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Glad somebody finally said it needed to be said. But I’ve folks I am so sick and tired of having to turn to a left wing bias press who doesn’t understand conservatism doesn’t understand the Constitution doesn’t understand what it is to be an American. And we’ve got to go to them to moderate our debates. Now. Look, I’m gonna get to the NBC so called debate here in a minute. But let me just be plain. Rhonda McDaniel, who has been of course, as you all know, Mitt Romney’s niece, seems to be cut from the same cloth. 

Rhonda McDaniel has chosen to put the first three presidential debates on the Republican side in the hands of Never Trump networks. And I don’t want to be misunderstood here. I am not trying to say that I am pulling for Trump or any of the other candidates. I’m just saying that the Republican National Committee is supposed to be neutral if they are supposed to not be picking favorites. But it seems they are when you go with dedicated declared Never Trump networks and Fox got the first two debates. NBC got the third debate. 

And it’s like, seriously, how is it that you can be can you consider yourself to be fair, when you are disadvantaging someone who happens to be the runaway front winner in the Republican contest for President? I’m not saying to give President Trump any special treatment. But why don’t you go to a debate center that will have a prayer of having the entirety of the debate and the Republican Party being had, instead of we only want to have conversations about what the establishment wants to talk about. Screw that people screw Trump screw anybody that doesn’t want to do it just our way. 

And that’s it seems to be the attitude. Now, Vivek Ramaswamy got on the debate stage last week, and I was out the date. Thankfully, I didn’t watch the damn debate. The only thing I saw was this. And it was like, well, well, thank goodness, somebody said it. I’m done watching the debates, because, frankly, none of the issues that I care about as a conservative are being addressed. None of them. All it is is a pissing match between Republicans and trying to outmaneuver themselves as to which one can bash on Trump. 

It’s like, lost in all of this is we the people and the issues and all the damage being done by the socialist to us. So I have no desire to see any of that. But Vivek Ramaswamy said the quiet part out loud, that the conservative movement has an enemy several of them. The Democrat Party, the Socialist, the Marxists. And yes, the Republican establishment 

“Swamy. Let me turn to you please make your case. Why would you? Why should you be the nominee and not the former president? I think there’s something deeper going on in the Republican party here.” 

Yeah. Did you notice that? Oh, yeah. Yeah, everybody gets Trump. We hate Trump. NBC hates Trump. Left wing media hates Trump. So why should you be president? Not Trump? Anybody about Trump? Right. The nature of the questions are geared to getting Republicans to fight with one another. And I’m, I’m kind of with Newt Gingrich from 2012. I’m not interested and hearing Republicans rip each other to shreds. What I’m interested in hearing is how you’re going to stop Democrats from harming me and my family. 

“And I am upset about what happened last night. We’ve become a party of losers at the end of the day was a cancer to the Republican establishment. I speak the truth. I mean, since Rhonda McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017. We have lost 2018 2020 2022. No red wave that never came. We got trounced last night in 2023. And I think that we have to have accountability in our party. For that matter. Ron, if you want to come on stage tonight, you want to look the GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign. I will turn over my yield my time to you. And frankly, look, the people they’re cheering for losing in the Republican Party. Think about who’s moderating this debate. This should be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, we’d have 10 times the viewership asking questions that GOP primary voters actually care about bringing more people into our party.” 

Yeah, see, and you’re gonna hear the applause, but he’s absolutely right. Kristen Welker and Lester Holt have no idea what conservatives believe. They don’t give a rat’s there. These people are dedicated to defeating conservatism, constitutional conservatives and the rule of law. They are invested in putting in Democrats into every office in the land. These people have no clue about what it is what what it’s important to our people, the vast majority of our people. So naturally, we want to choose them to moderate our debates. And here come the applause. 

“Getting the Democrats and we’ve got Kristen Welker here, getting a Democrats would actually hire Greg Gutfeld, toasted democratic debate. They wouldn’t do it. And so the fact the matter is, I mean, Chris, I’m going to use this talk because it’s actually about you in the media and the corrupt media establishment. Ask you the Trump Russia collusion hoax that you pushed on this network for years. Was that real? Or was that Hillary Clinton made up disinformation now?” 

Well, we all know the answer to that, don’t we? But they ran with it. And you know, and to his first point, do you think any one of these left wing networks would want to have a conservative that they know like like yours truly, or a conservative person of color asking questions of the Democrats? Oh, hell no. Oh, no way. No way. 

It’s Gee How much does America want abortion that’s all they’re gonna get the nice little softballs when they go to NBC, ABC, CBS, it’s not it’s not about being it’s not a contest about being who could be a better American. It’s like how can you sell left wing extremism veteran calm the American people make it sound really good? That’s the test in any Democrat debate. But the Vivek is spot on here. 

“Answer the question go. Mr. Ross. This is how we get our country. We need accountability because this media rig the 2016 election. They rigged the 2020 election with 100 Biden laptop story wrong. They’re gonna wreck this electric time is accountability and returned to governor Governor Christie.” 

Yeah, let’s get over to Governor Christie because he’s gonna bash Trump just like we want. Let’s get over to let’s get over to Governor Christie. Because he’s going to be the he’s going to give us what we want because he in the left wing media, we always like it when Republicans bash each other’s heads in on on the issues, and so we can pave the way for the next Democrat to take over the oval offices. This is just sick and disgusting. And again, hat tip to Vivek Ramaswamy. Do I think he’s gonna go all the way? No, but somebody had to say it. Show mine the show comes your way. Next, folks, right here on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks it’s time for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chastain is standing by Hey, man. 

Hey, how are you? 

Doing great. Just getting back into the into the swing. It was an anniversary for me and the wife so took up about four days got away from everything. Hit some trails on the side by side you ever been? Oh, man, that’s Yeah. You know, the side by side is? It’s not exactly. It’s not a dune buggy. But it’s not an ATC either, you know, a three wheeler. And it’s not exactly a quad. It’s a different experience. And I’m really enjoying not we bought this about a year and a half ago. And it’s just really, it’s starting to get real fun. Now. 

I went in to get a fuel filter for my Harley a few weeks ago to all the local power sports places. And I don’t know what side by side you have. Yeah. But some of those are ridiculous. And go for about $60,000. 

Not mine. It wasn’t no. 

It’s crazy. Some of those things, man. I was I was looking at him and boy, it’d be a lot of fun. But, you know, it never ceases to amaze me. Anytime I go to a lake or see my buddies that have gone to Moab or something like that to just where did I go wrong with that? How do how do people have so much money for toys? I don’t understand. 

We scrimped and saved for this one, actually, and actually, part of it was a gift to for my inlaws. So I never would have dropped what we did on an all by myself. I was planning on getting a two seater a ATV a quad. But I was I was told by my inlaws, hey, you know what, we’ve had quads, and you might enjoy this one better. It’s only a two seater. Some of the ones I think that you’re describing are like these six seater family, Cadillacs that are that are in the site. 

Some of those are just so extreme that they’ll handle my lab without any modifications. You know, it’s just, it’s crazy, crazy, extreme stuff. 

But the top end speed for the one that I’ve got is only 40 miles per hour. Oh, that’s on a straightaway and I don’t want to say it’s, it’s not gutless. But you know, when I when I put it down into into I lock the lock down all of the the wheels so they alternate in unison plus go into four wheel drive mode, right? I can, you know, I can jump up some ground. You know, I think I’m gonna I’m pretty heavy to the ground. But I’m not. It’s not like super super powerful. That’s all gear ratio right there. So yeah, it is it’s a great little machine. And like I said, we took it some places where I don’t know if this I can’t exactly describe this feeling. But even my wife was getting into it as like, yeah, we conquered that. It was like yeah, man and machine conquering nature. It was kind of fun. 

No, your place is it’s it’s along the narrow gauge railroad area, isn’t it? The Silverton? That’s not Bigfoot. That’s not ringing a bell but okay. Yeah. So you were down like I thought you were down like around the world gorge that kind of area. No, no. None of those places are ringing a bell but I but I will say that the place we do go there. Well, it’s outside of Durango. And it is it is really a lot of beautiful territory out there. 

Yeah. So hey, man, the world gorgeous one time when you’re up there. It’s pretty fascinating. The world’s I think it’s the world’s highest suspension bridge. No, really. And you can you can drive across it. And it’s that’s pretty freaky. You know what I did? See? I did speaking of bridges, I did see how they have installed these migration bridges over some of the areas in the state of Colorado to allow, you know, the wildlife to go across the freeways. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I saw my first one today. I was like, wow, really? I just say it because it’s quite an engineering feat. But it’s all designed and it’s all covered with dirt. So they just walk right over. 

You know, never understand how an elk can read a sign but rather glad they figured it out. That’s pretty neat. Anything I missed up in your world while I was gone? Oh, I’m tell you about getting my bike stuck in the mud. 

No, I would remember that what happened. 

So it rains last week, you know, or the week for something, I guess it was the week before. And once it stopped raining, I want to pull my motorcycle around to the side of my house where usually it’s parked. And it hits some soft spot in the ground and sunk up to the tailpipes, dude. And, yeah, I couldn’t get it out. And finally, I had to dig this massive hole. Get a jack down there, Jack it up and two other guys in me. Finally tugged and pulled and got it out of there. But it’s pretty wild, kind of stupid. But in doing so I think I’ve pulled an oblique or something something in my back. And man, I’ll be it’d be fine 90% of the time. But then you just move the wrong way. And it just takes your breath away. You know that bad, huh? And oh, it’s so yeah, I’ve just I don’t know what to do about it. You know, scarfing down Tylenol, but that’s about it. 

But I think it’s just a matter of healing unless you rip it real good. I mean, and then there’s just a matter of just time, but can we go back to the bike? So let me so you’re sitting on the bike, you hit a soft spot. 

So it’s just sunk. 

So you can sit there and gun it? And then just watch right? Of course, yeah, I tried. And it was just spinning on this dirt bike or, you know, doesn’t have Nabis on it. But yeah, so I just I basically because it was kind of getting dark. At that point. I basically just have to leave it there. I couldn’t get the kickstand down, it was up to the frame. Good. And yeah, finally, luckily, there were a couple of dudes working in my neighbor’s house and they said, Hey, do you need some help? I said, Yes, I do. And they were kind enough to come over. And it took every ounce of energy from all three of us to get that stupid thing out of there. 

But no, this is probably a silly question. But why didn’t you just hook it up to the truck with you know, something that was gentle, maybe a strong rope? 

And I don’t know that I would have felt comfortable without damaging it. By doing that, plus, i There’s no way I can get my truck back where? Where it is? Oh, gosh. Yeah. Gate is just wide enough to get the bike through. So I don’t know how the hell did that. 

That’s the first I’ve ever heard of a bike getting stuck in that fashion. I mean, a car. Yes, absolutely. I could see how a car would boot up but a two wheel bike. Now granted, it’s Harley. It’s not a sign an off road. It’s on a dirt bike. But that being said, it just seems so counterintuitive to hear you tell the story. It was it was weird. 

Yeah, it was just it was kind of strange. Well, only the only other observation I’ve had and this is just developed in the last couple of days. I’ve been watching TV and watching commercials. And I don’t know why this is it’s just struck me as odd. I’ve seen three commercials now one for superbru one for an insurance company a think and one for Amazon that all have deaf people in realising sign language and yeah, hmm. It’s kind of interesting, because I’ve never seen deaf people in commercials I don’t think and now there’s three of them running at the same time. So I don’t know if that means that maybe it’s the same agency or the Jeff lobby is finally you know, making some headway? I don’t know but they’re still just kind of kind of on.

Is that the next group to divide us? You know, all your you’re not you’re not a fan of the hearing impaired. It just man. If I if I gotta be hit upside the head with another thing that divides us. I think I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna go to the moon, dude. I just just I’m so tired of it. You know, and I don’t know how much I know you’re not Catholic. But I know you’re a believer in God. They’re there. You know how I feel about, quote unquote, my Pope. As a practicing Catholic. He’s making some stories. Some news, I should say because of what has happened with a local bishop. Bishop Bishop Strickland is East Texas Tyler area. He’s the bit the Catholic Bishop there. He’s been stripped of his title. Because he’s a frequent. He’s a frequent critic of Pope Francis, who as I guess I could draw this analogy. You know how Pope John Paul the second was an I was very close with Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan and committed to bringing down communism and totalitarianism. Well, this pope is just the opposite. He plays for the other team. He plays for the communists around the globe. And so he has earned the ire of a lot of American clergy because that not only is he is he pro communist, but he’s also changing the doctrine of the Church. And I guess, Bishop Joseph Strickland got over his skis, because now he’s been kicked out of his job. 

Yeah, I guess when you bet, not the boss at any job. I guess there’s gonna be consequences. But no, I was kind of shocked to read that story. And I think he was kind of famous for calling out Joe Biden and, and Nancy Pelosi, calling them you know, not true Catholics and practice of faith and all that stuff. 

And he’s right. You know, and that’s, and that’s the criticism of, of the likes of Pope Francis, who was who was an ape and enabler of, of left wing leftists around the globe and their effort to steal people’s rights. You you stand up and you say, Look, if being Catholic means something, you know, you can’t support slaughtering children in the womb and call yourself a Catholic. But well, this, this Pope says you can. And He has blessed Joe Biden, He has blessed Nancy Pelosi because they play for the other side of freedom. And you know, and this isn’t the first priest, he’s, he’s attack he defrocked? I don’t know. You know, Frank Pavone. Father, Frank Pavone. He’s one of the leading pro life priests in the United States. And Pope Francis defrocked him. So if you’re standing up for the faith, this Pope wants nothing to do with you. Yeah, yeah. 

Yeah, I don’t know, man. I am not Catholic. So, you know, like, I don’t know how much it affects me like that. But it was fairly shocking to read the story that some little do from Tyler gets kicked out of his gig. I know, right? Just simply because he was saying, you know, I think being Catholic means something. And it’s kind of it’s kind of doing something. Yeah. There’s a story that’s not getting a lot of press and I’m you probably haven’t even heard of this. This is a young man who was in Las Vegas. He was beaten by a mob of about 15 it. According to the video, it looks like these are teens of color black teens. And this young man died. He’s white. Yes. Jonathan Lewis. Is his name for a little buddy of his I guess he was getting bullied and picked on. Yeah, yeah. And because it’s really beaten to death. Yeah, he succumbed to his injuries. And because it was a white boy, beaten by a mob of blacks. This is getting no coverage whatsoever. 

Well, I mean, I’ve read about it on two different news sites. So I wouldn’t say it’s getting no coverage. But let’s put let’s let’s put it this way. We’re not We’re not burning when it happened. Yeah. Good. Friday. 

Yeah, I did and what you know what, actually, I think he succumbed to his injuries on Friday. But let’s put it this way. We’re not seeing up mobs, we’re not seeing whole towns burned down and looting and, and we’re not seeing wall to wall coverage on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBS is there are not massive calls for justice being written in the pages of the Democrat Morning News, or the Houston Chronicle. So when it comes to this kind of thing, because of the color of this young man’s skin, who died, that the majority the press, isn’t giving it the way that we would see, I think you and I would concede, if it were the other way around, if it was a mob of whites, killing a set of 15 or 17 year old, black kid. 

I don’t necessarily care what the media says about it. I care what the DA and the police say about it. Now, if there are no charges, if there is no consequences for this for those 15 people, then yeah, we’ve got a serious problem. As far as the media not covering its data, it’s par for the course you know, my take on the media, I do not let them affect me like they affect you. Because I don’t I don’t consume them. When there’s a as I’ve said many times before, that’s the only way to get rid of them eventually, is that you just don’t consume them. 

See, and I get it. And that would be all well and good. If if everybody else came to the same conclusion that you did, but again, when the media does get intriguing it I mean. 

I think you’re seeing it when media has lower poll numbers than Congress, you know, Know that the people are fed up and and you would think that enough advertisers would just go now tracking that do it anymore. And then he would think that at some point, the people in charge of the money for the media would say, Yeah, we gotta We gotta stop this and start doing music. Well, I mean, you know, I guess, like so many things in America, yes. Not bad enough yet. 

Right. And if you know, if people weren’t dying as a result of it, and we weren’t getting mobs and and a whole bunch of disinformation and division in the country, I’d say let it go. But sadly, these people still have enough influence to whether if, like I said, if the situation was reversed, it would be a whole different story. And again, I don’t I just think it’s, it’s a travesty. And you know, what it is seeping into law enforcement, you see how the going back to the Catholic thing, how the FBI is treating Catholics as and their rights. It’s, it’s a double standard that I’m not comfortable with. And I think media, the press is is the genesis of that, by the way. Speaking of which, the story that you and I have been covering for the last three or four weeks. Since the October 7, that terrorist attack is another prime example. They find a copy. The Israelis do have mine comp, and one of these in one of these houses of one of the terrorists in the Gaza in the Gaza area. And we’re being told by you know, Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of these people, there’s some sort of moral equivalency. But here, you’ve got the terrorists studying up on one of the biggest Jew exterminators in the 20th century. But we’re not supposed to draw any conclusions from this. 

Yeah. The whole the whole thing just continues to baffle me how much support the so called Palestinians have and Hamas has, and I mean, I just, I don’t understand it. Like we said last week, I won’t understand it. It’s just, it’s just insane what the people were taking to the streets, burning American flags and Jewish flags supporting this, or using straws. 

You see the Veterans Day celebration in New York, they got that, that dude on camera, just yanking down the American flag, yanking down the the Israeli flag. And it’s like, this is in the street, and you expect to see that on the Arab Street. But this is in the streets of our own country, where we’re, we’re celebrating and marking the contribution of our veterans. And these guys are just sitting there yanking down our flag that to me, this is in front of a whole bunch of Marines. Well, again, it’s it’s, this is your multiculturalism. Man, this is this is what they’ve done to us. This is multiculturalism, welcoming, and people into your country who wants to destroy your country, and gee, you think you’re gonna get a healthy dose of this crap? I think yes. 

Yeah, yeah. Again, just not bad enough, I guess. Because it’s going on. Yeah. Well, did you do anything for Veterans Day? You know, what I missed? Was your show that you would normally do on Veterans Day of just, you know, tell us about your veteran. And that was enjoyed that always cried like a baby. You know, every time you do it. Yeah. 

We got some great calls, didn’t we? 

Yeah, we really did. And some incredible stories, and you always appreciated that show. Yeah, you know, not do that this year. No. 

Yeah. Well, I can imagine and I was away for Veterans Day, this this year. So that show didn’t happen. But it you know, it is our tradition, and we would have but then I also call, you know, my pop who served in Vietnam. And that usually kept the show. But yeah, I really enjoyed those shows, because it was our way of saying hey, not only should we not forget, but we’re not going to we wanted to get stories out there about people in their, in their loved ones who have who have served this country so well, and gave the full, the full match some of them the full measure of devotion and service to that. So so the veterans would call in the veterans spouses, if they were past would call in it was just a great, great show. Um, do you remember any of the stories that stood out for you that you remember? 

No, not necessarily. I mean, it was just just you know, people’s grandpa serving or uncle’s or brothers or whatever, you know, and some of them then serve you know, just a few years maybe in impacted their life for the rest of their lives or some of them went on to have careers, some of them died, some of them did glorious things and came home and, you know, so it was just I always appreciated that show just to have Because all you would do is open up the phone lines and say, Tell us about your Veteran. 

Yeah, it was one of the A, the shows you don’t prep for. But be it was an IT folks. And Sean, as he already alluded to this, this was one of the shows where you’d strap in. Because inevitably, you’d get that you’d get that story. And when people started talking about their loved ones, and the what they had done, you can’t and they would inevitably start crying. And they would inevitably get really, really emotional. And you can’t you you would have to be a stone Gollum not to get choked up somewhere between, you know, chin and belly button, and hearing some of these stories and just the remembrances of these great men and women who, who serve this country so that we could remain free. It was always good. Like I said, this year, I just happened. It just happened to fall on a weekend when I was out. But, you know, we still do that for Memorial Day. We still do it for Veterans Day. So that’s, that’s a practice. Still, it still goes on on the radio show. 

I’m pretty sure I’m not a sociopath. Because to hear or see people emote? I will just break down. Yeah. Yeah. Then it doesn’t take much for me to start bawling like a baby, you know? Well, I think it’s also some sign of probably some sign of depression or something. Oh, I think it’s because your dad also put on a uniform, right? My dad was yeah, he retired from the Naval Reserve. He was a 25 year veteran of the boulder Police Department. And you yourself are a veteran. 

So it’s, yeah, there’s something that comes with that. And so for me, for me, I’ve always been surrounded with guys like you who actually served. And it’s, it is just one of those things that I think that far too many of us who didn’t because there’s only 1% of our population who has that the rest of us that we can all live free, the 99% can live free, because of what the 1% did. You know what I mean? To me, it’s it’s always been all inspiring to me. 

Sure. Wish I could have done it over I would have done would have gone active for at least four years. My sister retired from the Navy after 20 years. Two of her children are in right now. Yeah. And you’re you’re going on 20 Your kids in there? Yeah, my daughter, married to an Air Force officer. And there. She’s, well, twelve years in now. I think. Wow. Yeah. 

So yeah, it means something, man. And we used to have a society that revered and understood what the service members did the sacrifices the families made, the sacrifices the service members made, not just life and limb. I mean, military service is hard. It you know, even if you come out the other side, with all your limbs intact, it’s still very hard. Because you go where you’re needed. It’s, it’s that it’s that sense of duty. And it’s that for many years before, you know, Biden took over, but it’s, it’s been that deterrent that is made our enemies and adversaries say well, we don’t want to test that. And it’s and it’s those people who made sure that we remain free. And it’s something I’ve never lost sight of. And I’ve always had an understanding and an affirm appreciation for so those shows will continue my man, what a great way to end the Salcedo storm podcast man I think Oh, cool. Yeah, man show behind the show is done and Sean chest and we’ll talk to you next week. 

Peace out Girl Scout.  

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