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Sean Spicer Breaks Down Democrat's Weaponizing Government To Target Americans

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Sean Spicer is the former press Secretary for President Trump. He’s in the Navy reserves. The Sean Spicer Show is now on “The First,” TV Network.

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Another day, another indictment. President Trump indicted for a four times so that makes two federal indictments that makes to state in diamonds, the vast majority of these indictments, of course, falsely predicated, basically criminalizing something that Democrats have done over and over and over again. And basically saying, Because Trump did it, he’s guilty, because we really don’t want him to be president again. But he’s wildly popular, because Joe Biden is a screw up. 

So this is what’s going on. This is a dynamic in the Democrat party. We can’t We can’t stand up to pro Americanism. Mitch McConnell’s already surrendered be a good Republican, like Mitch McConnell is surrender on pro Americanism surrender on the Constitution, surrender on our representative Republic to like John Cornyn does just surrender. 

But no, President Trump has to be stubborn and try to bring America back to where it was 20 years ago, strong, free, prosperous, and the Democrats are out of their minds. Most of these Republicans in leadership have already given up on that prospect, just surrendered to us. Let us basically criminalize everything that you believe in as conservatives, and everything will be happy, everything will be good. That’s what these Democrats say. 

So here, here, we’ve got President Trump and during another round of insanity, and I can only classify it as that. 

There is a woman by the name of Fannie Willis, the appropriately named Fannie Willis, and she has handed down on a diamond that she has been sitting on, I speculate for about two years. She’s probably had this ready for about, you know, two years, but she waited to release it. So it would have the maximum political effect. Now why do I think this? Why do I think I’m on solid ground? 

Well, it turns out that the appropriately appropriately named Fanny Willis, she released the indictment and posted on Fulton County’s website, they’re in Georgia. However, one thing at weensy, itty bitty little problem with that she did it before the grand jury even voted. She put up her indictment, that apparently she’s had already for quite some time to politically release it at the most inopportune time for President Trump in the middle of a primary. It may backfire, but that’s what she’s doing. 98 page document unsealed last Monday, was the only set of charges pertaining to Mr. Trump and his co defendants a group which includes his former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, ex New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani attorneys, Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell, ex Law Professor John Eastman, Trump campaign lawyer Ken Chesbro, and former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark. 

They all shared one count of Rico violations, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute, the RICO statute. Okay, so this is usually reserved for organized crime. But that’s the allegation that what these lawyers were doing was organized crime. What were they doing? They were making sure everything was on the up and up in Georgia. And as we know, they weren’t on the up and up in Georgia. Thanks to the Texas lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. We know that Georgia broke its election laws we know that Pennsylvania. Did we know that? Michigan did we know that Wisconsin broke their election laws. States are not allowed to do that. In Georgia. It was so called Republican Governor Brian Kemp and so called Republican And Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that caved in to Stacey Abrams, Stacey Stacey Abrams out there bitching and moaning. 

There’s so unfair, so unfair, accommodate me accommodate me what was the accommodation, lowering the requirements for signature verification? Meaning, if you’re going to challenge a fake ballot, basically Brian Kemp made it impossible by agreeing with Stacey Abrams made it impossible to throw that ballot out. Now, of course, this countermanded many legal experts believe election laws that were passed by the legislature in Georgia. Brian Kemp was not allowed under the Constitution to make that call, but he did it anyway, because of the butthurt provision of Stacey Abrams in the Constitution, and some of you might be saying, wait a minute, there’s a Stacey Abrams butthurt provision in the Constitution. 

No, there isn’t one camp just did that. Okay. So the idea that attorneys behaving in the interest of their client is somehow now criminal. If that client is Donald Trump is insane, is absolutely insane. But that’s that the basic bottom line of this of this indictment, and I gotta be honest, I think it was Victoria toensing on my Newsmax show said at the best, they are basically criminalizing innocent activity, criminalizing innocent activity, and I added that Democrats have been undertaking for decades, but now it’s criminal because it’s Trump. 

Speaking of criminals, speaking of unindicted criminals, speaking of unprosecuted criminals, Hillary Rodham Clinton jumped on MSN BS to gloat about what happened to President Trump. Here’s how the conversation went listen to this.

“if bad actors tell us falsely that every election is stolen, and that the only way an election is trustworthy is if they try to come out on top of it. Then something it tells you something not just about that person or that moment. It may be wounds us as a democracy and in a way that is hard to repair. The lack of trust, the divisiveness, the undermining of faith in ourselves in each other, respect for our institutions, the rule of law, all of that has been deliberately inculcated within our body politic.”

Uh huh. The the, the absurdity of what you just heard, Rachel Maddow is getting dragged, because she sat down with one of the biggest election deniers in American history and allowed her to sit there and say, Oh, yes, it says this is what Trump has been doing. And he’s been undermining election integrity. No, we’ve got 24 minutes compiled by some 10 minutes compiled by others of Democrats, including you, Mrs. Clinton, denigrating the integrity of our elections. 

“Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election, constantly shifting vote tallies in Ohio, and malfunctioning. Epsilon electronic machines, which may not have paper receipts have led to additional loss of confidence by the public. There has been a dramatic discrepancy in the way absentee ballots are both allocated and counted across the 159 counties. And so yes, there was a deliberate and intentional disinvestment. And I think destruction of the administration of elections in the state of Georgia without voter suppression Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia. Andrew Gillum, is the governor of Florida. Democratic judiciary committee staff report clearly establishes that the state of Ohio has not met his obligation to conduct a fair election. I have an objection because 10 of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified.” 

Okay. I got nine minutes left to that of Democrats doing what the state of Georgia now says is criminal. But it’s only criminal because they hate President Trump. It’s only criminal because a Republican is doing it. Folks, speaking of Republicans and speaking of President Trump, the man who was his press secretary Sean Spicer, joins me next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today, folks last week I had a great conversation with Sean Spicer wanted you all to hear how it went. And Shawn had a pretty big announcement to share with me. That is actually technically passed, but you’re going to hear it referenced in the very beginning. So have a listen. Sean Spicer, former press secretary for President Donald J. Trump is in the Navy Reserves. And Sean Spicer has a brand new show the Sean Spicer show is set to debut on the first TV network on August 21. Mr. Spicer Welcome back. 

Good to be with you, Chris. Thanks for having me. Yeah, and it’s also I’m really excited. next Monday’s the big day, we’re gonna be out in Milwaukee. And then for those people who don’t get the first network up, just go to my YouTube channel or rumble because I know we got a lot of rumble lovers out there, then you can just sign up and you get every copy. That’s the beautiful part about this is that we wanted to make sure that if you were a cable subscriber, you were one of the few that we’re still doing that yet an opportunity but for everyone has cut the cord or just streaming go to YouTube or rumbles sign up and subscribe and you’ll get every copy every every episode for free. 

Right on right on. So let me let me talk to you about what transpired last night. And I want you to address a specific aspect of this because maybe I haven’t done an adequate enough job so far. The Trump indictment comes down. It’s posted up on the Fulton County website before the grand jury votes, because it’s been a fait accompli, they this is all political. Of course, they waited two and a half years to make it politically timed, which isn’t the rule of law. It’s politics, number one. And then so then once the grand jury stays late, because they had to they had to finally vote because they had already posted it up there. I got a call from a from a listener who said that those who support President Trump are a cult because look, you got four indictments, man, you got foreign diamond, you got two impeachments, this guy must be crooked. Can you go ahead and dispel that that narrative which I know this is what the left wing is trying to put out there? 

Well, that’s exactly the point is that the left is trying to overwhelm people and say, See, there’s got to be a problem here. But you’ve got to break down each one individually. I mean, again, we start saying now there’s four. Well, let’s remember the first one, Alvin Bragg in DC, excuse me, in New York, city, NYC. And even the left the Washington Post New York Times today, this is a bridge too far. I mean, you’re making something out of nothing to create a problem. We’ve gotten to Florida. Again, a lot of questions about the handling of classified information, what the President had the right to do, what his interactions were. And again, if you move through these piece by piece, and that’s the point, Chris, is it no one wants you to look at the details, right? They want you to look at this, oh, there’s four indict for four separate indictments, and go, Oh, that’s got to be really bad. But they don’t want you to break these down piece by piece to say, Well, wait a second, what was he actually doing? He was communicating and expressing himself in accordance with the law. Now, you may not like it, he may have used some brash tactics. There may be but that there’s a difference between things you don’t like, and things that are illegal and the ability to express ourselves. I mean, Al Gore did it after after the Florida recount, and he was his team was trying to get certain things and people to do, you know, certain counties to only count and, but that’s that’s how politics work. And suddenly we’re going Oh, my God, it’s Donald Trump. Well, you know, that’s how it works. 

Well, what do you make of the the 18 individuals who surrounded trump the left wing press calls them associates and supporters when really were they? They were his attorneys? They had a right To defend him using the law, but now they’re trying to criminalize that. Well speaking of Giuliani and Jenna Ellis and those folks. So here’s, here’s my take on this. This is actually intended to have a chilling effect on people who want to engage to the next time there’s a close election in Texas and they say, Hey, Chris, can you help out? You go, Whoa, hold on, I saw what happened to those people who helped Trump out. I don’t want to get caught up into legal shenanigans. This is their attempt to literally make everybody think twice the next time a Republican has a problem. 

I think that’s true. And I think they want to criminalize opposing them. Do you want to do you actually really want to come up against the Democrat? Because if you do, we’re gonna make your life miserable indictment after indictment after indictment, and so don’t don’t oppose us as the message, correct? 

Absolutely. I mean, this is the point, though, is that you go back through incident after instance, Democrats objecting to electors in the three previous three out of four elections, some of the activities that they’ve done, and I look, I’ve been involved in two really close races, one in Connecticut, one in Florida, there were a matter of, in one case, 10s of votes, in one case, 300 votes. This is you go out there, you can test it use every legal means necessarily use all the PR tactics to convince people you’re right. And suddenly our will weaponizing them or criminalizing that, I think that people have to understand. And frankly, not to take this back to the to the beginning with this is kind of why I wanted to have a show that I could, well, I would have a platform to do this because we need to understand what we’re up against. Amen. So many times we are we are I watched what happened in Ohio the other day with with that issue, one going down, and now they are going to codify in the Ohio constitution, the ability to have an abortion, it we are literally sitting around watching the Democrats run circles around us. We complain, we’re not unified. And we don’t know the rules. And those are the facts. And I get it when people get upset when I say that. But the reality is, if we’re not going to actually understand how the game is played, they are going to run circles around this. They did it the last time they changed the rules of the election leading up, they laugh at us. We also know you can’t do this. They did it. The judges codified it. And now we’re seeing not only that, but we’re going to take it a step further. And make sure that you never engage in the process again, or you’re scared to this is what they would call by the way, intimidation and suppression. But they’re just using the legal system to say, oh, no, no, no, this is just us. coming after you. 

Yeah, and let’s not forget those on there. Those so called Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn, who are part of the surrender caucus who are who have already accepted. We don’t oppose Democrats, Mitch McConnell out there saying that Joe Biden should not be impeached for the mountains of evidence we have about what he did. And I want to get into that next, Sean Spicer as our guests, he’s the host of the Sean Spicer show, debuting on the first TV network on August 21, the Hunter Biden special prosecutor or what I call the special protector, because that’s what that’s what David Weiss is there to do. Mr. Weiss has already proven to be a Merrick Garland Democrat loyalist, because of dragging out a five month investigation to five years, and then trying to slip that sweetheart plea deal, blanket immunity to Hunter Biden. So he’s already shown his undying devotion and love to the Democrat party. So naturally now that the Republicans are getting very close inside of the house. I’m sorry that conservatives who call themselves Republicans inside of the house getting very close of exposing the Biden’s now they’re gonna throw up the wall using the special protector. What’s your take on all this? 

Well, look, it’s funny too, because if you listen to the media narrative, they go, Oh, Republicans wanted a special prosecutor. Yes. wanted one a year ago. I mean, that’s literally like telling me that I wanted to go to dinner, I go eat and then going, what do you want to go to dinner? And you go, No, I’ve eaten go, oh, well, now you lie, because you want to go to dinner. It’s like, I want to one a year ago, because we wanted to give this guy the authority to actually do, you know, be able to prosecute outside of his jurisdiction. And one of the issues that we saw in that whistleblower testimony is that wife was complaining that he couldn’t just he couldn’t charge anyone outside of the jurisdiction of Delaware. Obviously, 100 tax crimes committed in both Malibu, California where he now find out by the way, he didn’t pay rent over there. Oh, and DC. But here’s the thing, Chris, the What the What the 100 Biden team wanted was protection against all these far the foreign agent Registration Act, because he clearly took money from entities that were controlled by what they called state, ie foreign governments. And they were like, Oh, so you’re gonna give us immunity for everything that we’ve done speeding ticket, you know, for fire violations. And I cannot believe that this is going to happen. But what’s going on and what part of the reason that I think Jim Jordan and James Comer are upset is once you invoke this special counsel thing, the DOJ and hunters team we’re gonna say we can’t testify. We can’t go to Congressman on Going investigation. We can’t come up there. And so now Congress has lost. So the oversight that we had, but and Jim Jordan and James Comey being able to go out and get some sort of accountability is out the window, because they’re going to claim there’s a special prosecutor we can’t interfere. 

Right? And then and then Weiss will say, yeah, we can get this matter resolved. And what five years, you know, we can finally get this taken care of. 

Remember, remember, here’s the thing that I want to remind all your listeners, the ultimate goal was never to get hunter. I mean, I say this, in all seriousness, America is a great country, but we have a bunch of dirt balls and Hunter Biden is free to be a dirt ball in this country. That’s just the freedoms that we all have. But the none of this was always to get to Joe Biden to understand his role, not to get him but to understand what role he played, you know, how was he being used? Was it really just the weather that he called 20 times about in the middle of business called No. And so what this does is it blocks that investigation because they’ve shielded Joe Biden, and that’s what this, you know, de facto does. 

Right. And I’m hoping that the Republicans won’t fund it. And I’m hoping they won’t, they won’t adhere to it because the Democrats are breaking the rules. Left and right. The DOJ is acting as the Biden’s personal attorneys, which is what they always laughingly accused Republicans of doing. Sean Spicer is our guest folks, make sure to check out his new show coming up on the 21st August 21. The Sean Spicer show, let me pivot to the corruption in our government that I think that a lot of the people in what some would call the deep state, others would call permanent Washington. What we’re dealing with now and I think what is what typifies the level of corruption of our government, is we were told that the targeting of Catholics was at one office, the Richmond office of the FBI. And then they were taking stern steps to get that under control. Christopher Wray testified that it was only the one office under oath. Turns out that was a lie. It was actually Portland, Los Angeles, a cross country effort by the FBI to target Catholics, I talked to our mutual friend said Gorka, and he said the FBI cannot be fixed. And Dan bond, Gino says the FBI cannot be fixed. It needs to be torn down and rebuilt to where it actually serves the people again, and not the elites. 

What is your take? You know, it’s, it’s a great question you’re asking, I just don’t know enough about the structure of the FBI? Can you actually go in because I’ve talked to a couple of agents over the last year, who are very frustrated, who are concerned about the image of the FBI? So I just I don’t know the answer to the question. I’m gonna try to buck it. But I mean, my point is, can you change it with with sort of not just the leadership change? Remember, the only one who is appointed at the FBI is the director, everyone below or so? You got to figure out how deep you have to go. Because I don’t think I mean, in theory, I mean, if you went all the way to the bottom, how long is it going to take to create a new entity? And how much danger does that put our country? And I just don’t know, I think that that takes a real understanding of, of, of the structure of the FBI, how deep something could happen, whether or not you could maybe cut the top, you know, the head off, if you will, because I do, like I said, I’ve talked to enough agents where I’m like, Look, these guys actually, you know, are good people that care. And my point is, I think there’s a layer that can be kept, and maybe I’m just, you know, guessing here, but I do think that that’s possible. 

Well, I think, look, it’s it may have some, some some good people, a lot of good people working for the FBI, but they need to work in a system that actually has those guardrails for we the people that are adhered to. And right now those guardrails if they’ve even existed have been torn down. Last thing I have for you, Sean is the debates. Now look, you and I both know and understand the Never Trump bent of the Fox News Channel now courtesy of Paul Ryan and others. So the first question I want you to address I’m going to make this a two parter. Trump, should he debate at the Fox News Channel first debate. The second debate is also with Fox Fox Business. What does it say about the RNC when they say our first debates are going to be hosted by a Never Trump Organization? 

So here’s the problem. Okay, so I’m with you on this. Let me just back up. First of all, first question, no, Trump should not go okay. Do not go to the first one. He should not go the second one I’ve made that I’ve expressed my opinion to him. I think he’s going to keep people guessing. I think you should counter program and do something where the ratings out do I mean I should offer on my show. But I think that my point is Do something and be like, Wow, I got higher ratings in this entire debate. You should not sit on stage with a bunch of people that frankly need name tags to know who they are. He just, he’s at 54% in the wheel clear average of polls, and a bunch of these guys are giving gift cards a way to get on the stage. It’s just not. It’s not dignified. It has nothing to do with whether he can take him or not, of course, he can take him. But you know, you don’t sit around in the in the this is where I’m going to, I’m going to get out of my league here. But in like, you know, MMA fighting, the guy who’s number one doesn’t do the guy who just got into the ring, right, you earn your way up to that title. And I think that Trump deserves the sort of respect of a former president and a current front runner, as opposed to having you like I said, honest to God, some of these guys were for name tags, when people know who they were as at the Iowa State Farm. I was testing people to see if they knew the candidates were in there. Like I don’t know that that is I knew that is I noticed that I had a little I thought it would be fun to see if they knew where they were. Anyway. And the second piece is, look, in 2015, one of the things that people have to understand is up to 2015, no party, no party, the DNC, the RNC, had zero control over their primary debate. After 2012, I made a promise to the Republican National Committee that I was going to lead the effort to change that, and I did it. I was the first person in the history of either party to take control of the primary debate, what my hope had been for the RNC was that as conservative independent media had had grown, the daily wire the blaze, first, whatever, Salem, they could hold an eight because at the time, to be honest, they some of them didn’t exist, they weren’t mature enough. They didn’t have the capabilities they all do now. And my point was, and then I said, my caveat was seaspan could broadcast any debate on cable that of conservative media did, and that way, you would guarantee that it would have the widest reach. And instead what they done, and this is where they backed themselves into a corner Christmas, because the question, they went out and they solicited bids from NBC, CNN or whatever. And so what they found themselves in a problem I said this the other day, why was the Reagan Library debate announced without a media partner? And the reason was, they didn’t know what to do. And they because they were like, oh, boy, we’re gonna have to go with NBC or CNN, and they realized there was gonna be tremendous backlash. And so what did they do is they said, Well, I’ll tell you what the least backlash is, if we stick with Fox. 

Wow. Well, yes, the least backlash if they stick with Fox unless you actually pay attention to the to the Never Trump bent from Ducey in the morning to Kabuto to Paul Ryan, who sits on the board to some other folks up there. I don’t know that it serves them them well, to have the front runner being persona non grata at the network itself. I just, I mean, Chris, here’s the point. I agree with you. But then take that down the road. You’ve got CNN, there’s no one on CNN that hasn’t bashed Trump, or just Santas. NBC, you got Andrea Mitchell. Chuck Todd, who else? 

Well, you and I both? Well, wait a minute. You and I both know that there are alternatives out there that President Trump there he he has the gravitas to put together as you said, a ratings winner. 

They could just top No, no, no, no. That’s my point, though, is that these guys are going down a path. I agree with. That’s why I said my goal is to to establish the D should be like we’re choosing the Republican nominee, the person that asked the question should have a sense a mere sense, right. What is on the mind of a conservative voter? I mean, we these things in the police, they don’t you know, if I was hosting a debate, the first question I would ask is, how, how anti life are you? How much do you hate gun? And it’s like, we want me what what insight does that give a Republican or conservative voter right now, right now, the fox debate is going to be this and Karl Rove admitted this the other day, it’s all going to be about Trump. Nobody’s going to pay attention to the destruction of the Democrat Party, against our rights against our liberties against the rule of law. Nobody’s going to be paying attention that because they’re all going to be gunning for Trump. And what’s lost in a debate like this is we the people, and that’s why I can’t stand for it, Mr. Spicer. I agree. I want to know what their stance is on China, what they’re going to be doing to me like some build back our military, I want to know, and instead you’re right, they’re going to treat this like a show where they go after Trump. And this is the point is that having people who understand I mean, you know who you talk about this every day on your show? Why this is these are the issues that people in the movement care about. And yet, that’s why I’m disappointed with how the RNC went ahead and did it and they should have had the sense to realize we have outlets and organizations that have the gravitas and the maturity, to handle running a debate. We can put caveats in place to ensure that it gets the full a distribution that is needed. It’s not hard to get it in 2015. And yet they’re choosing not to. And that’s my point, though, is what I’m getting at is after you get rid of Fox and how many times what’s the next one Fox nation, you run out of Fox entities really quick. And then you start having to go to NBC, CBS Emmy, and there’s not a single but these guys created this problem. 

Then it goes back self inflicted. Yeah. And, Shawn, it goes back to your original point about the problems with Republicans, not with conservatives, but with Republicans that they don’t know the rules. They don’t know what’s going on. And it’s from their elected leaders like Mitch McConnell, all the way up to the RNC. They show it in spades, and they prove it every day. Sean Spicer, everybody. The new show comes online August 21. On the first TV network, make sure you check it out, buddy, where can they go? Is Sean, up and up and running? It is up and running. 

And that’s you get all the information there. And if anyone you know Yeah, and again, and best place to get it to guarantee you get the show is is on YouTube or rumble and that way if you want to watch it on the first you can but it that way, you’re guaranteed to get it so I appreciate all your support and friendship, my friend. Absolutely. When we go and shoot and again. Well, I gotta get back down in Texas. I that’s that’s going to be the issue here. But I will I will I will do that as soon as possible. 

Right. Oh, buddy. Appreciate it. Have a great day. Sean Spicer, everybody. There he goes. And that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas That’s number one. Texas Big news in Texas. happens there. It’s reported there, you get to know it there. And then figure out how it impacts your life. And all of you outside of Texas. You can hear stories there in Texas that you may be you might be dealing with, or some of the stuff we’re dealing with here like illegal immigration is going to impact your state sooner or later. Also pay a visit to Chris that brand spankin new, Chris We’d love to hear how you guys like or don’t like things we can improve. If you find a spelling error, that’d be great. point that out to me, if you will, would really appreciate it just got that thing up and running. So I’m hoping you folks will enjoy it. So until we visit again, my friends remember this a society’s worth. It is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. A society’s worth is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there, my friends. 

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