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Former State Senator Don Huffines, is a well-know businessman and 5th generation Texan. He is a former gubernatorial candidate.

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Don’t give a damn where you will look in this country. There is nothing that’s going right. And you know what? I was talking with Sean Chastain about this and the show behind the show. And I said it’s it’s tough. In an era where there’s nothing but colossal screw ups, nothing but individuals who are basically blanking up our lives. It’s tough to find a lot of silver linings out there. You know, and I know it can be sensory overload for a lot of people. They’re like, Man, how did we get to this point and the helpless feeling that folks have? 

And it’s like, well, you know, what, if it’s gonna go to hell in a handbasket, I might as well enjoy my life now while it lasts, because pretty soon, it’s going to come crashing down. All well and good. If you’re the tune out type, I’m just not that type. I can’t tune out, I won’t tune out. So I’m going to try to fight this degradation of our society every step of the way. It’s just how I’m wired. 

And here in the state of Texas, we’ve got individuals who call themselves Republicans, who have dedicated themselves to servicing socialists who have dedicated themselves to thwarting conservatism. They want to, I guess, these are the kinds of people that want to kill the golden goose, right? These are the kinds of people that are, are out there saying, Well, what really is important is that I can just turn my position of power and authority and to dollar figures and don’t give a crap less about what it does to our people. America is gonna go on and everybody’s gonna go on, and then no big deal, right? 

They still think it’s the 1990s, they still think the Democrats are a pro American party. So that’s why they they give in to socialists all the time and thwart conservatism. You know, this is, this is a problem in the state of Texas, where we have the leadership in particular in the Texas House, the leadership in the Texas House, that says, Well, we’re going to implement all of this radical left wing extremism, and we’re going to kill conservatism, all in the name of the Republican Party. There are side effects and ramifications from this, as you might suspect, first off, our lives continue to degrade instead of standing up against the left wing extremism from the federal government. 

Our state seems to be able to go along to get along in the name of republicanism, basically signaling to our people, Hey, Democrats and Republicans all agree you should lose your rights. You should lose your freedoms, you should lose your economic prosperity, you should lose your security. They agree. So everybody agrees. That’s that’s part of the danger. The other part of the danger is the damage being done to the Republican brand. 

It used to be a Conservative Party, no more, no more as a considered that way. So those who are the architects like Karl Rove and the bushes and David feeling, and he’s pro Democrat, Republicans, the architects of the destruction of the Republican brand, it’s all going according to plan. So a bit of a short intro here, folks, because I got not one, but two individuals who are trying to take back the Republican Party, take back Texas government. 

So we can once again be that stalwart opposition to Marxism to socialism, and get rid of those individuals who call themselves Republicans, but in truth, have the sensibility and the ideology of left wing extremists. That’s all coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks, I want to welcome on to the program. former state senator Don Hofheinz. Mr. Hofheinz it’s been an awful long time, sir. Welcome back. 

Hey, good morning, Chris. It’s great to be on your show. 

Look, I there’s a couple of things I wanted to get on the record with you if we could. First off if they can do it on the on the federal level getting rid of the speaker. Why can’t we do it in Texas, sir? 

Well, you know, it’s the same problem, Chris, it really is when you have two parties in and they’re both get to vote for the speaker. You can round up votes from the opposition. And that’s well, if you recall, that’s how Strauss got elected. The Republican is speaker of the house. So 12, 15 years ago when he had 11 Republicans vote for him and all the Democrats voted for him. And he was in power for 10 years and really nothing but a Democrat run in the Texas House. It’s true, we could do it. They can change the rules. So that’s only the majority party can vote. 

Right. And they should. And by the way, that was part of the gang of 11 headed by a guy I know you know, well, Charlie Garen who was also a Marxist and a socialist, who plays for the other side. And that was part of that gang of 11 issue that allowed the Democrats to choose the Republican Speaker and the Republican majority. It’s a dirty trick. And it’s dishonest. And it needs to stop, because it’s harming Texas. what’s your what’s your take on McCarthy? 

Well, I look I like being disruptive. You know, I’m kind of one of those guys that Republicans that just wanted, we’ve got to change the system where we can, you know, really, here’s the thing in Washington is that everyone’s beholding to the speaker, they all raise money for him. It’s it’s just a bad system that we’ve got. And when we disrupt that, it really puts everybody in a state of, of analyzing it and really thinking about what is it we’re trying to accomplish? And what Republicans always end up doing is compromising, compromising, compromising, and every time we do we get more government, bigger government, the Democrats never compromise with us. The socialists don’t compromise with us true. And then nature of governments is to get bigger and bigger and bigger, and it’s going to swallow us up and put us all in in tyranny. 

It’s so true. And you know what, because the Republicans are now punishing Democrats because the Democrats voted with the conservatives. So that shows you exactly where their loyalties lie. Democrats played a win. Republicans play to please Democrats and and that that’s also going to change. Senator Don Hofheinz, our guest right now, folks, so Senator Hofheinz. I want to I want to read a headline to you and then I want to tell you what’s behind this house impeachment managers Doc’s Paxton family weeks after acquittal. The documents were released as, quote, additional evidence on Monday night, and I am hearing that an examination of the metadata of these documents shows that the rest of the pack sins, was put back into these documents after the Senate was able to review them for the trial. And then here is the new Texas law that took that took effect. Senator Huffines on September one, Texas penalty code 42.074, which states unlawful disclosure of residence address or telephone number is now illegal, punishable by up to six months in prison. Should the person or persons responsible in the Speaker’s office for releasing the Paxton’s address, should they fall to the full weight of the law under this new law? 

Well, of course they should. I mean, the whole thing was a disaster for Texas, it really was who we start weaponizing the impeachment process like the House did. We’re just going to be a third world basket case. And we can’t trust the justice system. The same thing is happening in Washington. And when if you if you don’t agree with someone, you impeach him, if that doesn’t work, you try to put them in jail, and they’re going to try to do obviously they’re trying to do that with Trump and they might end up being successful in the Think of that happening in Texas is just disgusting. And these these House members need to be held accountable. And to answer your question definitively they should be held accountable for its criminally or at least civilly or in certainly at the ballot box. Come This these primaries coming up, 

Yeah, Democrats or Republicans who serve Democrats should not be immune from the law. So Senator, what’s been on your mind? What is that? I know, you’ve got some some events coming up here in the future, and you’ve got things that have been consuming your brain, what are they? 

Well, we’ve got the Hofheinz Liberty Foundation, Chris, and, and it is a C three, and it is focused on solving the problems for Texas putting Texas first I really feel like that Washington is completely broken. And really, unfortunately, not very fixable. But Texas is fixable, and we’re sovereign, and we’ve got great solutions to the problems that affect Texas. And what we really focused on during the session was property tax, and in the border. And those are the two big issues affecting Texans. But we got a lot of great papers out there white papers, very comprehensive. And they’re not talking about the problems. They’re talking about solutions to the issues and you can go to Huffinesliberty.com and read all about it. And in the borders, never one that we’re focused on right now. We’ve got a lot of things Texas could be doing. It’s not doing. We know the federal government’s never going to secure the border. I find that laughable when people complain about Biden securing the border, they’ve got the border that the way they want it, and they’re not going to change it. And this is a premeditated attack on Texas to make sure Texas turns blue. And the Democrats take over Texas like they did California and Arizona where the last man standing, we’re not doing near enough. 

Well, you know, I think evidence of liberty County, the colony colony Ridge development there. We just got word yesterday that a sheriff in an adjacent County in San Jacinto county had requested funding from Operation Lonestar to to combat all the lawlessness the outflow that was that was seeping into his county from that open wound. And he was denied. He was denied with no explanation. And I think that we have to get, you know, on track to to decide that we are going to be anti illegal immigration in the state of Texas and array our laws and array our law enforcement and on our efforts toward that goal. Senator Huffines. Appreciate the visit, sir. Now, folks, let’s turn to somebody who’s trying to unseat one of these pro Democrat Republicans. And we’re talking about hunting. Rhinos, what would you would call Republicans in name only? I have rationalized that the word Republican doesn’t mean very much these days. Because if John Cornyn and Ted Cruz can both be Republicans that means and they are diametrically opposed policy wise, that that Republican doesn’t mean anything. So what I’ve classified these people as, as we need to get rid of pro Democrat Republicans, Republicans who do the Democrats bidding, and this primary season, folks, for those of you around the rest of the country who don’t know what has happened here, that the band aid has been ripped off the the veil has been lifted. The Democrats in a majority Republican state house the Democrats run the show, because they’re the ones who elect the speaker. His name is Dade Phelan. And Dade Phelan just turned in the most pro socialist, anti American anti freedom, anti Texan legislative session that this state has ever seen. And that’s even dating back to when Democrats actually ran things old style Democrats, the Ann Richards type Democrats Right. So that’s what’s happened here in Texas, in the name of Republicans, left wing extremism and socialism and communism has been implemented. And now, the effort is to drive these pro Democrat Republicans who are really Democrats who are really Democrats in this state, God forbid ever turns over the Democrat Party. Those people will switch parties and become Democrats because they go where the power is, they go where the money is. The effort now is to replace them to get them out so they can no longer do harm to our people. Now, one of the guys tried to do this, Lieutenant Colonel do we call her he’s retired from the United States Army describes himself as a true Texan with an unshakable dedication and a heart full of pride for our state, which, which kind of is antithetical to what’s going on with Speaker Phelan his lieutenants, his mission is crystal clear. He says preserving our Christian values serving Texas, standing in the gap to save our children from the predators or seek them harm. He’s running to replace the pro Democrat Republican in Texas, his fifth district, Mr. Collier, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you very much, Chris. Thank you. Well, what’s the big issue you want to tackle? If you can replace coal, Hefner.

Probably the largest issue is the fact that he has a tendency along with most of the Republicans in the state house of compromise. They’re called compromising our values right off the door. We need to make sure that we have our Republican values in place, and that we do not compromise and give them away. We need to stand up for our children. We need to protect our republic. And we need to do this now. 

I agree. I agree. Now, I would say that Republican values used to be conservative values. Do you think that’s the case these days? 

I think there’s different types of Republicans. Unfortunately, you have types like myself, which I’m a constitutionalist. And then you have those who are conservative pro business. And then you have those who consider themselves moderate. And like you mentioned earlier, those moderate ones are the ones we’re having problems with, because those are truly just blue dog Democrats changing their political party. 

True, true. Now, how did your opponent Cole, how did he vote in the Paxton impeachment? And would you have voted differently? If if you were presented an impeachment that was based on individuals giving testimony who are not put under oath.

Colin Hefner voted to impeach X. And and the second part of your question is that no, I would not I deal with facts. And I saw that these individuals were given hearsay testimony, and it was not truly under oath. They were not held or bound to their statement. Right. So therefore, I would have only taken that information as a exploratory type information. And I would have made the decision based on that. 

Well, let me let’s let’s unpack that. Because there are meant there are 60 Republicans, who were who didn’t go through the thought process you just went through. They said, Hey, I’m going to impeach a guy who got 4.2 million votes in the state of Texas. And I’m going to do it knowing that the witnesses were not put under oath. Let me just ask your opinion, are those people stupid? Are they do they have an agenda? What what do you think was the driving force behind somebody saying, Hey, I’m gonna vote to impeach a guy on testimony that wasn’t under oath. 

I can’t speak for each and every one of them. But I can speak for our representative, our representative as a follower. He follows Phelan, endorses Phelan, and he takes his marching orders from feeling. He does not have an original thought. Okay, so he’s an idiot. So So Cole, Cole Hefner, is he’s not a guy who’s a thinker. He doesn’t. He’s not interested in the rule of law. He’s not interested in fairness, he just would over they’d feel it tells me to do with what I’m gonna do. So he’s an idiot. 

Pretty much. 

Pretty much okay. All right. Well, that’s it. Hey, folks, it takes all kinds. There are some Republicans out there, yes. Who are idiots who follow blindly left wing extremism just because a Republican tells them, Do this, do this, do this. And then there are those who are conniving. Then there were those who are plotting and planning. And that is the so called Republican leadership in the Texas House, folks, we’re having a conversation with a tenant Colonel Dewey Collier. He’s retired from the United States Army. He wants to replace one of these, what we’ve already established he’s one of the Republicans So we’re non-thinking. His name is Cole. Have I just lost this guy’s name? A Cole Hefner. Now, where are you, Colonel on school choice. 

I’m pro school choice. I believe that we need to protect our children from indoctrination from bullying from state school employees who abused them. There was a bill SB 1557, that actually died in the education committee which this call Hefner actually sets on, which would have protected children who had been sexually abused by faculty from a school district from having to be returned to that school district and put back in the same position. It would allow them to have a voucher system to go to another school, or to attend another public school. And it was it was read, but not acted on, which is basically betraying our children. 

Now, why did Mr. Hefner say that? He would like to keep abusive teachers in a classroom with with that will those that they abused and not allow them to escape the corruption and the abuse of Gov Ed? What was his excuse to keep kids in that abusive situation? 

He hasn’t addressed that issue. Isn’t his thing was he basically just felt the act in failing to act is basically accepting the situation. 

I see. I see. So and that’s, you know, that’s the luxury a lot of our Democrat friends have from the press. They never have to explain their debauchery. They never have to explain why they’re why they’re screwing over the people. And I think that coal Hefner and his ilk inside the Texas House, they’re also benefiting from that they, they they will do harm to Texas. And they just pray that we never call them on it. And they never have to answer for this. Now, let me ask you, since you were a former member of the military, where are you on? Louis coal course bill, that was common sense that would have prevented America’s enemies, China, Iran, and Mother Russia from buying land in the state of Texas, to compromise our food supply to compromise our national security by spying on our bases, or spying on our people. Where were you on that bill? 

I stand firmly in support of banning foreign owned properties within the state of Texas. 

Now foreign owned or foreign enemies. 

I believe that anybody that like you can sit there and say, you know, England, they want to come they actually own a lot of our toll raise us, Austria does. Australia does as well. They have a lot of our tollways that they actually own. And they do it for the shell corporation within the United States. But the thing is, is that definitely any foreign adversary should be banned from purchasing any kind of plant within the United States and Texas, per se, because that’s the house that I’m focused on. And the other thing is, is that this all has to delve down into basically the 2030 UN Charter, where they’re wanting to take a lot of our resources and push people from the rural areas into the city. And we’re walking right into that mess. 

Understood, yeah, Lois Kolkhorst. Bill was very specific. It just said an enemy of the United States should not be allowed to come in and buy land, China’s an enemy, mother, Russia is an enemy. Iran is an enemy. So for me, and I know that you’re a military guy. I think we can debate whether or not allies should own land here in Texas. But certainly, unless you’re Jean Wu, who is a representative, and you don’t actually pull and unless you’re a Democrat, you don’t actually want your enemies to own land in Texas. So I got two more questions for your Colonel. This this one pertains to Speaker Dade Phelan. Now, as you know, since Charlie Garin and his gang of 11, pulled off this, this coup, and ousted a the last true Republican Speaker of the Texas House, and then did a deal with socialists and Marxists in the state of Texas. Since then, we’ve had Strauss we’ve had bong and now we have Dade Phelan. All left wingers, all committed to making sure the Democrats priorities are done and conservative priorities are killed in Texas, to the greater degree to where now it’s come to a head to where Dade Phelan did a completely Democrat legislative session. If if the Republicans do not change the rule and say only Republicans choose the majority, only the majority chooses the speaker Will you go along with the illusion and vote for Dade Phelan or whoever they’re, whoever their puppet is the Democrat puppet is, so they can maintain their illusion, because they’re going to threaten you, you know, Mr. Collier, they will say, if you don’t help us keep up this illusion and lie to the people of Texas, that it’s really and give us the majority of Republicans, then you’re not going to see any your bills get introduced, you’re not going to see any of your bills go forward. How will you proceed if you get that threat? 

Well, bottom line is I don’t take threats very lightly. And I will choose, based on my constituents input, the best speaker for us. And it needs to be someone who has character who has the discipline, the leadership ability, and has the conservative values that our constituents hold high. 

So if if you find out like Dade Phelan did like Strauss did, like bond and did, if you find out that the Republican went to the Democrats first and said, Hey, can I get all your support? And they say, Yeah, give us this give us this? Give us this? Yeah, no problem. And then He peels away 11 or 12, more, you know, weak squishy as, as we’ve already articulated, like CO Hefner, idiots, idiot Republicans. And then they come to the rest of the Republican conference like you and they say, Okay, we’ve I’m already speaker I’ve already Speaker You better give me You better give me your vote. Because I need to maintain this illusion. What will what will be your response? 

There would be absolutely not. Okay, very good. If he doesn’t represent our values, he will not receive my vote. 

There you go. Last question. You have probably heard about the talk. The talk is given to freshmen and if you if you’re successful, and unseating Cole Hefner, you will get the talk where you’ll be sat down and you will be told by the leadership inside of the Texas House that you have not joined a legislature, you’ve joined a fraternity, and you won’t be allowed anymore to go on the Chris Salcedo show and you won’t be allowed to criticize Democrats anymore. The Democrats, by the way, will be able to tar and feather you in the biased press all they want, but you will be prohibited from doing so when when you get the talk. What will you What will you tell those individuals in Texas leadership in response? 

Well, I’ve given them a little bit of thought because of different individuals that have brought that exact same topic up. And the thing is, is that you have to maintain your values, you have to maintain your moral compass. And I’m not going to compromise myself. For any type of position, power, influence from somebody above me, you do what’s right, you stand by your principles, and that God for the rest? 

Yeah, I think that there’s there’s a lot of that military training I hear coming through Lieutenant Colonel Dewey Collier, if folks want to support your campaign, where can they go? 

They can go to call your the number for texas.com. All right. And Mr. Hefner, if you want to come on this program and explain your votes. You’re, you’re more than welcome. Thank you, Mr. Collier. Great to meet you. 

Thank you very much. 

That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, my friends. If you want to keep track of all of the primary challengers trying to take out these pro Democrat Republicans who are selling out conservative selling out their own voters, make sure you go to Texas scorecard.com They’ve got a complete list of all these races, they’re going to be covering them all the way through the primary. And if you’ve got one of these pro Democrat Republicans representing you, or technically not representing you, you’re gonna want to check out who those challenges are to see if they align more with your values and sensibilities than your current shrub does. Also, check out Chris salcedo.com That’s where you find all of our social media hookups. And the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on getter and rumble and and to Newsmax two, and on Newsmax one every afternoon four o’clock to five, Eastern Monday through Friday to visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there, my friends. 

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