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Folks, as you know, we’ve been talking about the Chris Salcedo show axioms. And this podcast is going to deal with axiom number three. This axiom well most of my axioms deal with with worldview with with ideology with a freedom and liberty bent how to preserve those freedoms and liberties. 

This one has to deal with an issue and very few of the Salcedo show axioms deal with specific issues. It’s more like I said, more of a way of life more of a worldview. But this issue has been plaguing the United States, courtesy of our political class, courtesy of our ruling class. For many, many moons for decades, almost a century. 

The subject matter is illegal immigration, illegal immigration is so bad, illegal immigration is so destructive to our nation, that I had to make a Chris Salcedo show axiom out of it. And this axiom goes to the very betrayal of our people, by the folks who are supposed to be loyal to us. And those are the aforementioned political class, the ruling class they fancied themselves, the ruling class. On the issue of illegal immigration, I can assure each and every one of you that the majority of the Congress, both political parties, for the last five-plus decades have betrayed each and every one of us on this issue. 

And now we’re seeing the fruits of all of that today. Beijing Biden has overseen this point in history 5.5 million illegal aliens into the country over two years. And it’s only getting worse. Beijing Biden has lost 85,000 illegal alien children just lost them. We have got testimony from a whistleblower that has said that Beijing Biden’s government has delivered into the hands of known criminals, children for slavery, sex slavery, and labor slavery. 

And these are just the wonderful benefits of open borders and stupid laws passed by your members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats. Because each and every one of them say yes, we know the American people do not want illegal immigration. But guess what? We in the ruling class we do so screw you, the American people. Every single one of us has been betrayed by an overwhelming majority up on Capitol Hill both political parties for for decades. So I have come up with a Salcedo show axiom. 

I will reveal that axiom to you and expand on what it means coming up on this special vacation edition of the Salcedo storm podcast don’t go anywhere. 

The third Salcedo show axiom is one that I have been talking about for many, many years actually, since I even started doing opinion radio and television. Illegal Immigration is such a cancer such a blight on the United States of America that I view it as such a direct threat to us that I had to make an axiom out of it. So the Salcedo show axiom number three states the following. 

Illegal Immigration is wrong. Illegal Immigration is immoral. Illegal Immigration is bad for any nation forced to endure it by its ruling class. That is a it took a while to develop this, this axiom. But I think it goes to the heart of everything that is wrong with illegal immigration because, frankly, folks, we’re the only nation on the planet cursed with these betraying type politicians who would sell us out in this manner. 

No other nation on the planet allows illegal immigration the way ours does against the will of their own people. Now, to be honest with you, a lot of these governments around the globe do not openly want more people inside of their borders, they’re communists, and they can’t support more people than they’ve already got. They can’t even support the people they’ve got. So they build walls that have the effect of keeping people out. But most of those walls are designed to keep people in. 

But the United States needs walls to keep people out because illegal immigration is wrong. And I think it’s where that first sentence is something that is so fundamental. It’s something that every American knows, of course, illegal immigration is wrong. But you’ve got a predicate today, folks, if you talk about illegal aliens, somehow you’re racist, or you’re a bigot, or you’re a hate filled person, as if, as if it’s somebody’s right to come into the United States illegally. 

They have these elected leaders, both parties, Republicans and Democrats have turned the national dialogue on its ear to where people go, Oh, illegal aliens, you can’t say anything about them. Because then you’re the mean hate hateful person, even though they’re the ones who broke the law to come here. 

That because frankly, there are still laws that say it is wrong, it is illegal to come to the United States without permission. Now they have a lot of loopholes, sewn into those laws to design and facilitate illegal immigration. So no matter how much you cat a wall, or ikat or wall about this, it’s going to continue. But on a on a very basic fundamental level. Illegal Immigration is wrong. There’s nothing good about it meritorious about it. It’s just plain wrong. 

And then I say illegal immigration is immoral. And it is a nation’s borders define that nation. It’s what separates us, the United States from Mexico separates us from Canada. And when you take down those barriers, it is an immoral act to sit there and say, well in America is a Canadian Member of China, it’s this one world order. And for those of you who know your Bible, you know what the One World Order means and under whom it is ordered. 

So look, my friends, I the morality of this one world type governance, the Klaus Schwab effort of one world governance is immoral for so many reasons. Illegal Immigration is immoral for so many reasons. That’s right there at the top of the list, not to mention about all the burden that it places on citizens who didn’t ask for it. 

Now there are nations out there that exploit and harm their people. That is true. And to the greatest extent we can, we must help them. But the idea that oh, all the world’s 6 billion people get to come to the United States because those countries are degenerates and reprobates, and slavers like, like ours are turning into frankly, well, in the fact that we’ve got to allow those people to come in that’s just that is an immoral act on our people. So it shouldn’t be allowed. 

So the last part of the Salcedo show axiom illegal immigration is wrong, immoral. And it’s bad for any nation forced to endure it by its ruling class. And I think that’s self-explanatory. Nobody in the United States of America, no majority wants illegal immigration. 

You and I, I think if you even survey a whole bunch of Democrats, you will say, Hey, do you support illegal immigration? They’ll say no. The only people who do are those shrubs in government, those deep state folks in government, and the shrubs in both political parties who are sacrificing, doing all the other things, the immoral acts and the wrong acts, in an effort to deliver for constituencies that are not We the People, special interest groups. In other words, it is probably the exclamation point, the PA ye stairss thoughts of the entire axiom illegal immigration is wrong. Illegal Immigration is immoral. 

Illegal immigration is bad for any nation forced to endure it by its political class. That’s axiom number three Saucedo show axiom number three, learn it, own it, know it. And that’s going to do it for this edition of The Salcedo Storm podcast. My friends visit a couple of websites, the traditional ones, Texas and Chris, and spread these axioms around it’s a way to live your life. It’s a way we should be running our country. Why? Because they’re based on the rule of law. They’re based in conservatism. Until we visit again remember this a society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends.

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