Bush. That’s just a sliver, just a microcosm of the harm being done to our people that we want Republicans to defend us against. But no, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, they they made sure that more properly get irresponsible. Spending an existential threat to this country, the massive amount of spending that is being done continues our open borders rampant crime, they ensure that government never has to take a haircut, and they saddle our future generations with massive unrepeatable debt. 

The debt ceiling, Kevin McCarthy, I think it’s fair, Kevin McCarthy got nothing out of the debt ceiling. And it was courtesy of these Republicans who were moderate squishes who said Oh, no, we can’t hold the line. We’re gonna defect and go with the Democrats if you if you try to cut spending, and there you go, because being Republican doesn’t mean anything anymore. There are no unifying principles. 

So when we heard about the Impeachment Inquiry of Beijing Biden, what was your reaction? Well, I’d say well, my reaction was my reaction was, Oh, gee, we’ve got an avalanche. We’ve got a mountain full of evidence that has come out way A more evidence for impeachment against Beijing Biden than we ever saw. That was leveled against President Trump for his two impeachments. So here was my reaction. 

My reaction was, it’s going to be an impeachment inquiry. Folks, I firmly believe this is the Republican leadership’s attempt to placate conservatives to pretend they’re actually doing something when they’re actually not to basically say that, that yes, we are trying to deliver for our constituency, when they’re assuring their Democrat friends, don’t worry, we’re going to protect you. We’re gonna make sure you continue to do all manner of harm to our to our voters. So I call it the impeachment inquiry. 

And it’s it depends on who you listen to folks, but I’m being told it’s designed to go nowhere. And that has all of us saying gee, vote for the mighty GOP. Yeah, that’s all they are. Big turd. Let’s talk to a conservative who actually believed in acting when he held political office, Congressman Devin Nunez up next to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

The Impeachment Inquiry, I think was if I could encapsulate it in one soundbite it would be this kind of what how it’s being greeted by the conservative movement. And I’m eager to figure out the take of the of our next guest here. Congressman Devin Nunez former conservative California congressman, he’s now the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, the creators of true social. Congressman, welcome back. 

Chris, it’s great to be with you. And I’m I’m glad you said former congressman or else I sound really bad with that intro that you just? 

Well, I think it is. Look, I think it’s fair for me to evaluate that there’s some good work being done in the investigative side. But as you know, when the Democrats seize power, they seize power and they use it. Matt gates making this this comment yesterday that by now the Democrats had already pulled up Don, Jr. and front of their committees three times. So let me just take it one step at a time. The Biden impeachment inquiry. As you well know, President Trump never got the courtesy of an inquiry from the Democrats. What is your take on the approach the Republicans and the leadership are taking with an inquiry? 

Well, Chris, I said this, actually, I think last week on your show on your Newsmax show, and that is that I’m just coming, trying to take this back up to 50,000 feet looking down. And I’ve been I’ve actually been telling you this for a long time on on Newsmax, and that is that. I just don’t believe that Biden is going to be the nominee. There’s too many problems there. The only way Biden is the nominee of him and his wife if he so kind of comatose and his wife and he knows he’s got some trouble, and the kid who appears to maybe still have drug issues, that he just says, I’m Staying, I don’t care what team Obama says. Now, why do I bring up that and say, Team Obama? Because all roads lead back to Team Obama. So what I’ve advised my former colleagues is that, look, you can do you can impeach Biden, you can have an impeachment inquiry. That’s all good. I mean, there is no question that the Biden family is the most politically corrupt family in history, which appears to be like, especially once they tie these payments back to Joe Biden. I mean, it really does make it I don’t think there’s anything that’s even close to it. That any at any level for the amount of money and the level of Office. So why do I say Obama? Well, all roads lead back to that, Chris, the reason the Biden crime family was able to become the Biden crime family, is because there is a whole criminal enterprise surrounding the whole Biden crime family, that all leads back to Team Obama. So if you go back and look at this, when when was it, the DOJ and the FBI that we that they knowingly became corrupt that we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? That was early 2016, when they concocted the whole Russia hoax? And yes, it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC. But we now know, through the investigation that that I ran, that in August of 2016, Obama and company all knew about it. And then after the election, you have to remember in 2016, and started to go back so far, Chris, I, I found out I was briefed as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee after the election. Guess what, Chris? There was no rush at anything. We got briefed right after the election in November of 16. Then who resurrected that in late November, early December. Team Obama, Barack Obama, even though he knew in August that the Clintons and the DNC were running an October surprise against Trump. He knew that he started what was called the ICA, intelligence community assessment help. I did they need that? And look, and I know Durham did it. Nobody got busted. I get all that. But here’s what happens. If you just move to impeachment inquiry, and you just go after Biden. You allow all the criminals who corrupted the DOJ and the FBI that led to that allowed a crime family like this to exist. And you let the rest of the crime family that goes back to Team Obama, you let them all go. I know what you’re saying to me. That to me is the travesty here. If the Republicans and you know, the conservative media only focus on on Biden, I mean, look, he’s corrupt, we know he’s corrupt. He needs to be prosecuted, any normal person would be prosecuted. They need to run an impeachment inquiry. Yes. But don’t forget the rest of the people involved. 

And I’m right there with you. First off Durham. He didn’t wasn’t didn’t find anything. He allowed the statute of limitations to expire because he dragged his feet for so long. And I think it goes right back to your to your original point. Joe Biden, and his corruption is emblematic of democratic corruption. He is the thread that if you pull on that thread, you’re gonna find out why so many in the so called Deep State permanent Washington, whatever you call it, why so many people? And dare I say some Republicans are wrapped up in this to why they are fighting so hard to make sure he doesn’t meet justice, because it all leads back to them. And their their desire to cover up for what he has been up to and what they have been up to, and it ensnares the Obamas. It ensnares the CIA and ensnares the FBI and ensnares a lot of people. And that’s why permanent Washington is committed to protecting this fool, and his what I believe to be traitorous activities. That’s why because they’re not protecting him. They’re protecting themselves. So I believe if you tug at that thread, the rest of them will be implicated. Am I wrong? 

Yeah, that’s exactly right. And, Chris, I’ll tell you something that that’s changed over the weekend that I saw I’ve been I’ve been telling you now for a while, that, that what they wanted was they wanted the sweetheart deal for when I say they, Team Obama. They wanted a graceful exit for Biden because they know he’s a disaster, but they don’t want to have to force them out. They just want him to kind of go on his own. Because if they have to force them out, it starts to bloody all them up. Plus, the only thing that hasn’t worked in team Obama’s plan, because you know, they they’re the one Those that resurrected Biden and put them in there so because they knew that Bernie Sanders would lose for sure. So they resurrected Biden just hoping he would be a four year, four year placement holder for Kamala Harris. That plan imploded for a whole bunch of reasons that we could spend a whole show on. But we won’t get into that. Yeah. So what’s happening here, Chris, with these guys, is that Obama, Team Obama, they’re all within the Biden administration. And if you notice over the, they can’t control Biden, at the end of the day Biden is the one who has the name, President. And they’ve never thought about that. So they can’t get them out. So they wanted the sweetheart deal to happen in Delaware, get the kid off and go to Biden and say, Look, you’re down in the polls, probably time for you to go. Biden is saying no. I mean, that’s why one of the biggest henchmen in the Obama administration was named Susan Rice. She was running the White House for Biden for the first two years. The fake news media has not reported on this. But the day before Biden announced that he was running for reelection, she walked out the door. Now, that was that there, that was done on purpose. He did that for a reason, right to not want him to run. So now look, they have a way to do it. It just gets they have a way to get Biden out of the race, but it gets really ugly for them. Well, don’t forget, because after after she walks, all of a sudden we start getting word of, of classified information that Joe Biden has had in his possession. You know, since 1974, we started getting all of this stuff dropping as the Obama folks are planting all of these stories in the media to get Joe Biden out. 

Exactly. It’s like a slow cooker. And they have to decide how fast they turn it up. So they’re trying to get him out. He gets worse and worse. They’ve now but I noticed over the weekend, just in the last few days, that they have definitely turned up the heat. Because you saw and this is how you know, you, you because their old school playbook is they let a story drop. We call it fake news Friday for a reason they let it drop on Friday night. They let it kind of marinate Friday night into Saturday, so that they have time to to develop their storyline. And then on Sunday, all the so called, you know, Sunday talk shows that by the way, nobody watches. Yep. But they all do the interviews with all the insiders in the beltway, that then leads to what the narrative will be for the following week. Well, for the first time, I think I think I thought at least on two of the three talk shows Sunday talk shows, they were hitting Biden pretty hard and you know, made statements to the to the point that Biden shouldn’t run again, that sort of thing. So So that tells me, Chris, that they are turning up the heat. And why are team Obama and the DOJ and FBI? Why are they so worried about turning up the heat? Well, the problem is there’s collateral damage there, right? I mean, they they have to be locked up. There’s a reason why half of America bill today thinks that Trump and Republicans had something to do with Russia, because they’ve kept half of America in the dark. Yep. Right? Well, if they turn up the heat, they got it. And Dr. Biden’s numbers down to get them out of the race. They gotta let some of the truth out. And that’s the danger when you let any of this out people like a normal person says, well, and this is back to the impeachment inquiry. Okay, well, I understand that Biden did all this stuff, and they took money. But this was back in 2015, and 16. But normal person says that if they have the information, they say, Well, wait a second. Don’t we have a Department of Justice and an FBI that were supposed to do something about this, and then boom, then the whole country and then instead of half the country, saying the DOJ and the FBI are corrupt, it gets up to 65 75%, which is where it really should be Amen. And that’s how you get massive change. When the population is educated, you get massive change. If you don’t have it, you end up what we have in my home state of California, which is you have 60% of the people either totally left wing or in the dark, the other 40% they just keep fleeing to Texas or Florida or wherever getting getting the hell out the ones that are educated, and the rest of the people just run around dumpin Oh, I just paid $5.25 A gallon gas. Oh, that must be global warming. That’s what Kamala Harris. Then do the other thing that’s amazing about California. Chris, I’ve been I’ve been been in a as you know, I’m in Florida through social headquarters. A lot of the time but I’ve been in California here for last few weeks. You know, this is one of the only states we don’t have the 8 million immigrants that are coming wildly across the border because Biden and Obama Democrats are letting them do it. They’re not coming to California Chris binstead We’re getting like America’s homeless population people sadly that have been burnt out on fentanyl and everything else. So our our homeless population is going crazy. But even the 8 million illegals that are coming across the border, they don’t want to come to California. Well, well, why? Why? Because you know, our population is going down. I know why do you not see them here? I know damn expensive to live here. Well, if when folks when the illegal aliens choose New York over California, you know, there’s a there’s a huge problem. 

Congressman Devin Nunez is our guest right now, folks, a former California congressman. He’s now the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, the creators of truth social, the left claims there’s no evidence in impeach an impeachment inquiry against Biden, of course, that’s the press and that’s the folks on social media. That’s patently absurd, as you’ve aptly pointed out, of course, that didn’t stop a lack of evidence didn’t stop the impeachment of Trump, or Ken Paxton. And Texas. I think that’s, that’s pretty much where I wanted to make sure we set up this next question. Because gates, Congressman Gates got up yesterday, and just opened fire on speaker McCarthy and I said, you know, Mr. McCarthy has the conservative wing of the Republican Party pushing him in one direction. And he’s got these individuals, like the Republican leadership in the Texas House, and like other Republicans like Mitch McConnell, and John Cornyn, and, and others, Mitt Romney, on the on the federal level, you’ve got these other other left wing pro Democrat Republicans, who are also talking off his ear, basically saying, Hey, we’ve got votes for you as Speaker two. So when when gates calls for a vacating of the chair, what is your take on this whole dynamic and where speaker McCarthy finds himself? Well, you just have to remember Chris, that, you know, Matt gates, a good friend of mine, but it’s not as simple as well, there’s rhinos, and then there’s, you know, and then there’s these other people, you know, oddly enough, you know, part of the issue is, is that Republicans tend to think on their own. But, you know, you’d be surprised it’s not there’s not a whole lot of moderate Republicans left anyway. But, you know, you’d be surprised at where some of the opposition is going. You have a lot of Republicans who are conservative who are right wing as conservative as you are, and I, but they say well, just because of the Democrats did it doesn’t mean that that we should do it too. And those are good conservative people. And you know, what I tell them is, you know, get your head out of the well out of the sand I’ll just say for you. You know, the country is on fire. Amen. Don’t have a DOJ or an FBI. It’s nice that you want to play you know, Marcus the Queensbury rules, you know, Mr. conservative Republican. But the reality is, is that America will not survive. And that’s why I’ve told these guys, okay, you don’t want to impeach impeach Biden. These are some conservatives, by the way. You don’t want to impeach Biden. Well, look, open your impeachment inquiry and go after the real criminal. Okay, the Obama Department of Justice, and that’s what they need to do. 

I’ve got a whole litany of stuff to set up because these are various stories that I think paint the picture of exactly what you just said, America is on fire we have we are on the precipice of losing our Constitution, our rights or liberties courtesy of leftists, and as you point out, squishy Republicans who still think it’s 9090, who still think the Democrat Party is the party of Kennedy, which is now the party of Mao Democrats like Joe Biden, and Lujan Grisham in New Mexico, they are openly violating the US Constitution. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals said that Beijing Biden and his regime violated the First Amendment rights of Americans, and they do so without blinking an eye. Lujan Grisham suspends the Second Amendment with an executive order in New Mexico. And, frankly, there’s only the conservative movement that’s rising up right now the Democrats were like, okay, then you’ve got a whistleblower, inside the CIA that says the CIA was trying to pay off analysts to reject the lab leak theory, the truth coming out of out of Communist China about the China virus. So you’ve got all of these stories, conspiring to say it is our government against We the People and men? Don’t we need to stand against this? 

Yeah, Chris, that’s, that’s my point. Things are so bad, right. I mean, you had, you know, Biden before the election, you know, after the Supreme Court had already ruled that he can’t just give away college loan repayment, and what happens, you know, Supreme Court rules, court rules. We celebrated on your show that hey, the Supreme Court finally did this and then by two weeks later, they do exactly the same thing. Right. And so there’s lawlessness in the country right now. And this is not a time to play games. You have to go after the criminal. And, and and that’s what I just, you know, it’s amazing to me like, look, we know, Romney and those we know their game. You know, they’re going to be pressured by the left elbow. Even Romney said he was back in the impeachment inquiry. Oddly, but I think it could be because he’s got his reelection prospects and Republican primary Utah don’t look so good. Yeah. But nevermind that even Romney supported the impeachment inquiry. And I think you’ve got a whole host of other Republicans out there who need that run the gamut from from, you know, right wing conservative to moderate. They need to understand that the country we’re living in a lawless country or the Constitution has been completely obliterated. 

By the government, that and that’s the point. We’re the people that are breaking the law, our own government, when you have a Catholic father of seven, who is treated to FBI dressed in full tackier raiding his home because he defended his son, his 12 year old son from a crazed, whacked out abortionist, and then this admin, this regime, takes the FBI and uses that abroad sword to intimidate people of faith. That’s not America, and the people making these decisions. Not only have to be shoved out of government, they have to be prosecuted. Last thing, Congressman, I, you saw this deal with Iran. As you know, when Democrats are in charge, they find the nearest butt cheek of a dictator to firmly plant their lips. And here’s the Rand, we’re going to free up $6 billion, and we do a prisoner for prisoner swap with them five for five. I don’t know exactly what we got out of this. Let me what was the incentive for giving them $6 billion to to finance terrorism against our people? 

Well, Chris, as we started out this interview, all roads lead to Obama. There has been an infatuation. And look, there’s probably 10 different reasons why team Obama has an infatuation with Iran, but they do. You know, it’s everything from, you know, anti-Israel, which I think is most of it. They’re they’re just the Democratic Party are anti-Israeli, they don’t believe in the creation of the of the Israeli nation. You know, and they think that, Oh, if Reagan and Bush and all these Republican and even Trump who, you know, killed the warlord, the killer Soleimani when he was president, that if the Republicans would just be nice to Iran, they would be nice and peaceful. So they have a warped sense of history. That is that is really grounded in an anti-Zionist viewpoint, which that’s the irony that, of course, you know, you have the anti Defamation League who don’t notice the obvious. So I think that’s what it’s mostly rooted in. Okay, Chris. That’s the it’s at the heart of of Obama’s Democratic Party. And so it looks I started negotiating with them way back in 2012. And 13, they did the Iran nuclear deal. 

Hey, I mean, don’t forget who don’t forget who the daddy of ISIS was, Barack Hussein Obama created ISIS with his vacuum that he created. So I mean, and of course, Barack Obama has been a huge supporter of radicalized Islamist for for many, many moons. 

So by the way, can I can I add to that? Sure. Also, you mentioned ISIS, which was an offshoot of al Qaeda, when Obama had said in the campaign team and said, Oh, look, Obama is so tough. He got rid of bin Laden and al Qaeda is on the run. Well, I was on the Intelligence Committee at the time I ran, we actually ran investigation. This was one of the earlier investigations that we ran, that allowed us to know the Russia hoax early on was a hope. And that was that they use the Department of Defense to manipulate intelligence that backed up Obama’s political views. Sound familiar? Yep. They said, the Department of the Department of Defense, the Central Command, said that their intelligence was saying that Oh, yeah. Al Qaeda is on the run. That was a fraud. That wasn’t what the Department of Defense’s internal document showed. We prove that reran an investigation. And of course, guess what, guess who? The four star general was at Central Command in Tampa? Milliron? sekret. Nope. Oh, I’m better than that. The current Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, holy moly. Wow. Funny how that funny how that works. 

Yeah, all the yes Man all the politicians who have taken the place of our of our generals, Devin Nunez everybody, he is with Trump Media and Technology Group, the creators of true social of which we have a huge presence on. So make sure you find us there. Congressman, always a pleasure to catch up. 

Hey, Chris, thanks. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas That’s where you’re going to be able to map out the political fallout to the so called Rhino Republicans, the pro Democrat Republicans, the pro socialist, pro Marxist pro China, pro Russian Republicans who betrayed the state of Texas in the legislative session and betrayed us with this fake impeachment based on no evidence. That’s where you’ll track it there, Texas. also check out the Chris Salcedo shows on Chris on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me in short, we the people, you stay safe out there my friends.

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