On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Congressman Mark Alford is a husband, father, former small business owner and a 25-year veteran news anchor. He proudly represents Missouri’s 4th congressional district.

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This was just too good. It was Matt Gaetz speaking at a Trump event or before a Trump event, about a week or so ago. And and Gates was just on fire and I he was unapologetic for what he had done for getting rid of speaker Kevin McCarthy. And he he let fly what needed to be said and reflecting the vast majority of conservatives and those who no longer wish to go alone to get along with our nation’s destruction. Matt Gaetz ladies and gentlemen. I’m going to start and stop this several times because well, it was a 17 minute speech and I’m gonna give you the the heart of it about five minutes. Listen. 

“I understand why some of the rhinos and establishment Republicans are upset. People like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney used to be important. Now, they are leaving the governance of the Republican Party to the actual Republicans. For too many years, the Republican Party was controlled opposition. amnesty for illegal immigrants intervention overseas and selling out to corporate America drove the agenda. Well, those days are over. The Make America Great Again, movement is Ascendance. Mike Johnson is HOUSE SPEAKER And Donald John Trump will be the next President of the United States.” 

Yeah, you’re not going to get a lot of reaction like that at a Beijing Biden rally. You’re just not. And I like how he phrased it. The Make America Great Again, movement is on the ascendancy because I think most Americans don’t want to see our country crater. They don’t want to see this country turned over to those who want to destroy us. And to those who are perverts and degenerates. I just don’t think the vast majority of Americans want that. 

“And I’m not going anywhere. To my doubters, I have this question. Did people actually believe we were going to take power away from a corrupted person like Kevin McCarthy, and the swamp creatures would just like it? Did you expect them to pack up and move the lobbyists who owned Kevin McCarthy, were never going to thank us on the way out the door. They weren’t eager to leave their mud holes in the Speaker’s office, but an extermination was necessary. And when there’s an extermination going on, it can get a little grisly. Sometimes you don’t want to watch the extermination happen, but you know, the job must be done. Florida swamped. drainers often endure bites and scratches and Venom. All I had to endure was a little bit of Mark Levin and judge Jeanine. But you notice those Fox News hosts really do seem to like our new speaker funny how that works. I’m sure glad they like the result.”

The big knock on Gates was there’s no plan you took out Kevin McCarthy and was no there was no plan. Well, the plan was to get a speaker in there that was actually going to do something to stand against the profligate spending, the lawlessness and the corruption of the Biden regime by defunding it, that was the whole reason. 

“Some people called me vile, crazy, an agent of chaos. And I was just the congressional Republicans. They said far worse about me than they ever did Jack Smith, or ally myorcas, or Merrick Garland, or Christopher ray or even Joe Biden. And by the way, Joe Biden deserves impeachment. And Hunter Biden deserves a damn subpoena. Oh, no, those Rhino Republicans were so mad at me. But my sin wasn’t deficit spending the dollar away, or opening the border or arresting my political opponents, I did something far worse. I demanded that Republican Congressman actually keep their word to Republican voters.” 

That’s the cardinal sin. Right there. He demanded that the promises you you made on the campaign trail, some of these Republicans to dupe their voters into into voting for them, that you actually keep your promises. In other words, do what you say you’re going to do. Don’t just give it lip service, to get elected, and then go in there and find the nearest Democrat Bacic. To firmly affixed your lips, do something with integrity and actually fulfill the promises like President Donald J. Trump did to your voters. That’s your job. That’s what you’re supposed to do not find areas of agreement with Democrats. That’s another thing. 

This whole idea of bipartisanship, bipartisanship used to be a good thing when both political parties agreed the Constitution was their framework. Now that you’ve got one of these political parties that is dedicated to the eradication and the erosion of the Constitution of the United States. This bipartisanship notion is no longer adequate. 

You don’t look at a Marxist and a socialist, and somebody who believes in wide open borders, and, and no national security and the degradation of our military. You don’t say, gee, how can I meet you halfway? No, you look for ways to defeat those people. 

“I guess I define chaos a little differently. To me, chaos is no budget. Chaos is an unaccountable administrative state. Chaos is a weaponized federal agency, everything from the DOJ, to the FBI to the ATF, and I would defund every last damn one of them, if we don’t get them back on the side of our people. chaos. Chaos is voting on funding the whole government all at once. Politicians, not naming post offices, or passaging messaging bills for 22 days is not chaos, by electing Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House, we will bring order out of the chaos of Washington DC.” 

That’s see that’s a great point, too, that some of these cats just get up there. And let’s go leave a post office. And that’s, that’s my idea of order while we spend the country into oblivion, folks, you got to know something, because I know that many of you and frankly, me too, don’t feel bad. I, I kind of lost track of this, too. When they stopped doing something called regular order, which is 12. appropriation bills. You vote on them separately. And then and then you send them up to the President’s desk. There were 12 appropriation bills to justify the government’s use of our taxpayer money. They had to justify it now. Now. Here’s what they do, folks. I’ll tell you exactly what’s been going on for the last 15 years. They sit there and they drag their feet all year long. They go to fundraisers and they go politic and they go live high on the hog. Mitch McConnell host parties.

Oh, it’s amazing to watch. They don’t do their damn work. All year long, then they get to December, or what is the end of the fiscal year, October end of October? They get they get to September 30. October, that time, that timeframe. And all of a sudden they say, oh, no, we’re running out of money. It’s an emergency. So let Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi and whoever the hell is running. We’ll just say Chuck Schumer on the on the Democrat side, and they all get together behind a closed door and they say oh yeah, this this district we want to buy off we want to buy off this Congressman want to buy out that, Senator, we want to buy this guy, they put it all into one big lob a crap. No accountability, they just get all this money blank check. 

Massive increases cost of living increases that are through the roof that no real American paying the freight can expect to get. And they they take that lump of crap. And they say vote on it. Everybody don’t read it. Because there’s no time because the government’s gonna shut down in 24 hours. Just vote for it. And that’s how they’ve governed for the past 15 ruled actually for the last 15 years. Is it any wonder we’re $34 trillion in debt. 

“I know what I’m fighting for. I’m fighting for budgets that balance. Our nation’s debt right now is growing faster than our economy. We are jeopardizing America’s future to fund wars and nonsense nonsense in the federal budget. We fund English language classes to professional transgender women, makeup entrepreneurs in Nepal. We are borrowing money from China to fund transgender businesses in other parts of the world. And we do it while our leaders tell us that makes us stronger. My friends, America is not the world’s police force. And America is not the world’s piggy bank. There is no shame in wanting to put the people who live in this country first. I care more about the people in East Palestine Ohio than I care about some fake concept of Palestine in the Middle East. I care about what’s going on in Maui. What’s going on all across America. We’re Liberal Democrats and let the people of our nation down.” 

Damn straight. There is nothing wrong with an American politician. Putting American citizens first as a matter of fact that it’s there’s nothing none way there’s anything wrong with it. It is what they are required to do, which many of them including some Republicans have not been doing. 

“There is no excuse for not getting spending under control. The rampid spending that is behind this inflation is making life unaffordable for so many. Inflation has gotten so bad that foreign governments can no longer bribe a Democrat senators with US cash alone. They have to send gold bars just so that the bribes Hold Value.” 

Not so veiled swipe at Senator Menendez and his legal woes. Folks, we continue this conversation with a member of Congress. Congressman Alfred is up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Pretty tragic at the beginning of November to just see the jobs numbers according to the stats we’re seeing right now. The economy only added 150,000 jobs. Of course the reason why we’re in this situation they have to kill the economy because the Democrats have overspent Bigley, largely and it is causing massive inflation the only weapon because we’ve been backed into a corner painted into a corner, the only weapon we have against massive runaway inflation, which by the way, as you all know, eating away at your grocery money, as you all know, causing gas prices during this regime, that Biden regime to hit record highs for all of you who are government run educated, all of you who are Democrats. Let me remind you what record means means it’s never been done before. $5 a gallon national average. That is Joe Biden’s pride and joy. And of course, it’s all policy related all because of something your Democrat politicians did, their policies. Let’s get to our guest, Congressman Mark Alford. He’s a husband, father, former small business owner and a 25 year veteran news anchor so he knows what real news is and what Fake news is, my friends proudly represents Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District. Congressman, welcome back. 

Thank you so much, Chris. Good to be on your show. Yeah, I actually anchored there in Houston, Texas, that KPRC channel two and grew up in Baytown. 

Get out. Yeah, that’s right. I think I remember you telling us the last time you paid a visit. Look, man, I want to get you to comment on the route. The news is just rolling in about only 150,000 jobs. I mean, what a terrible position the your political opponents have put us into where we have to kill the economy to to tamp down massive runaway inflation because of all the profligate government spending? 

Well, that’s exactly what they’ve done. Chris, I you know, it’s kind of scary to think about intentionally scuttling the economy. But I think that’s what this President this administration had in mind all along, is to make things so difficult on people. That’s why he’s really put a war out on fossil fuels. I mean, they’re in the great state of Texas, a lot of oil and gas industry is dependent upon this and the President has put really, he’s put up a target on the backs of the American people by closing down pipelines, closing down oil drilling in a lot of places and trying to promote EVs through regulations and government incentives. And it’s failing it is not working and so well this president I think is is to blame for the economy. 

Let’s get you brought it up. I wasn’t planning on going here. But since you brought up electric vehicles, I’m a big I think hybrids are probably a good a good way to go but let’s concentrate on all Eevee because as you know, the raw materials that are used in the creation of of electric vehicles, cobalt lithium, these these rare earth minerals, the Democrats say they’re going to we’re going to save mother Gaia save the planet by getting all these materials from third world countries because they won’t allow us to get them in our own country. And that plugs that makes the Democrats complicit and the left wingers complicit in the slave trade. Because as you you’ve seen the pictures, you see the horrific video of women, children, men being forced into slavery and disgraceful toxic radioactive, in some cases, working conditions to mine all of these rare earth minerals so that AOC can go green that that is the seedy underbelly of the the green the toxic Green Movement, isn’t it? 

It really is and you know, they don’t want that type of industry or that type of mining over and United States of America we have some of these minerals and rare earth minerals that we need to supply for batteries. I know they’re building a battery plant up in the Kansas City area over on the Kansas side. But they’re not mining the materials here because it’s toxic. And the other complicating factor, Chris that they’ve really never thought through. What do you do with the all the old batteries that you cycle them? Well, how do you service them? It is a failing policy. Yeah, shove this down the throats of the American people. And I don’t give it the dignity of calling them EVs. Although I did a while ago. They are battery powered battery, exactly. Glorified golf carts basically. 

Exactly. Well, again, I don’t want to poopoo the technology because in the hybrid in the hybrid versions, when you have an electric motor and you have a gas driven charging system, I mean, there’s a lot of power in the electric vehicle motor and if we can find an alternative way of, of of powering that electric motor, I think it’s I think it’s a worthwhile technology to investigate. But again, you brought up another point about the toxicity once the solar panels and once these batteries which cost more to recycle than they do to produce they’re going to get in our landfills and this is this is how AOC She and Joe Biden are going to save the planet. They’re going to contaminate the water table with all of this toxic waste from their so called green movement. And of course, it shows you the level of thinking or lack thereof of the Democrat party. Let’s pivot back, because we talked about the debt, the soaring debt in this country and how the Democrats profligate spending is really harming us. Your new speaker, Speaker Johnson has come up with an innovative, what some today would call innovative, what I would call common sense. Yeah, if you’re going to spend money on a needed emergency, and I think Israeli funding for their war against Hamas qualifies, if you’re going to do that, then let’s reprioritize money, we’re not going to add money to the credit card, and we’re not going to penalize the American people we’re going to take from the $5 trillion we already spend. And that’s how we’re going to do it. So we’re going to take away from the IRS to give to our friends in Israel. And Joe Biden has threatened to veto aid to Israel. What’s your reaction, Congressman? 

Well, look, I can’t wait for him to veto something regarding this aid to Israel. Not that I want that. But it will show truly where his heart is, which I think is is a faint apology. Paint apologists for Gaza and the people of Gaza and the Palestinians and not with Israel. Truly, that’s why Blinken is over there right now asking for a ceasefire. They won’t call it a ceasefire now, because that’s a radioactive term to them. They want to pause. But we all know that the administration gaslights lies and deceives the American people. This aid package that we passed last night is spectacular $14.3 billion to help rebuild the Iron Dome to help replenish some of our stocks to help the State Department and the embassies there. It’s what Israel needs. But the Dems want to link it to other things. They want funding for Ukraine, they want border security involved in it, they want indo PAYCOM involved in raising money for that effort. These must be separate. Our speaker was very clear on that. We’re taking money from the IRS that they were going to use under the inflation Reduction Act to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to sick on the average American person and we’re taking that money away and putting it to use for Israel. I think it’s common sense that The Senate may not you know, they’re gonna come up with their own version, so be it and if the president vetoes aid Israel that will be on his head. 

Right and I can’t wait to see the so called Republican senators, a dismantling pay fors and and and putting conditions on aid to Israel, by the way, you said border security would really the Democrats want to do is more Border processing. They don’t want to stop illegal immigration. They want to send American taxpayer money down there to bring in more on top of the already 8 million illegal aliens and congressmen just do me a favor. Just keep that on the downlow. Because the last time this happened, we had a senator from my state John Cornyn tripped all over himself to go and prohibit money be used to secure our border. But he wanted to make sure that money was was spent to facilitate more illegal immigration. Folks, we’re talking to Congressman Mark Alford. He is a husband and a father, a businessman proudly serving Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District. And Congressman, let’s talk about Joe Biden first off last two nights ago at a fundraiser. He changes us foreign policy, because a heckler got up and said you got to ceasefire. You got to protect Hamas protect the terrorists and ceasefire. And he agrees right there on the spot. And then his administration, his regime has to go into into Clean up on aisle five mode, trying to explain away well, this is what he really, really meant. You know, the bias press and the Democrats lit up President Trump when he would misstep like this, but they’re saying it’s perfectly normal when Joe Biden changes major US foreign policy, because of a heckler. What do you say? 

Well, he’s done that several times. Just think about his stance on Taiwan on several key world issues that directly affects us policy. And I don’t know if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or he really has these mental gaffes. Either way. He is feckless, failing and flailing. And he projects weakness on the world stage and that’s when bullies step in bullies like Vladimir Putin. Bullies like Zhi Jing ping, bullies like the Supreme Leader of Iran, and we are going to end up paying the price until we get a strong president who can speak clearly and isn’t going to put up with a BS at the world leaders of that are trying to pick on other people and so that’s why it’s so important that we do get us strong president and in the White House in 2024. 

And speaking of leadership, and I couldn’t agree more, we need actual leadership in this country. There has been a leadership change in the US House of Representatives, Speaker Johnson, there is now and I think the conservative movement can definitely see a change in tone and direction inside the House of Representatives. I want to talk with you a little bit and ask you to put your political hat on and just tell the folks out there, what what this this new house is like in this context. And I, I do think that speaker McCarthy was treated somewhat unfairly, because he had a left wing caucus that was actually chewing his ear off which we still can’t get their names, but we’re starting to put those puzzle pieces together. But I would I would submit to you, Congressman, that Kevin McCarthy would be speaker today, if he had instituted if he had shied away from a Democrat work ethic. And he said, Look, if you don’t get the spending bills done, according to the to the law by the end of summer, guess what? We’re not going on an August vacation. We’re not going to take a powder for an entire month. If he had set that tone. And he had sent 12 appropriation bills over to the Senate and the Democrats could show their lack of work ethic, then I think that he would still be speaker today. But he didn’t do that. He adopted the Democrats work ethic doesn’t that have to change in the Republican Party? 

It has, and it is, Chris. I’m so proud that we stayed here this week. We are going today after we passed another appropriations bill home for a few days. But we needed to be here working. Look. I went home in August. I didn’t go on a congressional delegation trip. I went home and did I 12 in person townhall meetings. I did fentanyl forms in our district trying to educate people about the dangerous spin them because Joe Biden has an open border policy. But the point is, we should have been here working I asked back in spring and summer. Why don’t we have our own budget? Why aren’t we passing these appropriation bills before August? That is going to change. This speaker is looking long term at where we go from here. We’re getting things done. We are united. Finally, I’ve been here 9, 10 months. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like we’ve had unity in our conference. And we’re going full steam ahead for the American people to get our business done for the American people. 

Last thing I have for you as you know, because of of Jim Jordan of James Comer. We’re starting to get just an avalanche of evidence against against Joe Biden. And let me just go over just some of these, because it’s so long. I gotta read it here. Congressman. Your foreign money laundered through the Biden family. To Joe Biden. Those are the accusations they got they have checks, you know, 40,000 here 200,000 There. US attorney Scott Brady is saying the FBI and the DOJ is actively actively thwarting investigations into the Bidens and and stymieing investigations of Congress. That’s according to Chuck Grassley and several others on the hill. Meanwhile, the FBI is targeting whole religions, like the Catholic religion, and the GOP. Look, I think the first 10 and a half months they have done nothing to bring accountability to what some would call permanent Washington, others would call the deep state. Doesn’t that have to change as well, Congressman? 

Well, it does. Chris, you know, we have a two tier system of justice in America, Americans have lost hope and a lot of things. They’ve lost open Congress, we have a 90% approval rating. They’ve lost hope in our media, they’ve, we’ve lost hope and so many things that we cannot hope to have hope in a justice system that is truly blind and truly dedicated to fair treatment. Then what do we have, we don’t really have a nation. And, and so when you see checks like this, that we have seen $40,000 written directly to Joe Biden, a commission on money that his son had brought in from outside interest, a 10%. To the big guy, these links are being directly made now by comer in particular, and by Jim Jordan and judiciary, and the left the woke broke crowd has been crying saying, where’s the directly where’s the direct link? Nothing for Joe Biden? Well, here it is. People are going to see in the coming days and weeks and now our speaker is talking. We have an impeachment inquiry going on, but we may have the evidence necessary to start the impeachment process. I’m just saying standby for that that could be coming in the coming weeks. 

Well, folks, you heard it here and I think a Newsmax also putting out saying the speaker speaker saying that there is going to be a decision shortly as to whether or not an impeachment against Joe Biden will proceed Congressman Mark Alford. He is a 25 year veteran news anchor folks turned Congressman he knows what Fake news is and what what it is and he proudly represents Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District, sir, appreciate the time here on the Chris Salcedo show. 

Thank you, Chris. 

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