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S5, Ep 97: Texas House GOP "Leaders" Betrayed GOP Voters To Democrats

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Representative Tony Tinderholt is the conservative who represents District 94 in the Texas State House. He has announced a run for Speaker of the Texas House. AND Representative Brian Harrison represents the 10th district in the Texas State House. Prior to that, he was President Trump’s Chief of Staff at HHS.

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My friends, this is gonna be a shorter setup than normal I because I got into a really extensive conversation with two Texas conservatives, individuals who opposed the Ken Paxton impeachment who had a front row seat for all of the disgrace that the Texas House leadership who call themselves Republicans but are actually Democrats, actually have Democrat sensibilities that they put the state through the disgrace they’ve put this state through. 

So I’ll get to it in short order I just want to tell you about a post on Twitter actually X, formerly known as Twitter, a guy by the name of at amuse, @ amuse, put it out. And it’s a picture of the bushes. The the bushes meaning George P. George W and George H. W. And the name of the the article is the fall of Titans. How can PACs in this victory and impeachment expose the unseen hands and Texas politics. 

He goes through a whole laundry list of stuff that shows that the Bush is these individuals who have made a practice of of ginning up support for their candidacy by claiming to oppose Democrats but their first order of business is to cut deals with Democrats and stab conservatives in the back. George W. Bush is a prime example of this folks. 

George W. Bush after he was savaged by the left wing press and by left wingers. After we conservatives defended him for years and he wouldn’t defend himself. We invited him to come on to the Chris Saucedo show and other conservative media invited him to come on and, and have a conversation about the occupation of the Oval Office of Barack Hussein Obama. And he refused. But then he broke his silence, to come out and condemn President Trump. 

So it wasn’t the tradition of not not criticizing your successors. George W. Bush was perfectly comfortable bashing President Trump. He just didn’t want to do it to his good friend Obama and you’ve seen the pictures of the Obamas and George W. Bush palling around. It’s part of this ride that we’ve been taken on by these establishment Republicans who sit back in a room and laugh their asses off at all of you conservatives because up until now they’ve had your number you just talk about God here talk about allegedly opposing abortion although never really doing anything about it of any substance. 

Right George W. Bush? Right George P. Bush? And then when push comes to shove, always siding with socialists always siding with Democrats and stabbing conservatives in the back. Here’s how amuse concluded his article. Conclusion. The same goes if you’re gonna play in Texas, you got to have a bush in the band, and quote, despite the apparent fall of the bush dynasty, their influence lingers. Yes, like a hangover. That’s me. 

The Hangover Part was made, he continued. The Paxton impeachment, and the Nate Paul saga reveal a complex interconnected web of power and money that still holds sway in the Lone Star State. And folks, if he asked me that bush dynasty is what has to fall and amuse ends his article like this. So the next time someone tells you the bush dynasty is over, just remember, they’re still pulling strings behind the curtain. That’s right, in places like Fox News through Karl Rove. 

And through surrogates like Paul Ryan, over at Fox. So folks, there’s a lot going on here. I think it’s time we showed the pro Democrat Republicans the door, what do you think we’ll hear from a couple of conservatives who may have a thing or two to say about that? Up next on the Saucedo storm podcast.

The Paxton impeachment revealed the level of corruption that is inside the Texas House leadership. Full stop. And I want to get to the bottom of just how deep this corruption is and how far it extends. And I want to have that discussion with two members of the Texas House. Representative Tony Tinderholt he’s a conservative who represents District 94 in the Texas State House. And Representative Brian Harrison. He represents the 10th district here in the great state of Texas. Prior to that he served President Trump’s as the chief of staff there at HSS. Hey guys, welcome. 

Good morning, my friend. 

Hey, guys, nice to have you. Look, you both have been very, very active on social media. So I want to give you guys your say on this. You go first representative Tenderholt the impeachment, the passionate impeachment. Just what have you been putting out? What’s your view from 30,000 feet? 

Well, first of all, from from, from the ground level, we were on the ground. It’s despicable. Our speaker asked people to walk off a cliff. And they did it and then they find out a month and a half later that they made a huge mistake and now they’re doubling down. And so it’s pretty despicable that they take a the most effective Attorney General in the country. And they promised tons of evidence, and they say that he’s going to be convicted. And here we have zero for 16 in the Senate. And you know, I just I think that it’s horrible that the speaker asked people to do that the speaker specifically said, show the speaker voting aye. And when the speaker does that, that specifically means you better do what I’m doing because if you look off session, he doesn’t do that. He doesn’t vote on stuff. He voted on that. And now my peers, Republicans in the Texas House are going to have to go some of them to a primary and they’re going to have to answer for that vote. The ones that are doubling down. I think they’re gonna have a tough time and it’s just despicable that it happened. I’m just beside myself. It was Democrat led. Let’s be very clear. There were more Democrats that voted for that. than there were Republicans on the House floor with the Speaker of the House to impeach the most effective Republican attorney general in the country. 

Representative Harrison, how are you saying it? 

Well, I was what I want to say is just thank God for the Texas Senate. Thank God for lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick for conducting a fair trial, a transparent trial for reaching a verdict that was obviously correct, given the absolute shocking lack of evidence and look, the Texas House leadership they absolutely misled and pressured so many Republicans: 60 to join what was objectively true a Democrat efforts to overturn an election and I think they disgraced themselves the House leadership, and I think they tarnish the reputation, maybe irreparably of the entire Texas House of Representatives. Now, Chris, you as well, or better than just about anybody out there understands what’s at stake in 2023. In America, the next generation is on the line. It’s not even tongue in cheek or cliche to say that every one of our freedoms and liberties, they’re being eroded. So when the stakes are this high, when all of our cherished principles are on the line, instead of the Texas House of Representatives instead of rising to the moment and passing bold conservative bills to secure the border, past school choice ban COVID mandates fix our grid, fix our energy market, a limit tyrannical emergency powers to cut spending to in property taxes to slash you know, job crushing regulations, or to keep the Communist Chinese from buying our land, the Speaker of the Texas House, prioritize the impeachment of a recently reelected Attorney General who and I say this, you know what the other people like him PACs are don’t like him PACs, and it’s a fact, he has proven time and time again, that he is up to the most important task of our time. And that’s fighting against the out of control federal government, who under Joe Biden seeks to destroy our rights, our freedoms, our liberties, our sovereignty and our Constitution. He’s trying to do it every day. 

Gentlemen, here’s what I have said about voting guides coming into next year’s primaries. You can either let’s bring up the example that that Representative Harrison just brought up say that your your real important issue was the fact that Texas stopped selling land to known enemies of the United States, Communist China, the People’s Republic of Iran, more than Russia, we stopped doing that. It was a common sense bill that was sent over by Lois Kolkhorst in the Senate, that three Republicans Dade Phelan, Todd Hunter, and Dustin burrows killed. So if that’s your issue, then that could be your voting guide. Those individuals should not be reelected. There are others like Texas Scorecard who’s who have identified the Dirty Dozen. And you guys have seen the list. The Dirty Dozen individuals responsible for basically delivering for Democrats. They are actually Democrats in practice. They actually deliver and make sure that socialist Democrats get their priorities passed. Charlie Guerin, Glen Rogers JC Jett and Todd Hunter, Ken King Jeff Leach, Craig calm. Craig Goldman, Dustin burrows, Lynn Stuckey. Stephanie, click Andrew Murr, Justin Holland and of course, the speaker. Then there’s others who say anybody who voted for this damned impeachment, knowing knowing that nobody was put under oath 60 Republicans, that should be your voting guide. None of them should go back. I like to ask you both this question and give me your honest opinion of the Republicans in the Caucus in the House Mr. Tinderholt? How many were legitimately duped how many today are going to in Dade Phelan’s office going You assured me that there was proof and there was none. And I took a dangerous vote. And now my butts on the line and I’m gonna lose my seat. Give me a percentage of Republicans in the statehouse who actually will do that. 

Let me go back and answer. Something you mentioned a moment ago. You’re talking about scorecards. I want to mention some of that scorecards. Be careful with those Rice University is normally a really good scorecard. But several members this very top of members on the Rice University scorecard Jared Patterson, those guys all what they did is they gamed the system. They voted no on almost every Democrat bill on local and consent calendar. 

And I’m sorry, I wasn’t I wasn’t clear. This is the Texas scorecard is the news organization that put out that documentary called The Texas heist and these are the 12 they identified as the Dirty Dozen so it’s not a scorecard. Isn’t there? The Texas scorecard okay. Yeah, I’m getting there. I want to make a point. Okay. When people are looking to vote you mentioned voting, voting this spring. Be careful. We’re we’re very fortunate that when Rice University fixes it, and they take local and consent off I think you’re gonna see the Jared Patterson’s work. are old, they’re going around touting that they’re number one. I think they’re gonna drop down very significantly lower. And he’s one of the people. Look, he’s one of the percentage that is doubling down on this impeachment. I would say that out of the remaining Republicans, let’s just talk about the percentage. I think there’s about maybe maybe half of the Republicans were duped the other half really believe this, and we’re pushing it forward. But the bottom line is this. They’re gonna have to go in March if they have a primary and explain this. And I think I think I think you’re gonna see a big turnover, just because of that vote, and no one’s even gonna look at the scorecard. 

Mr. Harrison, how do you look at it? How many as a percentage of Republicans are actually angry and have awakened and saying, Oh, my gosh, this speaker Phelan, Murr, Jeff Leach lied to me. 

Well, they should, they should all be angry. But listen, none of them. I hate to say this. They got pressure. There was bullying. There were dishonest pressure tactics going on, on the floor of the House and in backrooms like you can’t believe that the arms twisted to the point of being broken. But here’s the reality, Chris, they should all be angry that the leadership of the Texas House lied to them. 

Oh, no, I know, they should. But again, I’m sorry, representative. I know they all should be. That’s if they had a conscience. And that’s what I’m trying to determine how many individuals in the Republic who call themselves Republicans, in your estimation, are actually actually men or women of conscience? How many of them are just like, oh, well, I get lied to all the time, I really don’t care. As long as I get my committee assignment or my power, whatever the hell. What I like to know is how many, in reality, are actually moral and ethical people? And how many of them really just think this is all par for the course. 

It’s impossible for me to put a number on that and to quantify but what I can tell you is you look at the committee chairman, the people that Dade Phelan gives all his power to Yeah, they probably they’re probably okay with this. They’re gonna double down on stupid, because they get their power. They get their titles, they get their committee chairmanship to all the rest of the Republicans in the House. I have no idea what they got, or what they think they got an exchange for taking a long talk, walk off a short pier, because here’s the reality, Chris, none of them whether they feel like they’re going to double down on the speaker’s team, or accept and embrace reality. None of the members who voted for this impeachment have an excuse, not one of them, despite how many of them put out statements the day and that Saturday in May, when we voted to impeach Ken Paxton and saying they did so because they reviewed the evidence. Chris, there was no evidence to review. So none of them are without excuse. And here’s the reality the Texas House leadership we know they lied, because they put in an op ed Andy mer, the chief impeachment officer in the house, wrote in an op ed that the Attorney General demonstrated, quote, a shocking pattern of abuse and criminality and, quote, the evidence we found was conclusive. This was back in May. Well, now the whole world because of the Texas Senate has seen the quote unquote, evidence, and there wasn’t a shred of evidence that rose to substantiate the incredibly high claims of abuse of patterns of abuse and criminality. But the reality is Chris, every single Republican voted for impeachment. They voted for impeachment, knowing full well they did not do it on the basis of evidence because the Texas House presented no evidence to the House members before we voted. 

100% Andrew Murr is a is a liar and and is now a proven liar. As as anybody who carried that mantle claiming that they had proof that Ken Paxton had done anything criminal. In this impeachment effort, folks, were talking to Tony Tinderholt and Brian Harrison, representatives in the Texas State House. I asked Tony Busby one of the fantastic attorneys for Ken Patterson’s team, the defense team and the Senate trial. I said, are there any legal ramifications now that we know that Andy Murr lied? Now that we know that speaker Dade lied about proof of criminality, in an effort to push this impeachment? They lied? I said, Is there any criminal liability for them for filing a false impeachment and Busby. Busby says, Nope, there is an end, Texas, you’re allowed to lie and file an impeachment based on a lie and have no criminal responsibility for what you have done. Doesn’t that need to change? Representative Tinderholt? 

I think it absolutely does. When you’re bringing people in, and you’re having them testify to you. Let’s remember it’s behind closed doors. It’s secret, and you’re not swearing under oath. I mean, that’s that should be criminal. Because this entire impeachment was based upon people that came in and we’re not even sworn in under oath. They admitted that during our impeachment layout, the layout that they did to the Texas House. And we saw it follow up in the Senate where they did not have the evidence that was promised and these people were not sworn in under oath. I think you should absolutely have to be held accountable from for something this egregious because this is egregious. This wasn’t where they had, you know, half of those articles that were that were found where he was guilty if they were zero for 16. And even one of them, I believe, was 28 to two. Two Democrats voted yes. And everyone else voted no. But you know, I just I want to keep on that. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. 

No, I was gonna say that’s such an incredibly important point that’s getting lost in all the coverage. 60 Republican, so called Republican members of the Texas House, were pressured and shamed into voting for articles of impeachment against the recently reelected Attorney General Ken Paxton, that were so absurd, so facially flawed, such hot garbage that even almost every single Senate Democrat rejected them. 

Wow. Well, and that’s that’s key. And I’ll I’ll follow up the question to you. So shouldn’t there be criminal penalties for individuals in the future? Who did what Dade Phelan did who did? What Andy Murray did who did with the impeachment Cabal, that the liars did? Shouldn’t there be criminal penalties? If they are found to have misrepresented as they were foun in the ken Paxton impeachment case? 

Two thoughts on the first I would say is that just like the title that I have representative, every one of those individuals you just named, their job title is representative. They owe it to their voters to explain what they just did. And I think their voters are justified in being furious. And perhaps, you know, thinking twice about sending them back. I think those are fair questions to ask. But then number two, I think I think the Lieutenant Governor hit the nail on the head at the end of the trial when he demanded immediate changes to the state constitution. That’s what we need to prioritize to make sure that this travesty of justice never occurs again in the great state of Texas and I sent a formal letter to Governor Abbott yesterday, asking that in addition to school choice, which he’s going to call us back for, he added to the agenda for the special session. I demand that the House and the Senate come together and change the Texas Constitution to make sure that the shoddy Sham, disgusting, irresponsible, reckless, staggeringly incompetent proceedings, that the Texas House used to impeach the Attorney General can never once again be hoisted upon 30 million Texans. 

Right, Dan Patrick? Right. Yeah, go ahead. 

I think that aside from that, every representative specifically, the conservatives should be also be very afraid that in any moment, that there’s a secret hearing with the general investigating committee that’s trying to punish them for being conservative every day that we go to the Texas House, we shouldn’t be worried. There’s a secret hearing happening to take us down and do something unethical, immoral and illegal. 

That’s true, right. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick on this program yesterday, said that that speaker Phelan needs to be a man, quote, be a man and admit the past impeachment was wrong. I think any objective observer knows that it was wrong that it was conducted wrongly it was conducted in secret. Nothing conducted in secret is worth doing. When you’re when you’re trying to make criminal allegations. It should have been able to stand up to transparency and that’s my my last question to the both of you because, as you said, there are some folks who are doubling down on, Yes, it’s perfectly legitimate to to deny an impeachment they being put putting witnesses co conspirators, I call them under oath. There is one gentleman by the name of Jeff Leach, who used to come on this program and has since stopped just like the speaker has stopped. One of the house prosecutors he was he defended, having no witnesses, co conspirators placed under oath. He defended preventing Ken Paxton and his attorneys from defending themselves in the house. He he defended having Obama lawyers work in secret. And then and then spinning in impeachment on to the members with with less than 48 hours for them to review. All of this this stuff that was by the way, not under oath. I have to keep on pointing that out, with just hours to review it. Here’s what he said on on Twitter X that I want you to react to. He said very short. Result. “Duty is our As results are God’s” hashtag Texas legislature. So when when you hear Jeff Leach a man who defended in my view indefensible processes in the House, Representative Tinderholt duty is ours results are God’s a court as in possessive God’s results. What is your reaction when you hear Jeff Leach say something like that? 

I will tell you that we have some very intelligent, smart lawyers on the Texas floor. And I think Jeff Leach is a smart guy. dumb move, absolutely done move. Gods results came and they found zero for 16. I don’t know how it’s indefensible, that you would take people and not put them under oath. And then you wouldn’t allow 10 packs of lawyers, when they found out about the secret of hearings that were happening. You wouldn’t even let them go in and explain themselves. It was an absolute witch hunt. I don’t care what any of those people try to tell us or try to tell the media. They’re they’re smart people. They really made a dumb, unethical, really bad move that’s gonna cost them in March. If they have a primary. I just I don’t see how any of this is defensible. To be honest, though, I’m not surprised about some of them, because we deal with them on the floor every day. And they kill really good Republican legislation. They talk horrible about the Republican Party. So I’m not surprised, indefensible, and I’m absolutely disgusted by it. 

Yeah, they truly do despise our people. And Representative Harrison again, here’s the quote, duty is ours results are God’s What do you say? 

Yeah, I saw I saw that statement. What I just what I couldn’t help but laugh. I’ll be honest, what a truly bizarre statement. And it took him a few days to come up with that. I mean, what is the implication even if that statement is true, if the results are God’s? Is he saying that God supported this the zero for 16 results of the Texas Senate handed down? And what does it say about God’s view of the work he did in the last three months time trying to overturn an election? Look, there is no defense, let me be really clear, and I’ll slow down. There is no defense for what the Texas House did. Any member who was involved with House leadership in this travesty, there are only two options as far as I’m concerned. Number one, is to apologize. Do the right thing. Exercise humility, whether you knew there was no evidence and you lied saying there was or you trusted Speaker Dade Phelan that there would be evidence either way, you said things to your voters that were inaccurate, and you should apologize and own it like a man or if you’re the speaker, because he is ultimately responsible in the chamber for everything that happens because he prioritized this impeachment of Ken Paxton. And because on top of that, he has continued to appoint Liberal Democrats to chair powerful committees. And because he has presided over the house, everyone’s seen footage of this in a state where he is clearly unable to execute the duties of his office. I think the only thing that’s appropriate for Speaker Dade Phelan to do is to step down and just step down immediately. 

Last question I have for the both of you. What now what what how will you to go as you’re seen as the voices of the most conservative and ethical folks inside of the inside of the Texas House? You guys are probably the most vocal out there representing that sad to say, small group of people. Mr. Tinderholt, what are your objectives in the coming months? 

You know, I think I think we next month, we have to go back and try to pass school choice. But sadly, there’s a lot of Republicans that don’t want school choice to happen. They don’t follow or care about the Republican Party of Texas and the priorities and how they’re created and, and that were elected to go execute those priorities. And so I think, part of my job as a legislator is to go first and foremost, represent the people of my district, the people of my district with 200 ish, 1000 people in my district. And secondly, I think it’s all of our jobs to hold one another accountable, first and foremost, for being ethical, honest, and having integrity and what we do. And second, I think it’s important to hold them accountable for being the Republicans that they they decided to be like putting our in front of their name. And if they don’t do that, our job is to make sure that the voters know what they’re doing so that people can no longer lie to their constituents, and go to Austin and do the opposite of what they promised people to do by putting the fire in front of their name. Well, my goal is to go down or pass school choice. Yeah, during the next month or two. Sadly, I think we’ll end up doing two or three special sessions because for some reason the house always messes it up in the Senate. That’s handed over to us and we just can’t seem to pass? 

Well, I think that would be I hope there are a couple of special sessions into take us right into the primaries. And I think it ought to be pointed out representative Harrison to these individuals who call themselves Republicans who were either duped or believed Dade Phelan that a vote in favor of the majority of Texans, Republicans, Democrats and independents who support parental and school choice, education freedom, that they would actually go a long way into redeeming themselves for their wayward votes on impeachment. But what what is your plan the next couple of months in the wake of the passionate impeachment? Mr. Harrison? 

Yes, sir. Hey, I was on mute there yet. Listen, I’ll pick up with the way you asked the question the first time when you said that folks like me are speaking for unfortunately, a small minority in the Texas House. And that might be true. But Chris, I believe firmly I’m speaking for the vast majority of the 30 million people who love calling Texans home who understand that with the tyranny coming out of the Biden administration, now is not the time for comfortable timidity. And we came out of a regular session here. I don’t care what the leadership of the Texas House says. It was spectacularly on conservative we pet we grew government bigger than any point in our state’s history. And with the next generation on the line, Texas has got to lead and we got to lead now. We got to pass school choice. I wrote a letter to the governor asking him to add a 11 Other items, we’ve got to secure that border, the border is Biden’s fault. But if we can do something about it, and we don’t, then maybe we’re just a little bit responsible, we have to do more to secure that border. We’ve got to protect medical freedom by banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates. I do not understand why speaker Phelan. And Dustin burrows, it was so important to them to let unvaccinated Texans continue to be fired. That’s got to end we got to rein in executive power has stopped the Communist Chinese from buying our land, protect our grid ban taxpayer funded, lobbying, slashed regulations, fix the impeachment process like we talked about, end ESG. We’ve got to define woman in statute. So Biden can be thwarted in his effects in his attempts to harm women and girls in Texas. And then we got to do what my constituents want maybe the most put our state on a path to finally eliminate property taxes. Those are the things I’m fighting for right now. And maybe it’s a minority in the house today that wants it done. But it is a majority of Texans that are demanding bold action on this, and I’m doing everything I can to deliver for them the things that they deserve from their government. 

That’s a big couple of months, man. Correct? Yeah, go ahead. 

Before we leave the show, I want to I want to make sure that the people out there listening, know how proud we are of our lieutenant governor and the professionalism that he that he still held strong. He was professional, he was ethical. He was honest, no matter what the outcome was going to be. He presided with integrity. And I want people to know how important that is. 

Amen. Amen. Gentlemen, Tony Tinderholt and Brian Harrison representatives here in the Texas State House. Appreciate the time as always.  

Great to be with you, my friends. 

Thank you guys have a good day. That’s gonna put the wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast folks, our continuing effort to make sure there’s accountability in the Texas House. These individuals who call themselves Republicans who deliver for Marxists who deliver for socialists, they must not be allowed to continue in positions of power. I’m okay having the debate between pro Texan pro American sensibilities pushed by allegedly the Republican Party and the left wing party, the Democrats, but we cannot allow those inside of the Republican Party to push Democrat policies don’t know what I expect the Democrats to to support Republican policies being pushed by their elected officials. So make sure you keep track of all this at Texas and Chris Until we visit again, my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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