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Don’t think it’s a debate anymore? I think Joe Biden is a colossal screw up here. Just do. And I think that the results from his occupation of the Oval Office speak for themselves. The idea that we are experiencing massive inflation, groceries, gas, the cost of living going through the roof. Open borders a a world in chaos and meltdown and yes, staring down the barrel of world war three, I think are just a fraction really, of the testament that shows that Joe Biden is one of the biggest failures ever to occupy the Oval Office because he has an agenda, an agenda that is decidedly anti American. 

I’m not the only one observing this, where the Chris Salcedo show got its start on the blaze Radio Network. Glenn Beck commenting on this stuff as well. Listen. 

“Seeing now is such an incompetent president. He has screwed this country up so many different ways. We’re an unprepared military gas prices, we go to war, gas prices will easily be $10 a gallon. There’ll be shortages of things because he has screwed us in the end. But you look at this. We’re a nation that is unprepared for war for the first time in my lifetime. We are sitting back the way we were maybe right before World War One. That’s not a good place to be.” 

No, no, it’s not a good place to be. Glenn is absolutely correct. I want to read something to you folks. This is some this was posted on x by Sara fields. This email was sent out to all Air Force members on October 13 2023. by Frank Kendall, Secretary of the Air Force, he is a member in good standing of the Democrat Socialist Party. As someone who served in the Army. I am not new to the chair force jokes. However, at this point, the entire US military has become a joke. I’m glad I got out when I did, when, quote, stress cards began to enter the conversation and we laughed at the idea. We knew how ridiculous the idea was to introduce a card that would provide you with a break during training. We knew that bullets didn’t care how stressed you were remember, this is a Democrat folks. 

However, this ridiculous joke that myself and my brothers and sisters in arms used to laugh at has now become a reality. This soft and weak military we have created will not save us seasoned veterans and strong men might be our only hope for defending this land. So this is a Democrat, pointing to the fact that Joe Biden and socialists have turned our military into the social experiment petri dish that we’ve been outlining and conservative media for quite some time. And I ran this memo by some individuals that I know who are high ranking former military, a general and a colonel. And I said: seems to me that Joe Biden with all his foreign policy stupidity is sending us right into the jaws of world war three. And the Democrat Party is making sure that the United States loses that war. 

And they did not disagree with me. The most recent attack on Israel, proof positive of the failure of Joe Biden and his enemy first proclivities, this this regime and Washington DC has been bending over backwards to make sure American resources go to China American resources, aid, Mother Russia, that’s right, Russia is able to charge a premium for their oil, because Joe Biden is taking all of our oil offline, by the way, have you seen they’re forecasting now $200 A barrel after the Middle East, chaos broke out after Hamas attacked Israel and Israel retaliated and is continuing to retaliate. 

And that’s, of course, going to do what it’s going to send our inflation even higher than it was it’s going to harm Americans. But folks, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now, you’ve got the People’s Republic of Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism, saying, Well, you know, what, if Israel continues its offensive in Gaza, to retaliate against Hamas as attack, then we’re going to have to step in, because Iran isn’t afraid of the United States. You know why Iran isn’t afraid of the United States, because they’re being backstopped by Communist China, where all of our money is going to Communist China. 

They’re being backstopped by Mother Russia. And those countries have teamed up together. And everybody seems to be defecting away from the United States, because now they are keenly aware that we’re being run by a doofus and his doofus party. And they know that the United States is teetering on the brink of irrelevancy. And it’s courtesy of the Democrat Socialist Party. And it’s courtesy of the leader, so called leader that they have burdened us with, here’s Joe Biden breaking out into shouting at a Jewish event. He was at this Jewish event, because he had been so criticized for his his lackluster response on the opening days of the Hamas attack, he had to go and talk to Democrat Jews to assure them, oh, no, I’m still on your side. 

“That’s why I took my kids. Everyone when they turned 14 years old, one at a time put them on a plane and took them to Dachau. I wanted them to see that you could not not know what was going on. Walking through those gates, you could not fail understand, as a country what was going on?” 

You know, that people with his alleged affliction tend to break out and just just random acts of of anger. Biden then tried to restrain Israel’s response, and the same breath tried trying to assure the Jews that No, no, no, I am with the Israelis and their righteous anger and their righteous ability to go out and avenge the 1000s of their people that are dead or captured or worse, by Hamas. Then he tried to hold back, Israel, listen to this.

“It is really important. Israel, all the anger, frustration and just explain it, that exist, is that they operate by the rules of war. The rules of war, and there are rules of war. And and I believe Israel is doing everything is power to to pull the country together, stay on the same page. And we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure here’s a succeed in God willing to bring home those Americans who are in harm’s way.” 

37 Americans so far dead. And what has team Biden done in response? Nothing. John Kirby from the podium last week, say, Oh, we have enough information. So the United States isn’t isn’t going to act right now. But we don’t believe they will react ever. I want you guys to listen to an exchange between James Rosen and Admiral Kirby, because James Rosen put this in historical perspective. And this shows you the level of weakness and anti Americanism that this administration this regime has listen. 

“27 Americans killed is a very large number that is larger than the number of Americans were killed by terrorists during our war. drawl from Afghanistan, larger than the number of Americans killed at the USS Cole, larger than the number of Americans killed at Benghazi, or beheaded by ISIS. And I believe it’s accurate to say that after all of those events, direct US military action was ordered by the Commander in Chief 27 Americans killed. Why is it the posture of the Biden administration to just let Israel handled his job in essence, instead of US forces going in and getting the guys that killed our people? James, we will do as Jake said, everything we can to get those American hostages home with their families. We recognize that they are not the only people being held hostage, other nationalities are included in that group. We don’t have enough information right now to make a policy decision about how to do it. So I can appreciate the sense of urgency in your question. Believe me, we share it.” 

Yeah, it doesn’t really seem that way, does it folks, it doesn’t really seem like they share any urgency. what soever? Do they? Because they’re incompetent, because they have no willingness. They have no will to actually act in the advancement of what is in the best interest of the American people. They’re always worried about China’s best interest and Iran’s best interests and Mother Russia’s best interest and Ukraine’s best interest, but always put Americans last and they are paralyzed. This has meant this regime is paralyzed, operating in our best interests because they don’t believe in our best interests. That is the curse that we are burdened with, with a Democrat Socialist Party. The show behind the show, this is how we start the week off on the Salcedo storm podcast. It roars your way next. 

Folks now for the show behind the show our buddy Sean Chastain joining for another week to kick us off with some fun and frivolity and maybe some observations of what’s happening in the world around us. Hey, man. 

Hey, how are you? 

I’m okay, I’m all right. You know, World War Three and all that kind of stuff are all bad, you know, not the standing. Okay, great.

Yeah, but at least we got some cool weather to enjoy the end of the world. So that’s been nice. 

It has been gorgeous. In Texas and extremely frustrated though. Last week. I bought a battery for my Harley. Because I hadn’t written it in a year and put the battery in started right up. Everything’s good. kind of ran out of time to get it out and cleaned up and everything. So this yesterday, early morning, I got up and fired up and I think my fuel pump went out so well. nab it.

will do you know what if you let something sit long enough what. 

Yeah, and I think what’s happened is just the fuel gut turn rancid and probably gummed everything up in there and yep. So now I got to put a new fuel pump in my back Like, mad about the new fuel pump and you got to flush it out, right? You just got to there’s a whole process there to get it out of there. 

Yeah. I mean, you know, on a motorcycle, it’s not that big a deal. But the installing the new fuel pump is is going to be something I’ve never done before. 

So, you know, interesting. My a 16 year old just got a car and got her license. And she’s, I’m driving the car to 2017. And I’m driving it. And I drove it for the first time at night because she needed me to drive it home for some reason. And I’m looking at the headlights and they’re brown. They look brown to me, and I’m thinking to myself, is it? Is it because I’ve just gotten accustomed to these daylight halogens that are part of every car now. Or have they always? Or is it just these these car lights are dim and subpar? You don’t I mean? 

Yeah, so did you are the plastic covers? Are they all fogged? Well, I don’t know. See, I did they’re not fogged up at all. I mean, I looked at the lights themselves. Turn them on, they just, they just look dim. They don’t look bright. Like but I mean, has it was it always like that? And we just grew accustomed to it then now. 

Oh, yeah, I mean with those incandescent bulbs. Yeah. The halogen has changed everything. I mean, before that it was the xenon gas filled lamps that, you know, they have the they look blue when they come at you. Right. And but yeah, you can retrofit those things. Just go on your favorite jungle website and type in the make and model of the car and it’ll bring up the headlines you want and you can change them out for the for the halogen ones. 

Yeah, you know what, they’ve got a service, they got a service in town where I am. And I guess it’s popular because everybody seems to like the new lights. So somebody has been able to create a business out of it to where you basically will do it for you. We’ll swap them out and you know, make a quick buck and, and out the door you go and they can do it like, you know, 20-30 minutes. 

I put them in my truck because well now that once the time change happens, I won’t see the sun at all, except from inside the building. So yeah, so I have to swap them out of my truck for. 

That blows. That blows. I can’t. I mean, if I had to stay inside, all during the daylight hours, I would just that would just drive me nuts. By the way, it really does give you that seasonal depression. Yeah, sure. But I hear this is the last time we’re going to have to do it. The switch the switch? I mean, my understanding is that this year will be the last time we fall back and then we’re staying on standard time. 

I hope so because I like it right now. Well, that’s we’re in daylight, we’re in daylight saving time right now. So it’ll be standard time, so it’ll be dark. 

So yeah, this time of the year, you’ll be it’ll be getting dark longer than less. That’s my understanding that that’s how we’re gonna. I mean, now that I say that now you got me thinking about it. Maybe we’re gonna stay with daylight saving time. I have no idea. But I do know that there was a law that passed that said, we’re going with one time and we’re sticking with it. No more of this, you know, fall back spring forward stuff in Texas. 

Doesn’t like Indiana or something like that. It has like a half an hour. 

Oh, hell, I don’t know. I know. Arizona doesn’t change. There are parts of Arizona that don’t. 


Anyway, yeah, it’s frustrating. And so yeah, I’m getting kind of mentally geared up for that. And I just hate it. Really, you know, not that I’m an outdoorsy type. But it is nice to see the sun 

When you can be sure is and you know, it’s always when you can’t get it is when you miss it the most you know, I I’m going to I’m praying to God, I don’t don’t catch it. But my my household has about with the China virus and strep throat all going on. Right now. It’s like dude, really? So I’m thinking to myself, it’s going to be a miracle if I don’t get sick. absolute miracle. 

Yeah. Well, yeah, lots of sun and vitamin D. And if you need to go to the pet supply store and get ivermectin, you know, okay, wait a minute. You don’t go to the pet supply store and get the the horse dosage you will know it’s the same thing. Just don’t take the horse dosage. Yeah, it was you know, if it’s, if it’s a teaspoon for the horse, it’s probably a drop for you. You know, just And there’s all kinds of instructions on how to do that. And it’s all based on weight. So you want something funny that the Mayo Clinic, the Mayo Clinic came out on its website and said that ivermectin is used in the treatment of the China virus. And so we highlighted the Newsmax show, the day after the dang site was taken down, they tried to sneak it back in because it was so he was scientifically, you know, sound what they were talking about. And then somebody in Big Pharma said, Hey, take that down. That’s gonna mess with our emergency authorization for the China virus vaccine. So get it down, and they did they took it down. 

Yeah, of course, man. It’s really frustrating. And some callers on the talk show this week, we’re talking about apparently, there was a poll put out that said, you know, people skip their medical appointments and, and just don’t have a trust in them in the medical system anymore, you know, and a lot of people called up and said, Yeah, my doctor requires masks, and I refuse to do it. And so, I’ve missed appointments and, you know, trying to find another doctor. 

So you got Rand Paul out there saying that his Eminence Dr. Fauci is a traitor, and that he he betrayed his country. I’m thinking to myself, whoa, this is getting serious. 

Yeah, Dr. Fauci just, man. I don’t, I don’t see how he can claim science and anything. He says so.

Well, he’s been on every side. 

Oh, that’s what I’m saying is, you know, how can anybody trust that guy? 

No kidding. And he’s he would, they’ve got him in. This is the greatest soundbite. It’s all over social media to where he’s saying, I never once suggested that we locked down. And then the next soundbite is I advised President Trump to lock down it’s like, gosh, this do you do? You’re a liar. And he’s, he’s lying to save his own. But, you know. 

Who is it puts up those super cuts of politicians and stuff like that saying, you know, all of their hypocrisy throughout their careers, everybody, everybody does that. I mean, yeah, it’s, it’s great. Yeah, it’s really fantastic when I hear those looking forward to the Ranger game tonight Rangers in the ALCS against cheating Houston Astros so getting ready for that. Now What game is this? Because remember, I don’t follow a lot of the the the left wing one of the American League Championship Series. Yeah. Pretty stoked about that. It’s kind of fun to have a winning team that it seems like are really good guys. And, and not a lot of wokeness going on. 

And was it the Rangers though? Was it the Rangers the only baseball team? What was it that they were the owner? Yeah, it was the rangers who didn’t have a pride night? That’s right. That’s right. They didn’t want to get involved in people’s sex lives. They didn’t they didn’t want to they didn’t want to make anybody mad. So they said we’re just going to play baseball Thanks. We’re not going to do this just said hey, you know we love everybody come out to the ballpark. Yeah, don’t care. Don’t care. Don’t care. Don’t care who you’re sleeping with. Come out and buy our really expensive beer or really expensive peanuts and get a broomstick There you go. There you go. So well. 

Have you been to the fair yet? 

No. I heard there was a bit of an incident at the fair Yeah, I read that too. I didn’t just saw some footage on Daily Mail about it you know people filming from the from the Texas Star the giant Ferris wheel and people scattering like cockroaches you know because there was some gunfire I guess yeah gun free zone or in a restaurant it was a gun free zone there at the Texas fair folks and and some some crazy person took took a gun into a gun free zone hmm And of course the Democrats would say that that if all guns were outlawed, then nobody would be doing that. No, of course only the criminals would be doing that. And that’s why you can’t get into these gun bans. I mean, they’re all They’re all jumping on the bandwagon thankfully, nobody nobody was killed in this but when you get somebody that that goes nuts with a firearm it’s probably better to have the population arm to be able to respond to the aforementioned nut. 

Little risky doing that in Texas. I don’t care how many gun free zones you have. Generally speaking, there’s going to be a gun close by a well meaning citizen you know, so for all you criminals out there, yeah. 

And isn’t it funny that a little riskier in Texas that the press is touting all these left wing Democrats say see, we got to get rid of guns. Uh huh. What were those circumstances behind this Oh, we don’t know. You know, it’s probably going to end up being some dedicated left winger who, you know, somebody looked at in three sideways. One of these, one of these criminals, the Democrats are always out there supporting. Speaking of criminality, the Democrats are supporting. What is your take on and even Jake Tapper at CNN said he had a Democrat on the set he’s going man, I think everybody has been shocked at the level of anti semitism that is just in your face on the Democrats in. 

This has been pissing me off so much this week. I want every single college kid out there protesting I want him to be doxxed. I want their names out there. And if they’re applying for jobs, people hiring, if you disagree with their stance, you better look at their social media accounts. And if they come in for an interview, ask them where they stand, because anybody who supports beheading babies, and killing grandmothers and whole families and just gunning down whole farms, you know, if those people don’t need to be hired. 

Well, you know, what can I tell you? I went searching for some pictures for the media that we do hear about the atrocities against the Israelis. Yeah. And the ships had masks on. Well, not only that, but that put the scrubbing of social media sites, the scrubbing of, of search engines, even Duck Duck go. Every time you boot your pulled up violence in Israel, all you got was blown up buildings in the Gaza Strip, you know, so they’re playing us. And so every single time I find a picture that shows the horror, that the savagery, the brutality, the inhumanity of Hamas, I’m sharing it, because there’s a concerted effort out there among the worldwide left to control some of these search engines in the aforementioned social media sites to suppress all the atrocities done to the Jews. And and basically, so no, no look at look at what the Israelis are doing to the people in the Palestinian territory. And that’s, that’s just not that’s just no bueno man. 

And, you know, we’ll have some graduates coming up here in December who are going to be looking for work. And if you’re hiring man, I could not, I could not sleep at night if I hired somebody that supported that. And that is not the kind of people I would want around. Well, you know what, I’m sure there are plenty of businesses that agree totally with their stance, so let them hire those kids. Well, yeah, I want to see names I want. I just, you know, everybody lives their life on social media nowadays. Well, I hope it comes back to haunt them if they’re thinking like that. 

Well, let’s see. And what about the elected politicians? I mean, it’s one thing to have a snot nosed kid who doesn’t know their rear end from a hole in the ground right to be out there. Yeah. They hate the Jews. Yay, Hamas. It’s quite another thing to have politicians who should know better doing that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, seriously, what what? And no Democrat has been called out by name. And we I can name them Rashida to leave Ayana Presley, Cory Bush, Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, Jamaal Bowman, I can name them. So a, why don’t you address the Democrats that won’t call out because, oh, they’re Democrats, and we don’t do that in the open. We won’t call them out by name, and then maybe get dress Republicans like speaker Dade Phelan? Who puts those party those members of that party in positions of power in Texas? 

Yeah, it’s just disgusting, man. And I don’t know. And we’ve talked about this before you get to give a government you deserve. And apparently, the people of Minnesota and other places like that kind of thought, like beheading babies, like killing grandmothers. So I guess they got the people they want, and it’s just disgusting to me. 

You won’t see this to me, because we all know the history of the Holocaust. And it was Eisenhower, right that ordered that as Americans went in and left liberated some of these Nazi camps. He ordered. Photographs be taken for the record, to make sure that history never forgot the Holocaust because he intuitively knew there are a bunch of Jew haters out here in this world who would make sure that in the interest of their their political agenda, that they would say, oh, it never happened and hell they’re still despite the video grab Think evidence today there are people out there saying, Oh, it never happened. Right. So that’s what I think is going on with this suppression of what Hamas did to Israel today. There is a modern day effort to basically say, erase all record that these atrocities occurred. And I I’m on board, man, I’m not on board at all. 

Nope. There’s still some good journalism in the world, you know, and you can find it. Daily Mail has been, I don’t know how they get the photographs they get. But it’s really incredible. But yeah, you can find it. And I encourage everybody to seek it out. Because the white Washington we’re getting, and another thing, I’ve never understood this about Israel, and then, quote, unquote, Palestine. I mean, there is no Palestine except in the Olympics. And I would just love to hear Bibi Netanyahu say, you know, what, this is, is real. And from now on, you’re going to live under Israeli law and suffer the consequences under Israeli law. If you violate that. No more Gaza Strip, no more Westbank. It’s all Israel. That’s what I’d like to see. 

It may end up being just that. And well, you can understand why those who hate the Jews don’t want that happening. And there’s a report out there that says that Iran says that they’re going to get they’re going to commit resources. If Israel doesn’t pull back from their efforts to basically do what you’re suggesting, which is eliminate Hamas take over their territory and say that this is Israel, sorry, no more dividing line. This is all going to be Israel. And that’s it. 

Okay. And, you know, there’s plenty of Arabs in Israel. So apparently, they learned how to live peacefully, you know, on that side of the wall, and now they can learn to live peacefully on the other side. 

And all that aside, let’s, let’s go where this naturally devolves because you and I started our conversation talking about, you know, World War Three, you’ve got the second US carrier group that’s been sent over to the region. You’ve got Hezbollah in the north, threatening attacks there. And that’s, that’s going to be the main point of egress, according to the foreign minister of Iran. They’re saying either you stop your efforts to get rid of Hamas in Gaza, or this is going to escalate across the region says Iran. And it’s like, it doesn’t take much imagination man to figure out where this is going. 

Well, we better watch our so called friends, Egypt, and our so called from Saudi Arabia. Because I, I don’t know, man, I don’t know where they stand. And because I’m hearing that Saudi Arabia is kind of faltering now on their deal with Israel and thinking more about Egypt. And so I don’t know, I don’t know where the whole thing goes. I’m not an expert on that, obviously. And all I’m all I know, is what I read and kind of what I’ve been hearing for the last 50 years of my life. 

Well, China just facilitated the first phone call between the Saudi prince and Iran’s upper echelon, I think it was the Ayatollah. So that was the first ever conversation between those two. And Communist China is the one that implemented that. So if China and not the United States of America is calling is calling the shots now. Like, again, we’ll go back to World War Three, my friends, because we have a complete idiot sitting in the White House. Perfect opportunity to go snatch a little Taiwan, if you’re China. 

Oh, yeah. And that’s, that’s going to be the next domino to fall. If I, if I were in Taiwan, I wouldn’t be getting I would hate having a lot of sleepless nights, that’s for sure. And that leads us back to our own border. As you know, latest latest attack to Venezuelans attacked a Texas National Guardsmen, a thrown into a whole bunch of razor wire. And the woman in the two Venezuelans. So it was a man and a woman. She was allowed to go free because she had some kids whether So, yeah, but you still got a court date coming up? Yeah, you know, 10 years from now. Don’t forget, don’t yeah, don’t don’t forget. 

Yeah. Did you see you later seen about 10 years? You know, and by the way, we’re not going to track you. We have no way of knowing. So you’re absolutely right. This is and then of course, let’s just look at the broader aspect of all of this. We’ve got 8 million illegal aliens welcomed in by the Democrats and funded by John Cornyn let into the United States. million tons of them are known God aways we have no idea how many of them are radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, foreign military, what have you. And is it too much out of the realm of possibility that we wake up one day, and we find multiple American cities under attack the same way Israel was? 

I think it’s bound to happen sooner than later. And yeah, having to drive into downtown Dallas every day. It makes me very nervous and glad I live in a small town. Not that it couldn’t happen here. But chances are a little less likely, I’m guessing. And, yeah, I mean, I just I fully expected that anytime. Right? Well, wouldn’t it be? 

Wouldn’t it be a marvelous distraction for America’s enemies like Communist China to trigger whatever they because you’d be stupid, you would have to be a Democrat. redundant. I know, you’d have to be a Democrat to think that our enemies didn’t exploit the wide open southern border and put in an agent put in agents among the 8 million illegal aliens that streamed into the United States. So what a marvelous distraction as terror comes to America soil just coincidentally when China attacks Taiwan Yep. And yeah, Joe Biden trip and Joe their trip again. Coming up, down up three stairs, he tripped on two of them. 

Yep. And good lord man, giving Iran $70 million in oil money and or 30 billion rather and allowing them to sell oil and I don’t know, it’s just Trump Had going on in the Middle East and at the southern border and not so much anymore so much anymore. 

And you know, that’s that’s the thing. You look at Joe Biden, bumbling fumbling, stumbling, and it seems the Republicans say, man, look at how colossally Joe Biden is screwing the country and screwing up. Let’s play down to his level. Let’s not elevate they can’t even choose a speaker. So it seems to me that as as these as the Democrats falter, the Republicans say, wait a minute, we we have to show that we’re stupid too. And it’s so so nobody would nobody gets a clear edge. That’s why I think we’re being played as as a people. One party wanting to make some money for themselves. There you go. The unit party as they say, Sean Chasteen, my friend, always appreciate the visit. Have a great week. 

All right, peace. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Visit two websites folks, Texas scorecard.com and Chris salcedo.com to catch the latest on Texas and how to find me your liberty loving Latino and various outlets out there television and radio, podcasting, we do it all until we visit again my friends remember this and society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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