The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Senator Tommy Tuberville Is actually Standing In Democrats Way
Senator Tommy Tuberville—better known to most people as “Coach”—is currently serving his first term representing Alabama in the United States Senate. He currently serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Veterans Affairs Committee as well as the Agriculture, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committees.

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So we helped by waiving the monthly service charge on certain accounts for account holders under age 25 it’s about supporting the next generation it’s about more than money Frost Bank you know the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him I have a question for me one might even go so far as a mediocre I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is I really did he still single score podcast controversial for me to say the Democrats hate America. I don’t think it is but frankly if you look at what the Democratic Party has descended into what what they are now I cannot find a Democrat today that is in bitching about isn’t moaning about isn’t complaining about how much how wrong America is how wrong you are for wanting to have your rights how wrong you are for wanting to defend your family with a firearm. How wrong you are for wanting to secure the borders how wrong you are for wanting to to protect that which is yours private property. Do you guys hear about the story out of out of California Casey are a as are putting on this. You may have seen me posting about this on social media, as you all are likely aware of the People’s Republic of California. Crime is through the roof and Democrat run bash ins crime is giving is being given the nod they’re like yeah, a crime go. They will not prosecute people if they rip off $750 or less or $950 or less worth of merchandise. So basically, it’s telling all of the the business owners Hey, you know what, this is redistribution of wealth, and you’re gonna give up your wealth and we are Democrats or we’re gonna force you to give up your wealth to these criminals to our voting base. Right? So this one dude has ripped off of a liquor store before goes into the store and starts taking stuff off the shelves cigarettes and dumping them into a trash can. He’s gonna rip them off and the owners had had enough. And this guy, one of the owners clerk, a Sikh, he is wearing a turban and he’s, he’s one of the Sikh immigrants. He takes a broom and starts to instars to whip equity’s ass right there on camera. You guys have got to see this. It’s what we would call an old America just punishment for a thief. For a crook for a criminal. You want to steal my stuff, you’re gonna get spanked, and this thug got a spanking. But now as KCRA reports some problems for the store clerks Listen, are following Developing news in Stockton. We have now learned the store clerk seen on a video beating a man who was trying to steal from their store are now under investigation for assault. So here’s how it all started. The video shows this man going into a 711 in Stockton and emptying shelves of cigarettes into that large trashcan. The video then shows the two clerks tried to stop him before hitting him with a stick more than two dozen times. Hey, two dozen times. They turned his butt over and they spanked his rear end because his mama didn’t spank him enough when he was a kid get getting that line. So these so this guy breaks in thinks he could steal other people’s stuff. And did you hear the case CRA Reporter Oh, struck him struck him two dozen times with stick. Oh no. The sympathy for the crook for the thief. You can hear it in her voice. The left wingers who dominate the basket of bias press. They hate law abiding citizens and they love criminals. The store clerks now say this man stole from their store to other times and threatened them. Stockton police say they are investigating the man who was beaten for robbery and the clerk’s for assault. When the investigation is complete, it will be sent to the San Joaquin County District Attorney for review, then it’s going to be up to the DA to determine what charges if any, are filed against the store clerks. Knowing that people’s republic of California, they’re going to get the book thrown at him and the crook, the criminal is going to walk in the name of equity, in the name of Marxism, and the name and the name of democratic values is a guy by the name of Konstantinos kisi k i s i, he’s the author of the book and immigrants love letter to the west. And he was visiting with Bill Maher. And I think he’s identified properly. America’s problem. Listen to this. I mean, when I talk to immigrants, that is one thing they do not like about the left, that they’re always down on this country, we’re irredeemable and we’re racist and like you want to give socialism and I sometimes mark is Marxism a try. There’s Bill Maher folks, not your liberty loving Latinos saying it. Bill Maher, a man of the left, who’s saying this is what Democrats are all about. This is what gov Ed is all about. This is what the American Left is all about socialism and Marxism. Bill Maher is old enough to know, no better saying what are you out of your minds? So this is this is the discussion. Even classical liberals are recognizing that, frankly, these people on the left are bat guano crazy. I think Andrew Sullivan wrote a great column on it. He said Marx, Karl Marx, the most assigned economist at the top schools. Wow, the top schools. Yes, I read about economic theory, go check out Karl Marx. What wasn’t it? That’s the antithesis of capitalism. That’s Marxism. Yes, that’s right. Go. Go research that that’s, that’s wonderful. We like to promote that here. In our so called institution of higher learning. The third most taught book to me, someone who comes from the Soviet Union is mind boggling. And you were talking earlier about why this woke ideology is so dangerous to the west. It is because people in other parts of the world are not teaching their young children to hate their own country. Wait a minute, and you’re gonna hear a whole bunch of applause inside of Bill Maher’s audience. But it is a fundamental truth that around the rest of the world, no other country like the United States teaches our youth to hate our country. The way gov Ed does here. In America, the way the left wing does in America the way the media does in America, teaching our kids no wonder they’re growing up with anxiety. No wonder they hate this country, because the left can’t stop talking about how awful we are. And they’re often lying about how awful we are. Have we been awful in the past? In some areas? Yes, we have. But our country is so great. We were able to we fought an entire war to to erase the sin of slavery in this country. The deadliest war to date America has ever fought, we paid with a lot of blood to make sure that sin of slavery was gotten rid of in this country. But the left never lets it go. The left never acknowledges those who paid with their lives. And instead now they’re using race to introduce Marxism, which will reintroduce ironically enough slavery into the United States slavery to the government. If you if you continue to do this, how is how is the West going to do in the Battle of civilizations because that’s what we’re in right now. Chinese want to thrive, the Russians want to thrive. And they’re teaching their children to be strong to be confident to go out there to learn science instead of you know, equity and diversity. And a bridge doesn’t work very well if it’s built on diversity instead of mass. So I’m with you on all that. I’m with you on all that says Bill Maher. And you guys heard the largely liberal audience. You know, a bridge doesn’t work so well. If it’s built on equity. There was some dumb as CEO, I can’t remember which airline it was but one of the airlines one of the dumbasses who runs it says, You know what we’re going to. We’re going to start hiring individuals based on equity based on diversity, to have to fly your planes. Comedians started making fun of this. You’re not hiring people, on their competency on their hours in the cockpit. You’re hiring them based on the color of their skin. Oh, yeah, that one I remember. I can’t remember who this comedian was. He’s like, Yeah, I’m just so tired of arriving on time and in one piece. This is how laughable This is. They they are the Democrats are helping America commit national suicide. So to answer my own question, I really do think the Democrat party in the American Left hates this guy. country. And that means we really got to stop electing them to positions of power. We talked to one conservative senator who is not on board with what the left wing is doing to this country coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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So if you prize your values if you like good value and you want to keep your liberty loving Latino, conservative, strong and unafraid go to patriot use my promo code storm get free activation or call 972 patriot 972 Patriot take a stand against the woke at patriot Did You Know Jax has for cancer being normalized in Texas sexualizing Texas Children is happening right now and you can learn how it affects our state by going to Texas Today, get real news for real Texas. I am your liberty loving Latino Do not confuse me with loudmouth leftists Latinos out there. I actually love my country. The United States of America love my state the great state of Texas. It is nice to see Republicans who are actually conservatives and know how to wield power when they get it. Because, frankly, a lot of us are getting tired of sending Republicans up to Capitol Hill that look at their number one job is getting along with Democrats rather than representing their constituents. So I’d like to bring on one such senator, Senator Tommy Tuberville. He’s better known to most people as the coach currently serving his first term representing Alabama and the United States Senate currently serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Veterans Affairs Committee, as well as the agriculture Health Education, Labor and Pensions committees. Senator, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. Glad you can make it. Good morning, Chris, how are you doing? Well, sir, I I want to talk about the ft 1020 threes and all the malfeasance in government. But I I want to start off because this got the White House’s attention. And they tweeted at you because you have you actually understand the mechanisms of of government, and you’re using it to thwart what I would say arguably is a destructive agenda of the Democrats. You are putting a hold on several DoD appointees explain why? Well, it’s it’s the only power that you have Chris in the minority when you’re in the Senate, and we’ve been in the minority since I’ve been in since 2020. And the Democrats have had their way. They’ve actually had some Republicans vote with them. And in a couple of spinning bills that should have never passed, but it is what it is. But you know, when when roe white went down last year, I found out that the administration said, you know, we can’t control the states now, but we can’t control federal employees. So we’re gonna just do abortion and make our own rules. And so that’s what they’ve done. You know, they put out of out a new policy that was voted in by law in 1985, that the military at that time could only do abortions by the three exceptions, rape, incest and harm to the mom. But and again, Joe Biden voted for that. And so but they turned around and just with a memo, they changed it, basically to abortion anytime for their dependents. Slather the mom around wherever they want to have an abortion taxpayer funded. And that’s it. You know, we’re not going to do that we’re not going to start legislating from the Pentagon and that Towson Secretary Allison, if you do this, then we’ll hold all your potions of admirals generals. Well, they didn’t think I’d do it. And now we’re in going on seven months Chris, and there has not been a promotion and I don’t care if we have one. We got enough people running the Pentagon, we got enough generals and admirals, and they act like it’s readiness that I’m putting a hold on. But I’ll tell you, it’s the sergeants in the petty officers that do the readiness, that ain’t the generals and admirals that sit around at a desk. So that doesn’t concern me. But what does concern me is they’re making laws for the Pentagon in the White House, like dictators and I’m not gonna allow it. Well, you’re damn right about about who really runs things. And frankly, there’s no loss as as getting back to the Obama era. I had generals and colonels and and other high ranking officers talking about the Great Purge. So all these DoD appointees are holding up or just Yes, men who are facilitating the end of the United States military’s dominance in the world for this social justice agenda that they’re trying to cram down our throats, the what I call the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda, or the the divisive, critical race theory agenda, that is basically taking out the efficacy of our military. So I think that your stopping these appointees is is of benefit twice over because you’re keeping all these Yes, men generals, who are facilitating the end of military dominance, you’re keeping them at bay? Is that fair? Is that accurate? That’s exactly right. And a few remember Barack Obama saying I’m gonna transition this country to something else back, I don’t know, years ago, well, they’ve done exactly that. And this is just the third term of the Obama administration. They hated it when President Trump got elected and, and that’s reason they worked so hard to cheat him out of his job and, and get him out of there prosecute him for phone calls. And it was a disaster. And unfortunately, we got a lot of people, including some Republicans that went along with that, and voted to get rid of President Trump and the American people have, I think, have started see what’s going on. But are all our institutions, Chris had been affected, you know, the FBI is gone, as we would know it, is you and I growing up and then of course, we’ve lost our education system. They’re trying to get our military now. They’re trying to take it away from us to this woke ideology. And a lot of these generals and admirals are bought into that. And so it might be good that we don’t promote any of these people and keep a hold on them and, and try to get our military back. If we lose our military or national security, my goodness, our recruiting is going to heck in a handbasket. Nobody, none of these kids want to go, Chris, if you think about this, that, you know, normally close to in the, in the 40s, close to 50% of the young men and women that go into the military are because their parents were in the military. Well, now that’s down to 13%. Their parents are saying listen, it’s not the military I grew up in, do not get into this mess. And so it’s we’re a, we’re a military looking for looking for an identity right now. And that identity is not what you and I want it to be that true enough. And you know, Human Nature says you want to be a part of a winning team and under Democrats America is a loser from the military to every aspect of American life. Senator Tommy Tuberville is our guest from the great state of Alabama. You brought in President Trump I think that your hope that the American people see what’s going on here is backed up by the polls every single time they throw another indictment at him or more government persecution, not prosecution, persecution, his poll numbers rise because the American people see what’s going on. What’s your take on on? Well, either the classified document indictments already come down, which is laughable as Joe Biden has been stealing classified documents in this country since 1974. And he never had the right to them. And this latest indictment that is supposed to come down either today or sometime this week. Well, that keeps throwing mud on the wall and none of its gonna stick. People are starting to see that, hey, wait a minute. This happens. This happens to every president that takes some documents. And of course, the DOJ is all bought and paid for Merrick Garland to joke and what’s going on here is just the American people are trying to be persuaded through this woke media this this mainstream media that’s almost ruining this country and but they’re starting to figure this out. I mean, every time something happens, it’s always President Trump fault and our country was better off much better off in his four years and it has been since Ronald Reagan. So in the American people need to wake up I tell you, we’re and I tell people that coach what I do first of all, you get on your hands and they used in the morning and night and pray that we can save our country. The second thing is we have got to get somebody in that White House that will fight back and they don’t want anybody to fight back. They want somebody to just take it and go on with it. And President Trump’s only one I know they can do that and looking forward to seeing Friday comes Alabama Friday to speak and looking forward to seeing there but he’s on a row. He will win If he didn’t get cheated again, and we’ll just keep it that way, the Devon Archer testimony that scheduled it and my sure if you caught what happened over the weekend, oddly enough, the DOJ on Saturday senator said, hey, you know what, this would be a great time for Devon Archer to report to jail. So he can’t go talk to Republicans. They’ve kind of backed off on that. Because I mean, a Saturday action, everybody was crying foul about what they attempted to do. So it looks like Archer unless he delays it again, because it’s the fourth time he would go talk to Congress. What do you expect to find from his testimony? What do you been hearing? Well, I’ve read I’ve read most of the materials and talk to the people in the house that’s read some of the other materials that were not available to us in the Senate. And it’s a disaster. And we’ve all known this, Joe Biden after after doing what he did for why he was in the Senate. And then obviously, as the vice president gets out, he got no chance he knows he got no chance of being Pres. United States. So Ms. Son just turned a notch up a little bit. And oh, my goodness, I just became president now what I do, but we didn’t have emails, we didn’t have texts. We didn’t had phone calls. We didn’t have pictures, like they normally would if if they knew what were going to happen. So it’s all out there. Now. It’s all out in public. He’s guilty. There’s no doubt about it. He’s guilty, his son’s guilty. But will the DOJ that’s bought and paid for by the Biden administration? Will they do their job? Or do some of them need to go to jail? I mean, it’s just a catastrophe for our country. And it just amazing, the great country that we’ve grown up in, we got so many crooks that are running around the White House and the DOJ and FBI, they can’t tell the truth. They won’t tell the truth. And just we will, again, this is the American people have to fight back on this because if we don’t, it’ll be over with as you and I know what we grew up in it and we won’t have the opportunity to let our kids have the same country. We were able to grow up in the last 5060 years, folks we’re having a conversation with with a Senator who sounds an awful lot like one of our senators, Senator Tommy Tuberville. He is an Alabama Senator, and he’s been in the in the Congress since 2020. Sir, I want you to put your political hat on for me, because you’ve alluded to this several times. And I’m just jonesing to hear what you what you think about it. As you know, these ft 1020 threes, there are several of them, implicating Joe Biden, in in a bribery scheme, the one that’s got the most traction, and the most evidence piling up on it is the ft 1023, as it pertains to Burisma, and the Ukrainian oligarch. And despite these mountains of evidence that are coming out, you’ve got the biased press, like Chris Wallace over at CNN, and you’ve got, as you alluded to GOP senators like Mitt Romney and and John Cornyn of Texas, who are saying that we don’t need to be impeaching Joe Biden the way, the way the Democrats by now. They’d already impeach Trump once, and they were working on the second impeachment by now. And many Republicans are starting to ask the question about the nature of the Republican Party. Don’t the Romney’s and the corners of the world run the risk of branding? The GOP is just a rubber stamp for the Democrat party. Well, if you look at it, you know, the Democrat Party, whether they believe it or not, they fought in like ducks in a row. You know, they’re all gonna go by the party line. But I will say this, fortunately, on our side, we don’t do that yet people have different beliefs. But again, are those who believe what they need to believe? I don’t know that. Surely they’ve seen the same material that I’ve seen. If they hadn’t, they hadn’t done their due diligence. But you know, I look at it, Chris, is, is we’ve gotten to the point. It’s really not American Republicans and Independents and Democrats anymore. It’s are you an American? Are you against this country? Are you anti American? That’s based his bottom line? Sure. Do we do do we want a country that’s free? That’s a republic, that believes in freedom of speech, believes in our Constitution, believes in the things that’s made this country great for two and 47 years, or they will want to change it? And if we don’t fight back on that, if we don’t, we don’t get enough Americans to fight back on that is gonna change. And hopefully we can, we can save our country as we all know it and give people the freedom and opportunity. You know, that’s what this country gives you. It doesn’t give you anything but an opportunity to succeed. And if you don’t want that opportunity, if you don’t sit around and collect the paycheck, then that’s your fault. But don’t get me this that this country is is a country that doesn’t believe and and freedom of speech and the ability to give all people everybody here that’s an amount are consistent, has the same opportunity and some has a little bit better than others because of because of maybe parents that still that didn’t keep you from being successful. And so I mean, it’s it’s it is the greatest country ever I can’t wait to get home when I go out of the country on some of these foreign visits. But as again, we we’ve got to fight for our country. Senator, I’m with you. I think that what’s what’s the dividing line is no longer between republican or democrat or, frankly, conservative or liberal because I’m, I’ve been nodding in agreement with guys like Bill Maher, who are who is out there fighting for free speech in this country, as a liberal and he and I probably don’t agree with on policy, but we agree on basic Americanism. But you’re seeing, like the aforementioned John Cornyn, the aforementioned Mitt Romney, individuals like that, betraying what they have claimed they’ve been representing their entire lives, which is the constitution and our freedoms, out of hatred of President Trump. And I’m gonna give you another example, you had 20 Republican members of Congress, members of the House of Representatives vote to save Adam Schiff. Now, here’s a guy who used his position on the Intelligence Committee weaponized it against our fellow Americans. And they said, Well, he shouldn’t pay a price for it. They censured him. But with no disincentives of financial penalty, they would have provided a disincentive for Democrats to do something similar in the future. Don’t these Democrats have to start paying a price for what they do to us? Yeah, well, I’ve watched it now for two and a half years, and really all my life at some degree, but it’s really gotten worse. I think a lot of these democrats sometimes they said earlier, they all fall in line with with the party line, because when they want to get reelected, they enjoy being called either congressman or senator. And, you know, sooner or later, somebody’s gonna have to pay a price for this. And you said, Adam Schiff can’t tell the truth. I mean, something wrong with gotta be honest with you, when you when you sat there and you cannot look and read the truth and Intel, it, you got huge problem. This just shows how, how much bias there is towards, you know, what they think this country ought to be in the direction we should go. And against the people that they dislike, I mean, they they dislike Pelosi, and Schiff, and Swalwell, and, and Shany. And all these people ought to be ashamed of what they did to this country the last few years, because they had all the problems that we were having. It’s just made the problems worse. And there’s been no chance to put any answers to them when you don’t define the problem. Well, we’re down to finding a problem with a Republican House. And that problem was deep, deep rooted, and it has done terrible damage to our country and to the people in this country. So hopefully, we can start putting some some answers to some of the least problems that these people think that they’re better than everybody else when they’re a senator congressman, if you can’t tell the truth, you’re a liar. Yeah, at the end of the day, amen, sir. And you know, what, I look forward to getting you back on the program because, and having a discussion about the press because their their insistence on controlling words and phrases, really rubs me the wrong way. And I know what they’re doing. I know why they’re doing it. And it has nothing to do with a United States of America. It’s just the opposite. Senator Tommy Tuberville, everybody from the great state of Alabama. Sir, it is refreshing to talk to you and come back soon. Thank you, Chris. Talk to you soon. That’s gonna wrap up this Saucedo storm podcast, do me a favor friends, visit a couple of websites Texas And Chris, Chris We’re trying to get this thing refurbished, redone and a whole new look. But it’s I’m running into some technological challenges behind the scenes. Hopefully we’ll get that done in short order, and I can hardly wait to start talking about it because I’m really excited about the changes we are making. So hopefully you guys can check that out. Also check out Texas for the big news around the state of Texas. Till we visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for weed that people stay safe out there my friends ever find yourself in a department store with a question but you can’t find anyone who actually works there. So you just wander. That’s what it feels like when you call most banks. But at frost we have live customer service 24/7 So you can speak to a real human right when you call every time you call. No phone tree. No bots just help from a real human when you need it. It’s about being there for you. It’s about more than money. Frost Bank

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