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"The Woking Dead" Gets Reanimated

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A.J. Rice is President & CEO of Publius Public relations. He Editor-in-Chief of The Publius National Post and is #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of, The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.

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Guys have heard the expression what the hell is happening to my country? What is going on? And my country? I cannot. I cannot believe what we woke up to in our country? How many of you have experienced this or heard somebody else say that? 

And it’s a great question, because, frankly, there are things happening in our country, I can’t believe are happening in the United States of America, we used to make fun of the Soviet Union of Communist China of communist Cuba. For the things that are happening today. We used to make fun of them. It’s happening today in the United States. Let me give an example. 

Here’s a Fort Worth dad. He’s in the city of Fort Worth. He’s there trying to read to the board. Explicit passages from a book called the flamer. All right, it’s, it’s sexually oriented, as you could tell. And he wants the board members to be confronted with the fact that they have made this book available to children listen to this interaction. 

“On page one, okay. Who wants my hot wiener? Oh, yeah, baby, sir. See? Thank you, sir. A hot dog security. It’s a hot dog. Well, wait a minute page to cut off his mic. And don’t touch on this. Don’t touch him. He didn’t break the law.” 

Security. He starts reading from a book that is available to children security. So what was his violation? He didn’t break the law. He was reading a book that was sanctioned and blessed by the so called educators in gov Ed, that he was reading the passage what why don’t they want us to know what those passages are? I think it’s a fair question to ask. This is, this is how it comes off. Oh, you know, your objections shall not be heard. Then, you know, the Fox News debate, Fox News, the spin room, they denied Trump surrogates access to the spin room. Here’s Don Jr. Describing what what happened. Listen: 

“Right now trying to ban people from actually having discourse about politics. How probably probably shouldn’t surprise any of us. But that’s what it is. I’ve been told by others that I wouldn’t be able to go in. So they said we weren’t able to go in and they said they were in now that we’re here. And the candidate that said you can’t go on the spinner. They’re telling me right now, Fox won’t let me enter the spin room. telling him he works for security here. But they’re telling him that I’m not allowed to go in there. Because the candidates that they’ve been boosting while simultaneously trying to cut down Trump, for the last one, two years, didn’t perform as they had hoped. So they can have someone who can maybe be a representative of my father, just like a few weeks ago, when I was cancelled after the first indictment. I was scheduled to go on. And about five minutes before I’m on, I found out I’m no longer on because apparently I wouldn’t be a great surrogate to talk about my father’s indictment.” 

Okay. Is everybody processing what has just happened with the Fox News Channel, Fox News Channel, who welcomes Democrats into the spin room after a Republican debate would not allow the surrogates for the front runner of the GOP primary, far and away 40, 50, 60 points, according to some polls, far and away the leader, his surrogates, her surrogates wouldn’t be allowed in, courtesy of Fox News, a denial of free speech by Fox News. 

“Just so we understand what we’re dealing with here. So it shouldn’t surprise any of us and it’s also why Trump was 100%. Right to not go to this debate. It’s beneath him and when you know that you’re walking into his setup because of exactly these kinds of circumstances. You understand exactly what’s going on. In mainstream media, even conservative, it’s very, I like to knock I like to not the one side but I gotta call balls and strikes. This is no different than what we see from the Democrats. It’s no different than what we’re seeing from the Fulton County DA when they’re trying to put a gag order on Donald Trump so he can’t defend himself. You court proceedings and more importantly to function as an intimidation tactic for anyone else who would defend him where the DA there is then saying, Hey, we’re gonna add you people to the indictment if you take part in this, I don’t know guys doesn’t reek of democracy, all the people that have been screaming that for the last six or so years, especially during the Trump presidency when I believe we had a lot more freedom than we do now, or certainly, since this administration is taking over, are strangely quiet”

Strangely quiet they are. And it leaves many Americans who here too for thought that that free speech was alive and well, at least in alleged conservative outlets, alleged conservatives, which now I think it’s safe to say that that Fox is at best a Republican leaning outlet, not a conservative leaning outlet, because not all Republicans apparently treasure free speech, as we conservatives do as we constitutional conservatives do. 

So this is very, very troubling, folks. And if you don’t laugh, you’re gonna cry. So let’s try to tackle some of these very important heady topics and maybe try to find some humor or at least some hope and all this. 

My good buddy AJ rice, former talk show radio producer for Laura Ingram, and now he runs a public relations empire. He’s also the author of a book called The woking dead. And guess what the woking dead, had a great run. It was kind of waning, and then all of a sudden boop, it was resurrected, resurrected, and now it’s back on top. That discussion comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today, AJ Reiss he is the president and CEO of Publius public relations editor in chief of the Publius National Post and is the number one best selling author of the woking dead house society’s Vogue virus destroys our culture my friend Welcome back.

Brother Chris. Great to be here. 

The Walking Dead The Return of The Walking Dead. You guys hit the bestseller list again after being out all this time. 

Yeah, yeah, it was like 12 months later we hit it. And look, there’s no it’s no, no accident. Man. We’re living in a target rich environment of woke ism. The Walking Dead are everywhere. We have a certifiable upright reanimated corpse shuffling around in the White House. God knows who’s making those decisions. They’ll sign whatever you put in front of them. He’s like Ron Burgundy will read whatever you put in front of, you know, he could be he could be outlying, you know, left handed, you know, Houston Astros fan, you know. So the look, it’s been about 12 months, the book is always poppin. But this time it popped all the way to the top. And when you sort of survey the landscape of all this sort of leading candidates in the political race and full disclosure, I’ve got a few connections to pretty much all of them. The people at the top have pretty much made their brand, the anti woke brand. We Trump was the original. I mean, he got elected because he pushed back on, you know, political correctness at the time. And that was look 2015 Golden escalator 2016 You know, the word woke wasn’t really in the lexicon like it is now. The veck Ramaswamy basically wrote a book on it like me, called woke Inc DeSantis dominated Florida pushing back on it. And let’s be honest, RFK Jr, although a Democrat, pushes back on a lot of it, too. So I mean, those are the four people that are that are getting the most angst. They’re the four people the left is probably most afraid of. And it’s no coincidence that fighting the Walking Dead is been their mantra. 

Well, let me expand on something, take something out of the headlines. And I think that I think the Wilk ism has a target on it now and has probably lost all of its luster, the Washington Redskins of the National Football League, and I refuse to call them anything other than that, because that’s exactly what they are. There is a Native American group that now has over 100,000 signatures, trying to get the Washington Redskins named reinstated. They got it, they got an ownership change there. As you well know, being a Philadelphia Eagles fan that you are. And so here we go. The people are starting to push back saying if you’re woke we want nothing to do with you. Do you see that? Maybe that pendulum is starting to swing back hard the other way? 

Look, there weren’t a lot of people that wanted the Redskins have changed their name in the first place. I know the media and the Washington Post stooges wanted people to think that. To do that the Eagles cowboys and Giants and their fans who are in the NFC East with the Redskins, they did not want a change. This is the most successful division in all of the National Football League. They’ve got the most NFL championships pre Super Bowl, they’ve got the most Super Bowl rings. And they’re the only division in the entire league, where at least every member of the division has won at least one. I mean, they’re constantly competitive. Their TV ratings go through the roof. The Redskins have been on some hard times here. But it looks to me like Dan Snyder, who was the former owner now he’s about to cut a deal with the left wing nutty mayors to different mayors of Washington DC and the city council to try to get I guess a new stadium in the actual city because some people might not notice the Redskins actually play in Maryland. And they play really only 15 minutes 20 minutes from the Baltimore Ravens stadium. You got two NFL stadiums within about 20 minutes of each other. And it’s a dump in Lanham, Maryland. And it’s a total dump. It’s the worst other than where the raiders were playing before they just moved to Las Vegas. In Oakland. It was now at the Redskins stadium is now the worst dump in America. It’s terrible, you know, so I think they cut a deal and it was a hostage deal hostage he was a black bee I was like okay, well we’ll build you we’ll we’ll build you a partially tax funded stadium Good grief in Washington DC you got to change your name we’re gonna hold you hostage. So the woke you know the woke mafia took him hostage but now there’s a new owner. It’s actually the ownership group that owns the Philadelphia 70 Sixers Magic Johnson is actually part owner to of the of the of the Redskins, or the commanders, whoever the hell are called. And they’re threatening to turn the name back, and builder because the guy that owns the Sixers, and they’ve got plenty of money, they don’t need to listen to the mayor of Washington DC. So whatever deal Schneider cut that’s going into the toilet. 

See when I’m looking at, by the way, folks, we’re talking to AJ rice, the name of the book, The Walking Dead how societies vote virus destroys our culture. When I look at the name Washington Redskins, the most offensive part of that name in my mind is Washington. So if you’re gonna change anything, change the damn name Washington because here we have in Washington DC, this cesspool of left wing extremism. We have the Trump indictments coming down out of out of the compromised department of injustice, and of an A Joe Biden a Beijing Biden protection racket. And that’s what now Washington has become known for your thoughts. 

Yeah, I mean, look, I mean, I think most of the residents and the politicians here don’t even know the District of Columbia really is short for the District of Columbus or for Columbus. I mean, the the, the two of the two of the people whose statues get torn down the most the entire city is named Dan George Washington and Christopher Columbus. I mean, look, you’ve had to phony impeachment for phony indictments. I’ve never seen a politician appointed like this in my life, other than the ones that were shot. I mean, there’s not much left they can do. You know, I think that we’re, you know, you’re kind of witnessing the passion of the Trump here. And it’s just he just keeps on rolling. He’s already a sort of a counterculture icon. He’s an iconoclast. He doesn’t need to get elected ever again. And he’s the character of the political character of the age. That story is 100 years from now we’re going to jump from Reagan to Trump with a little little affirmative action bump, you know, speedbump named Barack Obama. Okay, that’s it. Well, he’s a politician. Ah, look, he’s like Andrew Jackson. He’s like, Teddy Roosevelt. You know, he may never win again. I think he can. We’re gonna see the third act here. Because let’s face it, you know, and I love them all. While not all. But you know, lot’s of luck fellas. Yeah. I mean, you’re dealing with a force of nature here Chris there’s the fancy pants beltway you know short pinky in the air. You know conservative literati some of them anyway they just don’t get guys like. 

Look man guys like Chris Christie. I don’t think I don’t even think they’re gonna make a footnote in history much less being anything significant as a man let me ask Texas this. Although bucketing Houston mean do you guys want chris Christie is a Dallas Cowboys fan. I had no idea Dallas Cowboys fan for some reason this man who loves Bruce Springsteen grew up in North Jersey. He’s not an Eagles fan. He’s not a Jets fan. He’s not a Giants fan. He is a Cowboys fan. Mr. front runner, Mr. front runner? Well, so down the road, maybe we could drop them off and you know, Fort Worth or something. He could sit there and eat a couple 1000 hotdogs and hamburgers. 

Oh, hell no. Okay, so let’s, let’s move on to that where we’re going to naturally progress here. You mentioned the reanimated corpse is sitting in the Oval Office. And this and I want you to speak to those who buy into Wilk because these people are the ones who vote for Beijing Biden and vote for the Democrat Socialist Party. And they will do so no matter what that party does for them. Look at what they have done to the black community. Look what they’ve done to minorities all over all over history up until the day but Beijing Biden sits there on the beach in Delaware while Maui is burnt to a crisp when he is confronted by the press saying hey, what are your thoughts on Maui? The man says No comment. That’s how a Democrat regards a state that voted for him. 63% He says no comment on a natural disaster or you know Republican, whatever, get away with that. And there are reports went out this morning that the 100 100 plus people that they can’t ID might have been you know, kids, though, if that night that’s true. That’s insane. I’ll tell you what they did do they sent that rat Fink face John Podesta out there yesterday at the White House podium. The hack one of Clinton’s bag man, one of Obama’s bag man now he’s a Biden bag man, just like Rahm Emanuel and Errol Dickies and the rest of the dumpster divers. Okay. Sent him out there yesterday to say we take a look at these fires in Maui. Oh, look at all these people burning up kids burning up houses burning up, wells burning up. This is this is because of global warming. And I’ll tell you, it’s the one year anniversary of the inflation Reduction Act. And this is the type of things that you voted for a year ago to prevent things like this. Then I’m thinking to myself, wait a minute, this thing passed a year ago, and now he’s still on fire. 365 days later, Comey. 

Podesta is an idiot. I mean, every day of the week, the man’s an idiot. I mean, seriously, but that’s what he’s a Democrat. So that’s why he gets his positions of power and authority. Folks, we’re talking to AJ rice, President and CEO of Publius public relations and the author of Walking Dead, how societies vote virus destroys our culture, even though it’s been released months ago. It’s back on top there at Amazon. Glenn Beck, he shows up to the office, we play the soundbite. He shows up to the office, and all of a sudden his podcasts are down from Apple podcasts. And of course, they have such terrible lousy customer service. He has no idea as to why he’s back on and they call it you know, some sort of glitch or a trademark infringement. Who knows what the real excuse is? But then it was copyright infringement. Yeah, exactly. But they didn’t I mean, the remedy, we would be stupid to think, gee, the remedy on one podcast having a copyright infringement is take the whole damn library down. Nobody believes that this this was targeted at a conservative by let’s be honest and Apple company that is pro China pro communist Yes. 

Well, let me tell you what they do and they don’t just do it through tech. They do it through tyranny in the medical field tyranny in the political field, tyranny with this stupid bide nomics. If there is such a thing, Biden omics is like, you know, counting tokens, a Chucky Cheese, there’s no Biden nominee. And that is what I like to call the pain threshold. So we’re constantly being tested here to see what our pain threshold is, for authoritarianism or guarantee. So what they do is we’ll take back down for a couple of days and see how he reacts. Maybe next time a week, maybe next time permanently. This is what they do. Death by 1000 cuts, they test to see what our pain threshold is put us in a vise, twist it, twist it, how much? How much freedom can we take from them? How much choice can we take? And it’s really a way to sort of reprogram society, so that we self censor, so that we self correct. And it’s what’s a crazy thing, because we’re living in a world now where basically we have to sign a user agreement to be an American, okay? It’s not a like the Chinese social credit system. That’s what we’re dealing with here. So I’m not shocked. They’ve done it to many people. They’ve done it the Jones and they’ve done it to, you know, Tucker, and I got kicked off on LinkedIn last year, for promoting my client. I’m still not allowed back on LinkedIn. So I mean, it’s outrageous. It’s to see how we’ll react. And you know, I mean, that’s excellent. I mean, I he got it back within three days. I mean, he wasn’t, he wasn’t running around Hawaii, like fires. But, you know, I mean, he, I mean, He’s big enough that they had to take notice, fix it real quick. Well, imagine all the people out there trying to, you know, build an audience will never get off the ground. It’s like I talk about stand up comedy and people get canceled. Chappelle is Teflon, you know, at this point where he can go out there and say, whatever the hell he wants. But the kid the 19 year old trying to get a gig and you know, you know, Paramus, New Jersey and a comedy club, you can’t get on stage and be at the jail if he starts telling certain jokes that only the audience of this show will laugh at. 

Right now. You know what man and I think it all boils down to money. And I think you were you were hitting on everything that I was believing this happened here that Apple wants, they want all the money, but they also want to be woke. They also want to deliver for their, their masters, Communist China and the world crowd. So they’re trying to figure out gee, how can we continue to keep the money flowing into us unless they’re their ESG freaks and I can’t even speak to ESG freaks, because they’re their desires to actually lose money to prove how woke they are and you can’t reason. 

User Agreement I’m talking about with ESG and dei are part of the ala carte woke sushi menu that these wacko corporate overlords are holding in their hand. Like he and I would like to read a restaurant of Blackery trying to see okay, well this one on Saucedo was said this map is this take his take his score down a little. I mean, this is what they’re doing. 

Yeah, yeah. And it’s it’s anti American, through and through and if the Salcedo show axiom says one of them, they can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money. And I think that that’s where conservatives have got to start concentrating, defunding these people, whether it be in government, or whether it be, you know, in these world corporations, Ajay rises his name he’s a dear friend and he’s a talented guy and a very busy guy. Hit the name of the book is The Walking Dead how societies vote virus destroys our culture. My friend, glad to have you back. Thank you very much for being here. 

Thank you, sir. You’re a patriot. Keep fighting. 

That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast two websites you know, I’m Texas Make sure you check out the Texas heist, a brilliant documentary that is taking Texas by storm the Texas heist who’s really in charge of the Texas House. Also pay a visit if you will, to Chris find all of our social media hookups, find a brand new website also track down the Chris Salcedo shows on ks evey and Newsmax TV until we visit again my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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