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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Growing Menace Of Joe Biden's Favorite Country, Communist China

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Retired, Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer is a Newsmax Contributor. He’s the President of Project Sentinel. We also have Brigadier General Blaine Holt, who is a Newsmax contributor, Air Force veteran, C-17 commander, tech entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Restore Liberty.

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As you all saw the Democrats Welcome to their their ideological kin, the Communist Chinese to our shores, they took down American flags in the People’s Republic of California in San Francisco. And they put up China’s flags, and they clean up all the poop and clean up all the hypodermic needles, and they made a good showing for dear leader. And during these meetings, there were some agreements that were made, there was one that stuck out in particular, to me it was this this deal on energy. 

Now Beijing Biden, he was putting up his deal for domestic consumption, because nobody believes that communists keep their word, they always lie. So if you don’t check up on them, they’re going to cheat. And they’re going to lie and they’re going to steal. And we all know that Joe Biden is in no way in any position, nor is he inclined to check up on Communist China, there is no check there to make sure they’re comporting With this agreement, and basically what the agreement is, is that we’re going to urine, set your country on a course to using less fossil fuels, and you’re gonna go all battery and all electric. 

And trust us that we’re doing it here in America, because we want to control our people. And you can do the very same thing. And you’re all a bunch of big control freaks and Communist China said Beijing button. So we all know that China is not going to comply, they’re building an average of a coal fired power plant, like one a week, maybe they’ve slowed down from when that stat was originally put out there. But we know they’re not going to comply. 

Because again, there is no regime to check on them to see if they will comply, and that the Communist Chinese will cheat. The idea was to kill America’s economy. And that’s it. That’s precisely what we’re seeing here. Joe Biden is going to make sure that the United States of America goes to all battery even though it’s physically impossible. There aren’t enough raw materials on planet earth to make one fleet one generation of, of battery powered cars, much less multiple generations. 

So it’s folks, it’s just not going to work. It’s physically impossible. Not enough materials. Even if the Democrats allowed us to, to go for raw materials here in the United States, it still is not going to happen, because they’re just not enough to do what they say they want to do. So what really this is, is to ruin the US economy to to placate and to destroy our ability to generate a defense using a robust economy, and to give China the ability to catch up and overtake us. 

It’s precisely what’s going on here because Communist China is going to continue to develop oil resources, and we will not and natural gas resources and we will not an alternative alternative energy sources that don’t restrict our people’s movements the way battery technology does. So it is this deal is is just crap. Everybody knows it’s crap. And the energy industry is is crying foul. Anybody who’s interested in American prosperity is crying foul, and China has a very clear objective. I found This article, believe it or not folks, and Popular Mechanics of all places, Popular Mechanics, China wants to fight and win wars against a strong enemy. 

According to a Pentagon report. China’s military buildup has two main objectives, according to the report, to turn the United States and other adversaries from using nuclear weapons. And of course, taking Taiwan by force. It’s exactly what they’re what they’re gearing up toward doing first, they dominate the Pacific basin, then they start dominating the world. It’s the objective of of the communists, they’re very patient. They take it over little by little, here’s the sticking point for me is that, frankly, folks, the United States taxpayer has been subsidizing the unprecedented military buildup of Communist China. Well, for at least three to four decades, and probably even longer, I think, since Nixon went to China. 

I think that this has been the dynamic it’s been building toward this. And it seems that individuals over here in the United States who are in the Democrat Socialist Party, want to make sure that the United States of America is weakened from within, so we can’t stand up against their totalitarian aspirations. They want to destroy the free people of Taiwan, once they solidify the control in their own region, and dominate the Pacific base. And that’s what taking over the woody islands it was all about against international law. Once they do that, then they set their sights on exporting their terrorist communist regime all over the globe. And America will be in its sights. We talk about the national security component and threat of Communist China next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

My friends it is my sincere belief the Democrat Party is a threat to national security. They are the biggest threat we face internally is the Democrat Socialist Party. And there are myriad issues that we can introduce. To prove this point. I outlined a few but we have to introduce some more discussion points here and to help me do that our guests today. First off Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer Newsmax contributor. He’s the president of project Sentinel, also Brigadier General Blaine Holt, veteran of the United States Air Force C. 17, Commander, tech entrepreneur, co founder of restored liberty and also a Newsmax contributor. Gentlemen, welcome to you both. 

Great to be with you to do this. 

All right, Colonel, we’ll start with you. As we watched the People’s Republic of California clean up in preparation for the communist dictators visit. We noticed something as his motorcade was winding its way through the streets of San Francisco. And as a an individual who wore the uniform of the United States I wanted to get your reaction. There is a significant part of the footage which shows nothing but Chinese flags as far as the eye can see no American flags and Some, like your liberty loving Latino here are observing, Hey, is that our future under Democrat rule and Republican funding? What say you? 

Well, I think, you know, birds of a feather, Chris. And one of the things I’d like your audience to go check out if they haven’t already seen it is a TV series Amazon series called Man in the High Castle. When I watched that yesterday, Chris, I thought of the Japanese occupation of California that was, was in that series. And it’s exactly like that is like, I don’t know why they even pretended that, that there was an American aspect of this, the Chinese patriotic music on the street, all of the different trappings. I mean, this is this is literally what a totalitarian state would look like, does look like and we just, we just were happy to kind of just show that it was like, it was it was essentially almost a surrender ceremony. So it’s to me it’s that bad. 

Yeah. Well, you know, what, General? It seems to me that Xi Jinping was here surveying his new acquisition, you know, the United States of America served up on a platter by the Democrat Party and fully funded I might add by the Republican Party, what say you? 

Well, there’s only acquisition, Chris is the Biden administration. And there was no clear display than what we all got to see optically. But also substantively, from what came out of this conference, first off, the Chinese and the Communist Party, and Xi Jinping came into town with a pair of tubes. They have the world fleeing China, because he wants to do Mau, a tongue 2.0 and a cultural revolution, which only underway, their economy is vaporized. And they came in here with a pair of shoes, we’re treating them as if they’ve got a royal flush, because the the politicians Gavin Newsom, Biden, they’re all They’re all beholden to this regime. And and then you can proceed via the opposite terrible optics yesterday of no American flags, ran a crowd in full progress. And listen, if you want to clean up in American city and all of them except San Francisco now need cleaning up, just bring Xi Jinping to your town, and the regime will clear out everything Yeah, put the city back to the way it was.
Seeing the problem was, you know, China came to the to the table, if we can carry out the poker analogy with a pair of two’s with Democrats in charge, we have a 10 high. That’s all we have in our hand, because we actually have both of our hands tied behind our backs. Gentlemen, I want to now get into some substance here. This is a report that came out here over the last couple of days, that the Biden regime, saying that America has an advantage over artificial artificial intelligence and weapons systems. They thought that was completely unfair. They want to make sure that the communists have an opportunity to catch up to us because and on every other front, militarily speaking, China is eclipsing the United States courtesy of Democrats. And of course, don’t forget Republicans voting to fully fund them. So here you have the Biden regime wanting to enter into an agreement with Communist China to limit artificial intelligence usage in nuclear weapons, advanced weaponry, technology, and do so because it’s the only really one of the few advantages America still has overcome in his China. Colonel, when you heard about this story, what was going through your head? 

Well, three things First, think about this. Chris Rand Paul proposed a 1%. Across the board cut as part of the current thing. they’ve rejected 1%. So as you said, as Blaine just said, they’re funding everything without regard to damage. Second point. This is the polar opposite of what the Reagan administration did. They did everything they could to negotiate using technology as a way of laboring their desires relating to US interest rate giving Reagan negotiating a way, Russia’s advantage regarding nuclear weapons using something that at the time was science fiction. SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative didn’t even exist, but were Gorbachev wanted to have it off the table. Yep. And Reagan bluffed them in one. Now we have a guy who can’t even figure out what he’s having as a, a desert choice after his entree at a meeting. I mean, this is how bad it is. And I encourage people to go out and watch the video of Biden having Tony Blinken looking over his shoulder like a nervous guy is going to get the check and not have enough cash to cover it. With what he was paying. Yeah, we’ve all seen it. And so we now see this, Chris, as clearly they’re giving everything away. And the AI advantage I don’t want Given any details relating to what I think the specific vulnerabilities are, I have some thoughts but I don’t want to talk about a moment. The idea is that that we do have advantage but every Democrat administration going back to the Clinton Administration has given away advantage. Bill Gertz did a great book called betrayal where he were the Clintons gave away MERV multiple independent reentry vehicle technology allowing the Chinese to jump multiple generations of, of nuclear weapons development. That’s the kind of thing Democrats do. And I think Biden is doing it again, here. 

Exactly. You know, and I had an interview with Randy Duke Cunningham remember him a disgraced former Republican, I interviewed him before, before he was found out. And he basically revealed to the audience that I was that I was interviewing him for that before the Clinton regime was in power, China. Yeah, they had nukes, but they they had no way of of a guidance system. He said, after the Clinton regime, China could put it this is his quote, China could put a nuclear weapon through a window and Chicago if they wanted to it was that it was using our technology. So let me ask you, General, here is Joe Biden saying America’s got a clear technological advantage. And we have to give it away to make sure that China doesn’t get upset with us would say you. 

It’s needs to be brought up by the Congress that that this type of thing would even be on the table. First of all, that I’m sorry, I don’t mean, I’m not laughing. I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at the idea that gambling in the Congress would do anything. Yes, go ahead. There’s absolutely gambling in the casino. But but but so this gets to the point that no one is coming, it’s gonna fall to the people. But that there’s no talk of treaty, there’s no talk of anything. It’s, we’re going to give this to you. So it look from from what we’re talking about to the new fresh $10 billion as a reward to Iran, for small attacks against our own people instead of big one. There. What other conclusion can you draw except for we have a an administration that is completely compromised by our vicious adversaries that have designs on us. There’s, I can’t get to any other conclusion. But but it’s reckless. And I would assume that it’s never gonna see the light of day in terms of a treaty. The other thing is you can’t give away American sovereignty. So they’re gonna knock out but they’re doing production. 

General. They’re doing that. And again, a lot of Joe Biden’s critics are saying this is evidence that he is he is indeed bought and paid for by America’s enemies. Because I don’t know how you could get to anything. Right? I don’t know what other conclusion you could read. No, pro American, no sane person would do this would say, Hey, let me look at it the most the largest, racist, genocidal slave state on the planet and let me give away our our biggest technological advantage to them. Nobody who is pro American does that that’s why the Joe Biden regime does that, folks, we’re talking to Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaefer, and Brigadier General Blaine Holt here on the Chris Salcedo show. Let’s let’s talk about a ran was brought up. And now you gentlemen, both know what had transpired on October 7 over in Israel, they’re, well, it’s 10 times more deadly than our 911 proportionately speaking, after they have endured, they’re 911 10 times greater than 911. The Biden machine wants to free up according to reports, Washington, Washington Free Beacon is talking about this. They want to free up $10 billion more to the number one state sponsor of terrorism. And we know exactly what they will do with that additional $10 billion on top of the already What is it 6070 $80 billion, that Joe Biden has already facilitated into the coffers of the Iranians so they can be flush with cash, Colonel, if you’re sitting over in Israel today, and you see the Biden regime contemplating something like this was going through your head. 

Or you got to, I’m sure what they’re doing is finding ways to avoid having to depend on the Biden administration for anything. I mean, the Israelis are immensely resourceful. They’re very apt to figure things out and do things their own way as we’ve seen before, it’s more than ever now. So I think that, yeah, they’re gonna, they’re gonna look for really cool things to come from Uncle Joe. Like, yeah, it’d be nice if Joe shows up and gives us some money, but they’re not going to count on it. And I think that’s why. Secondly, the very thing you and Blaine just outlined, relating to the funding, the beneficiary of the Iranian oil deal that allows all this illegal sale is China, China is hugely dependent. And one of the things Blaine and I have spoken about and I think we’ve all spoken about in different venues, the Chinese have a an energy problem. They have no more than about three weeks of oil in a given time relating to the fact that they have a huge economy and it’s driving fast, and they’ve got huge internal problems. Chris, we choose to not let let leverage those things we could we could defund Iran, hobble the Chinese, or at least remind them of this sort of thing without having to be over the top and then actually healthy, the Israelis by the fact that we’re standing up and trying to show that not only are we going to be able to do something to counter these larger powers, which, frankly, as we know, the Iranians, wholly supported, funded, trained, equipped and encouraged Hamas to do the attack on seventh October, we wouldn’t be standing up to the very people who helped cause the seventh October attack. But that’s an alternate universe currently, because there’s going to be no such thing. 

Apparently, and, you know, general that there was a very well known, conservative host that’s out there that saying that there doesn’t seem to be the passion for defending America, that there seems to be for defending Israel. And I mean, he must not have been watching my show and the various programs that we’ve done. We’ve been on this since the October 7 attack. We’ve been reminding Americans that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party fully funded by the likes of John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy’s tenure in the house fully funded the importation of mostly military age men into the United States millions of the millions of them unvetted, and it doesn’t take much imagination, even for a Democrat, even for a Democrat to know and understand that there is a danger a national security risk because of this. And we have been trying to sound the alarm for for weeks now. Over what the Democrat Party fully funded by the Republican Party is set up for a Hamas style attack in the United States, not in just one geographic area. But the entirety of our country and major cities by what they have done on the southern border. And now we’re contemplating on giving a bad actor 10 billion more dollars to finance such an operation. Isn’t that the definition of stupid? 

Yeah, well, it should be the definition of a high crime or misdemeanor Chris the I released an op ed on Newsmax yesterday that got right to this point. You know, Michael Yan, who’s a friend of all of ours is down there in the Darien Gap. And he is just checking off his list on all of the fighting age men, but they’re, they’re not fighting age men. They’re actually units. They’re Hamas units. They’re Hezbollah units. They’re People’s Liberation Army units. And they’re in here by not the hundreds of 1000s They’re here by the millions. I was just in New York City. All you have to do is walk past the Roosevelt Hotel where the Ivory Coast and West Africa are all represented. Okay, so now let me play this one off of on you when the universal basic income and all the Benny’s and all the money stops for whatever reason, what do you think those folks are gonna do? They’re gonna go take your stuff, or or if they’re if they get orders from a desperate Iran that is now facing in Israel on the Hezbollah front, the Syrian front and Hamas? Do they activate cells in Europe and the United States, same time and all cities? And do they go after us October 7 style and we watch the barbarism and the butchery here, Americans have this really crazy notion that foreign wars stay foreign, not in today’s technology and not in today’s environment. And not where there’s a Secretary Mayorkas, who says, Come one come all we don’t care if you don’t want to be an American, we just want you in here. That’s the humane thing to do. They think they think they’re getting voters and population replacers. And what they’re getting is killers invaded nothing but killers and invaders. 

Yeah. And you know, and this is this is going to be the thing. And I think everybody within the sound of our voices should know and understand this. This is all been brought to you by the Democrat party policies fully funded by Republicans who voted for this kind of thing. But the good news is, all all of you folks out there in America can rest assured that at least your elected leaders will be protected by men and women with guns, but you you’re going to be on your own. Colonel Schaefer and brigadier general. Blaine Holt, thank you very much appreciate the time gentlemen. Matt’s gonna put a wrap on this Saucedo storm podcast. Do me a favor to websites to visit Texas and Chris When you go to Texas Big news. They’re impacting Texas and beyond. When you go to Chris You find me for Salcedo shows and our social media hookups from truth social to Twitter, or x as it’s called. Today, till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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