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With Halloween around the corner, Chris and Sean talk about all things scary in Texas and America.

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This is just me I want to be perfectly honest about this. I don’t think this is a universally held point of view. I think this is just somebody who has my life experience, wisdom, guided by experience. And I’m also not alone in my evaluation. But I will say this, if you think that today’s Democrat Party is not fundamentally different than your father’s or your grandfather’s or your great, great grandfather’s Democrat party than I think you’re insane. 

The Democrat Socialist Party of today, by virtue of the fact that socialist is added in there. The Democrat Socialist Party is not the pro American, not the pro Western Democrat Party of old, it’s just not. And we have seen an example of this in spades all across this country in the wake of the attack on Israel by Hamas, and Israel’s response to that devastating terror attack. Now, I want you all to put yourselves back. For those of you who are around September the 11th 2001. 

The United States has just been attacked by radicalized Islamic fundamentalists. And we’ve had our entire lives turned upside down. And imagine, if you will, that some elected officials somewhere a whole bunch of elected officials, somewhere a whole bunch of, of citizens of one political persuasion of another country started to wag their finger at the United States and say, No, now, don’t be targeting terrorist elements in Yemen, don’t be targeting terrorist elements in Iraq, don’t be targeting terrorist elements in Syria, you must strictly stick to the terrorist elements from which al Qaeda launched. 

And it is only that and we’re going to insist that anything else beyond that is going to be a war crime. And that’s exactly what’s going on right now with Israel, by the way, their 911 attack was 10 times greater if you take into account population 10 times greater the impact than our 911 was. And I don’t think I’m talking out of turn. Granted, it was back when Democrats still pretended they had the best interest of this country at heart. 

And that all went away with the election of Barack Hussein Obama. But look, I don’t think anybody in America would have sanctioned being told how we should respond to an attack on our soil. Yet. There’s an entire political movement over here in the United States, left wing extremists and you find them in media, you find them in Congress, you find them on college campuses, who are daring to make this this demand of Israel and then telling those in the Democrat Party, their Democrat party, that if you stand with Israel, then you you run the risk of alienating voters because according to these left wing extremists, the left wing voters and quote unquote, America believes that that Israel ought to be restrained in its response to the most savage and brutal attack, which, by the way was perpetrated by individuals who raped women, then killed them decapitated children, burned them and kidnapped and killed elderly folks. 

Democrats in the face of that evil are saying, well, you can’t. You can’t meet force with force. And, folks, I’m sorry. I think the Democrats claim they speak for America. Let me ask you, do they speak for you? Here’s permille, Ajay appall being asked by NBC air quotes, news on meat the depressed and they’re being asked by NBC. You know, Joe Biden, for his support of Israel is losing Democrat votes. permille, Ajay appall of the Democrat Socialist Party. Does that concern you? 

“One we spoke to leaders in Michigan, who said they were concerned that he is losing support among the Arab and Palestinian citizens there because of his full throated support and Israel that also came against the backdrop of Congressman Dean Phillips announcing he is running against President Biden. Are you concerned that in a general election both of these things could weaken President Biden’s chances? Well, let me say, Kristen, that I have been one of President Biden’s biggest supporters. I’ve been proud, but it’s not gonna be weakened, because there’s so many ways, workers, will he be weakened? Like I say this because because what I think is that the President needs to be just as courageous on this issue, so that we keep the unity within our country for the support of the incredible things he has done.” 

Okay, the incredible things like raising your grocery prices by 25%. Record high gas prices open borders crime running rampant, a weakened military has permille Ajay appall looks at the incredible work that Joe Biden has done to weaken the United States and leave us ripe for the picking for our enemies and doesn’t want to disrupt the unity of Democrats in that pursuit. 

So Joe Biden, who has been arguably the most left wing anti American occupyer the Oval Office because He’s clueless and really Marxists are ruling in his name. permille Ajay appall doesn’t want to stop all that that good mojo to destroy the United States of America, destroy our Constitution, destroy our rights or liberties and our freedoms. So she doesn’t want that coalition to break up. And with Joe Biden being so pro Jewish, so pro Israel, that’s going to ruin everything says permille, Ajay appall. 

“He is, I think, you know, going to be challenged to explain an issue of this moral significance to people, the American people are actually quite far away from where the President and even Congress, the majority of Congress has been on Israel and Gaza.”

They really, really the so where are you folks? Do you believe that Israel had every right to respond with equal proportion to the savagery that they suffered from Hamas? Aren’t you there, I’m there. I believe that if somebody hits you, you hit them back equally. And then I’m also in favor of making sure that you degrade their capability of hitting and hurting you again, I’m a firm believer in that insane people are a firm believer in that strategy, because you don’t want and responsible people I might add, you don’t want to have a similar attack happened in the future. So you degrade your enemy’s ability to harm you if you can. And that’s what Israel is doing. 

“For the right for Israel to defend itself to exist, but they do not support a war crime exchange for another war crime.”

And that’s what Democrats call Israel’s response. And that’s what they say that you the American people that you look at Israel’s response after they were savagely and brutally attacked. The Democrats call that a war crime. 

“And I think the President has to be careful about that. And I would call him because I know him. Well. I’ve had breakfast with him. I’ve had the honor of working with him, I would call him to bring us to a higher place to let the American people to really call to the American people on a moral issue of this nature. And then I think we can go forward and talk about the incredible things that he has done, but I am certainly concerned about his approach to this. And listen, my colleague, Dean Phillips, everyone’s got the right to run but I’m sorry, I have no idea what he is running And that is different from what President Biden is running on. He took the same bold stances that President Biden has taken in this country on domestic issues. And I really don’t see what what he’s doing. That’s not the point. For me. The point is, I want President Biden to be the next president. And he needs to call us to a higher moral place.” 

Yeah. So higher moral place, you know, and by the way, on that last, that last point, you know, Dean running for the Democratic nomination for president and the DNC and the Democrat Party responding well, that’s all well and good, but there will be no debates, there will be no primary challenger for for Joe Biden. We’re not going to have a vote for in the primary for Joe Biden. It’s only going to be Joe Biden, you’re only gonna have Joe Biden to choose from so, folks, this is the Democrats idea of saving democracy. We canceled the debate and we cancel voting. That’s how Democrats save democracy. And frankly, I think that informs Democrats worldview on Israel and Hamas. I think it’s I think that’s part and parcel and how bat guano crazy they are. The show behind the show comes up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks time for the show behind the show our buddy Sean Chastain in for another visit as we are getting ready to head into the spookiest time of the year which is of course primary season No, no, it’s it is actually Halloween a couple of days. This is being recorded before Halloween. Hey, buddy. 

All right. Yeah, I want to take out my my fake sex offender sign so put that in the yard. Do you really do that? Do you really do that? No, no. No. Are you kidding me? Mark with that baby. But yeah, I do of course turn off the porch porch light seal up the blinds cover the windows? Yeah, and pretend I’m not home Tanja not home that’s your just a Grinch. 

One I well. A little bit it’s kind of a creepy for an older dude by himself to be sitting on the porch handing out candy candy, I think I don’t know. Well, that’s fair. But to you know, I don’t I don’t want to keep getting off the couch every five minutes and I don’t want to spend 60 bucks and candy. Yeah, that I’ll only end up eating myself especially when there’s the World Series going on. And yeah, right. Absolutely. He you know what? There was a I think it was an ABC 13 which I think is done in Houston. ABC putting out that there’s some article it says the Texas is ranked now. One of the most haunted states the most haunted state in the union. I guess they they compared you know paranormal reported activities. hauntings and Texas is number one. 

Yeah, don’t get it. I saw the same study. It was from somebody I’ve never heard of it. Yeah, well, wasn’t it house? I hope that means I mean, people have weird experiences that old hotels or old buildings, right? He knows. 

Well, Hell’s half acre is in Fort Worth. Isn’t that? Am I remembering that correctly? Yeah, I think so. Right. Right. And Fort Worth had folks that for those of you don’t know, there is a, there is a series of businesses that are right along this this street. And as a matter of fact, one of Sean and Mize mutual friends, I think either still does own a business or had owned an interest and a business there. And the the managers would report coming in. And, you know, just count the books at the end of the night. You know, two o’clock in the morning was a bar. And the whole place would be empty, but they’d still be hearing as if it were sounds as if it were full clinking glasses and crowds when there was nobody there. 

Yeah, I’ve never really experienced anything like that. The only the only odd thing that it wasn’t even me personally, but it was my family. My my sister’s granddaughter, what would that make her? Your sister’s granddaughter that would nice. Rainy says daughter. Yeah, okay, whatever it needs. Anyway. She was born after my dad died. And out of a tribute to my dad, then her middle name is Roy. Kind of odd for a girl. But it’s kind of fun, too. And so when she was just starting to talk, you know, two, three years old. She was in the, in the room by herself and where she wouldn’t do, we’re down here to visit. And in my dad’s office, just talking up a storm. And came back was toys. It really Oh, my dad would know. I have no idea how she would know them. So all that stuff’s just kind of bizarre. And maybe it’s just, they’re young minds are still wide open. And if there is paranormal activity, they’re, you know, they’re not jaded by what other people say. And maybe if there is such a thing, maybe that’s where it comes from. 

That freaks me right out. That story just freaks me right out. That is great. Oh, it’s not the only one like that. I’ve heard of two other people with same experiences. You know, in fact, we had somebody called the radio station said almost exact same story that their little two year old was, and they’re talking away and they said, you know, who are you talking to? And she said, Little grandma, and like, what? And she wandered down the hall and pointed up at a picture of a picture that, you know, the guy said she she’d never seen eye level. Just from the floor, it was a picture of his mom. And so, and she points right to the picture and said. 

Yeah, that’s that’s crazy, man. You know, my family. And that never happened to me. I just think I I’m desensitized, or I don’t have I’m not that attune. You know to, to that, that frequency or that level you gotta be at, but my family members and a lot of my acquaintances tell me stories. And yeah, my sister saw Indians poking at her with spears on either side of her bed. And, and a house that my parents had built when I was very, very young. And she we, my parents did some research and found out that the joint was that they had built was actually on an Indian burial ground. They never knew it. It was never disclosed when they bought the land. And it was an Indian burial ground. 

Yeah, I think the Rangers ballpark last night might have been built on Indian burial ground. Folks were talking to you on a Sunday and well after a triumphant walk off home run, and the Rangers in game one it was very exciting. Game Two was let’s just say not that exciting. Last month. I think we’re much buddy. 

Yeah, it was what nine nine to one

Yeah. What? What is what the banana? The banana freaks behind home plate. I know that’s getting I saw that story. I don’t know. So bit of frustration for the last couple of weeks. I you know I’m a streamer. While Fox doesn’t stream anymore. Yeah. And which is very frustrating. You have to buy one of the premium packages, you know, like YouTube TV or something like that. slang or whoever offers that stuff. So how do you listen to something on the radio? Is that how you’re doing it? So yeah, so I just have been listening on the radio or falling on the like the ESPN app because they have to play by play kind of on there but. But so it but I have an antenna in the attic for my TV. And for some reason Fox Four would not come in, I could get all of the Spanish channels like get all the 55 plan. You know, Beverly Hillbillies 24 hours a day or whatever they’re doing is that because they all went digital? 

Do you have a digital antenna? 

Well, everything’s digital now. There is no more. Yeah, everything’s HD. If it comes if it’s, if your antenna can pick it up, it’s an HD crystal. Beautiful color and picture and all that. So those of you around the country Fox Four is the local Fox owned and operated station in Dallas Fort Worth. 

Well, so I hadn’t been able to watch the game. So then I’m like, Well, today I’m gonna go up and readjust that antenna because the Fox Four wouldn’t come in. And it turns out, all I had to do was reprogram my TV because it wasn’t picking up Fox Four at all. And now it comes in perfect. And I’m just really frustrated. It’s time for a game or would you do it? Was it too late? It was was too late. Yesterday, I did it just this morning when I watched the cowboy game, so Okay, well you know, you were in the communications and media business, you are aware of that? Yeah. So a bit of a problem when you couldn’t figure out the antenna. 

And so yeah, yeah, well, and I so rarely on it, because I’m not a huge sports fan. I like I like watching the cowboy games just because you know, kind of when in Rome. And I do enjoy some rain for baseball, but during the regular season, they’re on Valley so you can watch it anyway without paying exorbitant fees. Right. And but now with the playoffs on Fox Four, I’ve been wanting to catch up on it, but haven’t been able to figure it out. 

Well, congratulations on that. And hope springs eternal for the Texas Rangers. I mean, it would that is the only baseball team that would not get involved in this weaponization of sexuality. So you know, hats off to them. I’m kind of rooting for them. Although I’m not watching. 

Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, what else you got going on this week? Oh, no, no melancholy today, man. So my mom and two of my three sisters, one of them lives in Montana, but the other two have been living with my mom. And they have moved to Washington State. You mentioned that last week. Why? Yeah. And so anyway, I took off this morning. 

It’s beautiful. Dude, it’s beautiful out there. Have you ever been? Yeah. No. Never been to the northwest at all. Mrs. Salcedo paid a visit up there a couple of times and just said it is just green and beautiful. And someplace everybody should say. 

Well, I picked it back, I did go to Seattle, which I thought was dirty and overrun with homeless. And that was 10 years ago. So I can’t imagine what it’s like now, but and that was just for the weekend and came back. But anyway. Yeah, so yeah. So all alone in the world now. It’s kind of weird. Yeah. You know, not that I depended much on him. But it’s always nice when you can say, hey, you know, go make sure my doors closed or take juice. You know, when you’re at the store, could you pick me this up, you know, something like that? And don’t have that ability anymore. So that’s kind of weird. 

To me, there’s time and my wife. Well, I told you, I don’t think I’ve told them the podcast but I told you, my my folks who were living out here in Texas, they they followed us must have been six, seven years ago, eight years ago, probably. And they just moved back to California, which I gotta be honest with you that I think is back on. Oh, crazy. I mean, I I don’t know why you’d want to move in this day and age to a left wing state. I just don’t get it in particular because everything’s more expensive loss of freedom and all that kind of nonsense and I just don’t get it, I really don’t understand what would motivate somebody, I mean, other than if you don’t live and breathe and and you still think that everything is is equal here in the United States and it’s still America. I mean, I just don’t know how you, I don’t know how you make that decision to do that. I could never go back to California, I could never go.

Most people, most people don’t live and breathe politics like you do. I could move to California in a heartbeat because it’s 72 degrees every day. And it’s beautiful. I could do that in a minute. But but it would have to be, have to be with a shit ton of money. 

And that’s, that goes back to our political discussion. Because you, of course, as you mentioned, a shit ton of money to survive in a Democrat socialist state like that, or frankly, like Washington, it the cost of living is higher. And it’s all because of government. And yeah, and it’s like, everybody, people don’t follow politics like I do. So then makes you wonder, don’t you do a little investigation maybe down into the politics, but exactly, well, cost of living and all that nonsense. 

You know, my mom and sisters, you My mom thinks she’s a liberal. But, you know, you get her to talk in and in what she believes in, and she’s, you know, one of these nebulin liberals. But, you know, doesn’t like the way the world’s going and then doesn’t like the treatment of police and military because she, you know, obviously married to my dad, and then she’s retired from the military too. So right, you. But you know, my sister who’s been in higher education since since she was 17. She has a doctorate now and has an teacher that taught at a university and still does, I guess, some, some online stuff. But you know, so she’s Uber lib. And so I’m sure she the research didn’t bother if she did any. But yeah, I’m I don’t get it. I mean, that’s why I said shit ton of money, because I don’t want to have to pay all those taxes and everything to to live worse than I’m living now. 

See, and that’s the thing. I think the big disconnect is, to me anyway. And, you know, me, I hold our side, if you can call the Republicans that I hold our side accountable. You know, my measure of a Republican is, how do you keep my my family and me safe from Democrats? How are you doing in that endeavor? And so it makes you wonder those who say, Well, I’m liberal, and I’m gonna vote Democrat, but I hate everything the Democrats are doing. It makes you wonder where the disconnect comes in? 

Well, in my mom’s case, it’s just, you know, back back in her day, when she was just getting into politics. The Democrat Party was allegedly the party for the working man, you know, and, and so, you know, she grew up on a farm, that’s how they voted. And then, probably the first president she voted for was was JFK. So who took the world by storm, obviously, so you know, those old school Democrats like that? You pretty tough to change their, their minds like that. 

And again, it’s because people don’t follow you still think the Democrat Party is the party of JFK? 

And right, yeah, yeah. And she’s not political at all those follow it? You know, maybe casually, here’s the stuff about how evil and racist Trump is. And, you know, if I call her on that kind of stuff, she doesn’t have an answer, and I don’t want to get into it with her. 

So you know, what, and I get invariably, you know, because when you and I are working together, we get calls, sometimes, you know, people would call in with family members, with whom they were, you know, getting into an argument and this was some years back. So my advice has always been look, is it is it really isn’t the hill you’re gonna die on? I mean, if it’s just an intellectual exercise, I mean, you know, pick your poison Pick, pick your battles, you know, something, sometimes it’s doesn’t pay, in particular, pissing up, pissing off a family member to win an ideological argument. But of course, if it is, if it’s a matter of if it’s going to severely impact your family, and and there are real world consequences, then you really ought to be making a, you know, a concerted effort to say this is what’s what this is what I know. 

Yeah, absolutely. But you know, with my mom who’s 80 She’s She’s, oh, healthcare To change her mind and say, Come on serious. I seriously know you’re not gonna change her. 

Yeah, that is a hill. I’m not going to know I just Just enjoy your mom. And you know, by the way, speaking of speaking of, of the you know why you would do such a thing? Did you hear about Matthew Perry? 

Yeah, in fact, I had a thought about that. I scroll through the news today to find out what’s going on in the war in Israel. And, you know, see if we’re under attack here yet, because Sure, that’s coming. Sure. And she’s now the first 15 articles are about Chandler being. 

Chandler being well, well, hold on a minute. For those of you don’t remember who Matthew Perry is, he was one of the stars of the 90s hit sitcom Friends. And Matthew Perry became somewhat iconic for that role, although he played in several other different roles, and they found him unresponsive in his hot tub. Drowned. Do you know the controversy, Shawn that springing up around this? 

No, I don’t. But before you tell me, I was gonna say that if you don’t know the name, Matthew Perry, and aren’t familiar with the character chamber, please crawl back into your rock? Don’t vote. 

Wait a minute. Are you saying? Are you saying that? If you don’t know who Chandler Being is and you don’t know this conference, then you shouldn’t be voting? I think that’s if you’re not watching friends. If you don’t know what friends is. That’s a best case for voting, I would say. 

No, because you’re so unplugged. From the real world. I’m gonna call it the real world. 

Yeah, because your real Oh, the real world man. 

No, but there are there are pop icon stuff that you know is part of a well rounded world. I’ll put it that way. I see. And if you’re not familiar, then just don’t just stop. There was good writing on that show. I’m not gonna I liked it. I enjoyed it. But um, but I’m saying if you weren’t a fan of friends, I’m not going to say as my good friend Sean Chastain just alluded to that you are not eligible to vote. 

I didn’t even I didn’t say you had to be a fan. I said if you haven’t heard of the show friends haven’t heard the name Matthew Perry and haven’t heard the character name Chandler Chandler being brought back, crawl back on your rock. Don’t vote. Go about whatever you’ve been doing with your with your life. Just stop. 

Do you remember? I don’t remember the name of the actor. But he voiced and this is the same genre. He voiced crunk on one of the Disney movies. Emperor’s New Groove. And that actor was starring in again a guesting, I should say, and an episode of Seinfeld. Opposite. Dreyfus, his role what is what is her full name? Something? It’s a hybrid. Yeah. Julia, Julia Louie Dreyfus, or whatever her name is. So anyway, she Elaine, I think what is it wasn’t Elaine the name of her character? Oh, anyway, so she is dating this guy. And he ends up having all of these she borrowed his car and all these Christian presets to Christian music was on and she goes, Well, he is lazy. So they had this big old debate, you know, because he listens to all these Christian rock stations. So she finally confronts him and says, Do you believe in God he says yeah. And then she says to him, I love this line. Does it bother you that you’re dating somebody who doesn’t? He goes, is that not a problem for me? She goes on why not? He goes because I’m up in one that’s going to hell I thought that was great. 

And his walks out in the yard he’s a big guy with real deep voice Yeah. And I cannot remember his name right now but I think it’s on I think it’s still aired on crackle. The app crackle for free. Yeah. But he was the original tick the tick that’s why he was I forgot your you aired on Fox years ago. Yeah. And that show was funny. Really, really good. 

And for those of you don’t know the tick is a is a kind of a mock superhero or super strong yeah yeah, it’s very funny. Well, so reboot of that and it was not not as good it was not as good as the original is on crackle. I think it’s very funny. Well, here’s the here’s the controversy that’s going around the net about Matthew Perry, they found him in his hot tub drowned. So some Politico’s are observing that Matthew Perry was a big, big pusher of the vaccine. And some are saying that, that, gee, what how can you be sitting in your hot tub? And then all of a sudden you drown? But no, there’s plenty of there’s plenty of scenarios in which you could, but they are pointing to the fact that maybe his heart stopped. And because he had some sort of cardiac episode, and so that’s going and the left is melting down, over the suggestion that Matthew Perry could have some adverse effects from being you know, ultra Vax out there, and they’re melting down over this. 

Everybody’s got a doctorate online man, right. But that guy, the guy is what you know, nearly 60 and his head was 54. Dude, he’s 54, 54 Okay, well, I had a friend I have 54 have a heart attack on a treadmill. So you know, the ultra Max. I know I don’t think so. So it happens there guy I’ve known guys are bad younger than that from heart attacks. And, and so yeah, just just settle down. And unless you’re the boss, you’re the coroner, then maybe you can have an opinion. But everybody.

I believe they’re called medical examiner’s. Now today, they don’t like that. That term coroner. It’s, it’s out of date. Okay, okay. 

Whatever they are, unless that’s you unless you’re the one doing the autopsy. Yeah, just go have fun on your forums and screaming at each other. Yeah, one thing you’ll never ever hear me say is got into a Twitter war last night? Because that has got to be the dumbest, biggest waste of time in the history of man. 

I well, I don’t know about that. Because you a lot of people get their news and information from social media. And if you don’t engage in at least provide any. You’re right, a Twitter war. I mean, but having a debate. I think that people reading both sides, on Twitter, people different perspectives. I think there’s value in it. 

And I think it’s a bunch of idiots with they’re too busy playing with their phones and stood out in the garage building something. 

Okay, well, you know, to that end, speaking of building something, there is a just the news article I thought you’d find fascinating because as you know, the state of Texas is number one and wind generation in the country. And the headline says, says it all when companies are losing billions, prompting fears of a federal bailout cylinder Redux if the federal government’s history of throwing money into failing green companies is any indication more taxpayer dollars could be supporting the development of wind energy? What’s your take on that? 

Well, I mean, I really don’t care that we are the number one producer of wind energy. That’s, that’s great. I hate them. Because they’re ugly. And I really do think those flashing night lights at night when you’re driving it just makes me feel like they’re gonna sprout legs when they just take over the world and just bend at the waist and mow us all down. But anyway, little you know, when you’re driving out in the middle of New Mexico and that’s all you see is flashing red lights on the horizon. That’s kind of what you start to think about at least what I do. But what I much rather be is the number one oil and natural gas productive producer in the country. Like we kind of used to be so if we do when fine, we do solar great, but the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun don’t always shine, then there’s then and then what about what about the videos coming out of these third world countries that you see the mining going on for lithium, the mining going on for cobalt, right? And you see these these children and men and women and slaved to mine? The materials for the great green energy revolution and you know the people who claim in one breath to care there’s we’re saving the planet. So we’re going to enslave children and toxic working conditions. 

Toxic working conditions and a huge ugly pit hole in the ground. 

Yeah, I mean, does that pass the smell test with you? And you know, and I gotta be honest, dude, these these when mill blades on these massive windmills. They’re non biodegradable there. They go into these massive windmill blade junkyards, these graveyards stacked up in West Texas so you got to do is drive and yeah, and they don’t you want to tell me that’s good for the soil? That’s good for mother Gaia? 

I don’t think so no, no, nope, nope. And yeah, so, I mean, it’s anybody who claims to be green is just a frickin hypocrite anyway and you know what I feel about hypocrites. 

I know you don’t you don’t like him very much. And that that leads to the last. The last subject matter I wanted to bring up with you, which was you probably don’t know the name Pamela. Jaya Paul, she is one of these squad members and squad members, a member of Congress and she’s out there warning Beijing Biden, that his position of supporting Israel may cost him votes and 2024. And my my thought is, I mean, going back to full circle to like your mom and to the members of your family who identify as Democrats. I mean, the fact that you stand up for Israel, that now now it is seen in the Democrat Party, as Oh, yeah. You gotta be a Jew hater. To be a good Democrat. Yeah, really? 

Yeah. She said, Yeah. May cost him the Arab. Or the Muslim vote actually. Yeah. We’re the Muslim vote. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if if you believe in terrorism, then? I don’t know. I wouldn’t want your vote anyway. Even no matter what political party you’re from. But that brings up a question I had to, though about the Jewish population, overwhelmingly voting Democrat. And I’ve always wondered why. Why did they vote Democrat? And why would they drive Mercedes? 

But well, oh, man, that there is a there is a lot or you know, Volkswagen. There is there’s, I think it goes right back to what you were talking about with your mom. You know, it, the Democrat Party has not always been the home of anti semitism. The Democrat Party has not always been the home of anti Americanism. The Democrat Party has not always been, you know, America last America’s enemies first. That’s a relatively new development in the last decade or so or actually two decades, with the ascendancy of the likes of Barack Hussein Obama. That’s new. So those who have not quite gotten the memo. That’s that’s the reason why people are still voting for a party that doesn’t share their values. 

Just generations of Yeah, yeah. There you go. Well, pal, anything else? 

No, man, I don’t think so. Yeah, we get go Rangers. And actually, this is the game three and four are in Arizona in the desert is my understanding, right? 

Yeah, so far. Rangers undefeated on the road, so keep that going. See what happens. 

Sean Chastain, everybody. We call this the show behind the show the conversations Shaun and I could never really have on air that we have here on the Salcedo storm podcast. Thanks, buddy. 

All right, man. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas That’s number one. Texas will keep you up to speed on the aforementioned primaries here in the great state of Texas, which one of those Republicans betrayed their voters and which ones need to be primaried out? You’ll find all that information at Texas Also, follow me at Chris That’s where you find this podcast and the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax two and Newsmax one till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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Conservatives Fighting the Dem/GOP Uniparty

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Congressman Tim Burchett is a Conservative who serves the 2nd congressional district of Tennessee. He serves on the House oversight, foreign affairs and Transportation committees.