Salcedo Show Axiom #4 – Vacation Special

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Okay, my friends, this is part four of our vacation series. Well, the vacation series is I’m on vacation. So we’re dealing with issues that are universal. And I think the universality of one of the Chris Salcedo show axioms is very true. This is time-tested. This is throughout history. This is an observation about what the left always does without exception, you will find this to be a left-wing quality. 

And so we made it axiomatic with a list of the Salcedo show axioms. Again, number four, let me ask you, the the Democrats in the left say that we conservatives are intolerant. They say we are racists, they say we are the genesis of hate. 

However, that’s just the exact opposite of what is true. It is they who are doing all of these things. If they say that you’re intolerant? Well wait a minute, you have your point of view, they have theirs, but they’re telling you and they’re willing to beat you up or cancel you or silence you if you don’t agree with them. 

We just say well, you have your opinion, I have my opinion and we should be allowed to freely express those opinions. No, the Democrats, the left, they’re the ones trying to silence free speech. So who is really intolerant? They say we are the racist people. Although it is the it is the Democrats the left wing, the genesis of the kk k, and the Jim Crow South, it has always been the divisive left. And if you are a person of color, like my buddy, Kevin Jackson, like me your liberty loving Latino, or Andy no or anybody who disagrees with them, all of a sudden you’re off the reservation, and they can call you any manner of names. 

They are the real racists, they accuse us of being haters, but you want to see somebody filled with rage and hate. Say that you’re a Trump supporter, or say that you’re a supporter and lover of Jesus Christ. You want to see somebody meltdown and seething and spittle flying from their mouth raging hatred, every left winger upon hearing those declarations will show who the real purveyors of hate are in this world. 

So that leads to  Salcedo show axiom number four, which we reveal next on the Salcedo store podcast. 

Welcome back, my friends time for Salcedo show axiom number four left wingers project qualities on to others that they themselves have an abundance Left wingers project qualities onto others that they themselves have an abundance. 

If a Democrat is accusing you of breaking the law, they are breaking the law. They accuse you of being a hater. They are a hater. If they accuse you of being a racist, they are the ones who are the racist. Let me give you an example. As we lead up to this, I gave you some cultural examples, some of the ways in the mainstream culture that left-wingers demonstrate their intolerance, and they’re projecting of their own qualities on everybody else. 

Let me give you some real-world examples of how this works with the law and the Democrats abandonment of said law. We all remember back when Hillary Rodham Clinton had her illegal server, he was illegal. It was hacked by five nation-states, including some of our enemies. And she trafficked in classified information. It was illegal. They had evidence that she had broken the law. 

But James Comey stood up and said, no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring such a case. Fast forward to President Trump, where there was absolutely no evidence of Russia-Trump collusion according to the Durham report, no evidence whatsoever, yet they launched an investigation with the expressed intent of undermining his first couple of years in the Oval Office. So again, here were the Democrats saying, well, it was Trump it’s Trump is breaking the Lord’s Trump when it was really them, they project qualities onto others, that they themselves have an abundance. 

Joe Biden, here he is on tape, admitting that he took congressionally approved dollars to Ukraine and withheld them from Ukraine on the condition that they fire a prosecutor that was looking into his cokehead son’s company Burisma. Listen: 

“I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said you’re not getting the billion I’m gonna be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I look. I said Well, even six hours, and the prosecutors not fired. You’re not getting the money.” 

There you go. That’s what they impeached. President Trump for the Democrats said withholding congressionally approved money was an impeachable offense, and you are guilty. Donald Trump. However, it was the Democrats who were guilty Beijing Biden, who was guilty. Also, it was also Beijing Biden, who was guilty of stealing classified information dating back to his time as Senator in 1974. 

Folks, it is a matter of record. It is a matter of law that senators or vice presidents do not have the do not have the power to declassify information only presidents, but now they are indicting President Trump for possessing so-called classified information which he had the power to declassify Joe Biden never did. Yet nobody’s talking about prosecuting him. Why? Because Democrats accuse others of having qualities that they have in abundance. So just to review, Hillary Clinton guilty, Trump investigated, Biden guilty. 

Trump impeached Beijing Biden guilty again, and then Trump indicted. Anybody else see a pattern here? It’s Chris Salcedo show axiom number four leftists project qualities on to others, that they themselves have an abundance, Salcedo show axiom number four, learn it, own it, know it. Till we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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