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S6, Ep. 27: Dictator Dade Moves To Silence His Opponents

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Representative Tony Tinderholt is the conservative who represents District 94 in the Texas State House. He has announced a run for Speaker of the Texas House.

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How many of you sick and damn tired of left-wingers and ignorant people calling? Would we have here in the United States of America a democracy? We’ve got to save democracy? Well, you don’t frankly, folks, we don’t have a democracy. In the United States. We have a representative Republic, our system is a constitutional representative Republic, I found this blast from the past. 

This was a it’s from the 1950s. It’s before color television. And this gentleman was explaining it’s a primer, if you will, describing the basic reality of what we are in the United States. And frankly, folks, a lot of our people, courtesy of Gov Ed, have forgotten this elementary fact about what the United States of America is. 

“Democracy is a form of government based upon the principle of majority rule, period and a discussion. Now, that’s not very complicated. majority rule. It’s easy to understand, easy to sell to the masses, and I might add, deadly. For example, what would you call a lynch mob? That’s majority rule. There’s only one dissenting vote, and he’s at the end of the rope. That’s pure democracy in action. Of the wait a minute, you say the majority should rule Yes, but not to the extent of destroying the rights of the minority. And now ladies and gentlemen, we are no longer describing a democracy, we are speaking of the Republic, a republic is a limited democracy. It’s a form of government, based upon the principle of limited majority rule, limited so that the minority, even a minority of one can be protected against the whims and passions of the majority. And how do you protect the minority from the majority? You write down a set of rules on a piece of paper, you say this, we can do that we cannot. At the top of the paper, you write the word constitution. And then everyone agrees to follow the rules, no matter what the temptation, and when you’re finished, you created a constitutional republic.” 

There you go. That’s what we are now, the rules. What happens when you get someone who doesn’t have the moral fiber, or the moral integrity to follow the rules? Who says no, my political aspirations? My political power, is what’s most important, and I will violate the rules, I will trounce on the rights of the minority. Well, that is what has happened in the Texas House, as leftists, and Obama parliamentarian who advises Dade Phelan has taken away the voice of a minority, an actual conservative Republican who serves in the Texas House. His name is representative Tinderholt and we played this for you last week. 

But I want to give you a revisit on this just so you’re prepared for the conversation we’re about to have Dade Phelan said to not only representative Tinderholt that your your free speech is now gone. You can’t do your job you can’t represent your constituents. He also told his constituents, roughly 200,000 Texans, that their voice no longer matters. It’s a it’s a tyranny of one. Well, actually two speaker Dade Phelan and his Obama parliamentarian, and this is the way it all went down. 

“Mr. Tenderholt for one purpose, who speaker parliamentary inquiry. Mr. Tinderholt, before our team, entertain your palm tree inquiry.” 

Let me stop there. I actually had a conversation with a member of the House who shall go nameless, who told me it is now people are openly wondering whether or not Dade Phelan is in a perpetual state of impairment, as you can hear, and as you would be able to see if you’re watching the video of this, he is bumbling and stumbling and tripping all over himself just to get these prepared remarks written by Nancy Pelosi out. 

“I would like to read into the record for inclusion in the journal a statement to remind the body of the house rules governing parliamentary inquiries. I find the congressional precedent cited in on page 12 of the house rules manual for the 88th legislature to be the most helpful in providing guidance on this topic. The precedent from the Congressional Record from March 21 of 2010 reads as follows.” 

So that’s key first off, I want to stop there because a bunch of left-wing nut jobs are saying that he was citing some precedent inside the Texas legislature when No, he’s actually reading verbatim, something that Nancy Pelosi put out. And you heard him say from the Congressional Record, they’d feel and admits that what he’s about ready to read is something that was prepared for are prepared by Nancy Pelosi for the express purpose of silencing Republicans, which is exactly what Dade Phelan is going to do. 

“Quote, recognition for parliamentary inquiries that matter committed to the discretion of the chair and exercising discretion. The chair endeavours to apply ordinary jurors, jurors Prudential principles. A parliamentary inquiry should relate in some practical sense to the pending proceedings.”

So you understand why there is concern that Dade Phelan walks around the Capitol. A man who was born with a silver spoon up his butt, why he walks around the Capitol in a perpetual state of impairment. That’s where the concern comes in. So let’s skip ahead to the PE standards and stalls and here is Dade Phelan bringing the hammer down and it was it was a setup all the way. Now there’s something I’ve got to tell you. What representative Tinder hold is about ready to do. Democrats have done over and over and over again inside the Texas House. And Dade Phelan has not stopped them once. They have the Democrats have continually violated the rules over and over and over again. But you see, Dade Phelan doesn’t enforce the rules on Democrats. He only enforces the rules on the minority, the conservatives who believe in serving their constituents rather than serving Democrats. 

Mr. Tinderholt if you have a parliamentary inquiry that complies with this precedent, I will entertain your inquiry at this time. Mr. Speaker does basically what you’re saying is that historical precedent doesn’t matter at this point. Because his I’ve been here 10 years and we could do parliamentary inquiries on potentially pending things that we would like to do. Mr. No, that is not a proper parliamentary inquiry, Mr. Speaker from you ever repeatedly advised that you or your parliamentary inquiries are not proper. And you have repeatedly advised of the requirements under the rules and precedents, and lot of your long history of refusing to comply with those requirements. The chair has no choice to interpret your persistent violation of the rules as both at both willful and dilatory. Accordingly, before entertaining any further parliamentary inquiries from you this session, you will have to come down front and visit with the chair. Oh, or the parliamentarians to ensure that your proposed inquiries do not violate the rules adopted about his house. And the rules are respected. At this time the chair declines to entertain any further inquiries from you, Mr. Tinderholt.”

Any further inquiries, it’s actually further again, we’re back to the perpetual state of impairment that seems to be crippling our government. It certainly cripples the Speaker of the Texas House. The only thing that’s more clear Pulling then his apparent state of impairment is his devotion to a socialist Marxist Democrat party that is ruinous to the state of Texas. So as you as you could hear, folks, here is representative Tony Tinderholt, who is having his voice taken from him disenfranchising 200,000 of his of his constituents 200,000 Texans having their voices silenced by Speaker Dade Phelan in an imperial dictatorial manner. So our system of government in the United States our system of government in Texas, is not a democracy. Nor is it a dictatorship. Tony Tinderholt as a matter of record challenged speaker Dade Phelan for the speakership. And now he’s being clearly retaliated against by the unequal application of so-called rules in the Texas House for the expressed purpose of silencing an opponent and Speaker Dade Phelan doesn’t want to be challenged anymore. Like a typical dictator, will hear from representative Tinderholt coming up next on the Salcedo Storm podcast. 

I want you to put yourself in a position where you’ve just learned that through a dictatorial process. Somebody in government has stolen your voice in government. Somebody has said that you’re the representative you elected to carry your will up to any legislative body, whatever state you happen to be in, that that person can no longer represent you. That person will no longer be able to carry that message that you sent them there to carry. What would your response be? Well, it has happened here in the state of Texas Dictator Dade Phelan he is the God help us all Democrat, supported and elected Speaker of the Texas House, even though the Republicans are in the majority Deda Phelan has and we played this for you last week in its entirety. has silenced a member a conservative member of his caucus for doing what Democrats do with great regularity but Democrats are never silenced because dictator Dade is a Democrat. He just wouldn’t have power if he actually declared his chosen ideology. So he pretends to be a Republican. And he is now acting like Democrats curtailing free speech, taking speech away. Let me bring on the victim of dictator Dade representative Tony Tinderholt. He’s a conservative who represents District 94 in the state of Texas. In the house. He has been taken down as far as his speech is concerned officially on the floor but he’s not down in Out. Representative Tinderholt Welcome back to the Salcedo store podcast. Good morning. 

I appreciate you having me on today. 

So Phelan silences you. And we played it in its entirety last week, saying that now if you’re going to be questioning his dictatorial IIDX, that you must come up and run it by his Obama lawyer who is the parliamentarian who he hired. And you must run it by him before you’re allowed to speak in and make parliamentary inquiries. Do I have it about right? 

You do. The one part a lot of people are missing is that in neglected to use precedent that the Texas House has created over a few decades, specifically him he for two sessions. He’s allowed some really interesting parliamentary inquiries, we’re getting ready to put a montage together of all the parliamentary inquiries that he has allowed. But here’s the worst part, aside from the fact that he’s made it so that I can’t go to the back mic and ask questions. I can still vote. I can still do amendments. I can still talk from the front and back mike and ask questions. I just can’t ask him questions because he doesn’t like someone that opposes him. So here’s the precedent they use instead of Texas House precedent on page 12 in the rulebook is a US House precedent that none other than Nancy Pelosi, US House created to stop Republican from asking her stuff that she didn’t like about that for a minute. Yep, think about that. 

We actually uh, some left-wing outlets have tried to claim even though we we cited it chapter and verse Date field and actually stumbled, mumbled and sputtered his way through reading it. He took it directly from Nancy Pelosi and, and the and the Congressional Record. That’s the US congressional record. And let me just say Dade Phelan runs around this state and runs around this country saying that the reason why he must appoint Democrats to positions of power that they didn’t earn the ballot boxes because he doesn’t want to make the Texas legislature the same as the as the US House. And here he is, citing chapter and verse, a Democrat leftist, proclamation designed to curtail conservative and Republican speech. Is it fair for me to call dictator Dade a hypocrite? 

Hey, absolutely. You know, I think it’s interesting to watch them parade around the different bills that we’ve done and say how conservative we are. The problem is they leave 80% of the conservative agenda on the table, and we don’t pass the Republican priorities. And then the bills we do pass, they’re a piece or a part of what they what we really wanted to pass. So they tell you how great different pieces of legislation are, but there’s always stuff missing. But why is it missing? Because they have to cater to the Democrats and make sure that it’s not so bad if they replaced it with Democrats. 

Yeah. Well see, and that’s the that’s the problem. That’s what happens when the Democrats choose your speaker for you Republicans, and I would hope that you Republicans would would come together and unite against this Cabal, but we all know the game and how it’s played. Tony, gender hold is our guest right now, folks, District 94 and the Texas State House, he just had his voice stolen by dictator Dade. We looked this up. I think the sourcing was correct. How many voters do you have in your district? What 200,000? Is that roughly how much? 

Yeah, the average state rep has, you know, 185 to 205,000 people. But let’s be clear, I am not silenced. I will still ask questions from the back mic of authors of bills. I will still speak from the front like for and against bills, I will still vote. I just can’t ask the speaker questions. I can’t ask him for parliamentary inquiries, which is fine, because I can draft them. I can write them. I can give them to him and post them online. And then we can let Texas ask him those questions. Well, he made this more difficult than it to be. 

Well have you heard from your constituents? Who took it really personally, the Dade Phelan just stole their voice inside of the Texas State House by not allowing you the same courtesy that he allows Marxist socialist Democrats? 

Yeah, they’re pretty frustrated and contrary to what what they think what the people in the Texas House. My constituents aren’t mad at me. They’re mad that he is acting like a dictator. He is trying to take my speech away the same speech that he allows Liberal Democrats and many Republicans to go to the back. Question. That might not be the exact definition in the rulebook that precedent outweighs what’s written in the rulebook. The precedent has been created of what can and cannot be done at the back mike. 

Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. I know he right. And don’t forget, you challenged him for speakers. So he’s not he’s using his power to take you out who challenged him. And so he’s silencing you and only you and I want to talk about that because you’ve been accused of violating, quote-unquote, the rules. But Democrats socialists inside that house, do so with impunity all the time, do they not? 

They do. And let’s, let’s, let’s go through a real quick timeline. I run for speaker. I speak out against the sham impeachment, the Paxton impeachment, I speak against it. I do a a resolution thing to get the house to apologize to pass. And then I do a parliamentary inquiry the day prior, asking when the line-by-line cost is going to be provided to tech. Oh, and then the next day I come up with a parliamentary inquiry. And he doesn’t like any of the things that I’ve done. So he decides to silence me. Well, I’ll tell you, the people in my district, they want the answers to the questions I’m asked. 

Right. Well, wait a minute. Don’t Don’t let that go either. Representative representative Tinderholt folks is asking for how much did the fake impeachment launched by Dade Phelan against Ken Paxton, how much did the fake impeachment cost Texas taxpayers and they want that dollar figure and dictator Dade doesn’t want to release that figure does he? 

No and and I’d like people to encourage people to watch the video. There are Republicans in North Texas. They’re all over the state that are clapping when Dade does this. Your Republican elected officials clap when they feel and does what he did the other day. Think about that for a minute. We have over 80 Republicans that are allowing this behavior to happen that vote for and support that thesis. Right. 

Yeah. And aligned with Democrats and so doing allowed Democrats we know of Jared Peterson who did the who did that who clapped at at the suppression of free speech, the suppression of being able to ask the sitting speaker of the Texas House a parliamentary inquiry question, because he no longer wants to be questioned as Imperial and dictator like as he is? Representative Tony, kind of hope I’ll be honest, I kind of hope Derek Patterson is listening because you know, he’s the most immature member in the Texas House. He acts like a 12-year-old. I’m kind of embarrassed for Mandic people. So yeah, I’m embarrassed. I’m a representative. You’re breaking up a little bit on your cell phone, but I’m embarrassed for his constituents. Jared Patterson, if he’s there clapping for a dictatorial move at silencing free speech, this man that you can call him that is really a child and I feel badly for anybody who was conned to vote for this man. Look, I’ve only got a couple of more minutes and I want to get to special session. You got the border you got parental school choice and education, freedom and medical mandates. Let’s go with the border first. The Texas house as we know doesn’t have the work ethic because of Dade Phelan they’re lazy. Unlike the Senate which got right to work and passed all the bills and breakneck speed we know that the Texas House is because of the Democrat work ethic that is implemented by Speaker Dade Phelan sits on their butts It doesn’t do any work. What is coming out on on addressing Beijing Biden’s open borders. 

You know, I’d like to tell you that great things are gonna happen and I hope that I come back and tell you I’m wrong in a month. But David feeling and his Democrat, parliamentarians. Together they killed House Bill 20, which pretty much was promised to two pretty good conservative Matt Schaefer who retiring House Bill 20 was killed. On the craziest points of order you would ever ever hear that we’re it was just an unethical way to kill these bills to cater to the Democrats. I don’t really have a whole lot of hope about passing true border security legislation during a special session. But I’m crossing my fingers I’m gonna go down there and I’m gonna fight like heck and do amendments until the sudden back mic and try to do everything I can to close the border. 

Parental school choice and education freedom. I am hearing that a lot of these, these pro-Paxton and fake impeachment votes are really causing a lot of these Republicans tried to get back in the good graces of the majority of their voters that support parental school choice and to get rid of the monopoly of Gov ed in the state of Texas. What are you hearing? 

You know, I just don’t know what to think of the house for frequently because, you know, they really what happens is the care, they’ll make horrible mistakes and then they’ll try to cater to a couple of voters in the district. Here’s what I think. I think no matter what passes, that won’t be what the individual person will. Right now it looks that out of What three, three and a half million students, we’re gonna have 60, some 1000 kids that will be covered. That’s a fraction of a percent of what we actually have in a public school. There are so many people speaking out against the school choice thing. Again, I don’t have a whole lot of hope that we’re going to be able to pass it. And I think we’ll end up having to go back for a second special session. 

Right. And the Senate Bill is is rock solid. So we’ll see what happens if if they go to conference, and then the medical mandates, does that have a prayer of being addressed? 

Well, if I have anything to do with it, absolutely. I am on public health. Hopefully, that bill goes through public health, and that Jeff Leach has to stand in front of the committee and do a really good quality bill that’s going to get pushed out to the house for you know, I have more hope for that bill than any of the three, when I say hope I want all of them to pass. But I have more hope that the House floor will do something with that bill. 

Well, Jeff Leach is on Twitter accusing representative Brian Harrison, of being a show horse and not a workhorse. So let’s hope that Mr. Leach gets to work and delivers on that particular bill, because it is wrong for the government to mandate medical procedures on its people. 

Well, they call him hold on they call him a show horse because he calls them out all the time. And they don’t let here’s the thing. I call on Jeff Leach Representative Jeff Leach to partner with Brian Harrison, who pushed for that bill who authored that bill, partner with him instead of calling him a show horse and let’s get that bill passed. 

Well, amen to that. And you know, you would think it wouldn’t be hard for a declared Republican and another declared Republican to work together. But apparently, there’s a divide in there somewhere. And I think that the voters have to decide where that divide is. Representative Tony Tinderholt District 94 in the great state of Texas, sir, I am sorry, that happened to you. And I’m sorry, that happened to your constituents from dictator Dade. And hopefully it gets rectified with a new speaker. But I think the Republicans have got to address that, don’t they? 

And it’s not over yet. Look, we’re looking at legal avenues. So a whole bunch of things we’re looking at this is a horrible precedent to try to shut someone down that you disagree with. That’s not how America works. That’s not how the the legislature works. And it is far from over. But it’s how Democrats work. Mr. Tinderholt Thank you very much. Appreciate the time that’s gonna do it for this Salcedo Storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, keep it right on Texas That is a must go to website every single day so you can map out the effort to bring accountability to these pro Democrat Republicans who have been undermining their constituents and service to the Democrat Party. lo these many legislative sessions also check out Chris When you’re there to check out our social media hookups we are everywhere we’re on X Ron true social big presence on true social or on getter, me we and on gab as well. By the way when you’re at Chris Check out the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast with n two and also the N one program, Newsmax one. And that’s on television every Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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