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Chris and Sean talk cutting the cord, how silly bipartisanship is, the illegal alien city that has sprung up in Texas, and the fallout (no pun intended) from the Boebert incident.

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Books or maybe just the circles I run in I don’t know it but I’m getting the sense that speaker Dade Phelan and those who backed him whether it be the two non representing representatives who helped speaker Dade Phelan kill a common sense bill that prohibited America’s enemies from buying land in Texas. Whether it be the Texas scorecards Dirty Dozen that they identified in their fantastic documentary The Texas heist, whether it be the Chris Salcedo shows dirty 24 those so called republicans who voted against parental school choice and education freedom, consigning our children to perpetual critical race theory, LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism and the dumbing down of our kids simply for a political payoff for the guv Ed industry.

Or whether it be the 60s so called Republicans who were either duped or fully acknowledged that they lied to get a an impeachment of Ken Paxton through whichever group you’re talking about. It looks like the people of Texas are decidedly turning against them. Again, it could be the could be the crew I run with could be the folks I’m I’m observing. But I think that the people of Texas are sick and tired of the speaker Dade Phelan type Republican who seeks a Democrat but shake to firmly plant their lips on every turn. 

They’re tired of the John Cornyn. But kissing that these Republicans who say the best Republican around is one who kisses the collective asses of Democrats, socialists and Marxists who do not have our best interests at heart. So you’re seeing the sides marshalling all over the all over the state. And now you’re seeing these fake conservative groups pop up. There’s one, as far as I can tell, they haven’t been around for very long, maybe, you know, five or six minutes. 

They call themselves Texas conservative report. And what do they do they attack conservatives, like, like representative Brian Harrison. And look, I think that this is pretty much a Dade Phelan. Creation pretty much a Karl Rove creation, using the words conservative, which I don’t believe they they understand what that word means. Using the word conservative to muddy the waters on behalf of socialist Democrats. 

Karl Rove did this with George Bush, the Bush family experts with this, folks, let me tell you what the Bush family does in conjunction with fake Republicans like Dade Phelan and others. They get out there and they campaign they say conservative this conservative that I mean, John Cornyn did it right. Oh, I’m a staunch conservative. Yes, I oppose the socialist Marxist Sure you do. And then then they get elected they con us. 

And then we all you know, start sharing their names and saying that this guy is going to defend our families from these Marxist Leninists. And then they go behind closed doors with their Democrat friends and they and they laugh their asses off at us. They marvel at the ignorance of The right in the state of Texas. They say yeah, I all I gotta say is the word conservative, and these shrubs will vote for me. 

And, you know, folks as this is, I have long been advocating that we abandon this illusion that there’s a two party system in the United States, Republican and Democrats that really don’t exist. They’re just the unit party. It is them against us against we the people. So I think that people have Texas, probably more so than any other state in the union. Because frankly, you look at Florida, their Republican officials actually deliver for them. They actually deliver conservatism a campaign on conservatism and they deliver it. 

Dade Phelan, and Dustin burrows and all the rest of these individuals, Charlie Garin, they campaign with conservatism, and then they find the nearest Democrat they can to collude to advance left wing extremism that’s going to harm Texas, ie denying parents and children the ability to escape corrupt gov Ed, stopping foreign enemies from buying land in the state of Texas so they can compromise our food supply so that they can spy on our military facilities and our people. It is posted this is this is why I think the tide might be turning. 

Texas GOP leadership votes 58 to two for resolution calling for House Speaker Dade Phelan the fake Republican who was elected by Democrats and then strong armed under the threat of having no bills represented in the State House strong armed the remaining Republicans who thought well maybe we should actually be electing as the majority we should be electing our speaker. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. 

So Dade Phelan drunk with power has been finally called to the carpet, a Democrat power socialist power, Marxist anti American power at the Texas Senate Republican executive committee. That’s this meeting on this last Saturday, GOP leadership voted 58 to two on a resolution that called for Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign after his attempt to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton failed. The resolution obtained by the Texas scorecard cited the failed impeachment of Paxton and the appointment of nine Democrats to chair important legislative committees as the reason for their demand for his resignation. 

So folks about that the passion impeachment let’s not forget the Dade Phelan, Andy Murr, Charlie Garin and the rest of these left wing Republicans, they orchestrated all of this. They had individuals lie about Ken Paxton and, and just launch all manner of disgusting. half truths and an innuendo in an effort to gin up so much smoke that a lot of these know nothing. Republicans thought there might have been some fire there, right? 

Well, the Democrats, they were gonna vote to impeach no matter what, because they hate Ken Paxton because he stands up against them. So remember, when those witnesses those co conspirators got under oath, they all changed their story. And because they did, they would, they would lie for Dade Phelan they would lie for the socialist Democrats, they would lie for Charlie Garin, they would lie for the corrupt Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives, but they wouldn’t go to jail for them. Because Ken Paxton, his team had the goods on them. 

And so they told the truth when they were under oath, because they didn’t want to perjure themselves. And so that revealed the level of corruption of speaker date feeling and Dustin burrows and his lieutenants. And, folks, if you want to know the names, if your representative is on the names of these particular lists, you need to find this out. I’ve been asked several times, Chris told me what my representative did tell me. 

I can’t keep track of all the representatives. I can’t. I mean, there’s two lists that I know very well, that I’m going to give you the tools to look up what your representative did, depending on what you feel, right? What if you feel the most important thing was to stop America’s enemies from buying land in Texas, so they couldn’t compromise our food supply and couldn’t spy on our military bases? What if you thought that was important? 

Well, there were three Republicans responsible for killing that common sense bill that came over from the conservative Senate. Their names are Dade Phelan, Dustin burrows, and Todd Hunter So if that was an important bill to you that you thought would protect your family and your state, those are the Republicans responsible for killing it. And not letting it go to a floor vote because treacherous leftist Democrats, they support America’s enemies. So they made sure that their speaker Dade Phelan Got it killed, because they didn’t want to support Texas, they wanted to support the enemies of the United States of America. Full stop. 

So if you vote on those grounds, well, those are the three people you need to go after. If they’re in your district, you need to get make sure that they don’t return to the statehouse. They don’t deserve to return to the statehouse. 

Now, the Texas scorecard they came up with the Dirty Dozen. And all you need to do is watch the Texas heist that documentary, and you can see the names of the Dirty Dozen some of those individuals have the Dirty Dozen, they actually made that first list. There’s a lot of overlap, you’re going to you’re going to find that when you start parsing this out. There’s there are different degrees of treachery among the Republicans who are really Democrats. Charlie Garin is a member of the Dirty Dozen Glen Rogers JC jet and Todd Hunter. 

There’s that name again. Ken King, Jeff Leach, Craig Goldman, Dustin burrows, there’s that name again. Lynn Stuckey Stephanie, click Andrew Murr, Justin Holland, and of course speaker Phelan. So the Dirty Dozen, according to the Texas heist, if if you want to use that as your voting guide, then all of those people do not go back to the statehouse because they are complete sellouts to socialist Marxist Democrats in the state working, working at the behest of the National Democratic Party to turn Texas blue, which of course would lead to the fall of the United States of America. 

We lose Texas, we lose it all. Now, the Chris Salcedo show has been focused on 24. Air quotes Republicans, these are the individuals who undermined who took away, they tried to anyway because I don’t think it’s going to last they tried to stop parental school choice and education freedom. So they sided with socialists and Marxists to keep mostly minority children and underperforming schools in the great state of Texas, and to fleece the taxpayers, those 24 Republicans, some of them voting directly to oppose parental school choice and education freedom, some of them voting present. But they, don’t misunderstand. They’re all complicit. So, you’ve got to look up the 24 Republicans who voted to ban funding being transferred to follow the child. 

Guys like Charlie Garin, and guys like Jeff Leach, and Craig Goldman guys like these individuals, and de mer, they wanted to make sure that there is only one place where that money that’s supposed to follow your child can be cashed. And corrupt gov Ed. That, by the way, is teaching critical race theory, even though it’s been outlawed in the state of Texas. You know why? Because all of these air quotes Republicans passed a law that said, Oh, no, you can’t teach CRT, but when they do it anyway, there’s no penalty. It’s a wink and a nod. 

You go ahead and teach it anyway. You go in and teach our kids to hate America. And you’ve got the support of Craig Goldman and Jeff Leach Dustin burrows. In all these, and Charlie Garin hate America hate Texas, and we’re gonna fund it. We’re gonna make sure we fund it. And then there’s the list, the most comprehensive list some would argue 60 Republicans who voted for the Texas impeachment. 

Now, some of you might say, The Texas impeachment of Ken Paxton, some of you might say that some of those Republicans, you know, were stupid enough to trust Dade feeling stupid enough to trust Dustin burrows, stupid enough to trust Andy Murr, you may say, it’s not their fault, that Dade feeling orchestrated a whole bunch of people lying, just to get the impeachment pass through, and then they had to change their story under oath. That’s not their fault. 

Folks. If you’re stupid enough to trust individuals who are delivering for Democrats while calling themselves Republicans, then frankly, you don’t deserve to be in government. You don’t deserve to be making decisions on behalf of our people. If you’re stupid enough to trust a snake like Charlie Garin, then you don’t belong in government. So, my friends, you’ve got to look up these people yourselves. 

You’ve got to know the names of the people who are selling you out to the Socialist Democrat Party in the state of Texas and You are working behind the scenes to turn Texas blue. These individuals have more in common with the left wing party than they do with you. If you’re a pro American, and if you believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, these people who killed the border bill, the Texas border patrol, because they wanted to continue Joe Biden’s massive, uncontrolled, illegal immigration into this country, they wanted to aid the Democrats did the so called Republicans. You need to find out who these people are, and you need to vote them out of office. The show behind the show was Shawn chasse 10 comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

It’s time for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chasteen. Joining us right man? 

Hey, how’s it going? 

It’s going on? Right? It’s going right I We’re recording this? Everybody has to know, on a on a What does it say Thursday? On a Thursday? Afternoon? Yes, because you are are headed out? 

Yeah, I’m gonna take a long weekend and go see my buddy or former news director. It’s a station I work for up in Chicago, and I’m really looking forward to the hangtime. And I’ve never been to Chicago. So I’m pretty excited about that too. 

Well, pack your bullet proof vest. 

Well, I think they kind of live on the outskirts, I’m not, I’m guessing it’s, it’s not going to be too bad. And I don’t think we’re going to be going in the neighborhoods that the bad stuff happens in so we are going on it was recommended that we take a boat tour, like the canals and stuff. So those things are always fun. And I would recommend people It always sounds so dorky. But if you’re going to a major city that has bus tours, go do that. Because most of them have like those old British buses, you know, with the open tops and you can sit up there and some of them have cocktails and stuff like that, but you just learned so much about the city and you see stuff that would take you days to find you know, and it’s just always always really fun. I’ve really tried to do that at every big city that I go to and it’s worked out and it’s really really enjoyable. 

So I cannot say that has been high on my list. 

No I’m telling you man like if you next time you go to New York Yeah. Do do a bus thing because one you can get on and off of them and and so that saves a ton on cab fare and stuff. And to is just cool just to see buildings that you wouldn’t get to see and see it the whole different perspective and have a tour guide telling you what they are. Okay, so it’s yeah, it’s a blast. It really is. Yeah, I know it sounds dorky but no, I highly recommend it. 

Very cool. Now it’s gonna be a short work week for for you and so you’d had only until Thursday evening to digest the week that was so what made the list? Well, first thing just happened. You know that I have cut the cord long ago and I stream all of my viewing. Yeah. For television. Yes. You don’t one thing that really pisses me off tell me ads in Spanish. I do not watch Spanish programming. Yes. And so in the middle of whatever I’m screaming you know, there’s a Pepsi ad or something in Spanish. Dang it. This is eat the odor. Let’s see fresca. Yeah, you know, yeah. I don’t I don’t need it. Just it’s just really pisses me off. This is America dammit. Yeah, if I’m, you know, if I’m watching some Mexican soap opera, then yeah, I can expect that kind of stuff. But I’m not. And it just I don’t know why it just talks me off. Every time I see one. It’s just it’s just. 

Somebody gave some analytics somewhere to the what you were streaming. And they said, Hey, we got a lot of people, Spanish language, folks, a lot of Latino community folks watching this particular offering. So you should advertise there and that’s where their Spanish speaking ad pops up. 

It’s just it’s just hacks me off. I don’t know if that’s racist or not. I don’t really care. But well, what what race what race is Spanish Tell me. Yeah, Spanish speaking. Teachers. 

Well, are you talking about white Europeans who speak Spanish? Are you talking about? Well, I see what you’re saying. No, yeah, there is no race associated with language. Yes. 

Okay. Goodness sake. I mean, yeah, that’s racist. Get a bit shit. Hey, I cut the cord to guess what? It took me 123456 months, six months. And here comes Starlink. Oh, cool. Got my confirmation. I just got it. I just got to confirm it. And then Starlink will be mine. And I will officially cut all anti alti at&t cords at my house. 

Wow. That’s true. Yeah. So what streaming service? Are you gonna go to most people, I think, nowadays go with YouTube TV, to get all of your programming, or you can piecemeal it out, you know, by getting the Disney plus and the discovery plus, and, you know, whatever else you Hulu Plus.

I think Amazon is the go to streaming service right now. And I think of my wife, I have fire. Yeah, my wife has an was it. Netflix? So I think that’s those the only streaming services we get? I think that we do have a lingering subscription to Disney, but they’re about ready to, to just completely Jack the prices. So I think I’m out. I think I’m out. 

Well, you’ll find that it’s a pain in the ass. If you want to, if you’re a channel server, it just kind of sucks. Because you know, you have to go back and forth between apps and you know, stuff like that. If the if that’s not your bag, if you just you know, if you just settle in and watch you don’t have any time to watch anything. Anyway, that’s true. I do and so I just settled in and watch. You know, like I’ve talked about before, and what’s YouTube? Will it run videos like a mental patient? I hear you on my mind. Go ahead. 

I hear YouTube TV is making huge inroads in in programming. It just I haven’t looked at I have a real problem with their affiliation with China. I just really do. Yeah. 

So no, I get it. And I mean, that’s something to consider, I guess. But if you want one of the more complete services where you’re not having to do a bunch of different apps, then apparently that’s a really good option. What else on your mind? Um, Lauren Bobo, we talked about her last week. Yeah. And you kind of talked me down from being from her being hypocritical All right. I’m gonna go back to that man. You know, you know why? Why tell me was, well, all of her, you know, Christian family beliefs stuff all kind of went out the window and she’s you know reaching around the guy there and getting felt up in the crowded theater, which, you know, whatever I don’t really care about that but the main thing that I did care about did you see the dress she was wearing? Oh, yeah, did I ever thought about her many times this week now? 

Yeah, I heard. It’s funny you mentioned this, just today I was having a conversation about that. And somebody said to me, you know, you got to have if you’re a member of Congress, there’s got to be a certain decorum that you handle yourself with, in public, you know, that you just you just can’t be doing that kind of stuff. And, and then the person said to me, the whole boob grabbing portion. I’m like, boob, Greg. I didn’t see this part of the video, apparently. Oh, yeah. 

He’s, he’s, he’s, you know, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, in Tokyo. It’s, you know, it’s man, like, man, and he’s a Democrat. So for me, that was the worst part of it. So here’s the deal. You and every other talk show out there has to talk about, we are in the fight of our lives. Truth next election. True, that you believe that? Another four years of democratic rule, and America is silent. I don’t necessarily believe that, that in bad spots before America has always bounced back. But it’s not going to be good if that happens, right. And I think that’s where it really hats me off about Lauren Gilbert is spending her time with a big time Democrat rich guy that, you know, apparently has given plenty to campaigns and stuff like that have Boise and we are we, we are in if we if we truly are in the fight of our lives, then why she? Why is she doing that with what I consider to be the enemy? You know? And I know that if you’re a regular person, you and your wife may disagree on politics, maybe it never comes up. You just don’t care. But if you’re a member of Congress shouldn’t you know the fight that you’re in? And that just really infuriated me? 

And she tried to spin it off by saying, Well, the next time I go out on a date, I’ll make sure to check their political affiliation card. Yeah, you know what she? She was drunk. I mean, she had if that was first date, just met the dude. Yeah. Then why is she you know, practicing her stick shift skills. And you know, on the clutch off the gas go into third gear, uh huh. And get himself up in a crowded theater without knowing who he is. 

Well, she’s getting a divorce. You know? Well, I understand that and then.

I’m sure that’s why she got the new boobs and you know is sorry those are those additions. I didn’t know Yeah, I think she’s been kind of bragging about new ones so Oh, I had no idea Hey, it’s money well spent in my opinion. I would have drawn have an issue with that and I have no idea about any of that. I G looks good. Oh, no. 

I thought she looks good before I didn’t you know, though, absolutely. But anyway, why is she doing that with a Democrat? Like I said maybe if you know if it’s just a regular marriage, maybe you can you can get around that I would have a tough time dating a woman who didn’t believe politically like me, unless she had great cans like Lauren Bobo stomach but you know what I mean? No, seriously, I hear look talking Yes, it is. 

A boy See, see and this? I was gonna say this is gonna be a tough pill to swallow. But for me, I need it. Guys, I was just going see if this was going nowhere. Good. From from the get from the jump. Look, I know what you’re saying speaking ideologically. It’s a tough pill to swallow. For a somebody who is regarded as somebody who was a conservative, somebody who’s in kind of a boisterous leadership role in the conservative movement or written Firebrand. So it’s not like she’s John Cornyn, who is somebody who we know, loves and adores and and it delivers constantly. For Democrats. She is somebody who is supposed to be carrying the conservative mantle, and to go with somebody who is not only a Democrat, but somebody who is a rich Democrat who’s funding everything that you claim that you oppose. 

Exactly. It is. We are in a we, as you, you know, you and many others have portrayed we are in a fight for our lives and so to betray that I think it’s just really bad man. Just really bad. 

You know, I don’t know she she came out and apologized. But would we even be here? If there wasn’t video? Probably not. Well, I mean, she got kicked out we would have known about that. 

Right? Or what if if she hadn’t misbehaved in public which again is I think and she would agree with this is unbecoming of a member of Congress. Sure. We wouldn’t you know, we wouldn’t even know about this. And you know what, I kind of went on this this tirade this week. About Dade Phelan here’s another guy who claims he’s a Republican, but really, he works tirelessly to deliver for the Democrat Party tirelessly, his he hires a parliamentarian that is an Obama lawyer. He hires wood. Now, if you’re a conservative, and you’re a Republican, why would you hire a Democrat to be your parliamentarian? 

Because you’re not a conservative. 

Because you’re not a conservative and you’re not even a Republican yet? He’s not even. I mean, he’s not. I mean, the unit party goes from local government all the way up. So So yeah, maybe in the current definition of the of the Republican Party, which is to find the nearest Democrat but cheap to kiss. Maybe he is a Republican. He’s a John Cornyn, Republican. He is a Mitt Romney Republican and Mitch McConnell Republican, which is how do we deliver for socialists and Marxists. So I get what you’re saying, and I have been decrying I partisan. I hate that word. I did too. So to me who is blue? I’ve said this before. If you’re on the Republican side of the aisle, and you reach across that aisle to bipartisanship, you should have your hand wiped off like an Iranian pickpocket. 

Yeah. And I’m sure the Democrats would say the same about their side. 

Well, they do they do. Yes. And they do. And if if anybody wants to reach across the aisle, it better be them to us offering us stuff. Because no, don’t do it. Do you know what bipartisanship is? bipartisanship is defined by the biased press, as defined by Washington speak, as defined by political speak is a way to say that we all agree to do with the Democrats way. That’s what bipartisanship is defined. 

Not anymore. Yeah. Because frankly, chemosis Qt time is over. 

Yeah, I agree with that man. And you know what, because you had, you would have, you would have one side with one set of values, the other side, one set of values, and they would have a compromise, right. But Republicans have no values. Right there. There is no unifying principle that says this is a Republican principle. They’ve melded it and they’ve mashed it up and they’ve made it so meaningless. Now we know what democratic values are socialism, communism, perversion, bastardization of our laws, breaking laws, illegal immigration, all that kind of stuff. And that leads me to Liberty County. You didn’t know about Liberty County. Did you know, Liberty County? This is just north of Houston just outside of Conroe. Okay, okay. All right. If I’m if I’m getting my geography correct, it is it is north of Houston. And this is a community of 75,000 illegal aliens in homes and tents or they live homes and tents and yes, very poor sanitation. Some infrastructure, police don’t go in there. Immigration doesn’t go in there. It is a hub for it is feared a distribution node for fentanyl for other illicit drugs. It is a hub for trafficking children for sex trafficking women for sex, and 75,000 illegal aliens and growing live there. Wow. In Texas, in the middle of damned Texas? 

Yep. I’m sure you saw the coverage today of the almost 10,000 illegal aliens. It’s true. I came across the border today. That’s a record. And it was, I mean, it was incredible to watch, you know, and and there’s really nothing that border patrol can do anymore. We’ve talked to multiple Border Patrol guys. And they say, yeah, basically all we can do is give them a three by five card with your date on it. They don’t vet them. They don’t make sure they’re not carrying diseases. They don’t do any of that anymore. They just can’t. There’s too many people. And so they say, Okay, here’s your date. 10 years from now show up. Adios. I mean, there was even audio this week of one of the illegals saying, Can I go to Chicago and the guy goes, you can go anywhere you want. You’re free to go. And not the way it should be man. 

No, it’s not from the UK Daily Mail. Colony ridge. Illegal immigrant town springs up in Texas as local developers sells border crossers property without asking for their documentation. With four cartels now operating inside this Texas City. Yeah, a Texas developer. A Texas developer has been accused of creating a sprawling illegal aliens city by selling off land to border crossers without asking for any paperwork. The donor that this land owner is a big donor to politicians in the state of Texas. 

I’m guessing Senator Cruz isn’t his number one guy that he sends money to? 

I would say not. Yeah. And you know, those illegals coming across they don’t have the money to buy land. So you know, it’s cartels that are in there. Now of course buying at all? Of course, of course. 

No, I hadn’t heard about this. I will read up on that. 

William Trey Harris sells plots at colony Ridge by allowing buyers to purchase land without the need to prove income or credit. It is alleged. Critics say the scheme around 20 miles northeast of downtown Houston has drawn in 1000s of illegal aliens, as well as cartel activity who could have seen that coming. Wow, man, that’s just that’s just crazy. 

You want to see how big it is? Look up Todd Benjamin. Tod Tod D. Benjamin BENS M A N. We’ve had him on Newsmax a couple of times talking about this. I gotta get him on radio. But maybe get him here on the podcast, too. He has video of just how sprawling and huge this land mass is. It is any illegal alien city in red, conservative Texas. And you know, when we found out the date in Harris County, well, when we found out the Dade Phelan, along with his his lieutenants, at the behest of the Democrat Party killed HB 20, which was the Border Patrol bill. We wondered what that was all about. I wonder I wonder who is on this donors? A William Trey Harris’s donation list. 

All right. I don’t know man. It’s just the whole thing. Is just out of control nuts. Yeah. And for every every person that dies from fentanyl. I think Joe Biden ought to be held criminally responsible for that. Yeah. Or I think they all his policy 535 Members of Congress for all of the I mean. 

Dade Phelan jumped on fox that last week this will be when this airs it’ll be last week date Phil and jumped on Fox and said we’re sick and tired of all of this, just after he was instrumental in killing a border patrol bill. And, of course, they Fox doesn’t know Foxton check about what they feel is all about. They have no idea that he’s elected by Democrats. They had no idea. They don’t know how it works here in Texas. But the only state in the Union where the majority party doesn’t elect their speaker. The other side does. Yeah, it’s crazy, man. It’s all crazy. It is crazy. 

I’m looking forward to I don’t know that we’ll be anywhere near the above in Chicago. Of the illegals there, but it just cracks me up to see those cities freaking out. Begging for federal money because the cities are overwhelmed. With 10,000 illegal aliens, yeah. Well, I mean, it’s the number that came across the border today that day you go past and that’s enough to bring. That’s enough to bring New York State to its knees. I mean, seriously? Yeah. Yeah, it’s it’s crazy. But don’t. They’re the sanctuary cities. 

Yeah. Well, and you know, whenever I first started bussing those people you and I talked about it, you thought it was fantastic. Yeah, I thought it was just a stunt. And I thought it was pretty stupid. And I didn’t think it was worth the diesel fuel that it cost to get 40 people to New York City. Yeah. But I was wrong. Because it certainly has brought the whole thing to the forefront of a lot of minds, you know, so Well, now it’s everybody’s problem. Grab. He’s done it. Yeah. 

From Martha’s Vineyard, all the way to Philadelphia, to Chicago to New York. It’s they’re all starting to get CI. This is what illegal immigration is all about. So there you go. Yep. All right, pal. Well, hey, you have safe travels. Good. Getting up there in Chicago. I think I pack your vest. That’s all I gotta say. Pack your vest. 

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s I mean, just again, just for the anytime, man, I you know, spend most of my time alone, which is not healthy. No, it is not really looking forward to the hang time and see in a place I’ve never seen before. So. Yep, hopefully I won’t get killed. But we’ll see. 

Hopefully, we’ll see you back here. I’m, I truly am hopeful. net net. Yes. I’m glad there’s always hope. Yes. And I look forward to seeing you back here. Happy and healthy on the Salcedo store podcast next week, buddy. Thanks. 

Alright, man, that’s gonna wrap this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Couple of websites you should visit folks, Texas scorecard.com. If you want to keep track of the legislators who have betrayed you, if you want to keep track of the legislators who are actually in your corner and believe they’re there to do Your will not the will of the lobbyists, not the will of the Democrats not the will of foreign nations. If you want to keep track of all this, Texas scorecard.com That’s where you need to go, Texas scorecard.com The home of the Saucedo storm podcast. Also check out Chris saucedo.com That’s where you find me all of our social media hookups there. And also, you can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on ks evey and on Newsmax TV. Until we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We are the people. You stay safe out there my friends.

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