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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Show Behind The Show, Democrat's Lack Of Decency Edition

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Chris & Sean talk about a “speakeasy,” that Chris discovered. The boys also deal with the cultural ro and decline ushered in and promoted by Democrat rule.


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Folks, I’m gonna leave policy in the rearview mirror just for the moment. But let’s suffice it to say, policy wise the United States of America has been completely in the crapper since Beijing Biden took over. But I want to focus on on the morality, the character of our nation since this white trash family has taken over. But the trashiness has nothing to do with the whiteness of Joe Biden and his family.


Because the trashy activities that have been promoted and sponsored by Joe Biden, in his particular family are also coveted by multiple races inside of the Democrat Socialist Party, folks, it’s not a mechanism of race, it is the debaucherous nature of the left wing mind and the dark heart of the average left winger. Let me play for you the rationale Beijing Biden had during the 2020 campaign for taking over this country and occupying the White House. Here’s Joe Biden:


“I’m gonna say, as I said at the beginning, what is on the ballot here is the character of this country. decency, honor, respect, treating people with dignity.”


Yeah, treating people with dignity and respect and decency. That means so much from a political party that appears to have sponsored one of the most disgusting and disgraceful activities I think I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying an awful lot for this particular version of the Democrat Socialist Party. Over the weekend, it was revealed that a gay sex tape was made in a hearing room inside of the United States Senate. And this video got out. The staffer that made the gay porn was a man that worked for Senator Ben Cardin. Now, the staffer to our knowledge has been dismissed from Ben Cardin’s office. And he’s not talking about this staff issue any longer. However, that wasn’t Senator Ben Cardin’s attitude. When individuals trespassed on January 6th, the January 6th trespassers who were taking selfies fully clothed, not authorized to be in the US Capitol that earned the ire of one Senator Ben Cardin, listen to what he had to say: 


“January the sixth, like December the 7th and September the 11th, is a date which will live in infamy. I refer to US Capitol as sacred space because it’s so much more than a building where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet and conduct business. It is the embodiment of our ideals, our aspirations and hope, not just to Americans, but also to all of humanity.”


A sacred space said Senator Ben Cardin, sacred space and it was so sacred to Democrats that some of their some of their staff members decided to make gay porn in the middle of one of the Senate hearing rooms in the August Senate. Now, folks just serious question here. Does that seem to you that Democrats revere the the institutions and the facilities that have become so iconic and emblematic of America’s freedom, liberty, and as Ben Cardin put it, our values? Or what did he say? It was emblematic of the ideals of the United States?


Well, according to the Democrat Party, the ideals of the United States is having intimate relations and in the most inappropriate places, I’d like to remind you this is the political party that is trying to force sex, and grooming our children for intimate relations between adults and children. Part of the way they do this is through this drag time show, push for our children. The head of the Smithsonian says drag shows for kids are inappropriate. However, the Smithsonian was hosting drag shows for children.


“Secretary, are you familiar? Do you know the number of drag shows that the Smithsonian has hosted in the last three years?”


“No, I don’t.”


“Six, and four of those were targeted at children. That going back to June 27th of 2020, an online event at the American Art Museum listed under the kids and families category, a virtual drag queen storytime. Ruth brings fun for the whole family as she reads classic Nursery Rhymes and tales for children.” 


Democrat values right there, my friends. Yes, yes. Drag time story hour are men pretending to be women is family friendly, according to the Democrat Party. And this is how they returned decency to the United States of America according to Joe Biden, and to Ben Cardin staffers, and frankly, folks, I have not heard any Democrat condemning the activities that have been revealed to be happening, courtesy of the Democrats inside of the Texas capitol.


“June 5th ‘21. June 18th ‘21, a virtual drag queen art Bingo Night, June 4th of ‘22. Another event, it’s targeted at children. My question is this. You know, how does hosting drag shows for children help the Smithsonian achieve their mission of catalyzing public engagement and sparking curiosity, learning by connecting the knowledge, resources and expertise to the Smithsonian with vital network of cultural and educational organizations? What culture is exposing children to overly sexual material appropriate?”


Yeah. How is that furthering the Smithsonian’s goal? Its stated goal. Now I can see where some Democrats and some left wingers, some freaks might think that drag shows for children advances another agenda. They’ve not been all too willing to express to us. But exactly, how does that fit in with the Smithsonian?


“I think it’s not appropriate to sit to expose children to drag shows. I’m surprised and I will look into that.”


Oh, well. Yes. I’m very surprised about what’s happening. And my own in my own sphere. They I’ve been getting this is by the way, folks, Lonnie G Bunch III, a secretary and in charge of the Smithsonian, he had no idea this stuff was going on. But folks, we we have seen all the stuff that’s been going on from the the gay sex videos, to Hunter Biden, to the cocaine found in the White House, to this man pretending to be a woman cross dressing, leather dog costume wearing individual who was caught stealing women’s clothes. And he happened to be you know, just the administration’s one of their officials in charge of nuclear waste in the country. Sam Sam Brinton, remember him. And let’s not forget Hunter Biden and all of his multiple exploits detailed in the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.


Let’s not let’s not forget this freak show that Dr. Jill Biden put on with a bunch of individuals jumping around the White House. It was just one big freak show, allegedly celebrating Christmas. Let’s not forget the FBI director and refusing to tell members of Congress Hey, why won’t you release the Epstein client list? Why Dick Durbin stood in the way according to several sources Dick Durbin, protecting that list from getting out and exposing who was paying a visit to Epstein island on the Lolita Express. From this school district, the Wallingford Swarthmore school district a memo being put out by Patty somebody Patty, saying, as per Dr. Marcel, he has been receiving complaints from parents concerning the district employees displaying Christmas themed decorations, and are wearing clothing of the same nature.


If you have decorated your bus with anything specific to the Christmas holiday, or any other decorations relating to the specific religion to a specific religion, please remove them immediately. This is not specific to our department, it appears it applies rather to all district employees. So you’ve got gov ed, clamping down on expressions of Christmas, while promoting what many consider to be pornography and same sex relationships, sex in general and intimate relations with adults and some of these books being peddled to our children.


Aren’t you glad the Democrats brought decency back to the United States? Good grief. Folks in the Salcedo show axiom states one of them states leftists project qualities on the others that they themselves have an abundance. And that’s what we’re seeing more on this on the show behind the show on the Salcedo Storm podcast next.


Folks, it’s time for the show behind the show, and this is the the week before Christmas edition of the Salcedo Storm podcast show behind the show and Sean Chastain is here. Hello my man.


Hey, it’s kind of the show after the show. Good lord, you went on and on. And I finally had to stop and say why aren’t we doing this on the air?


Okay, okay.


So I know it’s not stuff you’re usually comfortable with talking. You liked the politics. You like the meat, but man, sometimes you just got to talk.


Well, in my own defense, I was so eager to tell my friend about an experience I had had that I just before we started rolling, I wanted to tell you about the experience I had. So I’m sitting here telling Sean about my birthday, which was last week. And and he says why are we talking about this on the podcast? I’m like, Okay, fine. Let me just push. So let so let me just catch the folks up there where we were. I had nothing to do for my birthday this year. Nothing planned. You know, I don’t plan my own out. Unless it’s something I really really really want to do, you know, a movies out or something like that. So my mother in law on Facebook finds something called the red phone booth, and it’s a speakeasy. And let me just describe to you what it is on the outside, it differs from location to location, there are only five around the country at this point, one happens to be in The Colony in North Texas, which is in driving distance, which is in driving distance from where my house is. So the facade is basically one of those old red phone booths, you know, like from the UK. And that’s your entrance, there, there are no windows, nothing else. It’s just, it’s like a phone booth sitting on a wall. Right? And you’re looking at and that’s your entrance. Now you can’t get in unless you know the code. And so I was dialing up the website, a number all Thursday, couldn’t get a hold of anybody. And anybody it was says that the mailbox is full. So after I kind of got a little frustrated over the first and this is this is all part of people who seek and want to find this kind of stuff, you got to do some digging, you gotta you got to be enterprising if you want to get access to this, these kinds of places.


Well it’s part of the fun, I guess.


It is it was because it’s almost like a mystery just to get in, right. So I ended up calling the Miami franchise, which is coming online here, if not already online, and I catch the owner. He’s at the airport. So instead of dialing up the Red Phone Booth in Miami, it dials him directly. And he’s at the airport ready to get on a plane. And I and his name was Cam. And I said, dude this is gonna sound crazy, but I’m trying to get a hold of the Red Phone Booth in The Colony, Texas. He’s like, oh, I know those guys. And he gives me the name of the manager up there and gives me a totally different phone number. So then I call up and I have a great conversation with the manager. And we go up to this to this joint, which is a 1920 speakeasy. And it’s not just a themed speakeasy. I mean, from the architecture, Sean, to the craftsmanship, they did their best to to walk you back in time.




And there’s a humidor inside. And there are lockers, you can rent to store your stogies at, you know, just the right temperature. And there’s a very knowledgeable guy on staff that can walk you through that. The recipes for the drinks are 100 years old, in this place.


Yeah. And um, go ahead I’m sorry.


No, no, it’s all right. It’s because the founders great grandfather was a pharmacist during Prohibition. And a pharmacist, it just think of it as like marijuana is today is what alcohol was back then. And the 1920s. Oh, Doc, I can’t sleep can you write me a prescription for some alcohol, wink wink nod nod. And these recipes man, including something called a smoky Manhattan, which was damn good booze, and so and decent two ounce pours. And there’s some really high end stuff in there. The wood in the bar, Sean is Brazilian oak. They say this is the tour of the mini tour they gave us that that oak can stay submerged in water for like 100 years. And still not and still not degrade. So it’s that hard. And then really, either, even though the marble is cracked, it’s the toughest marble on Earth, really hard to fashion and put into the end of the bar. And so this is just one of those and it’s membership driven. So I was there. I, we got in because we made a reservation. And then I said, Okay, I’m so joining so I became a member. And it’s just really cool. And you sit back and you chill out on comfy leather sofas. And you can go buy a stogie in the humidor and get some drinks and get some some good eats. And it’s just a chill. All the brick by the way. 120 year old brick from New Jersey in the facades in the walls. Dude it’s just it’s just an experience. And I just love it.


Yeah, that sounds awesome.


Yeah, we had a great time.


I was in Kansas City once and there’s a place called The Majestic.


I’ve heard of that!


In the Power and Light just to yes or anything like that. Anyway, we walk in and it’s it’s kind of the same thing. It wasn’t speakeasy, but it had this 200 year old bar from New Orleans, brought up and installed and the bartender was the most knowledgeable dude I’ve ever met as far as liquor goes. And so I would just, you know, say make me something I’ve never had before. And he would come up with the same thing you know, he’s cocktails from 100 150 years ago. You know, here’s here’s something from New Orleans from the 1800s. And like, Wow, man, and it was so great. And all the all the fresh fruit, you know, rinds and stuff. Yeah, that they put in there and just the liquors have never heard of never would have thought of and all the juice Yeah, when you get when you get a bartender like that, that’s really fun and do that, you know, if you do come across a place like that, just say, you know, make you something I’ve never had.


Yeah, the juices are all fresh squeezed, because back then there was no such thing as Capri Sun or Sunkist. So they all they squeezed all of their, their juices fresh and the smoky Manhattan, you know, it makes it smoky. 




They take, they take a torch, and they they light a piece of hickory on fire. And then they douse it in the Manhattan stirring it, and it flavors it gives it it gives it a distinct flavor. Yeah, dude, I know. Right?


Fancy man, well, happy birthday. That sounds like a blast.


No, it was great. And you know what, as I’m sitting there with my father in law, and and we had some other folks with us, you know, puffing on a cigar. I actually thought of you, you know, because I know, because some of these cigars, they weren’t outrageous. I mean, some I mean, there was some 100 You know, 80 to 100 buck stogies in there. But there was also you know, a couple of 15 $16 stogies as well. So, which is what I end up and I don’t think I’ve had a cigar. That was my first cigar that I’ve had since before 2006 when I first I have not had a cigar in Texas. I don’t think I’ve had a cigar maybe maybe one but I can’t remember it but it must must not have been..what?


That’ll give you a buzz if you haven’t.


Well, if you’re going to you know, it’s one of these Mac daddies that are just you know, really robust, but I went with a lighter tobacco, and a actually a coffee flavored cigar, which was pretty damn good.


Oh my god.


It was good. No, it was recommended.


Wait a minute, were you in that were you in that gay porn thing?


Oh, stop it. There’s nothing gay about smoking those types of cigars. Not that there’s anything wrong with that or not. There’s not anything wrong with that. 


No, you’re a girl if you’re smoking a flavored cigar.


I know plenty of gay guys who have robust stogies has nothing to do with anyway. Well, since you brought it up, I guess we’re gonna have to talk about this because I gotta tell you, man, this, and I played it and on the intro into the show behind the show, Joe Biden at his his debate and he’s been saying a similar thing since he’s like, Yes, I need to run to restore decency to America. And of course here we have a staffer for Senator Ben Cardin recording a gay porn inside of a Senate hearing room. This is the same regime that of course, Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden is the poster child fo, you’ve got trans individuals bearing their breasts displaying a whole bunch of inappropriate skin on the the the North Lawn of the White House. You got that freak show that was Dr. Jill Biden’s Christmas celebration, whatever the hell that was the you know, the celebration of kink, and of course their nuclear disposal disposal guy who was a cross dressing, you know, dress me and leather as a dog freak. Then you’ve got, you know, the Epstein client list that Dick Durbin says, oh, no, we’re not going to be releasing that. We’re going to I’m going to block that. You’ve got the FBI director saying he’s not going to release the Epstein client list because they’re protecting the list of a dead a dead pedophile. You got this school district, the Wallingford Swarthmore School District in a memo saying do not celebrate Christmas. This applies to all district employees because some parents are complaining about Christmas or holiday themed decorations. It’s like, really, and this is Democrats America, man.


You know want to scare me most about the gay sex video in the..up on Capitol Hill?




Was I mean, Not yeah, first there’s, you know, a gay sex video that’s released. And, you know, I understand you get you freak on every once in a while and, you know, being public displays of, of affection are sometimes thrilling, but yeah, that was that was a little over the top. But what disturbed me most was..


A little over the top?

The fact you know, what’s the fact that where the hell is Capitol Police?


What what? I guess..


I mean, how can you get naked in a Senate hearing room?




Have sex, and nobody walks in on you


Or nobody or nobody..and I’m thinking maybe Capitol Police Police are behind the camera.


I’m not gonna put that on the top. But But seriously, I mean, it’s, you know, could could a terrorist walk in and start spreading ricen over the place? I could do somebody walk in and put a pipe bomb under the podium.


It’s a fair question. It’s a fair question.


I don’t know. I tell you seriously, that’s, that’s quite for me most. Right. It’s just, I mean, it’s disgusting. And I hope that, you know, apparently they are pressing some criminal charges perhaps and I hope that goes through. But that part was the most disturbing to me.


I played a soundbite from Senator Ben Cardin, who, when the January 6th trespassers were, you know, walking through taking selfies without permission. He was the one that was talking about the sanctity of the United States Senate and the hallowed halls of Congress. And of course, this was his staffer, and of course, he’s not commenting on this. He was all too willing to comment on January 6th trespassers, as some of these individuals have had their due process rights denied, they’ve been placed in solitary confinement and charged while well, of course, ANTIFA and BLM individuals who did far worse during their rioting across this country have had their charges dropped for these people have had the book thrown at them, and even some stuff made up against them. Senator Ben Cardin, talking about the hallowed halls of the Senate and one of his staffers feels free. And man, when I say he feels free, I mean, you folks, it’s a free it’s a freaky video man in the middle of a Senate hearing room. These people are some of the most debaucherous among us, I think it’s fair to say.


Yeah, obviously, and but I mean, as far as these people, I’m sure there are probably a lot of Republicans that have been caught doing the same thing. So I don’t I don’t care about the politics in this. It’s disgusting. I hope they I hope they are criminally charged, if there are in fact laws that were broken. And where the hell are the police?


Let me ask a question. Let me ask a question. Because, because I mean, you and I have gone over this. I know that there I am probably one of the most prominent conservative talk show hosts who relentlessly goes after Republicans for not standing up to this BS, right, that my my biggest Bugaboo is this depravity that is being allowed to ravage the country, not to mention all the malfeasance of government against our people, and the people allowing it to happen to the ones we relied on to stop it. So I am not saying this to you to say that the Republicans are as pure as the wind driven snow, and I would never make such an allegation. However, I do not know and have not seen a video that has been produced like this sponsored by a Republican administration. I don’t remember a lot of people running around naked with their tops off during the the Trump administration or during the Bush administration or the Reagan administration, or even the Florida administration. I don’t remember this, this absolute abandonment of decorum and propriety where our children inside of schools are being indoctrinated to some of the most grotesque what what you can only classify as pornography. It’s not Republicans or conservatives pushing that crap. It is Democrats, it is leftists. And I think we ought to at least be able to be fair and say it’s that side pushing this stuff. 


Oh, absolutely, yeah, I’m not denying that. I’m just saying don’t don’t say only Democrats do this stuff because you know, that’s not true. So, but in this case, it was Democrats. And so yeah, let’s let the hopefully justice take its course. And so..


You’re so you’re you’re alleging that it’s likely a Republican, has had gay sex in a Senate hearing room just hasn’t gotten caught?


No, I’m not saying I’m not saying that.




I’m just saying that Republicans aren’t like you said, clean as the driven snow?


Oh, no way. No way. But again, this is see Sean this, this, this is to me, it’s like, so many people value..well, both sides suck. And you know, what, when it comes to the handling of government, I think the uniparty, there’s, there’s when we’re talking politics, that’s great. But it’s true, because there is there is a pox on both of their houses. But um, but man, this type of stuff, porn to children, marketing sex to children, that the Epstein client list, the abuse of women that came with Weinstein Democrat donor, right. I mean, we’ve got to be able to say that. I know, understand the Republicans have problems of their own, but an eight like what the Democrats are doing not not to this level of depravity that we’re seeing in a Senate hearing room, fair?


No. Yeah, absolutely fair. And I wasn’t saying that.




All I’m saying is, yeah, and you’re right, that, you know, that that party is in charge, and it seems to be getting way worse. But you did say something too that, you know, we’re depending on the people to stop this kind of stuff.




Well, that’s, I think that’s where you’re going wrong is, you know, the way we stopped this is by communities and, and it’s not depending on the government to step in and stop this. It’s it’s all of us saying, Yeah, we’re not, we’re not gonna put up with this. So, you know, and then again, that starts with voting, like we’ve talked about so many times


True. True, you know, and then, look, I tell, tell me why the American people shouldn’t know about who visited the Lolita Express of Epstein, the client list? Why, why is it what are they protecting about a dead pedophile?


No, you know why. Because there’s plenty on both sides that if if those names get out, it’s going to rock the world. And, and they don’t want that because it means losing power for many of them. On both sides of the aisle, no doubt.


Well, I have no doubt about that, either. And so..


And then, I mean, you can even go more recent. It was a story for about an hour. The big brothel in DC.


Oh, yeah.


That they busted.


Oh, yeah.


And have you heard more about that?




Absolutely not, because, you know, everyone is involved.


Well, you remember that madam that…


Both sides of the aisle, and it’s gonna be really bad when it comes out. But you know, yeah. Because they know


The DC madam member that that this was a few years back the DC madam story. I think this was a this was a Clinton era, the DC madam. And then that was a story for all about three or four minutes, and then went away. Right? What was her name?


Yeah of course. And that, just to me, that just tells you what you need to know about politicians. And I think that’s why Trump was so successful because he wasn’t a politician. Even though he was a jet setting playboy. He wasn’t wrapped up in that stuff. And he wasn’t, you know, looking for power. He was just looking for money..and girls.


Yeah. And he was upfront about it. He was like, Yeah, this is your way. This is who I am


He wasn’t hiding anything about.


Yeah, but but then when he got into government, he’s like, Okay. What you do in your private life, that you know, that’s your business. And that’s what the that’s what I was about. I was I was a jet setter. I was a playboy. I liked women. But you know, when he was in office, he didn’t he didn’t bring all that crap to Washington DC. He he actually had a standard that I think by any stretch of the imagination that has that. I’m sorry that Joe Biden has brought that type of debauchery into government. The Democrats have brought it into government.


Dude, there was effing cocaine in the White House. Found in the White House, we still don’t know about that.


Forgot got about that. Yeah, forgot about that.


The whole thing, just yeah, it, it’ll just drive you insane. If you, you know, dig into these stories and realize that there’s no truth being told about them, and if they are just being covered up because everyone involved is in power, and they want to keep that power. And all you have to do is go back and watch the 1939 ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ and realize that it’s always been that way, and it probably always will be that way.


See, and that’s, and that’s the problem.


Oh, man, it’s depressing as hell man, I know it is. 


It is. And, you know, I would there is a part of me that says that I can I can just dismiss this. And just say, You know what, it’s always been like that. And, you know, we, frankly, that we’ve we’ve always had gay sex inside of Senate hearing rooms. They just never got caught. We’ve always had transvestite boobs being blasted on the North Lawn in full view of the public. Wait a minute, no, this stuff hasn’t been happening.


Oh no, it’s getting worse.


It is getting way exponentially worse.


Yeah. And, you know, I mean, the times have changed a little bit since 1939. So, you know, Jimmy Stewart was alive today. So you would probably, you know, make his head explode. How bad are things? But, you know, for a lot of the stuff that would make his head explode, it’s just kind of the way it is. And then it’s okay. But yeah, it’s, I mean, yeah, it’s getting way worse. And the people in power will not see that power. So I don’t know, man. Just get out and vote.


A decade ago, it was the Deborah Jean Palfrey it was that what was her name, the DC madam, that had the Rolodex of all of the all of the individuals on Capitol Hill who were either stepping out on their wives or husbands and doing all manner of things, but it came in, it dropped, and then it just, it just went away. You know, it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like, we talked about last week, with the investing in following following Congress’s investments, rather than Wall Street’s because you’re gonna make, you’re gonna outperform any of the markets by following what Congress is investing in.




And it’s that it’s that level of, of depravity. And I think it goes right back to what you were saying, the reason why we get the government we deserve and the reason why we keep, why we keep electing individuals who are sponsoring this kind of BS is because our people are no longer discerning. And I think it’s, I think it’s a loss, and I don’t, you know, I don’t like to preach an awful lot. And I don’t make my shows religious centric, but I also don’t shy away from from recognizing my own faith. And you know, what, a people of conscience don’t continue to elect these kinds of people. Right? And I think there should be an examination of that and why so many God fearing people are bemoaned and besmirched in this day and age.


Oh, yeah, absolutely. And you know, those same God fearing people are busy. And so it’s tough to get educated, it’s tough to you know, not get frustrated and just say, Well, screw it. I’m not gonna vote. So, you know, just gotta do it. 


Yeah, you got to do and you know what and voting is is part of it. But you’ve also got to follow up on on that kind of stuff. You’ve got to make sure that those you elect are doing your jobs. This is why I’m, I’m on it constantly in the state of Texas. You know, there are a lot of people who vote for Charlie Geren and this this man turns in, left wing after left wing after left wing victory. Same thing with Dade Phelan. Same thing with his his lieutenants, who delivered us to this debaucherous left wing party that is the sponsor of all the misery in this country. It’s again, these individuals that prize getting along with Democrats over fidelity to their voters. I can’t abide by it anymore. And because it’s hurting too many of us in my opinion. Yeah.


Yeah. Absolutely, man.


Well, man, look,


Are you done shopping? I’m about to start wrapping stuff.


No, I’m done, I’m done. Did you you did online, right? 


Yeah, so most of the stuff for the kids I sent to out to Albuquerque via the Amazonian and but then there’s I think I told you last week that my daughter in law is getting into woodworking, so been, you know, I like to encourage people doing stuff with their hands and actually learning something. And so I’ve been supplying her with some tools that I wasn’t using anymore or that I’ve had a couple of and and so that’s her Christmas presents are stuff that I found off marketplace, you know, that and I think I’ve mentioned this last week, so many people just throw away perfectly good stuff anymore, or sell it for cheap, you know, use it once and sell it cheap. And, and I’ve been taking advantage of that. And you know, a little bit of elbow grease and, and some literal grease on some joints or whatever that makes these things work fully new again, and, and so that’s what she’s getting for that some tools and stuff to encourage her to get in the shop and learn something.


My father in law has a Chevy. And I think it’s 2019 it’s a 2019 Chevy, it’s, it’s, it’s the half ton. So it’s that well, maybe maybe it’s a three quarter. Now that I’m thinking about because it’s pretty it’s pretty beefy because he hauls a fifth wheel with it. Okay, so he’s looking at it as exhaust system you that he’s been he’s been tinkering with it a lot, doing some things. And he, he looks at it, he goes, does all this research, we fought because it’s getting rusted out, he orders a new exhaust system for this thing. And he was going to install it himself. He goes, you know, I’ll just let some other guys do it. So he takes it down to a shop. And it was out and I and I don’t remember what I was doing. But I was I was inside of my office and and he he had his was without his car over the weekend for you know, all day while they were putting this exhaust system in. So I’m sitting there in my office and I’m doing something I remember what it was. I was like, I was watching something on television. And I’m, I’m hearing this and it’s like super loud. And I mean, I got damn kids. Today. These damn kids. They’re always super bad exhaust system. Not two minutes later, my father in law pokes his head of the house. Hey, did you hear my new exhaust system? I was like, I thought it was one of the kids. Are you kidding me, dude? I mean, it was dude. It’s it really made his truck sound beefy. I mean, it’s really awesome. Yeah, but that’s gonna be my favorite story to tell now about my father in law. I’m in their, “Damn kids!”. And it was him all. All right, buddy. Hey. So you and I won’t speak to each other. Until well, the new year right because you’re taking next week off.


I’m taking next week off, I’m back for a week and then I’m gone for the next weekend. So the next weekend, but you dropped us to you on the air.


But well, yeah, so Oh, great. So so let me get this straight. So you’re you’re not going to be here for next Sunday, which is the 31st. And then you’re going to be back so you


I don’t think I will I may be depends on what time I get back from Albuquerque, so I’ll let you know.


Okay, so what you know, yeah, so you might be back by Sunday the 7th which would be before you left again for your whatever you’re gonna be doing. What are you gonna be doing?


Yes. Just some family stuff I gotta take care of. 


All right, man. Hey, Merry Christmas, brother.


All right, so you too, pal. Love you. Alright, that’s gonna do it for this Salcedo Storm podcast. Have a blessed day. Merry Christmas week, folks. And make sure you visit a couple of websites, and That’ll, by the way, podcasts will continue to drop throughout Christmas, the Christmas week. So after Christmas, the only place to find new content for the Chris Salcedo shows, and the podcast will be right here on the podcasts. So make sure you tell all your friends out there till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me, we the people. You stay safe out there my friends. 


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