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Salcedo Show Axiom #2 - Vacation Special

Salcedo Show Axiom #2 – Vacation Special

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Friends, it’s a vacation week for me. So I have come up with some what we call the business evergreens, bits of information that not only inform me of what I think but actually can be listened to any time of the year, any day and it will be relevant. Now. Through my years in broadcasting, I have started to develop and I’m up to six, I’m sure I have more. But I’m up to six Salcedo show axioms. Now, some people call these life rules. Some people call these eternal truths. I call them axioms because how many of you know the phrase? Well, that’s axiomatic. 

That means it applies all the time. And these are things that I have come up with about my political enemies, their words, not mine to describe our fight with the left. So this series that we’re doing, we’re putting together six of the Salcedo show axioms. And this is number two, the first in our series dealt with the oldest Salcedo show axiom. Now, I give you the newest Salcedo show Axiom Number Two next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

I’ve always known the money is the key to power. I know that money is the root of all evil if you know your Bible, but in recent days, actually recent weeks, I have come to realize that the money is so important and so vital to our enemies, that they are so desperate to control it and they do so in the greatest ways to give us to serve up indignities to us as a population. 

Let me give an example. As you all know, Planned Parenthood, the butcher shop, get federal funding a half a billion dollars every single year courtesy of the American taxpayer. Now what do they do? They take that money and they use it to pay their rent, their salaries and all this kind of stuff. So all of their all of their abortion profit the profit from slaughtering children in the womb goes to their preferred political party. Which party is the one that likes to slaughter children in the Womb? 

That would be the Democrat Socialist Party. So part of the greatest victory for a Democrat part of the greatest victory for a socialist is to force their own political opponents we conservatives and and clear thinking and patriotic and religious people to fund their own destruction of us. That is the greatest indignity. And that’s what they’re trying to force us to do through various mechanisms. 

Right now Beijing Biden is out there saying we don’t want to decouple from China. We don’t want to do that. We want to continue to send American money over to China so they can build bullets and bombs to kill us. The ultimate having your enemy fund their own death and destruction. And this is the irony that is enjoyed by the worldwide left. 

So this new axiom, that is brand spankin, new to the Chris Salcedo show. If they don’t have our money, they can’t hurt us. Say it over, say with me. If they don’t have our money, they can’t hurt us. It’s a recognition that they use our money as their power base, and then they use that money and that power to destroy us. Let me give you a prime example. 

Two of the most recent examples, the one that really set me off, I gotta be honest, is the 1.7 $1.8 trillion omnibus spending bill. Now this was an unnecessary vote. This was Mitch McConnell, a so-called Republican, and John Cornyn, a so-called Republican, fake conservative, and along with 16 other senators, they teamed up with socialist Democrats, both in the House, the Senate and the White House, and they came together. And they agreed on an omnibus spending bill that fully funded all of the Democrats, leftist, anti-American pro-China priorities. 

Now, what they could have done is they could have done a two-week, three-week four-week continuing resolution that would have gotten the government through the month of December of 2022. And then when the newly sworn-in house majority took over, and Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the new Republican majority took over they could have negotiated a better deal for we the people that Mitch McConnell didn’t want to do that. Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn undermined, stabbed every one of their colleagues in the House in the back, who had campaigned on getting rid of some of this destructive spending. 

Like let me give an example, the $80 billion to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn fully agreed with that. They also agreed inside of that omnibus that they would fund fully fund Joe Biden’s illegal immigration push on the border and that none of the money that was being sent down there could be used to secure the border it had to be used for administration. In other words, it had to be used to facilitate Joe Biden’s illegal immigration. And John Cornyn tripped all over himself to pass that. 

So right then I’m like, wow, they just the Republicans in the Senate, and every Socialist Democrat, they just teamed up to use our money to hurt us. And man, if they didn’t have our money, they couldn’t hurt us. Fast forward to the debt ceiling negotiation. Kevin McCarthy started out promising. He wanted to trim. This wasn’t a cut. He wanted to trim the overspending by about $5 trillion, over 10 years. 

He wanted to raise the debt ceiling for one year to $1.5 trillion. And everybody was on board with that. As far as conservatives and Republicans. It wasn’t a huge step in the right direction, but at least it was a step in the right direction. But guess what, it didn’t happen. They started negotiating and Kevin McCarthy gave away the store. The Conservatives got zero bubkis Nothing out of this. 

Joe Biden got to keep his current level of spending for next year. And then he got a 1% bonus for the following year. Arrays. All of the malfeasance FBI has been doing all of the the malfeasance DOJ has been doing serving up all of these injustices toward our people. And the Republicans said we’re going to fully fund it again. If they don’t have our money. They can’t hurt us. And that’s what this government is doing right now. 

Folks are taking our money. They’re taking our hard-earned money and they’re harming us with it. They’re stealing our rights. They’re stealing our liberties, and they’re fully funding some of the most sick and twisted programs like delivering children into the hands of known criminals and sex slavery. I mean, come on, your government’s doing that with your money. If they if they don’t have our money, they can’t hurt us. So there you go. That is Salcedo show axiom Number Two, learn it. Know it, own it. That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Visit the websites Texas and Chris Until we visit again, remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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