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The Salcedo Storm Applauds "The Texas Heist"

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Representative Brian Harrison represents the 10th district in the Texas State House. Prior to that he was President Trump’s Chief of Staff at HHS.

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Couple of weekends back I had a great time at the Texas scorecard, met up with Brandon Waltens and Michael Quinn Sullivan. We were discussing the session that was what was going on what was happening and why we were having this lengthy panel discussion. We got a preview after our back and forth was done. We got a preview of an upcoming of an upcoming documentary and the documentary dropped last week. The documentary is called the Texas heist. And it posits a fundamental question, I think which political party actually runs the Texas House. 

Now, if you’re doing math, and you believe that math isn’t racist, and you actually believe in counting numbers, officially the Republican Party is in the majority in the Texas House. But who is really running the Texas House, that is what they explore in this 37 minute documentary, which was excellent. 

By the way, I’ve got to say to the Texas scorecard, the history lesson you provide on how the house flipped and the politics how the house used to be what the most conservative body and now, it is the most left wing. It was invaluable to a guy like me who got here in 2006. But the Texas scorecard started naming names. And when they whittled down the Dirty Dozen: 

Millions of Texas voters went to the polls, they elected Republicans thinking that they were going to get a certain outcome. And then you have David feeling with the help of some bad actors in the Texas House who run his Republicans have literally stolen the Texas House of Representatives away from the voters and given it to Democrats. I feel like ultimately, you can always point the finger to anybody who casts a supporting vote for Dangerfield, right, you could say everybody who votes for his leadership is in some way responsible. But ultimately, he can’t do this alone. He actually has to have different leaders in the caucus that are working with him. And I think it’s pretty easy to see this different mix of lawmakers. 

Yeah, about that. I have said this, too, that that speaker David feeling is very, very powerful and and judging by what he has allowed to do, judging by his Barack Hussein, Obama lawyer, parliamentarian, he does skew very, very hard left. However, he couldn’t do all of this unless he had a bunch of betrayers, a bunch of conservative slash Republican voter backstabbers, who are backing him up. 

Representative Charlie Garin major enabler, probably a closet Democrat needs to go. Representative Glenn Rodgers, who has definitely made his fair share of, of enemies amongst his constituents. You’ve got representatives like Glenn Rogers, JC jutaan, Todd Hunter, Ken King, you also have the enforcers. Ultimately, you need people like Jeff Leach, Charlie Garen, Craig Goldman. These are people who literally walk around the floor and tell people how to vote Dustin burrows, the chair of calendars is with this group to Dr. Lynn Stuckey who is out of He’s wise in Denton County and Decatur and all of that. So he’s another way he’s gonna have some primary challengers some solid primary challengers. Stephanie click Dustin burrows. Jeff Leach Andrew mer as general investigating chair somebody who wasn’t originally thought to have been a very top lieutenant and was very clearly tasked with some very important things to deliver for the Democrats. Justin Holland says a I’ll take one for the team. I’ll get with Democrats vote with them and pass out some gun control policy just to give them a win for today. What can people actually do about it? They can kick these bums out of office. 

Yeah, you know what that seems to be the the better part of valor in the state of Texas. When you have Republicans allegedly in control of the Texas State House of the Senate, of the Lieutenant Governor’s office and and the governor’s mansion, you should be able to get some fairly conservative agenda items passed. Let me give an example. In the state of Florida, real Republicans passed a prohibition on Communist China being able to buy land in Florida, it just got adjudicated by a judge judge said there’s there’s nothing discriminatory about this. 

America’s enemies don’t have a right to come in here you Democrats so shut up. They don’t have a right to come in and buy up our critical infrastructure, our farmland, they don’t have a right to spy on our military bases. It is wrong of you to claim racism as the predicate to allow America’s enemies access to our people and to put our Nation at Risk. 

This judge rejected it. So it upheld the Florida law here in Texas Republicans, Republicans defeated a common sense conservative law put out by Lois Kolkhorst. She was on this podcast, talking about this law that forbade any of America’s enemies, whether it be communist China, Mother Russia, or the number one state sponsor of terrorism are ran from buying land and Texas to compromise our food supply and and to spy on our military bases. And that common sense bill that that Americans would say like you know, come on, you wouldn’t sell land to Hitler, would you during World War Two? Of course you wouldn’t. 

So in this new cold war, with the BRICS nations and with these communist totalitarian dictatorships, you don’t want to sell them land in the state of Texas Do you will somebody does all the Democrats socialists in the Texas House, and the Republicans who delivered for them and I’d like to know the names of those Republicans, we’ll see if we can find out next on the Salcedo store and podcast. 

Today, as Texas scorecard was releasing this, the Texas heist asking the question do Democrats really truly run the Republican majority Texas State House as they were coming out of that documentary? I happened to be in in a conversation with my next guest who was was focused on some other things. But I said you know this is perfect, perfect timing to get you on because I’ve been watching this representative on Twitter and watching really as has and he’s a freshman. So as he as he finally you know, gets the groove sees Oh, this is what’s really going on. He’s been tweeting about it. And from my understanding, a lot of folks are trying to keep what’s going on in Austin secret from all of you. They don’t like the fact that he’s actually exposing this stuff. Representative Brian In Harrison, he represents the 10th district in the Texas State House. Prior to that he served President Donald J. Trump as the chief of staff at HHS. Representative Welcome back. 

Chris Saucedo Good morning to you, my friend. 

You had a victory yesterday, which is kind of nice to focus on. First, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. What happened.

Though, my goodness. So let me back up. There’s a group called the American Library Association and most state library associations send them all kinds of tax money from all over the country. Well, what did they decide to do just a couple months ago, they took all this tax money coming in from hardworking Texans and Americans, and they had an election for their next president. And they elected somebody who is a radical, far left member of the Democratic socialists of America and a self proclaimed Marxist lesbian, who have vocally and proudly said she was going to radicalize the American Library Association and forced librarian, sweet librarians to become political activists. And to, quote, make them use tax money at librarians to start forcing libraries to move into a, quote, queer perspective. She wanted to radicalise our libraries that our taxpayer dollars are paying for and our taxpayer educated students go in so I asked the Texas State Library Association cuz I’m sick and tired of my constituents having to fund the destruction of and indoctrination of the next generation. So I asked the Texas State Library Associations not send a single penny more of my constituents hard money, hard earned money, and yesterday, they informed me they are not going to renew their contract with the American Library Association. This is a victory for 30 million Texans that the victory for conservatism is a victory against the force that would indoctrinate the next generation of Texas. 

Well, you know, as I’m, as I’m listening to you, I am reminded of one of the Salcedo show axioms. If they don’t have our money, they can’t harm us, socialists and communists in the United States of America and the Democrat Party can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money. And that’s, that’s why Democrats gravitate toward government is because it’s force and they know its force. And they and nobody would ever sign on to their ideas voluntarily. So they take our money, and then they force us to comply with their Marxist socialist stupid ideas. In my mind, I say, the hire from this library association of unknown Marxist and socialist, she’s an anti American, she’s an enemy of the United States. Because if you are a Marxist and socialist, you are not American, you are an American. So kudos to you, Representative Harrison for doing that. 

Your to your point, you’re exactly right. It’s bad enough that there are people trying to indoctrinate our kids in a Marxist ideology. But Chris, I’m sick and tired of my constituents and 30 million Texans who are having a hard time putting food on the table and gas in the tank or know if they’re even going to be able to afford their property tax bill at the end of the year, having to fund the indoctrination of their kids having their own hard earned tax dollars weaponized against them against their values and against their children. 

And that leads me speaking of communists and socialists. There was a bill was introduced in the Texas legislature by Lois Kolkhorst. And Lois. I mean, I think she would agree with me in this evaluation. She’s always been a staunch Republican, but was not somebody that you would you would classify as you know what I am, I’m gonna go out and take some bold conservative moves, constitutional moves, she was, you know, kind of an institutionalist, you know, a Republican but institutional. Something changed in her as the veil of legitimacy dropped from the Democrat party as they went full blown support of our enemies, full blown socialist and communist enablers. So she passed a common sense, Bill, every American that I’ve talked to, says that was a common sense bill to say, look, it’s not a good idea to sell land in Texas, to our enemies, China, Malaysia, Russia, and the People’s Republic of Iran. That bill was defeated by the leadership of the Texas House and I’ve been trying to find a name or names of individuals who are responsible for killing that build, you know, who was responsible for four winning one for China winning one for Iran winning one for Russia? 

Well, this is this was so sad and depressing news and frustrating news, Chris, is that this bill that would have protected the sovereignty of Texas soil from being bought up and weaponized by hostile foreign actors. Okay. China, Iran, Russia, all the countries you just mentioned, the Texas Senate passed that bill. Lois Kolkhorst. And what happened in the Texas House to that bill Is What Happens to conservative priority after conservative priority after conservative priority. And that it goes to one of the speaker’s chairman. The speaker is ultimately responsible for every single thing that happens in the Texas House. So it’d be very clear about that. 

Okay. Hold on there’s name number one so we can put Dade feeling as responsible for this pro China pro Russia pro terrorist killing of this bill, go ahead. 

So what the speaker does though, is he delegate bills at the his commit handpick committee chairman. And they know what the bigger ones, we’ll just figure it out at once. But they’re the next level of people that are responsible. So so in this case, it wouldn’t sue at someone who’s a very nice guy. But his name is Todd Hunter, and it went to his state affairs committee. And like happened with so many conservative bills that went to that committee, for example, bills to strengthen our our grid, and get us off renewable bills like that. were killed there. That bill, I don’t even think he got to hearing that plan bill got voted out, even have a prayer of getting through the calendars committee and onto the floor, because that’s the next step. Once you get out of a committee, you got to go to another committee called the calendars committee. And that’s where the speakers can pick person chooses whether the house can even state something. 

Okay, so who is it who was in charge of calendars and because that’s a third name. 

So that’s a guy named Dustin burrows. 

Dustin, bro, so so we’ve got David feeling. And Todd Hunter, and Dustin burrows, they are the three air quotes Republicans responsible for making sure that Lois Kolkhorst Bill never got to the Texas House floor. Now look, I’ve been called extreme for having this opinion. And I’m, and you feel free? If you think if you think I’m being extreme, and you disagree with me on this. Feel you and I know each other well enough, you know, I’ll take the I’ll take the criticism or I’ll take the you know, I’ll take the hit. But let me phrase it this way. If I are voters and Dustin burrows district, Todd Hunter’s district or Dade feelings district looked at them, and they’re killing of this bill, on behalf of the CCP, on behalf of the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, on behalf of Mother Russia, to allow them to continue to compromise the food supply in America and Texas to be able to spy on our military installations in America and in Texas. If I were to classify their actions as the actions of a trader, would I be wrong for saying that? 

So what I would say for that question, it’s a tough question. These are hard issues. These are big issues that matter to whether the state of Texas and the United States of America are going to be free and independent, and defeat our adversaries in the future. These are important questions, Chris, what I would say is, I believe that every voter in the state of Texas, especially if you’re in one of these guys, districts that killed conservative bill, I think every voter would be completely justified, justified in asking that question, because I think there are millions of Texans who would be rightfully concerned and confused as to why so called Republicans would choose to protect the ability of the Communist Chinese to buy up our land. I think there are a lot of Republicans who quite frankly, are shocked to learn that for example, COVID vaccine mandates a bill that did get out of the first committee but went to the calendar. For representatives, you’re your your cell signal dropped out there real quick. You you cut off, right when you were talking about the vaccine mandate. Go ahead, continue that. Yeah. So I think there’s a lot of Americans just like they’d be justified in asking why did Todd hunters committee protect the right for the Communist Chinese to buy our land? Well, why did the calendars committee led by you know, supposedly a Republican Dustin burrows? Why was it so important to him to protect the right for unvaccinated Texans to have their careers destroyed? That happened COVID vaccine mandates exist in the state of Texas. They exist only because Dustin burrows and speaker Dave Thielen prevented the Texas COVID vaccine freedom act from getting on the floor of the House. The Senate passed it and the House would have passed it by 100 votes. Well, why are the Communist Chinese able to buy our land? Why do we have taxpayer funded lobbying? Why haven’t we passed school choice? Why are there COVID vaccine mandates in Texas 30 million in Texas, Texas, 

I think our right to demand answers and the leadership of the Texas House See and that’s in that and that goes to the flip side because I want to be as fair as I can to to Dustin burrows and to Speaker Dade feeling and to Todd Hunter. If there was a good reason that was going to benefit Texas this the people of Texas and not compromise, compromise our national security. This is why we’re defeating the lowest Kolkhorst bill here. Here’s our reasoning. But they don’t do that. They don’t stand up in front of their voters. And they don’t tell them this is why we’re defeating this this constitutionally conservative measure. They just do it. And I think it’s this veil of secrecy, that D legitimizes these so called Republicans inside the Texas House, am I wrong to say that? 

You’re 100%? Right, and I can prove it. They have no justification, not just because they don’t ever justify their actions. But they’re far more conniving than that, Chris, because they don’t want to be blamed for these things. So for example, we never rained in the Governor’s Executive emergency powers after COVID. We have still not banned COVID vaccine mandates in the state of Texas. And the reason that the calendars committee led by Dustin burrows will not defend those actions. What they do is they will put up they demonstrate exactly what they did for COVID mandates and for governor’s emergency executive powers. He led it out of committee, but he put it literally as the last item on the calendar on the last day. And then they conspired with the Democrat to allow the Democrats to filibuster all the 300 bills before the conservative bills to make sure that the Texas House never actually votes on it, but that they can’t be blamed for what they did. It was the calendar committee that did not reform Governor’s executive powers. It was the calendars committee that protected COVID vaccine mandates the state of Texas, and the fact that they put it on the calendar, but put it so far back that it was mathematically impossible for us to ever have a debate and a vote on it proves that they know, they know they could not possibly give it a liberal actually, 

You know what’s sad about all this is is that this show, and I think we’re among the few in the entire state of Texas. They wants to peel back this onion that wants to expose the the degenerate practices of this leadership that I’m sorry, the Republican leadership in the Texas House is pro Democrat. And that’s why I’m also applauding Texas scorecard for also basically removing the veil so that the people of Texas can understand just how dirty it is Republicans acting to the benefit of Democrats. It’s It’s sick, and it’s perverted. Representative Brian Harrison 10th district here in the state of Texas is our guest. And that leads us to the alerts we’ve been getting. Because of the 100 plus degree temperatures outside, we were asked once again, voluntarily to cut back our energy use because the Texas House and the Texas leadership in the House decided they wouldn’t do a damn thing to get in the way of Barack Hussein Obama’s distortion of our energy markets wouldn’t do a damn thing to put Texans to work to exploit our natural gas resources to make money for the state of Texas and to have reliable thermal generation online when we need it setting us up for more deaths. Like we saw in Snowmageddon. And I’ll tell you what, representative there are going to be more people dead. If this grid fails and our power generation fails in the heat than it then when it failed in the cold. Your thoughts? 

Well, no, it’s exactly the right was Erekat sent out there. Begging Texans to stop turning on their air conditioners. Yesterday, I tweeted out, you know, is this California? Or is it Texas? We’re sitting on in the state of Texas, the great state of Texas, where I’m proud to call home, perhaps the most energy blessed energy rich dirt on the planet. And it is beyond embarrassing. It’s to the point of being enraging. Yes it every time it gets really hot or really cold. We they have to cut the power off. And here’s the deal. I filed a bill. Yes, this session had a common sense proposal says let’s agree let’s apply our grid. You have to be reliable. That bill also went to Todd Hunter’s committee by the way it didn’t even get a hearing. The point is that we’ve outsourced reliability standards in Texas, to unelected bureaucrats. And guess what the unelected bureaucrats have done? 

Nothing. Now that you know, and that’s it. You’ve said, Todd Hunter so many times, it seems to me that Todd Hunter, his job in the Texas House, is to make sure the Democrats are happy and to kill anything that would benefit our people here in the state of Texas. Am I reading that wrong? Am I not being generous enough to Mr. Hunter? 

Dogs a really nice guy but let me just be really clear what the facts are. The speaker the Texas House has complete control everybody who people who want to blame the Democrats, you know for controlling the Texas House of the Democrats we’re doing this in the in the house we’re stopping that and the textile phobia a little bit more nuanced about this and precise having limited now. There are not enough Democrats to do anything in the Texas House. But yet the Democrats and liberals do a lot of things in the Texas House. Well, why is that? The Democrats can only stop conservative bills and Democrats can only pass liberal bills. If the Republican leadership in the Texas House allows them to do that, and that’s whoever speaker Dave Whelan and his lieutenants who are frequently committee chairman, including many far left liberal Democrats, for example, Democrats run the business and industry committee. Democrats run all criminal jurisprudence policy in the state. Of course, they do our natural resource. 

Of course they do. Of course they run that the pro crime Democrats run criminality committees in this state. Of course they do because who wouldn’t turn over pro criminal Democrats in a such an important committee, other than speaker date feeling, who is who got his power? And folks, I cannot recommend highly enough this video from Texas scorecard called the Texas heist, it asked the question, Do Democrats actually run the Texas State House and I’ll ask that as the final question to Representative Brian Harrison. Representative Harrison, do Democrats actually control the Texas House? 

Democrats have a lot of power in the Texas House not a lick of it, though that they earn from the voters. They got all their power from the quote unquote Republican leadership of the Texas House Democrats can’t do anything that the Republican leadership do not let them do. And yet they do a whole lot of killing of countless conservative bills and they are allowed to pass Liberal government expanding bills every single day in the Texas House that is beyond dispute because when you’re in the Texas House, the Democrats win even when they lose the ballot box and it is past time for that insanity to stop. 

And the only way it will is if you get rid of individuals who are empowering these democrats representative Brian Harrison 10th district, appreciate the visit. Thank you, my friend, it’s always great to be with you. 

God bless you. God bless Texas. 

that ‘s how you do a Texas sighs podcast my friends pay a visit if you will, folks to a couple of websites First Texas at Texas You can check out this 37 minute documentary, The Texas heist it is well worth your while there’s a lot of great history and exposes a lot of what’s happening in the Texas Legislature Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know is going on be informed and start taking control of your legislature because the people who are uncontrollable right now they don’t like you very much. So you need to make sure you take control and you kick their asses out. The other website is Chris Newly refreshed newly minted newly revamped Chris While you’re there, check out our social media hookups. We’re everywhere on that and also Hey check, check out the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five. So until we visit again, my friends, I want you to remember something. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government, even the out of control government of the state of Texas. No, it is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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