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Riley Gaines just graduated from the University of Kentucky where she was a top-ranked swimmer, with multiple championships under her belt. Then she was forced to compete with a biological male. She has been a vocal supporter of women’s rights ever since.

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I’ve been trying to come up with an axiom that that denotes this concept that I that I’m finding to be universal. And I just can’t get the flow right but let me describe it. Maybe you guys can leave some suggestions in the in the comments to how we can make this a Salcedo show axiom up. Let me give an example. 

One of the axioms that we have is that they can’t hurt us. If they don’t have our money. That’s a Saucedo show axiom that that is leftists big government. So let me describe to you what I’m trying to, to condense into an axiom, every single minority group that is out there, whether it be blacks, Hispanics, gays, women, the Democrat Party will use those groups as a mechanism to garner more power. And then they’ll chew that group up and spit it out when they’re done with it when they’re no longer no longer politically useful for them. 

That’s what they will do. And it’s universal. Right now. The trans movement is the flavor of the day. Right? So what happens to a past minority group that the Democrats claimed to represent women, right that the Democrats claim themselves to be the party of women? Oh, but not anymore. 

See, what’s going on now is, is because the Democrats need another divisive issue. They’ve come in and said screw women, we’re going to we’re now trans, we’re now the party of trans people. And we’re going to allow men to come in and disadvantage women, we’re going to allow we’re going to say the best woman for the job is now a man, a biological male. And we’ve seen this play out over and over and over again. 

So the axiom I’m trying to put into place would reflect this, this natural outflow this natural outcome from being a leftist, left wingers thrive on division. So they find aggrieved people that they can use a kernel of truth, they might be aggrieved, and they blow it up into some massive, massive campaign, which then invariably puts at disadvantage. Past groups. 

They’ve done the same thing for, for example, their promotion of illegal immigration. Illegal aliens now supplant the black community. Gays supplanted the black community for a while radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists supplanted everybody remember, after 911, the Democrats couldn’t wait tripped all over themselves to stand up for radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, because they did damage to America remember, now, now, it is the trans movement, which by the way, real trans people people with gender dysphoria are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of our population. 

So the Democrats in an effort to make some sort of political constituency out of this have lumped in these trans vest states in with transgenders, which is which again, completely different. transvestites are freaks, right? But for example, Lea Thomas, the swimmer, other people are out there. There’s there’s this Ollie London who’s on Twitter. He has been on fire and I think I think if memory serves Ali is gay. 

But he’s scratching his head at this promotion of, of trends out there. And he’s he’s constantly putting out these trends videos. There’s one dude, he’s bald, right? It starts out zoomed in on this guy’s legs and he’s wearing high heels. Absolutely insane and a skirt. She’s a big ass, bald, white guy, wearing high heels and a skirt and parading around is the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen. 

But according to the new sic orthodoxy being pushed by socialists and Marxists, that man should now be called a woman because he wants to identify as a woman. And remember how I told you that the Democrats always screw over the minorities that they’ve exploited in the past. Well, oddly enough, we might find some defense from all of this nonsense. The women might find some defense from the black community in the black churches. The Hodgetwins found this Listen:

“Came across this black preacher, what is a woman? What is it your mama? President by joining in on a conversation a woman is a woman. You may tell me you pass at you don’t know your job. And your wife is a woman. Keep trying to shove this trash on African African presidents one by one is standing up against as with the black church he used to be.”

Yeah, that was the Hodgetwins. That’s what the black church used to be. And it may I post, I don’t think the black community but I think no community, the other minority groups that Democrats are all choosing to tick off women that they’re choosing to tick off and service to this trans agenda. I think they may have bitten off more than they can chew. Maybe I ought to rephrase that. Sorry, folks. I’m going to talk to one of these warriors. Riley Gaines member her. She was in Texas here recently and I caught up with her while she was in Texas, because she not not these so called feminists. She is the one carrying the mantle for fairness for women. That’s next on The Salcedo store podcast. 

Folks on the phone with me now Riley Gaines just graduated from the University of Kentucky where she was top ranked swimmer multiple championships under her belt then. Then she was forced to compete with a biological male. She has been A vocal supporter of women’s rights in sports ever since. Miss Gaines, it’s great to meet you. 

Well, I am so glad to be on. So thank you very much for having me. Now, I want to tell you, or I want to ask you why you’re in Texas. But before we get to all of that, let’s talk about what you’ve been up to. Since you’ve taken up this mantle, I have watched from afar, and I’ve actually been horrified at the the lengths that my political opponents, the left have gone to silence you. Let me just ask you this question about the left’s contention that they are the party, the Democrats are supposed to be the party of women? Is that been your experience? 

Oh, my gosh, no. They very clearly have sent a message to every girl and every woman. And that message that they’re sending daily, is that we don’t matter is that our safety, our privacy, our equal opportunities, our dignity, our feelings, that doesn’t matter what matters to them, even if it means we’ve become an actually, it certainly has become this way, even if it means we’re collateral damage in the process, by all means, they are dedicated to protecting the feelings and the identity of a male at the expense of our own. And that’s been consistent. What I’ve what I’ve seen this past year at the state level, at the federal level, it is Democrats who are getting in the way again, this issue really shouldn’t even be political. And I think among the general public, it’s really not. But of course, how you see politicians voting, it’s Democrats who are getting in the way of protecting sex based rights for for both sexes, but in particular, in particularly affecting women. 

Even Caitlyn Jenner, what do we call him transgender, transgender is is on record saying, hey, it’s wrong to have biological males competing in female sports. I mean, we went through through years and years and years of Title Nine and all of this stuff, to make sure that women had an equal opportunity to excel in sports and to earn scholarships and to earn to be on a level playing field with males. And then you’ve got the left wing who, who by the way, you’re going to find they do this with every issue they claim to care about. They chew up people, and they spit them out when they’re done with them. And I think they’ve done that with women. And the idea that we’re going to turn back decades decades of work to make sure that women have equal opportunity in this country, just so Democrats can get a political advantage. It seems a little odd to me, you. 

Isn’t that the definition of misogyny, that they’re putting on full display? Again, we, as women, and trans individuals, quite frankly, have become pawns in this game of personal advancement in this game of what I’ve noticed, of course, is it’s about money, whether that’s the clinics that are providing these, and I hate the word gender affirming care, because that’s not what it is. But these clinics who are providing these, these hormonal and medical procedures, whether that’s the NCAA, who’s terrified of being sued, or losing out on public funding, same thing with the institution, same thing in corporate America, same thing, even in churches. It’s about advancement, and it’s about money, unfortunately, and they’re willing to throw their moral compass entirely out of the window, if it means they don’t hurt their pockets. 

Riley Gaines, our guest right now folks top ranked swimmer, multiple championships under her belt, and she has been sounding the alarm about the level of unfairness that has been leveled. I would rationalize by the American left at women in particular in collegiate sports. You say it’s about money. And I think there’s a there’s a good deal of, of truth to that. But as as I’m looking at the landscape, the idea that they’re afraid of getting sued, I think they fear more of the political left than they do the wrath of women. See, and I’m a man and for me, that’s just not very wise to have to fear the political. I fear the wrath of women in my life more than I fear the political left. Do you think they’re making a miscalculation? 

Definitely, I think they’ve undermined first and foremost, the power of the silent minority. Right. And it’s because we’ve been silent for so long that we, this new or sorry, the silent majority, this now radical minority has appeared and of course, they’re very loud, and it’s causing the left to cave. But I think more and more people from the silent majority are starting to have their eyes opened and realize that we’re, we’re catering to such a small percentage of the population. Where’s the discrepancy? See, how is this happening? So people are becoming more loud, they’re becoming bolder. And the Democrats have no other option than to double down on their original stance they’ve taken because they don’t want to seem wishy washy, but they’re gonna learn very quickly that they’ve discounted entirely. I want how the general public feels and to, to your point. And I know this, just as well as you do, there’s nothing scarier than a mad Mama Bear. What we’re seeing happen is the government, and again, the education system, and different factors get in between a parent and their child. And there’s, as I said, I would not take the side of political correctness, shall we say, if it meant that I’m a mad Mama Bear, it was coming after me. 

Riley Gaines is in Texas. And I’m going to tell you why she’s here in a minute, folks. But on the the women’s rights advocates that we have been treated to the militant route women’s rights advocates, they’ve disappeared. I mean, Riley, I think I think if somebody was going to point to the face of women’s rights in the United States of America right now, it’s not a Democrat. It’s not some of the so called feminists, it’s you. And if Have you ever sat there and wondered, hey, where did all these feminists go? have been who say they’ve been in this fight? When you were out there literally taking the slings and arrows from left wing, angry, violent mobs? Have you ever wondered to yourself? Where the hell are these people? 

Of course, and I still continue to wonder it because there’s still not a good answer. I think, of course, it is this feminist population, right? It’s gone one of three ways. One, which seems to be the smallest percentage, they’re sticking to the original intent of what feminists were created to, I guess, uphold and celebrate. And that’s women, real women. Secondly, which I think seems to be the largest, largest prison in the population, the remaining totally silent, or third, they’re undermining everything they want spot for. And this is where you have the likes of Megan Rapinoe. And don’t even get me started on Billie Jean King. These women who once were feminists and now are actively fighting for male inclusion in women’s spaces. We but this is really stemming from the top right even. We’ve mentioned several times the left and different things, but even the Biden administration, I mean, the people in the White House leading this country, the press secretary even Oh, my goodness, the other day, she was presented with a question surrounding men and women’s sports. And you know, the reporter says, Okay, well, what about the concern of safety and physical contact sports, which is a very legitimate concern, again, nothing hateful about how he asked it nothing even opinionated, he simply said, What about their young girls safety? And the press secretary looked at him and said, well, that that comment is assuming that trans individuals are dangerous, and therefore what you just said, is extremely transphobic. Oh, dear Lord, the tippy top of the people leading this country are willing to totally shout someone down for asking questions. 

Well, not only that, but you ignore the science and reality to take the position that many of the left have taken about trans males participating in female sports, they fail to recognize the science of stronger bodies, bigger builds, that can be that can be very much a detriment. And we’ve seen this in, in other sports as well, I, there’s one that’s very popular, you’ve probably seen it across across the internet, where a transgendered male fighter is fighting with a female, he lays her out in one shot because he has a bigger muscle mass and is able to exert a lot more power in his punches. And that, of course, is a danger to the female, which the other side doesn’t even want to acknowledge that and that leads me to my final question on just your advocacy and where you are, as you know, crime in this country is is off the charts. And we’ve got to move into the country that wants to disarm our people and not be able to protect themselves or their families. And the great equalizer for women has been the firearm. When a bigger opponent comes at you and tries to take advantage of you and harm you in some way that firearm it levels the playing field yet there are some mostly on the left, I would say actually the majority on the left that want to take that ability of women to defend themselves against physically superior opponents. Have you thought about that at all? 

I guess my response to that is, is try it Try, that. I can tell you being from Tennessee where this is a state where there’s more guns than there are people that would not go over very well actually just bought this morning. So it’s funny, you mentioned a big 64 gun safe for my for my new house, that would not fly with me. I’m very fortunate to have had a family that teaches me how to defend myself and really defend others, right. It’s this idea and it’s so crazy. We’ve seen the New Mexico governor talk about it, this idea of taking guns away or limiting access, or whatever that looks like, do they not think that the bad guys will continue to get guns? It’s going to be the good guys who they’re taking the guns away from. And that’s a scary thought. And the New Mexico governor admitted that she said, I know this isn’t going to stop criminals but I mean, it’s it’s the most it’s crazy. 

Yeah. She says it’s not going to stop criminals but she’s willing to sacrifice your life on her ideals. Isn’t that isn’t that big of her? And that’s what the damn nobile Yeah, exactly. So many Democrats are willing to sacrifice girls futures, young ladies futures, women’s futures, for their own politics, and even a sacrifice their lives for their politics. And that’s why we conservatives oppose those people. Now you’re in Texas Rally for the Texas faith family and Freedom Forum. It’s the largest event of its kind in Texas. And they’ve been going strong here for six years. It’s happening this weekend, September 15, the 16th. What up and by the way, I think it’s what great Hills Baptist Church in Austin is where they’re going to be having this, what attracted you to come to Texas, and and spread your message here. 

So I have been in Texas a ton this past year, which has been, of course huge Texas. And I think majority of people know this, Texas is monumental for so many legislatively for so many other states. You guys are a leader. And so I’ve been involved. I’ve been working really closely alongside representative Valerie Swanson, Senator Mays, Middleton, of course, Governor Abbott, there have been a lot of behind the scenes, behind the scenes conversations and different things about legislation that would ultimately protect women and really preserve reality and the truth. So it almost feels a few months ago, he had a ceremonial signing for the safe woman sports act. And it felt like I guess when to put it into sports lingo. It felt like all that hard work had paid off. It was like a big championship season when. And so being on the ground in Texas to talk about it. All of the different moving pieces. Really exciting stuff. And in Texas is particularly important to me, because Thomas, formerly will Thomas now goes by the name of Lea Thomas, who was the mill that we were forced to compete against is from Texas. He’s from the area and so just continuing really to spread awareness and advocate for really more people to get involved. To not shy away from the conversations like we tend to do. 

Well, you know, as a daddy of daughters, I have been saying this to my daughters and to my wife and, and admiring your actions from afar. So very proud of you. I know your dad and your family is is equally as proud or even more so. But you’ve been doing great work. And thank you very much for not sitting on the sidelines. If I can carry out the sports analogy, sitting on the sidelines, and you’re actually doing what the Democrats won’t do. You’re actually fighting for women. Riley Gaines. Thank you very much. 

Of course. Thank you. 

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